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Ok so i was contemplating on doing a story on here...

Ok so i was contemplating on doing a story on here but i have been coming on here for about over a month now and reading ppls stories to find out more info on rhinoplasty and i finally decided to make one because i need your help afterall.

I just had surgery on friday 3/22/2013. Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty. Everything went well. I trust my surgeon. He has over 40+ years practice in cosmetic surgery so i know i was in good hands. He is very old fashioned so he didnt have any before or after pictures to show me and he didnt do the 3D morph pictures. Its either you trust him or you dont. So i did.

Surgery was 3 hours long. I woke up from anesthesia in a lot of pain and i was very nauseous so i threw up blood which is normal they said because u swallow blood during surgery. I came home fine, i was walking around, i felt great. I didnt even feel like i had surgery. I was in and out of sleep due to the Oxycodone they gave me for pain. I had minor drainage and bleeding and not so much bruising or swelling yet.

Sleeping was HORRIBLE. Woke up every half hour, my mouth was sore and dry. Had lots of bottles of water next to my bed. Could not sleep at all because i could not breathe due to the packing in my nose! I could def tell that my nose is smaller and my tip is noticeably smaller doesnt droop anymore. So far i could tell that im going to love my new nose!

Post op day 2:
Woke up with brusing. Not so much swelling only a little. Only had a little of pain but i would take the oxycodone once every 4 hours as needed. I was just drowsy all day so i was in and out of sleep. Didnt do much. I walked around a lot. I have ADHD so im not the type to lay around all day. Later on that night i started to get really swollen and deep black and blues under my eyes. But i know that is normal so i went to sleep hoping every day will be better.

Post op day 3:
Boy was i wrong, I woke up VERY Swollen and black and blue. Which was fine because on here i read day 3 and 4 are the worst days so this was expected.

My Dr called me this morning and wanted me to come into his office to remove the packing. I was so happy. I met him at his office, mind you this is Sunday, he doesnt see patients on the weekend. Thats how nice and caring he is of his patients. He removed the packing which was HORRIBLE!! SO much pain. I think that was the most pain i endured since this surgery. He then removed my splint off my nose. I was so confused because i thought you had to wait 7 days to take off the splint and its only been two days?? He said the only reason a hard splint is on is to reduce the swelling. He took it off and said its still going to swell with or without the cast. But boy was i happy to remove it and did not care that he did!!

He wants me to go into his office on thursday so he can "squeeze my nose to narrow it". His exact words. He said my nose is still too tender now since i just had surgery and he doesnt want to press on it. I came home and revealed my new nose and i was so happy with the results. It looks great just VERY VERY swollen and bruised. Everyone loved my results. Later on that day my face began to swell very bad. Especailly in-between my eyes and the bruising went over my right eye. I look really bad and is embarrassed to have anyone see me. I look like Avatar and im not exaggerating or trying to be funny. I have been upset and my mom keeps telling me its only been 3 days since surgery but im just so eager and upset because i read alot of ppls stories on here and no one looked like i am. I went to sleep and hoped the next day it would go down.

Post of day 4:
I slept a little better. My nose was still stuffy even after i took out the packing. I still find myself breathing out of my nose. It feels like you have to blow out of your nose but you cant blow your nose via the doctor. I woke up and still looked like Avatar. I look so ugly and i just want to cry. My mom said i look better than yesterday but i think shes just saying that to make me feel better. Im starting to think my face is going to stay like this. Im so scared. Ive been drinking pineapple juice bc i heard it reduces swelling and bruising.

I asked my surgeon prior to the surgery about Arnica gel and tablets and he said dont waste your money. Your going to swell and bruise no matter what. What can i do guys to minimize the swelling and bruising? Oh and im not allowed to ice anymore because he said 48 hours after surgery you just stop icing and since my cast is off he doesnt want the ice to set my nose because it still has to be tender for when he narrows it on thursday.

Post op day 5: Ok so i woke up and i still look...

Post op day 5:

