43yo MM - BA/TT/UH/DR/Lipo - 2014 Summer for CHANGE!! - Los Angeles, CA

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School year is over, kids are in summer school,...

School year is over, kids are in summer school, and I'm cleaning the house and prepping for a mm 8/4/14... send advice, tips, supply lists, expectations, b&a photos...

Interviewed 3 doctors, friends with experience, and read a lot of online material. Feeling very anxious, excited, nervous, and unsure...

39 Days until MM

39 days until the BIG day and looking forward to a whole new "me". As others RSers have said, it's finally something I'm doing just for ME! 12 years as a SAHM, never had a babysitter, a total of 5.5 years of breastfeeding... takes it's toll on my starting 120 lb medium, 5'7" frame. Now I'm 130 lbs and have a herniated umbilical cord that makes my tummy muscles form a "donut" shape around the belly button. And my boobs are... nonexistent. I can even go without wearing a bra and one would never know the difference (*sigh*). Right now I fill out with VS bombshell bras that add about 2 cup sizes (now at 34B)! But I'm tired of foam boobs and want to have some kind of curves up top, especially with tank tops and dresses! I'm so glad I've found a supportive community on RS and look forward to hearing everyone's advice, stories (good and bad), and encouragement!

Post kids, BEFORE surgery...

Pre-Op To-Do List

1. Clean house
2. Prep downstairs couch (waterproof liners, blankets, pillows, tray with supply/med/remote caddy, using a rolling clothes hanger with a sheet over it for privacy from kids, chargers, laptop, detox water)
3. Supplies:
- Neosporin
- Miralax
- Poise pads
- wipes, facial wipes
- Kleenex
- lotion, lip balm
- clock
- megaphone (that's for calling the kids)
- multivitamins
- prescribed meds
- scar cream

Just some background info...

43yo sahm, 3 kids (all normal preg), 5'7", 130 lbs, no health probs, no glasses, no meds, don't smoke, don't drink, don't see doctors

Mixed feelings on prep...

38 days and counting but I won't stress myself out and post a review every day, although I love reading stories of those similar to mine. I've been cleaning the house and getting supplies ready but I don't want to over-buy and end up with things I never needed. My plan is to drink lots of water, get rest, and take my meds. I bruise easily - worried about that. I scar well (had a bunionectomy and lumpectomy in the past and both were fine). No pregnancy problems. I don't usually get sick. I've been thinking a lot about types of clothes to buy, bras, cc sizes... Right now I'm scheduled for 533cc, silicone, gummy bear implants. Wondering if that's too much?!! It's hard when you've never really had boobs to finally shop and pick some out! I saw a lady at the mall who was very skinny and ALL BOOB... definitely not my style. Don't get me wrong, if I do it, I definitely want something noticeably there, but I just don't want to get the 'tsk tsk' kind of attention. I'm also worried about recuperation. I'm a SAHM which means I do everything around the house... How soon can you drive afterwards? My friend was up and out after BA the next day!! So jealous! I've been trying to eat healthier (more fruits and veggies, including mixed smoothies), drink more detox water (been eating my fruits and then putting the scraps into my water), and work out more. I started at 135 lbs and my plan is to be 125 lbs before surgery. I'm not an eater so I lose weight pretty easily (at 133 lbs now)... and it usually comes out of my boobs first! I've been keeping a journal, too... I'm looking forward to this being a wonderful adventure! Positive spirits, positive energy!

Prepping from the inside out

Since I have 35 days to go (I guess I'm getting addicted and starting to do daily posts), I've started working on MYSELF - pre-op. I've been eating healthier, less junk, less sugar, less fried, less iced tea/ iced coffee/ and diet sodas... been eating more fruits and veggies, drinking my detox water (and having fun adding different fruits to the mix!), tried coconut water but - BLEH!!!! guess it'll take some getting used to! (My daughter loves it though! haha) I've been making smart choices when going out to eat, etc. Been working out - walking more, doing household stuff, staying busy, trying to keep my mind off the BIG day (because of worries). Going to schedule a mani/pedi+massage (but no polish, right before surgery), haircut, dye my hair, body massage, and facial... Then I think I'll be ready! Just over a month now...

Hair ?s

Can anyone PO answer - how soon after MM can you reach up to wash your hair/ do your hair? I have ALOT of hair and I spend a lot of time on it - washing it, dyeing it, curling it... I know I'll have a few days down-time (ie. straight, dead hair look), but I've been reading these posts and it sounds like I won't be able to move my mid-section enough to even wash it?!! And with the hunch-over, how would you even be comfortable enough to go get it washed/styled in a salon? (I'm trying to even imagine that with all the bandages and drains! hahaha)


What is "CG"??

Acronyms of Urban Slang

MM - mommy makeover
BA - breast augmentation
BL - breast lift
TT - tummy tuck
BB - belly button
BBL - Brazilian butt lift
MR - muscle repair
PS - plastic surgeon
SX - surgery
PO - post op
CG - compression garment
"__doll" - I'm guessing this is the super-hourglass figure (big boobs, thin waist, big butt)

Amazon purchases

As you can probably tell, I'm a "list" person (very Type A!). Finished cleaning outside the house, getting ready to clean inside the house... nesting is in full swing! Decided to take a break and make some online purchases. I have Amazon prime so it can get quite addicting! Since I don't know what size I will end up being, I will hold off purchase on a bodysuit and use my A-prime for quick delivery later! :)

- Tigi Bed Head matte dry shampoo
- Nature Made iron supplements
- Bio-Oil
- Mederma PM scar cream
- Scar Away long silicone scar sheets
- Scar Away scar treatment patches
- Bromelain tablets
- Arnica Montana tablets
- Arnica gel
- multipack of toasty fuzzy socks
- ...and threw in some flavored kale chips (gotta get my green kale in somewhere!)

Thanks for all the tips ladies! Pls send more!

Amazon purchases (2)

- and 2 Coobie bras (black, brown) :)

MM "wish pix"

32 days pre-op...

getting addicted to the detox water and just started Naked juices. found one with mango and coconut water. just can't get used to that coconut water - it's the nastiest thing next to soymilk that I've ever had! bleh!!! I'd rather drink my Bolthouse smoothies (the "green" drink), which me and the kids call - "sludge". I'm at 132 lbs now! slowly but surely. took some bikini shots - yeah, not too nice. I don't consider myself "fat" but there's some work that could be done here and there (and definitely UP there). gotta work on the butt for sure, but I don't mind working out - no need to pay for EVERYthing. I took a sample dress shot "before" (full of sags, lumps and bumps) and hopefully can fit the boobs into the dress later for an "after" pic.

27 days... and updated supply list

How was everyone's 4th? We celebrated out of town so excuse me if I've been MIA. Waah - gained 5 lbs! Or maybe it's all water-weight, or stress weight... who knows?! Anyway, 2 days until my pre-op appointment! I haven't seen the doctor since my initial consultation... SO nervous. He's going to work with me on sizers (although I've already picked out 533cc silicone gummies under-muscle), answer all my ?s, and prescribe meds. My husband is finally coming with me so... I'm hoping for not too much "input".
Posted a pic of my coobie bras (although I'm exchanging the black one out for the strappy kind). Honestly, I don't know if they're really worth paying $20-ish on Amazon since I've seen similar bralettes at Target and cheapy Chinese stores like Forever21 and ANGL for way less. But I have them now, so I guess I'll use them. Here's my additional supply list:
- zipper front close sports bra
- milk of magnesia
- cough drops
- Neosporin
- flushable wipes
- alcohol prep pads
- hand sanitizer
- Lysol spray
- colgate wisps (portable/disposable toothbrush picks - I was wondering how you brush your teeth PO if you can't raise your arms!! LOVE this idea!)
- extra chapstick
- bobby pins
- hand mirror
- water cup with straw attached
- small trash can
... and I'm going to look for some sort of shower stool.

Pre-op ?s and things to consider

1. What vitamin supplements do you recommend? I've heard iron and B12 are good ones. Prenatal or multi-vitamins.
2. What should I stay away from? coffee, tea, soda, smoking, drinking, list of meds NOT to take, dairy (causes phlegm/coughing)
3. What type of exercise do you recommend PO? get moving asap to keep blood flowing and improve circulation... was reading it's bad to lose too much weight pre-op because body needs to be at a constant weight for a healthy surgery
4. What type of foods should I eat to prepare? high protein (egg, meat, and leafy veggies, protein shakes), less carbs, less sugar, less fatty foods/ takeout foods/ junk foods
5. How available will you be PO? What if I have ?s or concerns?
6. How soon can I wash PO?
7. How long will the pain pump last?
8. How long will surgery take? How long is anesthesia? When can I expect to go home?
9. What causes "snoopy" shape? "dog ears"?
10. Can I wear nailpolish during surgery? I've heard some drs say no because they want to be able to check the capillaries. My dr said polish is ok.
11. What size should I get? What size can I expect to be?
12. How low will TT scar line be?
13. What will belly button look like?
14. What PO supplies do you provide? and what do I need to provide? scar cream, scar patches, CG, after-bra (front close), meds

1 more question...

15. What do I bring to the actual surgery? Do I need anything?

25 days: PRE-OP! Paid balance and life signed away...

Had my pre-op today! It's official! Paid the balance and signed all the paperwork... Here are some of the answers from my PS:
- don't take any herbal meds (hmm... that must mean the arnica and bromelain - he's not a big fan)
- only multivitamin or prenatal with more iron and folic acid
- no smoking, drinking
- no aspirin, Tylenol, Advil
- Rx nausea pill to take day of sx with sip of water, Rx antibiotic PO to prevent infection, Rx PO meds
- nailpolish is ok (even acrylics)
- no dieting, eat a lot of protein
- snoopy shape is from dr's technique, dog ears are from excess skin from TT stitch line
- PS provides CG for inner thigh lipo, CG for TT, and will bandage BA but later will provide PO-bra, and he sells a certain scar cream that he recommends
- pain pump lasts a few days and depletes by itself (dr will remove)
- showed me the drains (they're HUGE) and how to measure/log liquid and remove (really gross)
- PS re-measured and nurse helped me re-choose sizes... OMG, now I'm at 600cc!!!! hope it's not as GI-normous as it sounds... but of course, still want to look like I had something to show for all the pain and suffering! :)
- my choice to have the scar under-boob vs areola (to try to prevent duct infection) - PS will make scar based on size... so with 600cc, I'll probably have a 5cm scar
- PS designs his own belly button (vs. the big round hole, gunshot wound-looking BB!)
- PS not a big fan of internet info... says he's avail for any ?s or concerns and to call him first before putting too much stock into online stuff. hahaha (so old-school)

So that's it. I think I'm ready. Scared as ever, but ready to take on this challenge. I'm sick of my old saggy body and his poking and prodding didn't help! I hate looking at myself in the mirror. I posted my pix from the pre-op visit... looking forward to "AFTER" for sure!! Staying positive!!

