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Let me first start by saying that I am 24 years...

Let me first start by saying that I am 24 years old, 5' 2", 120 pounds and I don't have any children. I am currently a 34 A, or 32 B depending on the bra. I have always been insecure with my breast size and I also have a hard time finding clothing that fits. Because of this, all of my bras are push-up bras and all of my swimming suits are padded. For the longest time, it was really hard for me to be comfortable with my boyfriend (if you catch my drift..) I have wanted a breast augmentation ever since I can remember. Within the past year, I have graduated from grad school and started my career, so I now feel that I am ready for this life changing endeavor (financially and mentally). Back in February I had my first consultation with my surgeon. A week later, I went in for my second consultation and measurements. I decided to go with silicone implants, placed under the muscle. I told my surgeon I desired a full B or small C and with my measurements, he said that 350 cc was the maximum he would recommend of putting in me. And because of my narrow chest, he recommended a high profile shape. I believe that the style we ended up choosing was Natrelle Style 20 350 cc. Two days ago I went back in for my history and physical appointment in which I was given all of the directions for the day of surgery, anesthesia information, recovery etc. My surgery is scheduled for April 4th! I am so excited and anxious, but also a little nervous because I have never had any type of surgery before. I am worried about the pain/discomfort post-op and how my new additions are going to turn out..

I am 10 days away from my big day and I am...

I am 10 days away from my big day and I am definitely having some freak-out moments.. especially when I'm trying to fall asleep at night. I am also starting to feel guilty sometimes about the amount of money I'm spending on what some may think is a superficial thing.. I just want to be "normal" and be able to fit into clothes made for women, not kids. My biggest fear right now is that I'm going too big. I know that most women usually have the "wish I'd gone bigger" mentality after surgery and I'm afraid mine is going to be the opposite. My nurse at my last appointment reassured me that 350 cc is not going to be too big and that it will look very proportionate with my body. I wish my surgery was tomorrow so I can get this anxiety over with! I just want to be out of surgery and begin the healing process. Also, I am having surgery on a Wednesday and scheduled to return to work that following Monday.. what do you all think? Is that do-able? My surgeon said I should be okay but I work in open heart surgery and am worried that I will be pushing it.. ??

Oh my gosh, I am so excited! TWO DAYS until my BA!...

Oh my gosh, I am so excited! TWO DAYS until my BA! My surgery time is at 8 am on Wednesday. I'm so glad to be his first patient of the day. My mom will be here tomorrow night to stay with me and take me to my surgery and then stay with me after. I know that once she gets here I will be even more excited. I don't feel nervous at all right now, just excited. Hopefully I stay calm on Wednesday too!

Tomorrow I am having my surgery. Whoa. I never...

Tomorrow I am having my surgery. Whoa. I never thought I would be saying that. I'm actually pretty calm, surprisingly. I just wanted to say thank you to all of the other ladies out there who have shared their stories! Reading them has really helped me prepare for this experience (and to keep me from going crazy haha). Thanks so much!!! :)

Well it's off to shower and then go to bed. Let's hope I get some sleep. I didn't last night. I hope to get on here tomorrow sometime and let everyone know how it went. Goodnight for now!

Hey everyone thanks for all of the support and...

Hey everyone thanks for all of the support and well wishes! It's like 2 in the morning of my first post op night. I just woke up to take another round of painkillers and antibiotics and felt well awake enough to post how my day went. I walked into the operating room at 8:07 and I remember waking up in recovery around 11:30 and wondering what took so long. I remember asking the nurses and they said I was in the OR for a little over 2 hours and then it just took me awhile to wake up. I'm not quite sure how high my pain tolerance is but I rated it at a 7 when I woke up. My sternum area was so tight that it was pretty painful to take deep breaths. I also felt a little nauseous. I woke up enough to move to the chair and they gave me more pain meds and nausea meds because I broke out in a sweat, but I didn't vomit! The 20 minute drive was pretty uncomfortable with all of the bumps and waiting for my prescriptions for 15 minutes felt like FOREVER! But my mom and I got home, I took the pills and went right to bed. I never even looked down at my new girls haha!

A few hours later I woke up and took more pain meds and then fell back to sleep. The next time I woke up I felt a lot better, the pain had gone away from my sternum area and is now in my side boob areas below my boobs by my ribs. I did end up puking this time when I tried to eat some crackers in order to take more meds. Puking made me feel a lot better and made me not look so pale anymore. I have been up walking around, going to the bathroom alone etc. I need help opening my pill bottles but that's about it! I am sore but it is tolerable to me.

So I find myself looking in the bathroom mirror everytime I wake up to make sure the girls are still here haha :) and I must say that I am in love with them so far! They are a little wide and very hard but not too high in my opinion. Oh yeah I got the inframammary incision and 325 cc high profile silicone.

Well I hope tomorrow (day 2) isn't as bad as others say. It's back to bed for me because I can only stay awake for so long at a time. I'll post some pictures that I took tonight on my phone on here tomorrow because it doesn't have an upload option. Goodnight all and thanks again for the support!

Sorry for the poor lighting of the photos I...

Sorry for the poor lighting of the photos I uploaded from yesterday. I slept well last night, just woke up to take my meds. I'm feeling a little out of it right now so this will be short and sweet. For some reason last night I started getting really itchy all over.. mainly my face, neck, stomach and legs where I still have my compression stockings on. Anyone else experience this issue??? I put lotion on last night thinking that would help (since I wasn't allowed to wear any before surgery).