Ok so i woke up and i still look like avatar. Not joking. If i were blue i would have been able to cast for the movie. My eyes are still swollen including the inner corners of your eyes and the bridge of my nose. Im not kidding. I am about you post a profile picture of Avatar because that is who i really look like right now. I still have bruising over my right eye. Brusing is going down though and getting a little yellower in color. My nose is still completely swollen all over. I still have my stiches in thats located inbetween the nostrils. I see the Doctor on thursday so he can "shape and squeeze" my nose. Still a little skeptical on why he wanted to wait until thursday. Im afraid my nose will harden by then. I feel like he should have done it when he took my cast off post op day 3. It will hurt either way. I washed my body for the first time yesterday and it felt amazing. He told me i cant wash my face or touch my nose. I still did very gently. I washed my face with ivory soap and wetted my hands to clean my face. I was using facial wipes but i still had leftover tape glue on my cheeks and the wipes werent taking it all off. My nose is VERY oily. Is anyone else experiencing that? I know its normal because i read other ppls blogs who experienced that. I just wonder why it gets so oily? My face naturally is very dry skin so it just makes me wonder why our noses get oily? I really want to wash my hair. The doctor told me not but I think im going to anyway. It will just make me feel better since my face is so ugly right now. I cant wait to put on makeup and dress up and feel pretty about myself. Today we are having family come over tonight for my sisters birthday and im dreading it because of my ugly swollen face. I am just embarrassed bc i feel like my siblings will say "see was this worth it??" Please tell me it will get better and the swelling will go down. I have an event the end of April and i wanted to look amazing for it and now my hopes are down and im starting to think my face wont change. Sorry i know i am just nagging but noone else understands. My family keeps telling me it will get better but im starting to think their just saying that because they know i look terrible.

If anyone wants to see pics of me, i will private message you them, dont be afraid to ask.

Post op day 6: So last night everyone told me...

Post op day 6:

So last night everyone told me my bruises are going away and everything looks better than the night before. I however do not see a change. Again, i feel like they are just telling me that to make me feel better.

I woke up this morning and yes, i STILL look like avatar. If anything i feel like i look more swollen today and i feel like my nose looks even more swollen. I have been doing everything right. I just don't get it. I sleep elevated on 2-3 pillows, i eat and drink pineapple and im avoiding a lot of sodium. This morning i was changing my shirt and i bumped the tip of my nose with my hand. It did hurt but i ran to the mirror to see if i indented it which i did not, thank goodness. It just started to bleed a tad and i cleaned it up. Also, I have been cleaning my nose with hydrogen peroxide throughout the day and applying aquaphor to my stitches in which they are at the base of my nose and it makes it feel better. I still cant breathe out of my nose, its SOO annoying! I constantly feel like i have to blow it. I cant wait to see the doctor tomorrow so he can squeeze my nose and hopefully he will take out the stitches. I just want to feel some sort of feeling in my nose so i dont care if its going to hurt. I cant wait to see him so he can tell me if my swelling is normal or not. Friday will be 7 days from my surgery. Time has been going slower than ever! I dont know how people can return to work being the 7th day post op. Im scheduled to go back tues april 2nd and im already contemplating to take that week off due to the way my face looks still. Ok i will update tomorrow after my doctors appt. Cross your fingers for me that he tells me good news.

Post op day 7: So i just got back from the...

Post op day 7:

So i just got back from the doctor appointment. Everyone in the office said i have so much swelling and i don't even look like myself. I'm telling you the pictures don't do the swelling any justice because there is so much swelling. My PS admitted that i do look like Avatar lol (great) He said i do have so much swelling and the reason he was going to squeeze my nose was because i guess some PS's do it because the bones are still fragile inside and it kind of molds it into the shape you want it to. But he could not squeeze it today because of the amount of swelling. I'm not exaggerating when i tell you there is swelling. My whole face is swelled. I asked him if there is anything i can do to reduce the swelling and he said no nothing, just time. So he just took out the stitches and said he will see me next week and hopefully some of the swelling will go down by then that way he can start squeezing it. I might have to take off of work next week also because of the amount of swelling i have. I work in customer service so i'm the first face ppl see when they walk in. I'm sure my employer will understand. They know i got this done and were very supportive, thank goodness. Well that's all for today i guess. Nothing changed, except my bruising is going down little by little and i'm still the lovely , Avatar.

Post op day 8: My bruising is slowly getting...

Post op day 8:

My bruising is slowly getting better day by day. My swelling is still there and I am still Avatar lol but last night I put on some makeup for the first time since before the surgery and i do admit it made me feel like my old self again and it didn't look as bad as I thought. Plus with the help of makeup it boosted my self confidence. Its amazing what concealer and a little lipstick can do! I do love my new nose and think my doctor did a great job. It fits perfect with my face and I love the profile. I feel more beautiful and confident now. I just wish the swelling would go down completely so I can get back into doing beauty pageants!! I also breathe out of my nose now so sleeping has been SO much better. I'm still deciding if I should I back to work Tuesday or not or just wait until the following Tuesday and wait for the swelling to go more down. Oh today was the first day i have been gone out in public and actually spoke to a stranger. They probably thought oh my this girl must have been in a fight or something lol I kind of feel bad ass with the bruises. I just need to decrease this swelling!!!!!!
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