Fun Pix

Almost at the 20-mark...

Picked up meds - nausea pill that was $80!! holy smokes!, pain killers, and antibiotics. Not used to taking so many meds (I only take multivitamins). And set up my downstairs shower space. woo-hoo! Almost there! I opted for the lawn chair look because 1) cheaper, and 2) I can use it again later. There was a really narrow one at Rite-Aid for $7. Hate buying things that I'll never use again (the med-approved shower stools were $40-50!). I'm sure this'll do. Loving all the inspiring pix, "hautemomma"! You are definitely my RS role model to follow! :)

Bikini BEFOREs

found an old bikini from way back when to use for my bikini b&a... note the deflated boobs. :( hoping to fill this out! hope the bikini line is low enough, too. looking forward to happier times... :D

Funny things I've heard/read about...

"boob greed"... hmm, I guess I had some of that, too, or maybe just didn't want to be another statistic who regretted not going bigger. But anyway ladies, I'm back to my original 550cc and feel a little more comfortable with this decision.

"morning boob" - wth?!! please do explain.

"uniboob"... praying that I don't have this or any other complications PO!

"drop and fluff"... been reading that it takes about 6mos to a year to really truly see the fruits of all that labor - PATIENCE is key, eh?

"boobie blues"... aww, isn't that bad is it? a little like postpartum? :'(

Tat pix for mamakisof6

need to touch up soon, too... I almost always wear makeup so I finally got a shot without any at all. underliner line is getting really faded. but love the arches... I usually do touch ups every other year.

18 days and counting...

on the one hand, can't wait to get rid of this shelf-bra look on my tube tops - it's like a bra ledge! :( needs more "filling" for sure! but on the other hand, as B-day (boob day) approaches, i'm getting REALLY nervous about the outcome and what-ifs... I'm an instant-grat kind of person trying to learn through RS and this process to be a more 'patient' patient. thank goodness for all the RS advice helping me through this... *sigh*

another funny term to add to my list - "frankenboobs"!! LOL

+ before pic...

and if I ever need reminding of why I'm going through all this trouble... yeah, pic says a 1000 words! NO boobs at all! (it's pretty sad when you're belly sticks out more than your boobs)

16 days... I'm READY!! (today's a good day)

I'm ready! I've set up the house - notes and lists everywhere. Sleeping area is set up. Washing area is set up. Everything is packed, cleaned, organized, and ready to go... Let's do this!!

Measurements to start: bust 34" - waist 31" - hips 41"... can't wait for changes!!! woohoo!!!

Back out pic... LOL

Following 'cmb82' - if you ever feel like backing out, take another BEFORE pic of the parts you hate the most! LOL!!! :D Btw, stopped in on the Nordstrom sale but didn't know what to buy since I don't know what size I'll be - and the sale ends the day of my sx! How unfair is that?!! Got this cute and super comfy little bralette/ boy short combo for a B&A pic. "Before" looks terrible and SO looking forward to filling out the top and shrinking the bottom!

Living space for the first week...

Not buying a recliner and not climbing 2 flights of stairs... so this'll have to do. I was able to borrow my dad's walker (past sx) and portable potty (hoping I won't have to use it) and waiting for a leg wedge pillow from amazon (mom won't part with hers!), but otherwise, this is it. Shabby chic.

Just a weekend to go... 4 days pre...

Still here and still eagerly anticipating my upcoming mommy makeover... 550cc's worth of boobs, umbilical hernia and diastasis repair (muscle separation) via tummy tuck, throw in a bit of lipo on the flanks and inner thighs - and voila! magic! :) Just a waiting game now... I bought some little gifts for my 3 kids - just an idea for you moms who either love gift-giving like I do, or just feel like you don't want this to be a "selfish" thing. I know my kids are nervous about the surgery but just don't want to say it. So I put together a gift bag for each of them - some little things I know they really want and don't want to wait until xmas or bdays to get. And something to remember me by while I'm "transforming". I can't wait to give it to them - and it's a surprise, although I won't be there to see their surprised faces! I also put together a list of ALL the things I bought - one cumulative list:
- lots of pillows
- portable toilet (hoping I won't need it because I'd hate to task anyone to clean it)
- walker
- zip-front nightgown/robe
- spanx
- Tylenol
- multivitamins, VitC
- antibac soap (Dial, Lever2000) and hand sanitizer
- wipes for face, body, and flushable
- bobby pins
- Miralax
- Neosporin
- grabber and tongs
- Kleenex
- megaphone (for calling the kids)

- RX'd meds (anti-nausea, antibiotic, pain)
- Milk of Magnesia
- iron
- Naked and Bolthouse juices
- cocoa butter lotion
- Colgate wisp toothbrush picks
- gauze, tape
- Mederma scar cream, Arnica gel, Bio Oil
- silicone scar patches
- Arnica and Bromelain tabs
- table mirror
- leg wedge
- shower back scrubber
- shower chair (ie. $5 outdoor lawn chair)
- Tigi dry shampoo
- Aquaphor
- alcohol prep pads
- pet wetting pads
- Poise pads
- tons of bralettes in L/XL
- front-close sports bra in L
- boy-shorts underwear
- canned peaches and pineapple, chicken noodle soup, crackers

...and PO, I'll make a list of things I actually needed/used (because I'm sure it won't even be half this list)! :) Stay tuned...


Bag is packed. My surgery is first thing in the morning - 7:30am (have to be there at 6:30am, which means I have to wash at 6:00am!). Checklist:
- 3 days pre (today): no shaving pubic area, start Miralax or eating a lot of peaches, prunes, pineapple
- wash with antibac soap, disinfect sleeping/washing areas (Lysol)
- 1 day pre: drink LOTS and LOTS of water
- prep bag to take to surgical center: driver's license or photo ID, health insurance, surg ctr signed papers, bungee or lanyard for drains, change of clothes, boyshort underwear, zip-up robe, fuzzy socks, slip on shoes, chapstick, bobby pins, crackers, water bottle, magazine, camera/phone
- day of sx: take anti-nausea pill, wash with antibac soap (given by dr) and wash hair, no shaving/ no creams/lotions
- day after sx: take antibiotics, prn vicodin, arnica/bromelain tabs, eat pineapples
- update RS!! :)

Things I will ever-thankful for...

Just for fun! I will be ever-thankful for...
- my supportive family who know I do everything around the house and keep the stiff upper lip when they tell me they'll be able to manage while I'm recuperating
- the skill and knowledge of my PS (even though I don't tell him enough - my life rests in his hands... no pressure!) ;)
- being able to set my mind to something and stick to it (going through with this sx, getting the schedules set for the kids, cleaning the entire house and closets to prep for this sx)
- staying healthy through the summer, even though kids were getting sick all around me!
- losing 6 lbs from the beginning of summer
- my wonderful mani/pedi (no polish) massages, monthly facials, and full body massages to prep me for sx
- the fact that I've never grown armpit hair (I know - weird!... but I'll be even more thankful PO! wish that were the same for the mons area!!)
- my mom who is a nurse of 35+ years who will come to help me for 2+ weeks
- finding this RS site and all the support it has given me on this scary and exciting journey!! not only for the coupon I got by using this site from my PS office, but mostly for the new 'online family' to share my experience with! THANK YOU!!

2 days pre - literally a weekend left!!!

Ok, this is officially IT!! The pre-op center called to confirm and take down my stats. Let me add, that I'm thankful for not smoking, not drinking, and not having anything but "multivitamins and Vit.C" on my chart!! I'm also thankful that I am fine with sleeping on my back! :) So... I ate my last bag of salt and vinegar chips, now eating some onion rings (don't know what's wrong with me but can't stop eating junk food as if it's my "last meal" and I wanna be HAPPY!! lol), and I'm going to have my last diet pepsi... sniffle, sniffle... So the pre-op nurse told me I have to rid myself of all that junk and start hydrating. So after I finish my smorgasborg of junk delights, I'm going to drink TONS of water non-stop all weekend, pee myself crazy, and take my Miralax every night before sleep. That's the plan. Hope everyone's taking notes! hahaha... With my parents here trying to do "The Schedule", it's been pretty nuts and I'm going a little loopy. It's easier when I just do things myself and I don't like help so this will be quite a challenge. I feel like I'm on that show "Wife Swap". I'm the one with the daily notes scheduled out by the HALF hour! ;P My parents are the ones that want to scrap the notes (mine's more like a "booklet" - what? I have THREE kids!) and do it their way. Breathe, breathe... everything's gonna be ok...

BIG day is tomorrow!!

OMG. That's all I have to say. LOL! Bundles of nerves for sure... washed twice already and planning to wash hair one more time tonight and then wash in the morning. Gonna be squeaky clean for sure!! I use Dial, then hibiclens, then the dr's antibac soap. Totall germ-free!! Hahaha... Posting a pic of my last meals. Actually gonna get some pizza tonight tho (fave food). All this prep has made me a healthier, stronger person. I no longer crave my usual iced coffees or diet pepsi! I've completely stopped mcd iced coffees and sweet teas. I eat fruits all day long and actually crave Naked and Bolthouse juice smoothies. I hope all this prep is worth it in the end... I never said, and will later post an update, but my PS has been on vacation for the past 2 wks and is coming back today- and my sx is first thing tomorrow morning! So I pray he is well rested and caught up with my file and ready to transform me! I'll be thinking of the rest of you on this same journey and keeping my fingers crossed for a well-deserved outcome! :)

healthy eats!

TODAY is THE day!!

All the prep this past summer has lead up to this point. In about 3 hours, it'll be MY turn... I won't lie - I'm SUPER nervous. Hugged all my kids and talked to each of them last night. Youngest was the hardest of all. :( But I am ready for this! I did my research, stuck to the prep, and the rest is up to God, fate, and the skillful hands of my PS. (Praying he didn't drink last night!) Whatever will be, will be... I'm ready. I actually got sleep last night, woke up really early though... had time to curl my hair (opted not to wash it this morning because I have ALOT of hair and curling is my comfort time - no hairspray tho). I have to take my $80 anti-nausea pill soon... hoping that thing works or else I want a refund! LOL... Bag of stuff, pillow, extra towel, and barf bucket are packed. Just gotta shower and do my antibac scrubdown and I'm all ready to go! Wish me luck... and all the well wishes to 'newlook' and anyone else going in today! I can't wait for PO stories...

