6 weeks PO Update

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My mom always battled weight and I've been up and...

My mom always battled weight and I've been up and down too. She finally lost 100 lbs through WW and we were going to have surgery together. Hers a whole body lift and mine a TT. Long story short, she died from breast cancer before we could do our surgeries but even though she was far from a vain woman she always said, don't spend your life in a body you hate - if you can fix it, fix it. So I'm going on with my surgery - breast lift/implant exchange, full TT and inner thigh lipo and a pain pump ;). I don't expect perfect but I want to be able to sit without having to stuff my stomach into my jeans or have my BF touch my stomach without me quickly moving his hand away. The implant exchange and lift? It's just time. I had them put in in the late 80's and they've held up ok. - they're saline One is kinda hard when I lie down and I want them soft and jiggly again - going with silicone and a donut lift to reduce the areola size a bit.

I consulted with 5 docs and had decided on one until I went to my 6th appointment. There was no contest then - Dr. O'Toole was the right choice for me. He told me exactly how he achieves great belly buttons, he asked how my breasts would look in a perfect world and then set a plan to bring that to reality. His staff is great, too. I just had my pre-op appointment last week and all is set for the surgery on 12/12/12! I'm not nervous - I feel totally sure of my choice and cannot wait until I'm home Wednesday night and can begin the painful journey to satisfaction.

Day 1 post op - tomorrow I can take off gauze and...

Day 1 post op - tomorrow I can take off gauze and take a shower - looking forward to that. I can't imagine what this would be like without a pain pump. Will definitely post more and some pics as the days go by - but groggy now.

I'm day 3 post op - surgery was on 12/12. I left...

I'm day 3 post op - surgery was on 12/12. I left the surgery center and went home with drains, vicodin and a pain pump. That night I mostly just dozed on and of and I slept in my bed. Scooting in made me feel like I popped a side stitch! Really painful.
Day 1 - BF here all day and the best nurse I could ever hope for. Really impressed. On my end post op was spent learning to navigate the process. The smallest movements exhausted me. Tried my bed but again, moving laterally was not good. Slept propped up recliner style on the couch.
Day 2 - BF went to work but popped in to check on me a few times. I took off my bandages and took a shower! heaven! I also put on regular clothes - button up sweater with pockets for my drains and leggings and the uggs that haven't really left my feet since leaving the surgery center.
Day 3 - today. BF went out a bit to go to the market and I was able to get my own coffee! I am able to navigate on my own and have more energy but still - that's relative! I'm not loving the drains, the on and off swelling, the weird random pains or the bruising but I'm just letting my body do what it needs to do to heal - knowing this is part of the process.
That said - I'm so excited to see the end result - but even this bruised, swollen painful torso Is a zillion times better than what I had pre-op! My doc is an artist.
Have to say - the best money spent was on a walker from goodwill, and a toilet seat riser and a shower chair. from Amazon.

Post op appointment was yesterday PO Day 5. I had...

Post op appointment was yesterday PO Day 5. I had a pretty significant muscle gap and fixing that pulled me in to create an actual waist lol.
Also, the tummy skin removed was 3 lbs, not including the lipo part - so I'm excited for final results.
My original implants were old - and felt hard - he said it was because they'd both developed CC - I knew one had - and one was calcified. He had to chip off an eggshell like covering to yank it out. Yank is my term not the medical one lol.
Me recovery is going great. He's hoping for drain removal and standing straight on Friday when I go back. I'll be thankful to get them out but I definitely want the timing to be right so I don't have to go back and get a needle in my tummy.
Don't know if I mentioned, I'm taking Arnica and Bromelian.
The roughest part - apart from the nausea with pain meds that was solved by eating with them - is the back pain. The walker is a lifesaver but still my back is taking a beating and it fairly pissed at me ;)
I will definitely post pics- they're on my iphone and I have to find my cord to connect it to my computer.

Ugh. I drained this morning as usual - hoping for...

