POST OP day 5. surgery was July 14th. 400/425 CCs silicone Mod Plus - Destin, FL

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A little bit of background... I am 22 (23 in...

A little bit of background... I am 22 (23 in July), 5'3, 125 pounds & losing.... I've always been on the smaller side (32-36 A), mostly due to the fact that Mother Nature didn't decide to come around til my junior year in highschool >.< I know that after my mom had 3 kids she decided to get hers done because she liked being more full. So I'm pretty sure I will be the same, but I would rather get them done now. I'm not really looking to go too big, a large B or small C. I don't want to get anything that is too over powering. My biggest worry is when I have kids they are going to be ridiculously huge and I know that you eventually have to go get them replace, but I don't want them to do anything crazy. The pictures that I posted are what I would like to look like. size wise I am pretty similar to the before pictures. Any one who could give some insight on boobs after baby it would be much appreciated. Also if anyone can recommend some surgeons near the Pensacola, Florida area that would be awesome. I'm willing to travel too because I've heard some great things from some surgeons in Alabama. thanks in advanced

Pictures added.

So i figured i would post some pictures of where I am currently at. The bra in one of the pictures is a 34A biofit from VS. I would say it has NO padding compared to what I normally wear (VS bombshell) but it has a little. The shadow at the top is what I can't fill out. I am currently losing weight just to get healthier... I am 9 pounds down (at 124) and still planning on losing 5-10 more. I didn't start having boobs til I put on weight, so I'm expecting them to go a little too (just like my ass >.

off season?

Also is there an "off season" for getting a BA done at a cheaper price? Kinda like the hotels on Pensacola Beach during the winter? lol

Finally getting a consultation!

I have not had any down time since school started in January. Busy with that & a new job have left me time to get 3 hours away lol. I live in Pensacola and want to go to Destin Plastic Surgery with Dr.Burden. I have $3000 to put down, I'm hoping they will let me do that and then as I have money can put more down. I am not really sure how this works. I am trying to schedule my consultation for sometime next week. My boyfriend says that he wants to go with me, so I have to wait until he gets off of the boat. I have a small list of questions, and my boobie guide. The picture that I added to this post is what I want. I love them lol. I know that I want silicone and Axillary incision. This is my surgeon's specialty. Anyone have some major questions that I should ask? I don't know when I will actually be able to have the surgery, because I have to do it when my bf is off the boat for 2 weeks. I am thinking it will be sometime in august... before fall classes start.

Had my consultation today!! looking at 400CCs

So i get there today and first thing i do is go meet with his nurse, she gets my stats & then we take pictures. They have the AWESOME machine that does the 3D imaging. We also took pictures like Destin Plastic Surgery has on their website with a bathing suit top on. She then leaves and says he will be in in a minute. So I take that time to make sure that I have all the pictures of what I want. He comes in, does a little small talk and asks me what size I would like to be. I said mid to full C. He then uses the machine to put everything in and I can see what I would look like. I swear they looked exactly like the pictures I had, but that he hadn't seen. They were gorgeous. I looked so much more proportional. He said that I was lucky because my boobs are almost completely symmetrical, just missing some volume. He then suggested the armpit incision and silicone memory gel (which is what I wanted) 400 ccs and 420ccs MP+ (is what I think he wrote down, we didn't really talk about it). He said the incision would be slightly larger than a quarter (they use a funnel to put the implants in). I swear he read my mind on everything. Lol. Which was great. My biggest concern is that breast cancer runs in my family and I wanted to make sure that I wouldn't have any issues feeling for lumps. He said that since we would want to do under the muscle I would have no issues. I didn't set a date or pay anything down yet because I wanted to talk with my boyfriend (who works offshore) and figure out when he will be home. $5600 for everything but any lab fees and my prescriptions. She said I probably won't need any Labs done because I'm young and healthy lol. I feel so great about everything, it went so well. I was very nervous about other people seeing my breasts since I am uncomfortable with them, but it was not bad at all. Dr.Burden was extremely professional!

Surgery July 15th. Birthday present to myself!

So, I had originally scheduled my surgery for August 15th. I have moved it up to July 15th due to my boyfriends off shore schedule. Preop will be June 30th! Excited. But even more nervous now! We had originally talked about me becoming a full C, but now I'm not sure of I want to be that big. I didn't try on any sizers at my consultation & I am not 100% sure if we will do them at my Preop. So I am planning on doing rice sizers something this weekend to really get an idea. Pictures to follow. Any of you ladies have asthma & gone under general anesthesia? My asthma isn't super severe, mostly brought on my allergies, which can be pretty bad depending on the weather. So im kinda nervous about that. What do I need to do to start preparing? Like taking certain vitamins? Or using oils? I want to avoid stretch marks as much as possible. Thanks ladies!

Surgery was today! July 14th. 400/425 CCs silicone Mod Plus

So I had to be at the Destin Plastic Surgery Center at 730 for surgery at 830. I live an hour plus away so we left at 530. Got there about 715. The nurse came and grabbed my while my boyfriend waited outside. First thing she did was take a little of my medical history and then asked me for a urine sample to take a pregnancy test. After that I got in to my gown and those annoying stockings lol. The nurse then went to put the IV in. I've never had an IV & even though I have had tattoos and plenty of shots I was still very nervous. It went a lot smoother than I thought and my boyfriend was allowed come in afterwards. I started to get even more nervous and freaking out so having him there calmed me down. Then the anesthesiologist was absolutely wonderful and completely put me at ease. Dr.Burton came back and we reaffirmed what I wanted and he said we would begin shortly. They put a sedative in my IV and wheeled me back to the OR. The last thing I remember was moving to the operating table and then lights out. I woke up surprisingly easy from the anesthesia. I helped dress myself, drank some water, and then got in to the wheelchair. We left around 1045. The ride home was super smooth and I took a nap most of the way. I got home ate a small meal and took my medicines (Percocet, a nausea medication, stool softener, bromelain, and arnica). I've been in and out of sleep all day, but NO real pain. just a lot of pressure. Ive had no nausea either which was one of my biggest worries. It could be because I am keeping up with my pills, I'm not sure. My boyfriend has been absolutely wonderful, getting me my medicines, food, water, and helping me up. It has been so much easier having him here with me. I have to wear the band in my pictures for a week until I go see him for post op. I do get to shower tomorrow which will be amazing! My incisions are dissolvable and have a glue covering them. Over all I feel great! I just took my medicine so I am bout to pass out! ill update in a couple of days.

POST OP day 5

so today is post op day 5. I don't have any pictures to update you guys with, but things have been going well. I have been doing really well thankfully. I have been by myself since post op day 3 because my boyfriend had to go back off shore. I had very little pain in general and have been off the major pain medicines since day 4. The Percocet has been making me itchy and giving me a headache. So I've been taking just Tylenol during the day and 1 percocet at night which puts me to sleep. I have to wear the dreaded strap til monday when I go to my post op. They are really high right now and feel huge. I know that they are swollen, but Im really hope they go down with the whole D&F process. I have been able to raise my arms above my head since day 2 and I started massages then as well. I am getting pretty bored just sitting around the house all day with my 2 pups, so I am ready to go back to work on tuesday. I will try and post pictures as soon as I can get some good ones.
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