Alive and kickin'!

Just want to send a quick update to everyone following my journey and will post pix later, as it hurts to move. I can't text and type if I don't move the trunk of my body. Any other movement is excruciating, but bearable. It feels like pulling and sharp shooting pain. My body feels like one big bruise- and probably looks like it too. When they say it feels like a truck ran over you, they're not kiddding! I have boobs- that I can see but all bandaged up. The CG they sent me home in has a wide cut-out below for peeing. The drains don't hurt- as long as no one pulls on them. The pain pump bag hangs from my neck like a sling and doesn't bother me. Boobs are tightly bandaged so it's hard to take deep breaths. Thank God for the SUV bcz I don't think I would've been able to get into a sedan, or even worse, a 2door! Walker not really necessary- I just walked hunched over slowly, baby steps. Pillow in the car is a MUST to keep the seatbelt from bandages and drains. Didn't need the barf bucket- the anti-nausea pill worked! Haven't felt barfy at all! Ate applesauce in the surg ctr, had chicken soup at home. MUST have bendy straws. Leg wedge has been awesome. Sent husb out to buy compression socks and baby powder- powder-coating your legs makes it easier to pull the CG on/off. Other than that, drifting in/out of sleep... feeling really, really tired. Sx took only 4hrs! Recover about 2hrs bcz I just wanted to sleep. Gotta remember to keep willing my toes and legs to keep the blood flowing... Kids are SO happy to see me home and LOVED the gifts!! :D


'Wiggling' my toes

pix - view from above

Boobs! Or what I can see/feel thru bandages. Pain pump in black bag. 2 drains. CG shorts from thigh lipo.

oops again

I meant I "can" text and type if I don't move the trunk of my body

i have boobs! :)

Husb went to pick up the bra from PS so I got to take my beautiful halter bandage wrap off... and I have boobs! A little swollen under the armpits, left seems much larger- swelling? Other than that, not much in terms of pain there. The sports bra feels much more comfy.

just a peek and holy wow!... cleavage!

(Pix didn't load from before)


For those following, I'll walk you thru the journey... Day of- major scrub down, don't wash hair unless you blow dry it because it's a pain for the nurses to deal with wet hair, they take out any bobby pins or bands/clips so don't bring. I got a gown, hair net, and hospital socks. Then they put me in compression wraps for massaging my legs. That was AWESOME! Wish the bed had a back roller too! Don't bring too many belongings - ID, paperwork. Pillow and barf bucket in car. They gave me chuks pads (like pet wetters) for the car. I use them at home, too, on the couch. Wonderful PS came in - calm as ever. He just has a very calming personality like you know he's in charge. Anesthesiologist jokester came in - super nice. Nurses were so nice - and I'm quite chatty so we had a great time... until I started thinking of my little girl. :( Tears rolling. Then last thing I remember was laying on the bed in the sx room with those 2 big ol' lamps above. Next thing you know, I'm back in the recovery room all bandaged up. Don't remember anything in between. I got boobs, tummy hurt, lipo sides painful, lots of bruising. They wanted me to get up to pee - yeah right! Hurt like hell. Ate a lot of ice chips... for some reason, I was starving. PO suggestions: request the Experal pain injections - same meds as pain pump but goes over and under muscle, or wherever dr wants to put them for NO PAIN (as 'newlook' says)... just awesome. I have the pain pump and it only goes under skin, which isn't where the pain is. Mine is deep muscle pain. Notes for next time... Also, the anti-nausea pill was well worth the $80 I paid for it ($60 after insurance) - EMEND. I haven't felt barfy at all. In fact, POD1 I've been eating crackers, jello, and lots of Campbell's chicken soup with noodles. Still taking my multivits, antibiotics, and hydrocodone prn. Feel fine but definitely hurts to move, esp sitting. Can't stand straight. Would love a recliner at this point - I like the idea of others of renting one, esp the medical one that puts you up to standing position. awesome. Oh- LOVE my female urinal. That's prob my fave thing. I bought it on Amazon for $9? It has a funnel thingy on top and it fits exactly into the opening of my CG shorts (for lipo inner thighs). Damn- should've used it before I started peeing yesterday and peed on my CD. gross. It's because my mons is swollen and for some reason, I don't pee straight down. Probably the best thing I got on my list. So I just hobble to the bathroom (which takes forever), slip that urinal jar into the CG opening and pee away - it's awesome! Then empty it and wipe with flushable wipes. Enjoy the TMI! :P Other than that, things are peachy-keen. I can't really enjoy results because I can't see anything. I don't want to touch the bandages - hurts. I see my PO next week. Good luck to all of you still waiting...

My buddy!

I meant 'peed on my CG'....

- this is my buddy: female urinal. :)

POD2... at 45deg

Notes to ponder as I lie in my indented spot here in my makeshift bed, which has turned from shabby chic to everything but the kitchen sink homeless quarters (a mess - but hey, as long as my phone and computer are near me!):
1. LOVE my female urinal and wish I had used it before I got pee on my CG and now really wish I could zip out of this thing and wash it
2. LOVE the EMEND anti-nausea pill because I haven't felt barfy at all. In fact, I eat but nothing solid and I never really ate a whole lot before so not too concerned. Dad makes me chicken soup. Mom makes my Naked juice smoothies with coconut water. And they fight over what color jello they're going to give me. It's a zoo here!
3. LOVE the arnica pellets. I was jealous of the Exparel injections that I DIDN'T get (I have the onQ pain pump which seems to be going down but I don't feel it working) but took some arnica pellets and major pains are GONE - enough so that I can get in/off my spot on the couch and walk around.
4. The walker has become my friend. Just a note that I used an old put-together clothes hanger (the kind with all the poles and wheels and you put it together to hang clothes on) as a "privacy shield" it has my kids' parachute draped across it so I can adjust my boobs or fix my baboon butt CG without them watching me. But every 2-3 hrs I get up, use the walker to walk around the house 4 times, go pee, and get back on the couch. That's the routine folks.
5. I found a cure for "numb butt" - put an ice pack under it. Only my left side was getting numb from sitting on the couch in reclined position so long so I put one of my ice packs under and it's all better.
6. I'm officially at about a 45 deg angle now. YAY! Small miracles! My PS said he pulled me really tight (good news? we shall see...) so he gave me about 30 deg to work with - gee thanks. It was more like 0 deg because I was totally hunched over after sx and POD1. But with the arnica, I can raise up to about 45 deg and not feel too much stitch pulling - don't want to stretch anything out.
7. PS said I had about 3 inches of diastasis!! WOW! That's a lot. I had big babies - 8, 9, and 10 lbs. And I gained about 70 lbs with each kid and lost it all. Crazy huh? I was a size 16 at my largest. Then down to size 4-5 before sx.
8. My goal is to wear a cat suit - you know, the all black spandex kind - and not have any bulging except for boobs and butt... awesome!
9. I haven't had BM yet but will take MOM tonight. Not too concerned because I've always been irregular and I don't eat a lot to survive. :) But I'll do it because PS and my mom (a nurse) are concerned. I don't think my urinal will hold poop though. LOL! ;) Will have to figure that one out when I cross that bridge.
10. Best outfit for PO - a gown... the sx kind, because it's lightweight, has snaps and ties, and I wear it with open-front to hide baboon-butt. Nothing to see in front but my CG and sports-bra. Really wish I had picked up one of those long Forever21 cover-ups that had no sleeves because it's so hot walking around in the walker and open front (no buttons or anything) - kwim? That would've been awesome to wear over these PO garments! The granny robes I bought are too hot to wear, even with the a/c on. Sx gown is thinner material. So those going in - go look for something like that to wear over your PO-wear. :)

Forget POD3... now looking forward to POW (week) 2 when all the stitches are out and I can see the real results! :D

On the emotional rollercoaster...

Just having a down day today. :( It's not just the little pains, lessened by arnica. But I started weird cramping. I don't think it's constipation bcz I don't eat a lot and I'm not regular anyway. I don't know, could be. But its more of not being able to DO things. My parents fight over little things - doing my schedule or what to feed me... my boys don't come when I call for help so I feel like I have to yell and then they feel bad afterwards... and

cont'd (phone died)

Worse- I asked my daughter to get my cosmetics bag and she threw it to me- and it landed right on my stomach!!! My whole stomach- and all the stitches- cramped up in a ball!! I know you can all feel my pain... it hurt so much I cried, which scared my daughter. I'm just feeling super crappy bcz I'm so used to doing everything and I guess everyone else is to.

Made it to POD3 with sanity still intact!

What a milestone! Made it to POD3! I took my happy pills (arnica pellets) and all is good so far today. This is my daily routin: lie here for 10min contemplating how I'm gonna roll off the couch, start with a slight tilt left, maneuver my legs towards the ground, slide to left holding my boobs together, and in 1 motion go from left tilt to slight sitting to standing, all while trying not to get a head rush! LOL- picture with me here. :) Then I hobble to the walker, walk around the block (my house) 4x, sweat it out, lower back pains, then head to the rr to pee in 'buddy' (which I love bcz not only do I not have to 'aim' but I don't have to get down to toilet level- I hold the urinal handle and prop the bottle on the toilet edge), rinse and clean, check my drains and empty into toilet too, done in there then go to eat a small meal. I do that every 3 hrs or so. Exciting huh? Posting POD3 pix and will soon post a wish list...


I've got cleavage! A little hard to see at this angle and with my weird tan. Tummy is flat as a washboard- I can bounce quarters off this thing! And my boobs hang over the sides of my waist- wow, exciting to have boobs!!