So today is Friday my third day post op, my...

So today is Friday my third day post op, my surgery was Wednesday. I woke up pretty sore and stiff so took some meds right away. I also woke up with a pounding headache and throughout the day i switched from percocet to ibuprofen thinking this would help but the headache hasn't gone away. This is so frustrating! My head is hurting way worse than my boobs do. My boobs are only sore around the bottoms and sides area, and a little bit near my cleavage line area. I got out of my apartment for a little bit today to go get mcdonalds haha. I haven't gotten my appetite back but for some reason i really craved mcdonalds. Maybe it will help me go to the bathroom as well :).

My boobs have dropped a little since day one, hence this is why the bottoms are hurting now I think. My nipple/areola area is still kinda puffy, swollen, and numb. I feel like the bottom part of my boobs have itchy sensations sometimes but I don't really know where to itch.. Also I am posting a photo of a weird spongy type lump at the bottom of my cleavage line area.. just wondering if you think this is just swelling or what? I would think that if it was pooled blood that it would be dark purple in color? Please comment and let me know what you think..

Day 4: I have no longer been taking my percocet...

Day 4: I have no longer been taking my percocet and have been doing pretty good without it. My left boob doesn't hurt at all and seems to have dropped more than my right. My right is just sore on the bottom near my incision and the area around that. Both boobs still feel a little numb to the touch and both nipples feel a little puffy and big still. It feels kind of awkward to push on the top of my boobs and hear the squishing sound of the implant. But overall I am in love with them! I'm not having any second thoughts about the size or anything! I can't wait to be another week out and see how much better they look and feel!

Thank you again to all of the other ladies for sharing their stories and being supportive of everyone else on here! :)

Day 6: Last night I was able to sleep on my side,...

Day 6: Last night I was able to sleep on my side, which was great! Today I went through all of my old 32B extreme push up bras and bagged them up to get rid of! I felt great most of the day (minus the feeling of just "feeling" the implants) until I had to go into work in the late afternoon. I had to use some force/arm strength to do something at work and I think I overdid it. My right pec was burning and felt on fire for like an hour afterwords. During the evening I noticed that my nipples have all feeling back and seem to be getting a little sensitive (almost painful) and itchy. My right boob is still sore on the bottom near my incision and towards the side. I'm really wishing I owned a heating pad right now because my back/neck is sore after returning to work today. Otherwise, everything else seems to be going great. I'm loving my girls more and more everyday! (I posted a picture for day 6).

Yesterday was my one week post-op appointment. I...

Yesterday was my one week post-op appointment. I only saw the nurse but she said everything was looking great. I get to see my surgeon next Tuesday. I still have my steri strips on my incisions, but they don't seem to be bothering me yet so she suggested leaving them on until next week. Today my muscles have felt very tight like I could feel them clinging to my implants. Also my nipples are very sensitive whenever they rub anything, including the inside of my bra.. it's not really painful, just annoying. I can tell that my boobs are softening up a little because they aren't super shiny anymore and there is some looseness when I massage them. I don't see any difference in the dropping of my boobs.. my left one is ahead of the right one still. I hope that going back to work and using my right arm again hasn't slowed down the dropping process :(

Today was my two week post-op appointment with my...

Today was my two week post-op appointment with my surgeon. He said everything looks great, but he gave me "the strap" to wear around the top of my chest to help my right boob drop a little more. He also told me now is the time to start doing massages to make sure my implant moves around.

A few days ago, as my boobs have started to get softer, I realized that in my cleavage area my right inner boob has a dent/ripple/crease whatever you want to call it. I would post a picture but I am doing this from my phone at the moment. Anyways it really freaked me out because I was worried that I need a corrective surgery already. So I asked my PS about it today and he said its part of my pectorals muscle fibers showing through from where they dissected my muscle to do the dual plane implant placement... He said to just give it time and see what happens. I think he called it an animation deformity. He also said that he didn't think a corrective surgery would fix it. He also said its a minor imperfection and that aesthetically everything else is great-symmetry, nipple alignment, etc. BUT I still notice it and it is not "minor" to me! I just hope when my right boob drops more and my muscles relax that it goes away. It will be totally noticeable in swimsuits but not in bras.. I need patience!

Other than that... Everything else is good. My skin and nipples are still a little sensitive to touch but at least I have feeling! I have to wear a sports bar type bra for the next two and a half months (3 months total). I get cleared to start working out again next week.. Oh and I got my steri strips removed finally and the incisions look good, just light pink lines. I'll post pictures tomorrow of the incisions and of my "dent."

Hope everyone else is healing well and loving their results! :)

May 7: I am now 1 month and 3 days out.. it seems...

May 7: I am now 1 month and 3 days out.. it seems a lot longer than that! I am doing great, no pain and I love them! I can't wait until I can start wearing underwire bras so I can wear "fancier" clothes.. With having to wear a sports bra all of the time, shirt selection is minimal. I still wear my strap but usually only at night and that's because I actually sleep more comfortably with it on. I have found that those strapless bandeau bras are quite comfy to wear and work well when I want to wear "going out" clothes.

I don't really have much else to say at the moment, but if anyone has any questions Im willing to share my opinion/insight. :) I'll post a picture below of what I look like 1 month out in a balconet type bra.. which I love! :)
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