33 Years, 2 Kids, 5'3"-120lbs- Sientra 440cc HP- Pasco, WA

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Wow, this is a nice and helpful site! So I have...

Wow, this is a nice and helpful site!
So I have my first consult on Monday. I've been researching off and on since 2012. This site is very informative.
I know a LOT of girls who have traveled to Seattle to get this done but I am going against the norm and going a bit closer to TriCities, WA to see Dr. Karen Vaniver.
I'm fearful mainly of after surgery pain and Anesthesia! Can anyone share their fears in this area and how they overcame them? It's consuming my thoughts and sleep and causing me to want to back out of something I want SO bad!

Before BA boobs

Well here is the sad truth! Hubby says "oh you have nice boobs and they look great in your bras"! Yeah well when I take them off they DON'T!! Men just don't fully get it

My 1st consult is tomorrow ....

Tomorrow is my first ever consultation. My emotions are SO up and down. I'm already anxiety prone and had weird check feelings, which I think are anxiety related!
One minute I'm excited, the next im scared, the next I feel almost numb, like what's the point? Is this necessary?
Anybody else have emotions all over the board?
Anyone else only go to one consult and just know? Or know even prior from all the research?
This process of researching and looking at boobs and talking to family and friends makes me feel drained! Hope tomorrow I feel just excited!

Today is consultation day!!

So today's the big day! My first consultation!
I've been worrying myself sick with thoughts of anesthesia and worry about this whole thing! I've struggled with anxiety and panic attacks in the past. My heart has been doing some weird stuff though, it feels like it spasms for a minute, no pain and no other symptoms but it scares me. It's also been feeling like it skips a beat or something to which freaks me out. I'm going to schedule an appt with my dr this week. So irritating too because it's prob just me freaking myself out!
I'm excited to meet this dr and see what she has to say!
From research and talking with people who've gotten implants I'm thinking I want around 400 cc's, we will see what the dr says! Again I'm 5'3", 120lbs with a narrow figure. Here's some wish boobies!!

And wish boobies didn't upload last post

Had consult- now to decide and pay!!

So had my consult yesterday and I loved the PS. She was very informative, caring, down to earth and gave me a hug when I left.
When I first opened my gown she said I was a great candidate and I looked perfect and proportionate!
She did all her measurements and then we tried on the implants! She uses mentor and Sientra! I like the look and feel of the Sientra round, textured HP implant. She started me at 385 but I just wasn't impressed with the look. I think we tried at 400 or 425 in the mentor after that and also a 450, that's what I liked! She has 440 in the Sientra.
I spoke with a couple girlfriends who have similar height, weight and build and they all got lower cc's than me. 425, 400, and 350. So I hope I'm not going too big. They looked great I thought and my PS seems pretty conservative and so do her pics. She said she would only go up 100 cc's from what she initially pics.
Now to decide. All of my friends traveled to Seattle, a 2 1/2 hr drive and I'm going against the norm and going a little over an 1 hr to a closer dr. She also seems to be WAY more expensive. So I'm a lite torn!
I'm supposed to go to my primary dr on Friday to talk about the chest feelings I've been having. Maybe I should wait till that apt to book. Her hospital is already booking into March and I was really hoping for end of January early February!!! They said they could possibly get a slot since it's such a quick procedure.
Well ladies, what do you think about the size? I uploaded pics of my intake form with my measurements. ....ugh it won't let me upload and they're under the size limit!!! I think the main # she was looking at was across the breast at 12
My skin laxity is mild, she said thick skin, everted nipples, nipple sensation H, 1st nipple at it above IMF.
She will go submuscular, IMF

Does anyone even read this? more update after consult. Family being unsupportive

So had my consult. Loved the Dr.
Now my family is being unsupportive. First it started with my Dad. Then my husband came up with all these worries and fears of deformity, implant rejection, and just something happening afterwards that causes another surgery on constant pain, etc.
Anyone else have family that was fearful? Is there some good info to give them? I know the implant pamphlets they sent with me had ALL the possible complications that can happen afterwards and this scared my husband.
Kennewick Plastic Surgeon

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