Revised pre-op list now that I've been through it... and things you don't need

1. anti-nausea meds (a godsend because you do NOT want to barf when you've had a TT... hurts to laugh, hurts to cough, and definitely hurts to barf)
2. arnica pellets - sublingual pills (I bought mine on amazon - 3pack... they're muscle relaxants so you can actually be semi-pain free and move around PO)
3. ice packs (Thera Pearl wasn't worth it... my fave is the rice socks or the kind you get at those mall carts, the ones that for freezer or microwave and smell like lavender!... the adjustable shape helps a lot)
4. Tylenol for the headaches and muscle pains
5. closed water container with lots of bendy straws
6. Halls VitC drops (after anesthesia, your throat will be SUPER dry... also helps to alleviate any coughs because coughing is BAD)
7. recliner (if you can rent one because tons of pillows 'work' but they sag and move around and you have to keep adjusting them, also hard to get in/out of the couch)
8. Kleenex
9. back scratcher (hard to bend and reach places that itch)
10. PO foods: soup (chicken soup, noodle soups), saltine crackers, jello, oatmeal, fruits
11. antibacterial soap (Dial, Lever) and hand-sanitizer (keep germs away from drains and catheters)
12. hair clips and bobby pins (I didn't need the dry shampoo at all and didn't need wisp portable toothbrush picks - you will have enough arm motion to be able to do your hair and brush your teeth, and didn't need the handheld mirror because you're able to walk to the bathroom)
13. Palmer's cocoa butter lotion, arnica gel, bio oil (for scars later when garments are off)
14. walker (to help you walk around the house and for support)
15. compression socks (to help leg circulation and prevent blood clots)
16. surgical gown or light mumu that opens in front (lightweight, get a long one to cover the bottom - CG has butt opening so you have "baboon butt")
17. tongs or grabber (to pick up things you drop on the floor)
18. leg wedge (to keep your lets at 45 deg angle)
19. neck lanyard (I like the bungee kind they give at casinos because it's plastic and it's longer - to clip your drains when you wash)
20. shower chair (I used a $7 lawn chair from Rite Aid)
21. back scrubber with a soft sponge for washing

...honestly that's all I needed these past few days. Don't buy too much - you won't use it and you don't have the space for it around your recline area. HTH!

Plug-ins... 1 down, 2 to go!

My onQ pain pump w bag slung around my neck and 2 catheters inserted on both sides of my body have been itching like hell! PS nurse said I could take it off today bcz it's a 72hr pump so my husb had to do the dirty work and man, was it gross! Taking off the itchy tape felt awesome! But then watching him pull out the LOOOOONG catheter out of my body with blood on it was like watching something out of an alien horror film. Absolutely disgusting!! So now I only have the 2 drains left- yay!

POD4... mission accomplished!

For anyone feeling like this recuperation really sucks- hydrotherapy is awesome! Just taking that CG off and bra off and being able to wash all my hair all by myself and sit in my lawn chair in a nice, LONG, warm shower was awesome! I even shaved my legs! I almost felt like spa day at Burke Williams! Every pain was gone, if only for that hour while my CG washed and dried... then of course it was like putting a girdle on an overweight Mae West!! Man, how does the PS expect us to get those things back on?! :( Washing accomplished, finally pooped!... although I must say it's really hard to sit and wait for gravity to do it's thing and not worry about getting a blood clot in your legs! But mission accomplished. Yay! Milestones...

No CG on my tummy... your thoughts??

So I asked PS why I don't have a CG on my tummy like everyone else... mine are CG shorts with the top tummy part unzipped and flopping down. Why??? Office says that's the way he does it til I see him in 1 week. Doesn't make sense to me... not that I welcome any more compression than I can already squeeze into but... Thoughts on this?

Random thoughts after midnight... POD6

Just some random thoughts as I lay here... can't sleep, butt raw from sitting in the same position, feeling engorged- OMG, feels like I'm back in time with baby 1, 2, 3 and those midnight feedings!!
1. POD1-3 were the worst...adjusting to the pain, trying to find a comfortable position in the discomfort, feeling helpless.
2. Stay hydrated and MOVE.
3. There's painful bruising and itchy spots... and then there's painful itchy bruises.
4. Drains suck.
5. CGs with bulky seams, hook-eye closures, and zippers suck.
6. Trying to not pee (or poop) on your CG is so stressful.
7. Being at home all day for a week but not being able to do much is boring... Try typing out your drainage record- FUN! :/
8. Arnica pellets are my happy pills. My narcotics never made me loopy... still sane, still bored.
9. A week of PO foods- noodle soups, crackers, oatmeal, jello- and I think I lost about 5 lbs... who knows? Scale is upstairs and I can't get to it.
10. I desperately need someone to come to my door to do an in-home mani/pedi... I will pay!!

1 Week Milestone

Oh the sadnesss... Finally saw PS for the first time since sx- he not only said I have to keep the drains in (BOTH!) but he zipped my CG ALL THE WAY UP (like I thought it should be) and now I can't breathe. He wants me to stand totally straight in 2 days and only drain once/day, so if I'm draining low by Thurs, he might take them out... *sigh*... from uncomfortable to worse. Btw, posh, he said that little bulgy area shouldn't be there- said it might be fluid build up so I need to war the CG zipped up all day to push that fluid to the drains. Ugh... Me and this CG are not getting along...

"PS"... I love u!

So this is for my PS who is making me where these drains and the CG pulled up in this heat! Gotta glamorize it somehow and refuse to wear clothes around the house- too hot and too much trouble. So here it is- sports bra and black slip. Now the only question is... drains in or out? :P


So here's the update... Since sx, my PS wanted me to fold the top of my CG down so it wouldn't cut off my blood supply. But that created a seroma bulge above my BB and a panty-line indent below my BB where the fold was - more problems than help. So he changed plans and zipped me all the way up, which has since made me stand upright (so I am now standing fully upright, walking without a walker, able to squat down and pick up things off the floor, able to climb stairs), but it's super hard to breathe and sleeping/reclining/sitting are super uncomfortable. Dr (and family in health fields) all tell me to suck it up and deal. *sigh* So I've been gritting my teeth at home and just dealing with the total discomfort knowing that this is all for the best. Just so you all know, it's not just the tightness of the CG that bothers me, it's that it's way too small for my ribcage and compresses all my organs inside - that kind of feeling. Not fun. But like I said, standing straight so on the outside I look pretty much normal, like nothing happened, and I want to attempt driving soon - maybe tomorrow? I can wash by myself, make foods, wash dishes, feed the kids, etc. Not taking any meds anymore. Eating normal, BM's normal. Bruises are going away. Drains are still in. Still bored but now happily shopping online!! :) Hope everyone else is healing well... Miss you guys!!

POD9 pic

POD9 pix cont'd

POD9 pix cont'd

Idk know what happened to the pix... reloaded


Feeling pretty good these days. I have energy, range of motion, bruises are fading, no more hunching/lower back pain/walker, and my only pains are 2 spots where my CG literally digs into my ribcage. So not too shabby. Just vacuumed the downstairs, and decided to venture upstairs, which I haven't done since sx.. omg, talk about tornado! What happened? Husb does NOT put clothes away, stuff everywhere, what a mess! *sigh* Parents are still here to help and I rely on them for the jobs they do but that also means I have to accept how they do them- my dad picks up food but not what I tell him to get. He's constantly digging thru the fridge and reorganizing. My mom washes laundry with colors mixed with whites bcz 'there wasn't enough'... yikes! Oh help! In my years of independence, I've forgotten what it's like to live with parents or rely on 'help'. I'm picky- that's why I've never had a nanny or maid. :P

Feeling GOOD!!

Both drains are OUT, CG torture contraption is a gonner, and I'm cleared to wear my nice soft spanx with a belly binder. Yay to regular underwear! Today's a good day... now that I'm "free", I've got big plans- restful sleep (that's top of my list), driving, mani/pedi. Hopefully drive to nordy or vs and get an actual bra fitting. I'm TOO excited!! These past few days of wearing that torture contraption with little mini pads tucked into the bruised crevices 24/7...no more! Freedom feels SOOOO good.


Miss wearing the heels... just sayin'

Spa Mani/Pedi... AHHHHHHH!

A little bumpy on the back roller but afterwards so luxurious and so needed! I almost always have dark polish on. Treated my mom for spending the last 2 wks helping me.

Long overdue POD13 updates

Since I'm almost at the 2wk (POW2), I thought i'd post some pix. Excuse the scratchy lines on my belly- from the belly binder and leftovers from the CG and pain catheters (guess I scar easily). I'll post better pix later- hate camera phone pix!

2 weeks down...

It's been a slow 2 wks. I'm an impatient person who is always on the go and rarely home (even tho I'm a SAHM) so these 2 wks have been extremely boring and my family isn't used to me 'not doing anything'. I'm the kind of person who painted the interior of our 2-story house just bcz I wanted to see if I could do it. Took me 3 weeks, 15gal of paint, and only cost $700.

A few things I've learned these past 2wks:
1. Do your research. Don't just let the dr decide for you bcz you will ultimately have to live w the results.
2. Don't just take meds bcz everyone else is- read the label. Side effects have long term effects down the road.
3. Don't over-buy. You can spring for the Exparel injections vs.the pain pump, but both last the same amount of time (3days). Other major supplies have limited time usage- raised toilet seat and walker about 1wk, recliner maybe 2-3wks. I've used my $9 female urinal and $7 lawn chair the most! :)
4. Try to move as much as your body will allow, a little more each day, but rest as much as possible.
5. It's fun to see the new and improved body in new clothes but don't cheat- wear the support bra and CG or binder as much as possible! I wear mine 24/7 to keep everything in place while healing.
6. Wear the binder tight so you stand straighter asap. And try to sleep FLAT on your back at night... you'll stand straighter each day! Recline during the day (feet up).
7. Eat well. Why go thru all this trouble if you're just going to go back to eating junk food during recuperation?
8. We deserve this!! Never think anything less!

Happy Healing!

Here's to all my healing friends... treat your body well! :)

oops- pic didnt load...

POW2... never thought i'd make it, but here I am!

This is right where I dreamed of being- PO week 2... alive, walking upright, sleeping reasonably well, drain-free and STITCH-FREE! (didn't feel a thing!), bruises healing, and starting breast massages. I tried on some old clothes- still fit! Only now they're all filled out! Yay! Period started... Boo! Sometimes you just hate being a girl. I saw my wonderful PS today... it's always a happy day when I get to see my PS!! :) hope everyone is healing well...

Big (((HUGS))) to my PS... Dr.O'Toole, my fellow anteater

I really do love u! Thank you for transforming me with a skill only God could've given you. No words can ever be enough to say how I feel when I look at myself in the mirror. I'm still healing, but I know it'll only get better from here.


Champion Dual Dry zip front sports bra (L) and Spanx In-Power high top (M)

Mall trip to get measured... epic FAIL!!