Ugh. I drained this morning as usual - hoping for low and clear and found high and dark red. Talked to the nurse and it's normal but man - I was hoping to get these out tomorrow and I really don't see that happening. These drains are like frenemies and I know they have their place in my life now but wowie I want to break up.
Also my left breast is still so so swollen and now is all kinds of alarming (to me) colors. This is also normal for the trauma on that side.
Even though all these things are normal - it's a bit of a bummer until I look at my before and remember the feeling of shaking my belly like a bowl full of jelly.
I'm not taking vicodin anymore - just tylenol. I wish there was something more I could do to bring the swelling down... it's not painful but uncomfortable and not cute.

Po day 14 got my drains out. She did both sides at...

Po day 14 got my drains out. She did both sides at once and I felt nothing but gratitude they were out!
Po day 16 swell hell. Man this is no fun.
Helped my steri strips along by coating them in vit e oil and then showering. Those on my breasts fell off right away and im. Trimming away the loose ones on the tummy.
Still not walking 100% straight but I'm getting closer!
So happy I did this and have supportive people around me.

Well - that left breast has been troublesome. 3...

Well - that left breast has been troublesome. 3 weeks po today and had an appt with my ps. Hematoma. Back to the OR in the morning but I'm glad to get it taken care of so my results will be as fantastic as possible ;) May have a drain but will have to wait and see after surgery tomorrow.
All else looks really good. Got my stitches out and the tummy scar is looking good, thin and low.

So Lefty McBoob is looking much better now that...

So Lefty McBoob is looking much better now that she lost 400cc of bloody hematoma yuckiness. Still a bit of swelling to go before she matches Righty Breasterson but she'll get there.
I had been so happy to get rid of the tummy drains and I got a new drain with the breast hematoma op. Lost that frenemy today. Drain free (again) and still amazed how much better the loss of those things feels.
First day back at work- on my feet all day but it's nice to be back in the swing of normalcy. That said - I'll be in bed by 8:30.
My goal now is just to get my energy back so I can walk a bit on the treadmill and do some squats ;) One day at a time...

3 1/2 weeks - back to work. Glad for the normalcy...

3 1/2 weeks - back to work. Glad for the normalcy but exhausted.

4 weeks PO Finally standing straight most of the time.

5 weeks PO Got the lovely ken doll package

6 weeks PO spitting stitch
Aside from that and from my TT scar at this early point seeming a little wider on one side than the other (the side I sleep on and the side with spit stitch) I'm totally hyped about the tummy. Bellybutton looks awesome - haven't had a "normal" one in 27 years! That said - I'll prob have a dog ear to fix on the left hip.
So - right breast is a little lower has less upper pole fullness and the areola looks larger than the left... but the left had the trauma and the re-surgery - so it's 3 weeks behind the other. Hopefully it'll even out = otherwise will revise early summer. Either way - they definitely feel much better. I'm loving the silicone over saline!
Cleared for scar therapy - biocorneum 12 hours, silicone strips 12 hours.
Cleared for 12 hours of compression wear - CG or Spanx. I'd been going 24/7 for a solid 5 weeks.
Cleared for yoga and cardio as my body dictates.
Go back in a month - right around 10 weeks. Got lots of pics to post and will do those soon....

Not pleased. He chose two implants that made me lopsided. HAd to pay for the replacement implant. Basically paid for 3 implants. And - they are two different styles - one is HP). One areola is much larger than the other. One breast is lower. One has a lovely dent. Ugh. 'nuff said. Disgusted. Bight side...Tummy is flat. Pulled too tight so I have a lovely long scar around my sternum from where my skin split and belly button is a little large but better than the no-belly-button thing i had going on before. Overall tummy is a big improvement but breasts are worse than when i started. Nice guy but wow. I'm pretty sad - he said i look ok in clothes. If looking ok in clothes was the litmus test then just about all plastic surgeons would be out of a job. Bummed I am more uncomfortable topless now than ever in my life - and I paid for the pleasure.

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