So I was feeling confident today- went to the mall to go to VS for an official measuring... that rite of passage during recuperation on the healing road to recovery. Well, after walking across the parking lot, wandering thru nordstrom, grabbing another pair of in-power higher power spanx... I felt hot and nauseous (prob bcz I was wearing my spanx and binder in this heat) and had to ...retreat! Back home to my quiet sanctuary. Oh, will life ever be back to normal?! So yeah, still don't know what size I am... never made it to VS. :(

Girls just gotta have FUN!! :)

Mission VS... SUCCESS! So the plan was to park as close to mall VS as possible and beeline straight to VS and back... verdict: I'm a 34 full C or small D. VS girl wasn't too helpful so it wasn't exactly a "fun" trip, but I tried on a bunch of cute bras (no undies - still cycling) and took some pix. Oooh-la-la... I've got cleavage and a little side-boob! :) NO padding, NO pushup... I can buy straight off the rack!! (Excuse the bad lighting in the dressing room.) Energy-boosted, I treated my mom to lunch at Nordstrom café and headed home to take more pix... Enjoy!

Tips and Tricks along the journey

1. Email your list of pre op ?s to your PS (even new consults) before you meet with them so everyone's prepared.
2. It's never too early to change your lifestyle to prep for surgery- don't smoke, don't drink, eat good foods, and hydrate.
3. Don't aggressively diet before sx. Your body needs reserves to recuperate.
4. Double up on multivits and vitC- 2x/day.
5. Keep a small pillow in the car- protects against seat belt rub and pressure.
6. On day of sx, wear low bikini or undies with a smooth line so the PS can draw a nice, smooth, evenly contoured TT scar line. Look at front and hips/sides- make sure that's where you want your scar line to be!
7. BBs are important too! Make sure you know what type of BB your PS makes (some scars are big, some look unnatural).
8. Prepare to be in a sitting/reclined position for days- ie. numb butt. Sitting on ice packs are a temporary fix but what helped me the most- and I used this when breastfeeding for those long hours in bed- was sitting ON a almost totally deflated... neck pillow! aka "butt donut"! Lol
9. Wear your CG and binding garments tight and as much as possible PO to help with swelling and standing straight.
10. Sleep flat on your back at night to help stand straighter faster.
11. Keep up with your meds- especially the anitbiotics.
12. Wear support bra (or sports bra, or even bralette) as much as possible, even to sleep to prevent the effects of age and gravity on the new 'investments'.
13. Arnica pellets- works great as muscle relaxers and general decrease of aches and pains PO. Arnica gel rubbed right into lipo areas 3x/day decreases bruising faster. Bio Oil rubbed all over boobs, belly, and lipo areas prevents stretched skin after washing (stretch marks), dry skin and cracked sutures, and massages for drainage to decrease swelling.

HTH! Happy healing! :)

Returns, returns...

Today is return day at Target! All those pre-op things I bought on my anxious whims and never ended using... I'm not a hoarder so it's all going back today.
-alcohol pads... not sure why we needed these but I never use them. I emptied my drains in the toilet when my hands were washed.
- hand sanitizer... I kept 1 bottle for home use. Didn't need more than that- all my 'clean' things were done in the bathroom.
- back scrubber... by the time I was cleared for washing (POD3), I could already reach my back.
- extra wipes... I used 1 bag of flushable wipes and 1 bag R u gonna use ur magic mtn tx? Trying to sell a $40 ad/ch ticket... interested? I have an extra kids tx too so 1 ad/ch tx + 1 kids tx for $40. Let me know... thx of facial/body wipes.
- neosporin... one 0.5 tube was enough. Didn't need extra.
- bromelain pills... I'm not a med-taker and didn't see the use of taking bromelain (pineapple deriv) when I was eating fresh cut pineapple throughout my recup.
- vit.E... didn't need bcz I used neosporin and bio oil on my scars.
- portable toilet (returning to my dad)... never used it. Have to get walking after sx anyway, so bathroom trips were my 'exercise' and my portale female urinal was my friend! :)

oops... excuse MM updae inserted above! weird!

I swear my phone has a mind of its own- I reread that and some old msg was clip'd on! How odd!! Anyway, that was supposed to say I only used 1 bag of flushable wipes and 1 bag of facial/body wipes.


Can RS please work on a feature that let's us edit posts? ...Drivin' us type A folk bonkers w these typos!

Goals for Moles at POW3...

That's me - the mole... still sitting here in my 'sanctuary', being a patient patient and resting... wishing the little aches would go away and I could do a cart wheel and back flip (not that I can - just sayin'...)

This journey is a series of phases: the research phase, the anxiety phase, the actual surgery day, recuperation boot camp, and then the wait-and-see healing phase when you can (and in some cases, have to) go back to a semi-normal routine but yet you're still not quite 100%.

So as I sit here - recuperating - I think about all the GOALS I've made along this journey...
1. prioritizing and saving money
2. setting surgery date
3. losing weight, working out, and staying healthy to be ideal for surgery
4. cleaning the house and other such nesting
5. getting to the infamous "POD3"
6. getting devil drains out
7. getting tapes off - the 'BIG reveal'
8. being able to get up to just pee
9. washing by myself
10. being able to put underwear on (the things we take for granted!)
11. sleeping through the night... comfortably
12. driving again
13. getting to POW2
14. drop and fluff
15. sizing at VS
16. getting stitches out
17. just feeling normal again

My ultimate goal in this process of taking care of myself during recuperation is to one day have my PS see the 'finished ME' and think - Damn! I created THAT!! :D

... and I don't want to disappoint! ;)

Happy healing to all my supportive RS ladies!!

POW3 measurements

Before: 34 bust - 31 waist - 41 hips
At 3wks: 36 bust - 30 waist - 39 hips

Just something interesting if you see "signs" like I do... at POD4, I was sitting in traffic behind a large truck, staring at its license plate: 4MH3630. I was at day 4, my initials "MH", and perhaps my future measurements for the 2 procedures I went in for- 36 bust, 30 waist!! Weird right?

Passing time on a boring Sunday afternoon...

When those of you who are in recuperation get to this stage of the healing process, this is what girls do to pass time... play dress up! I'm so so thankful I can still wear my old clothes- now they're filled out in the right places! :)

pix didn't upload... pls RS give us an 'edit' function!! :/

and when you're really bored...

Girly girls do their nails... I bought these so I could play w them during recup. They're Kiss gel press-on nails. Fun!

No skinny minnies

I LOVE all the beautiful fajas I see other RSers wear, but I can't for the life of me fit into one! wth. I bought a M - waaaaaay too small. It got up to my thighs! I exchanged it for a L - still too small. Took a good 10min just to get the butt cutout over my butt. heeheehaha... No way the 2 zipper parts were coming together! So that one went back too. Thought about getting the XL (pushing it here)... they're so beautiful! But opted to save my $100 and get a $20 Hanes torsette at Target. Nice and soft - not as beautiful, but hey, I don't have to struggle to get it on! Just keepin' it real for all you "regular-sized" girls out there... ;)

Looky what I found!

No, no... not the criss cross tank (Darn, right?)... I found this old pic (following 'happymamma') of how I got into this mess - 8, 9, and then 10 POUND babies... breastfeeding for 1 year, 3 1/2 yrs, and 2 years... yup, that'll do it! Gotta love the TBT pix tho!!

FYI bodycon bandage

I found it - or at least something really close... It's from Topshop - nude bodycon bandage shirt. Not avail anymore. Poo. :( If you can find it - I will pay!! hahahaha... or make one myself!

Note to self...

Note to those in the healing phase of recuperation... the thing about TTs and CGs is that you just CAN'T EAT ANYTHING! If you do, you will pay! ugh... check out the side shot - that is called belly bulge! (and yes, I'm still swollen too) I feel like I'm going to explode! Shutterbug, I have failed you and learned NOTHING! hahahaha... Have a great looooong weekend ladies! :D


I think I've finally found coconut water that's drinkable! It's actually coconut juice- is that the same thing?? It has pure cane juice in it (prob why it tastes good). Kimbo 'young' coconut juice at Ralphs.

New obsession

Since it seems we'll be wearing these CGs for the rest of our lives if we want to maintain our new shapely shapes... my new obsession is CGs!! I can't stop - I feel like I have to have one to change when I wash, one for when the others are in the laundry, extras when the others are dirty or sweaty, etc. I buy softer CGs to sleep in, CGs with shorts, without shorts, CGs with tummy control, CGs for dresses, no-show CGs, different colors... I don't wear clothes at home - just CGs! :p I'm gonna have to post my whole ensemble of CGs - aaaarrrgggghhhh!!!! Uh-oh, I think my OCD is showing...

1-800-CG-BUYERS anonymous

So, I've finally found... THE ONE. Support of a Spppanx but soft like a Hanes torset, doesn't bunch, doesn't bulge, smoothj all around... My newest CG-SkinnyGirls Smoothers N' Shapers. $14.97 at Nordstrom Rack. Happy... this one's a keeper! :D

Happy Anniversary... POM1 (1 month PO)... to ME!!

Happy 1 month anniversary to those of us with 8/4 surgeries! I celebrated my 1mo by taking my first walk around the block - in my snazzy, comfy new SkinnyGirls CG! How many of us wear the CGs out every day and try to pass them off as regular clothes... no one knows they aren't bike shorts right?! ;) Honestly, I need some longer shirts to cover the open butt part! But hey, another plug for my SkinnyGirls - there's no "butt-hole" so they actually DO look like biker shorts! So here's my 1 month low-down:
- I'm holding steady at 130 lbs
- measurements are 36.5" bust - 29" waist (still a little swollen) - 39" hips (damn hips and sitting/resting isn't helping)
- I am still taking arnica pellets, although I'm not sure why! creature of habit...
- Pretty much back to normal with no major pains.
- I can stand straight, walk straight (was strutting the cowboy for a while, then I realized I was walking kinda funny), sleep flat and through the night.
- Driving or sitting in the car waiting to pick up kids for some reason still isn't comfortable... When I get out of the car, I feel hunched and have to stretch it out before I can stand straight again.
- Routine is back to normal but I'm still sleeping on the couch... Can't seem to leave my little sanctuary and I don't work so I pretty much live like a bum downstairs (starting to look like bum quarters too).
- When I'm bored, I LOVE to take pictures... Can't wait for my aliexpress items to arrive!!!
- Still taking 1 hour showers (and feel really bad during this drought!)... I just can't get the hang of all these meds, creams, scar strips. Is anyone else having this problem? I have ScarAway silicone strips and have to take them off EVERY DAY and wash them, which means I have a stand-by set to switch off with. I tape them to tuppeware lids to dry - it's very weird. Then after a week, I throw them away and get a new set. It's such a hassle really.

Hope everyone is healing well... I took lots of updated pix from all angles! :p

THE ONE - part2

Whaaaatttt! Did someone go and buy all the mediums at Nordstrom Rack?!! Geez. Ok, so I got one more medium black (SkinnyGirl Smoothers N' Shapers, ultra smooth thigh shaper. That's all they had and it's the only Nordy Rack near me. So... I got the SkinnyGirl seamless boyshorts. Very comfy, too! And shorter shorts (kinda ride up on the legs for me bcz I have hips AND thighs - oh yeah!). Hmmm, Time4meOR - I should post a video of me getting in/out of CGs... now THAT would be something to watch! It's quite an ordeal! But NOT with these SkinnyGirls!! They're smooth on/ smooth off... LOVE 'EM!! :)


Thanks Callendergirl6! I got my Medihoney (amazon) and thought I would photo-doc progress or change for anyone else considering a 'change in strategy'. Before, I was using Neosporin and covering with gauze on my right hip stitch pop and red BB. Pix are day1 with Medihoney - man, that stuff really is honey. Ever taste it? It's all grainy and smells sweet. I'm thinking toast! ;p

MM PO Supplies

For those that like to plan ahead (pre-sx) or those that want to compare notes (post-sx), here's a list of mommy makeover PO supplies:

1. support bra or sports bra (NO underwire)
2. compression garment (get a variety so you can wear it almost all the time and under clothes or to sleep - long shorts, boyshorts, high waist, panty with girdle, fajas, etc - Hanes, Maidenform, Ann Chery, Spanx, SkinnyGirl, etc)
3. belly binder (many PS's will give you the Velcro kind to wear over your CG - more compression as much as possible to decrease swelling; or you can buy the girdle/corset kind with zippers or hook-eye closures)
4. Bio Oil, Palmer's Cocoa Butter for dry skin and to prevent stretch marks
5. Arnica pellets and Arnica gel to decrease bruising and smooth out lipo lumps
6. Mederma cream, Biocorneum with spf30, Aquaphor for scars
7. ScarAway silicone scar treatment strips (or similar) in different sizes - small for BA, long for TT
8. Neosporin, Medihoney for open wound treatment - drain holes, popped stitches
9. gauze, tape to cover ointments
10. bralettes for light coverage when going out for BA (looks better than wearing a support or sports bra under your nice clothes) - NO underwire
11. Juven, protein shakes, Naked juices or Bolthouse smoothies, multivitamins for maintenance
12. Halls Defense vit.C candies for dry throat (coughing = NO GOOD)
13. antibacterial soap (Dial, Lever) or Hibiclens to clean surgery areas
14. misc: Tylenol, back scratcher, loose button-front clothing or long, loose tank tops, tape measure to take PO measurements, journal to take notes of your progress and camera to photodoc for your PS, bikini or lingerie for b&a pix!...

That's what's in my stock bins... what's in YOURS?? Happy healing ladies!! :)

Oops... "MM POM1 Supplies"

That was a PO supply list for recuperation (2wks-1mo out), not including first few days PO when you need things like walker, urinal, wedge pillows, meds, grabber, etc...

stitch pop update

Uploaded a pic of my popped right hip stitch (about 4 days after using Medihoney). It's redder today bcz I used Neosporin last night. I think the Medihoney keeps the wound less "angry". Both seem to work about the same, but Medihoney seems to have a more calming effect... and my daughter says it tastes just like honey! ;) Also posted some pix of my new CG from aliexpress (as my shipments are finally coming in from China). It's $10.98 and has lace along the front and stretchy elastic under the boobs so it doesn't cut right along my incisions. I didn't think I could get it on at first - took a bit of stretching (it's a size L!!). But it makes me look very Jessica Rabbit and I can wear it under my short shorts (pretty much what I wear every day)... it whittles my waist and then makes my boobs look Ginormous! lol

Healing B&A pix

Posted pix on my healing process:
- BB: it's gone from black, to red and angry, to weird 3-sectional and oozy, to keloid-ish pink
- lipo inner thighs: started with a HUGE dark purple tender bruise and "hardness" that went all the way down both legs (inner to backside), started massaging with arnica gel immediately PO 2-3X/day, at 1wk bruises were about 1/2 gone, and at 1mo ALL GONE with all knots massaged out, used Bio Oil to massage lipo flanks and knots are finally coming out too
- TT swelling: still a bit swollen definitely better in the morning or wearing my tight CG, still a little puffy when I sit (even at 1mo+ out)... gotta keep wearing CGs...
- sx scratches: strange scratches all over my tummy from sx (pain pump catheter sites, tape, constricting CG, etc), turned into brown pigmented areas, rubbed Bio Oil and later Mederma, now at 1mo PO finally fading

Healing is a 'process' and it's different for everyone. Patience is key... and so are realistic expectations. :)

Videos galore!

Corset outfit from aliexpress

Explicit - Click to view

Boom chicka wow wow...

Explicit - Click to view

How to put on a corset/girdle

Explicit - Click to view

How to put on a torsette

Explicit - Click to view

How to put on shaper shorts

Explicit - Click to view

Trying out the new video feature on RS... love it or hate it? I suppose it's good to see if anyone one of us photoshop'd our pix, eh? ;) But I do think my voice sounds very strange on video and trying to keep these videos "discreet" is a challenge... lol. Enjoy!

Old video for pre-ops

Here's an oldie but goodie... sharing my safe-haven with my supportive RS family...

Best med for a healing a wound... time

Saw my PS today (yes, a happy day... love seeing my PS!). Update on the right hip stitch - not infected, no lost stitch inside. Just gotta wait it out and let it heal... *sigh*... Wish there was a fast-forward button on this healing process. Otherwise, I feel great. Will post more soon. Btw, yes, my "sanctuary" looks small - but it IS comfy and I'm one of those that don't move AT ALL when I sleep. I wake up 8 hrs later in the same exact position that I slept in. LOL :p

Random thoughts at 1MO+1WK

Exactly 1mo+1wk on 9/"11"... get it? :)

Just some random thoughts floating around in my head...
1. Why are my nipples so sensitive? I think back to before when I had deflated, sad-looking nipples. Now they stick out like it's a cold day every day! Must be what happens to an inflated balloon. And they're so sensitive that I feel like just touching them makes me all tingly. (sorry, ...just sayin')
2. Speaking of boobs... Anyone ever hit them on anything? Doorways, shelves, store racks, car door...?? Is it just me? Maybe I'm just not used to having anything stick out. :/
3. I had an itchy spot on my belly under my boob incision that started to bleed... but I couldn't see it. I tried and tried... boobs in the way. Finally had to see it in a mirror. Never had that problem before.
4. Swollen mons is finally going down to softer... but I must say, swollen mons was much easier to shave.
5. I'm kinda getting used to just wearing underwear the house - support bras, bralettes, and various forms of CG shorts... the kids think every day is underwear day! (My 12yo doesn't think that's funny.)
6. Does anyone go out of their way to wear nice underwear to their dr appts? I just don't feel like granny panties do the new bod justice.
7. I wonder if my PS feel as odd as I do that he can just grab boobs all day long without asking... and hard, too.
8. My PS has me on 'marble therapy' now bcz my BB looks like it wants to close up. (Images of Kyle XY come to mind...) My daughter thinks it's some fun marble game and wants me to shoot it out to her.
9. Some days I just want to hang out at Frederick's of Hollywood and take pix in the dressing room all day long.
10. I know we're supposed to massage the boobs so they "drop and fluff"... but I'm not so sure I want them to drop. I think I like mine just the way they are - hard and high! LOL ;p
11. A friend of mine I haven't seen in a while came over to hug me and I was concerned I'd "feel" like I had new implants... but when I hugged her, it was like 4 implants pressed together! (I think she has implants, too... hmm...)
12. Ever wonder if anyone copies your pix or videos? Maybe one of these days I'll be a "wish pic"!! hahahaha... No, but I mean sometimes I think it's kind of a bit freaky if my pix were floating around in online world...

Anyway, just some random stuff... Hope my RS family is healing well! Thanks for all your positive comments and support... they really get me through the slow-healing days! I'm so grateful! :)

Scars and therapy

scars up close and personal

Explicit - Click to view

We don't make the rules of the game, we just have to follow them. The game changes all the time... just go with the flow. My PS says I'm healing well, TT scar should heal nicely - smooth and flat, I'm cleared for exercise (I don't tho - maybe I should start...??), and I'm keeping an eye on my BB and my right hip wound. I've changed from ScarAway silicone sheets (washing them every day and drying them out - what a pain, although they did help flatten my scars) to Biocorneum with spf30 2X/day and 3M micropore brown tape (just bcz I already bought a box - 12 rolls - and it keeps my clothes from rubbing my scars). Love the micropore tape - it's very thin, blends with the skin, and comes in a long tape roll that you just cut to the size of your scar. PS started me on marble therapy to keep my BB from closing up (scary thought). And my right hip wound (which I keep calling a popped stitch - meaning a stitch that opened, not a stitch popping out) is what it is... PS says to give it 2 wks or so... *sigh*...

Dress... and UNdress ;)

I'm bored. I love heels (they make me even taller than I already am). Time for dress up!

Pre- and Post-Shower routine

Thought I'd post a little video on my shower supplies setup and my post-shower routine. It changes as my healing progresses... Hope there's some useful information for someone out there.

new corset... LEATHER!

Leather corset+thong from aliexpress

Explicit - Click to view


Pre- and Post-Shower Routine... re-post+1

Post-Shower rub down

Explicit - Click to view

oopsie... also forgot an important step!

Explicit - Click to view

(re-posting bcz I forgot a step)
Thought I'd post a little video on my shower supplies set-up and my post-shower routine. It changes as my healing progresses... Hope there's some useful information for someone out there.

Review and Reflect

Once upon a time... :)

- I never thought I was fat until I got pregnant. I didn't have the freshman 15 in college. I've pretty much been the same weight and looked kind of the same as when I was in HS. But fast forward to 3 kids - now all under age 12. They were 8, 9, and 10 lbs. Breastfed all of them for almost 1 yr, then 3.5 yrs, and then 1 more year... something like that. I'm 5'7"... at my lowest I was 117 lbs when I got married, my highest with pregnancy was 180 lbs!! I was a size 16 XXL!

- I married late, had kids late... fast forward to school schedules and PTA, soccer games, basketball, tennis, and piano practice, ballet, gymnastics, and karate... It's a crazy schedule! My 3 kids have 3 different schedules right now - like I have to drive to school 3 different times! I think of moms with babies who already want a MM early when they're bodies are still bouncing back - and then they have to take care of their babies during recuperation. I think of moms... grandmas... whose kids are grown and want to erase what's left of motherhood, but yet their bodies are older, don't bounce back as easily, and there are more health issues to deal with. And I think of women who've never had kids, who want MM-type procedures, and I think - would they someday get pregnant again? Would it all be for not? I don't judge... everyone has their own reasons for wanting to change.

- I never knew about RS until after I met my PS, but I started on RS about 2 months pre-op. I didn't do much research to start and learned as I went along. My expectations were low - I just wanted boobs and a flat tummy. I didn't expect my PS to "make me skinny". I didn't have fat issues (BUT i do have hips - my mom is a pear). I had gone to 3 drs in the past and even had an ultrasound for my "strange" tummy - everyone said I was "just fat"... until I went on my first MM consultation - the PS told me I had an umbilical hernia. What's that?? I went home and immediately started researching. That was the first time I started any research. My PS now includes lipo of the flanks with his TT sx. I added lipo of my inner thighs (at my husband's suggestion) but my PS was against it bcz of compression issues - thighs and tummy (you can read my posts on that above). But he said it wasn't much so he'd try to do it and didn't charge me. As for boobs, I had a friend who'd just done sx before me and we were about the same size to start. She got 533s so I went the next size larger (550) - as they say, always err on the larger side. I started with deflated 34Bs so I was in full fledge boob greed and wanted 600 or more! But PS was using Natrelle silicone gummy bears and 600s would take me to the flatter, wider, larger size category - which might give me side armpit boobs! His recommendation was 550s so I stayed. Now mind you, 550s on someone starting with nothing looks like 300s on someone who had something to start with... So don't pick by cc's (and btw, PS usually picks profile) - it all depends on how much breast fat and breast tissue you have to work with. I was told the they were talking about how flat I was in the OR... I wonder what else they were saying as I lie there naked and vulnerable...

- What did I tell people? my kids? I'm heavily involved in PTA, school, and I'm quite a people-person so I've had people text me saying "I heard you were in the hospital and saw your parents dropping off the kids... are you ok??" And I text back - "No hospital- I got boobs." :) My boys don't want to hear anything about it - totally embarrassed about it and even more now with me walking around in my underwear and CGs. I've shown them discreet b&a pix online and they get grossed out. But I was a biology major in college so I try to explain to them the fascination of science! I love it! The fact that my PS can "create" a whole new me... is just fascinating! My husband is a surgeon - no issues there. My 5yo daughter loves the boobs. She traces the profile with her little fingers and lays her head in them. She likes how the nipples stick out. She traces my TT scar and says I look like Frankenstein. It's ok - I know I do. She says she hopes she doesn't get fat so the dr won't have to cut her in half. I'm ok with that... I tell her to always take care of her body and eat her veggies. :) I've always been conscientious about my body all my life - in a good way. I never just "let it go" except when I was pregnant. I think it's healthy to be aware of your body image - for yourself, not for others.

- PO scarring... I never really gave it much thought. I scar and bruise easily. You can lean your elbow on my arm for a few minutes and I'll bruise. For BA, I didn't go through the areola bcz I didn't want to tamper with the mammary glands and nerves there. My PS recommended under-boob incision. I wanted the TT scar to be a low, smooth curve. I wore a very low-cut bikini bottom (I tend to wear them straight on my hips, as opposed to some RSers who wear their bottoms pulled higher up on the hips). My PS does his own suturing and I came out with a very straight line across. Happy.

- PO, I had to deal with new issues... Asking for help from my parents for the first few weeks - taking care of 3 kids is easy when I'm running the ship, but when mama is out, all hell breaks loose! I wrote up a "booklet" of how-to's for my parents to review, even menu items for the kids, and then spent a few days going through the schedule with them so by sx day, they were semi-prepared. I'm Type A/ OC/ AR and extremely extremely organized. I have never had a babysitter, nanny, or maid. So it was really hard having my parents here running the show... I had to take a step back and just let them take care of things and let myself be taken care of. That was harder than the PO pain (which wasn't really "pain" - it was more discomfort). My parents helped out for 3 weeks. At 2 weeks out, I could drive, make small foods, wash dishes, do laundry, and do a simple daily routine. My periods were all out of whack. I actually planned my sx around my period time, around my kids' school schedule, and around my parents' vacation time. I was READY. But my period started 4 weeks later (1 week ahead of schedule) and now it's a few more days early - I used to be regular to the day. I spend more time in the shower now. LOOOOOVE hydrotherapy. Sitting in my $7 lawn chair in the shower is awesome! Then I go through the plethora of meds, creams, and lotions... 1 HOUR LATER. hahaha

- Overall, I've been very happy... a little discomfort that takes getting used to... adjusting to the new sleeping area, new routine, etc... but this experience has been so WORTH IT, if anything just to be amazed at the transformations I've seen on RS, including my own, and always in absolute AWE of the skills of these plastic surgeons. To have that kind of gift is truly amazing! I am so thankful for having a wonderful PS who won't outrightly admit how great he is (he's that subtle) - no words could ever be enough to describe how I feel about what he's done for me... I just want to hug him every time I see him. I am so thankful to come out of this experience alive, with boobs, and with my flat tummy. I know I still have healing to do... but I have learned to be very patient and let the little things go. And I am ever more thankful for my RS family who have helped me more than anyone could know throughout this journey.

De-boning a corset

How to de-bone a corset

Explicit - Click to view

Here's a video on some good RS advice for de-boning a corset/girdle...


I LOVE getting mail! Finally got some of my long-awaited aliexpress dresses. 3, I liked... 2, not so much (not pictured). Enjoy! :)

AM videos

Nature's Bounty hair, skin, & nails gummies

Explicit - Click to view

Right hip wound is healing... I think

Explicit - Click to view

Time, I LOVE these gummies... if anything, they taste GREAT! even my daughter loves them! :) And my nails since pre-op have been nothing short of awesome. I'm excited bcz I haven't had really long, strong, even nails since before kids!! Not sure if it does anything for my hair bcz I already have long, thick hair - don't need help there. And I'm hoping, praying, and keeping my fingers crossed that this stuff does something for my poor BB and right wound... which actually looks smaller so I hope it's on its way to healing. Need all the skin-healing help i can get! (((hugs))) to my video buddy!

Right Hip wound at 1mo/10d PO

...looking better? I see some skin forming around it so I hope that means it's getting better. :/ Anyone out there know if it's better to air dry or tape up? Which speeds healing? I might post this to dr's forum. I've tried Neosporin with gauze covering, Medihoney with gauze covering, Medihoney with Micropore tape covering (no gauze)...

Right Hip wound ...getting better! :)

Right hip wound - open stitch

Explicit - Click to view

I actually see progress! I haven't really done anything different other than using micropore tape to cover it - bcz the gauze pad and tape kept getting scrunched up under my clothes and underwear. But micropore is a very interesting "bandage" - it not only blends with skin color, but it becomes hardly noticeable, soft, and almost skin-like after you've worn it for a while. So by the end of the day, it really is like second skin! I love it! I just want to say "thanks" to all the RS ladies who have PM'd me and commented with such support about my little wound... it's been getting the 'royal treatment' and I feel so spoiled with kindness and floored that people I don't know would be so concerned. Thank you. :)

The last of the corsets...

aliex L $9

Keepin' it REAL on RealSelf

Some things about me and my 'fave' things

Explicit - Click to view

Post videos to make your journey more personal...

Sea of CGs!

I'm droooooowwwning... LOL! Here's a vid and pix for pre-ops and those PO who are still shopping. Enjoy!

Hole is closing!

For all the doubters out there... the hole is finally closing! I couldn't be happier - all the praying, wishing, medihoney, tape, drying... FINALLY! I feel like I've been nursing this wound forever (kudos to those healing with no wounds or complications - I'm so jealous!)... It's actually been since POW2, but PS was right - he said give it 2 more weeks. Each day I peel the tape away and I'm hesitant to see what lurks underneath... but today, it looks so much better! Happy.

BB shapes and other weird things...

So I've become obsessed with BB shapes (see my previous BB post on progression as well as my posted dr question on BB ideal shape)... I'm on 'marble therapy' right now and that darn marble keeps falling out of my spanx! I've resorted to taping it into place, but one time my corset shifted while I slept and my marble moved so I woke up I had a double-indent! like my BB hole and a marble indent next to it! eeeww... not a good look. *sigh* So I've been scouring the internet looking for BB pix and hope you ladies can help me in this endeavor and post some of your own BB pix. I think my PS takes the time to design his own style BB (the ideal "hooded" shape) but something went wrong in the healing process or maybe mine is still healing - anyway, mine just looks... weird. And even weirder when it's shaped like a round hollow marble!

Other weird things... Anyone else experience armpit farting? Honestly, it doesn't get weirder than that... but I find that every now and then my armpit will "fart" on its own. (yes, please laugh along) I've noticed it alot when I'm dressing or when I'm soaping in the shower... but the other day I was dropping my daughter off at school and talking to the director and I reached down to give my daughter a hug and out pops a rrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipppp. (LOUD farting noise out of my armpit!!) W.T.H. How do you apologize for that?!! Either my body can't accommodate for the new boobs taking up skin space or I have extra-hollow armpits, or the combination of both... who knows?

Do you ever wonder what exactly the drs read on this RS site? Do they look over our pix and compare and critique each other's work? Like - OMG, why did they make that BB look like that on her?! or, man, he really should've taken off more fat... or those boobs are so NOT symmetrical... Anyone else ever wonder this??

Anyway, just some random thoughts...

TGIF ladies!

Have a great weekend... and wear your CGs! (((hugs)))

...ho hum...

Bored. Healing. Reading everyone's reviews. Excited for those who have yet to go through sx. Waiting for scars to fade. Things are ho-hum around here... I feel Fall around the bend...

Is it FRIDAY yet?!! THWI, let's celebrate anywayz...

2mos before, 1.5mos after

Explicit - Click to view

2mos before, 1.5mos after

Explicit - Click to view

2mos before, 1.5mos after

Explicit - Click to view

scars, scabs, and scratches

Explicit - Click to view

Hope all you ladies are healing well! Life in the upswing of healing is oh-so-boring. Gotta take more pix and video... B&A's, new undies, got the thigh-highs, hip wound... It's my strange form of 'entertainment'. The more pix, the better!! ;) Just sharin'...

Nit-picking the details

Almost POM2!!! I can feel it coming and I have to do pix updates... Healing has been ho-hum, to say the least, but I find myself nit-picking details like...
- my L boob is a 2mm lower than my right, or the incision line is lower, or I tend to lean to the left so it looks lower...
- my BB looks strange still, not sure what it's really "supposed" to look like tho bcz I've been so used to my bulging, herniated BB all these years! and everyone on RS seems to have different BB shapes...
- my lipo flanks are uneven - might be bcz I still have a bit of hard spots on my R side that I've been too lazy to knead, but if you look closely at my pix, the curves aren't even...
- still have my scratches, altho fading. Seems I have to trade in my Mederma for 4% Hydroquinone. Looked back at old pix and think they were caused by that too-tight CG and surgical tape. *sigh* RS drs say to give it 6mos...
- hated the drains before and that they were right in the crevice of my legs and tugged whenever I moved, but now I'm glad bcz they've healed over and you can hardly see the scar holes since they're tucked into the leg folds. Not that anyone's really looking but me!...

>>Anywayz, that's it - just commenting aloud on the not-so-pretty parts. I don't see PS for another 2 wks so I'm just passing time...

POM2... that's 2 MONTHS bay-bee!!!

Tomorrow is my 2 month anniversary but we're having a big bday party for my son and I'm the party planner so... I'm giving my very special update today. Coincidentally, I also had a follow-up with my PS today (yes, another GOOD day bcz I just LOOOOOVE follow-ups and seeing my PS) due to a schedule change but now I have to watch what I say bcz apparently my PS has been called by RS to be have more online presence... Wait what?? Yeah. I'm guessing bcz I'm on RS alot, post videos, pix, etc... and they're thinking - who's this Dr.O'Toole guy?? It's not like he's ever-present like Hughes or Pousti (but that's what I love about him). So he started reading my reviews and liked my videos, etc. I don't know how I feel about that. It's kind of like when I was 11 and my dad said I had to keep a diary every day but my mom was allowed to read it. Yeah, kinda like that. Your thoughts?

So I'm 2 months PO... not much to report, nothing out of the ordinary. That's a good thing, right? I have to say overall, I've had a very pleasant experience with this whole major surgery thing. Never had any health issues in my life, don't see drs, don't take meds... This was a giant leap into the unknown for me. And I can say up til now, it's been an AWESOME adventure!! Never had issues with my BA. TT was painful at first, turned into discomfort, and now I don't notice it at all - other than a little swelling at the end of the day... but nothing compared to my jelly belly and bulging herniated umbilical cord I had before! I'm happy! :)

I uploaded pix of my 2mos PRE (when I first joined RS in June 2014, 2 mos before my surgery date)... funny how time flies! And then uploaded comparison pix of me now - at 2mos POST. Same clothes, same room, same position. (very cool huh?)

Added some of the aliex dresses I bought for under $20... gotta love cheap shopping! And which is my fave - the hello kitty one, of course!!! Why do I buy skimpy clothes when I don't usually dress like that? --because I CAN!!! (now!) hahahahaha

Happy healing RSers... here's to the most exciting 2 months of my life! May we all continue to heal well... :)

Slow weekends...

...NOT! Usually RSers don't post that much on the weekends (a little sad when you've just had sx and you want that extra support!). But for those of us on the healing side with life back to normal... I have 2 school projects to help with, 1 book report, grandparents in town, and a bday party with 18 kids under the age of 12 tonight - God help me get through this weekend with my sanity in tact! :/ Oh yeah, and happy 2MO PO anniversary to me... newlook... and littleirishleo (wherever you may be)!! :D

OMG - check out youtube link


Good gracious! You gotta see the 2min mark... and then peeling the orange afterwards... insanity!! I don't usually check out youtube but this was just crazy! (I know, I know... I'm going to the party already...)

Random thoughts at POM2

Breast Massages - Part II

Explicit - Click to view

Just some random thoughts...

- My son's party was great... all 18 screaming kids showed up and we partied 'til midnight! But the best part of the night was when our event host asked if I happened to be a "fitness instructor"... Wait what? I haven't "worked out" since college! She said I had "curves in all the right places and looked very fit"! WOW... why, THANK YOU!! (made my night)

- At my last appointment, my PS said I could go buy some beautiful bras at Nordstrom. 1) I LOVE shopping so I don't need to be told where to shop... and 2) awkward.

- When I was making the above video, I had a flashback of when I first came home after sx
with my new boobs, too soon to start massages, and was pushing on them just to see what they did - every time I moved the left boob... it SQUEAKED! (yes, I said squeaked - like a creaky door squeak). Anyone care to comment?

- If you're fresh out of sx or having boobie blues or going through a pity party, don't expect alot of RS support on the weekends - meaning Fri-Sun. Just sayin'... For some reason, everyone's out or preoccupied. Don't be offended or feel alone... wait until Monday (or even Sunday night) - or just know you'll get more responses during the weekdays.

- I wish I could donate all my unused sx stuff. Any ideas? I never took any of my Bromelain tabs, have lots of ScarAway sheets of various sizes, Palmer's cocoa butter lotion and back scrubbers that I never used, vitE oil and tablets that I don't think I'll ever use, baby powder that never worked for the compression socks, compression socks that I wore for 2 days, Coobie bras that were way over-priced and fits exactly like cheapy bralettes from cheapy stores, fuzzy socks that I never wore (in 100deg socal weather!), rolls of micropore tape, and a tub of coconut oil. Highly do not recommend the coconut oil, altho it does smell really nice. I felt like someone was baking macaroons every day and that stuff is SOOOO greasy! It got all over everything!

- I'll tell you what I did use (from sx to POM2):
1. 3 bottles of Arnica pellets
2. 1/2 bottle of MOM
3. 2 tubes of Arnica gel
4. 2 bottles of orange BioOil
5. 4 small boxes of small squares of gauze pads
6. 1 roll of gauze paper tape
7. 1 tub of MedermaPM scar cream
8. 1/2 tube of .5oz Neosporin
9. 2 rolls of micropore tape
10. very little - Medihoney (a little goes a long way), ScarAway sheets, Aquaphor

- Do you think doctors talk amongst themselves about us, especially after reading RS comments? At my last appt, my PS asked why people go online to ask ?s when they could just ask their PS. Was that directed towards me?? I straight out told him I do it bcz I like to hear what other drs have to say and I want to see if most drs are on the same page. And if you're reading this, Dr.O'Toole, I hope you're not offended. ;)

- So on that note... more on RS calling up my PS and telling him to be more "present" online. I'm a little biased, but I think my PS is too skilled and accomplished to be told what he should do to possibly further his practice. Some drs are just set in their ways - it works for them. And some are doing just fine getting business on their own. I would hope he was just flattered and left it at that.

- What do you think of referring friends and family to RS? I'm personally not a big fan bcz that would mean exposing my anonymity. What if people I know look me up and recognize me? I don't mind those who are also interested in procedures but not so sure I want to share pix and video with their husbands, friends, neighbors, teachers, etc - anyone who might know me. So I think the only way for RS to expand their clientele (so to speak) would be for drs themselves to promote RS - that's how I find out about RS (my PS offered a discount of you mention RS).

- What does it mean when drs are more "present" on RS? ...more presence = more patients? ...they feel it's their professional duty to be a good resource for potential patients? ...they just have the extra time, so what the hell? ...they really need the business so better be online more often? ...they secretly take pleasure in reading all our reviews? ;p

Hope everyone is healing well and may you all reach ho-hum at 2mos! :)

R hip wound... OUCH!

lesson learned - don't pick your healing scabs (some of us can't help it!)

30-day Squat Challenge - to be cont'd...

Join us in the 30 day Squat Challenge (re-posted from sexy4life - thx sexy! always fun to have workout buddies!). I started Oct 1st and today I'm at 75 squats (see chart). My butt isn't huge but it's FLAT at the bottom - sort of an odd shape. If this doesn't work ...we'll see on Oct 30 what improvements - if any - were made... then I'm going to have to resort back to my Brazilian butt lift videos! (which were so hard to do bcz I'm so uncoordinated) LOL ;)

Detox water - refill please!

Citrus Mint detox water

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So... I'm coming down with a little cold - the start of a sore throat. :( I haven't been sick in forEVER bcz I kept in really great health prior to sx (notes for pre-ops!)... I drank "detox water" for days! Now I'm starting to get sick so I've made some citrus mint detox water - gotta get back on the healthy wagon! And btw, PS told me at my last appt he wants to take "after" pix at my next appt, which will be in Dec. So that means I have 2 mos to whip my butt into gear (literally!) - and when I say I'm gonna do it, I DO IT. That means - lbs, fatty, brown marks, scar cream, squat challenge, ...and NOT sick! Strength and stamina, don't fail me now!


Nothing's worse than being sick and wanting an ICE-cold diet pepsi, my cure for a sore throat (and everything else- along with detox water, of course), chilled to perfect temp by putting it in the freezer, then forgetting about it until it's ROCK hard... and it was my LAST diet pepsi!! :'( Oh the sadness...

TBT ladies!

The things we treasure

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Getting sentimental... NOT! Cutie pix of my 1st preg - and boy, was I preggers!! People thought I swallowed a beach ball! But this isn't how my journey "actually" started as you'll find out in the video... ;) Happy Thursday to my supportive RS family!

There's gross... and then there's GROSS

Really, has this happened to ANYONE else?? ugh. Honest, I'm CLEAN!! really!! :/ It's gotta be that darn coconut oil... smells like a bakery even to the bugs!

BBL info on Wendy Williams (FYI)

ok, I've been wracking my brain thinking of whose site I commented on re: BBL (so if you've found this post - this vid's for YOU). I don't normally comment on BBLs bcz I'm NOT a big fan. I don't think they're worth it - as Dr. Oz agrees, there are too many risks involved with BBL implants, altho growing in popularity in the past few years, and from what I've read, fat transfer isn't permanent - so why pay so much for something temporary? Just my opinion. (btw, I LOVE Wendy!!) :)

Question to you "workout" ladies...

QUESTION: alone or covered?

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I don't work out at a gym so I don't know what "gym people" wear... but I bought these new sports bras and matching shorts that are so comfy to wear around the house or out on my walks. I also wanted to wear them while running errands - do I need to cover the sports bra on top? I've asked some of my friends - and got mixed answers! Those that said people at the gym just wear this outfit as-is to work out say i don't need to cover the top - the sports bra IS the shirt. But idk... I can see that annoying circle pad outline on the bra and feel like everyone knows it's a "bra" so I need to cover it with a shirt or tank top (but don't really want to). Or is it bcz this is a "cheap" sports bra (which it was) so I should buy the $50 VS kind (or similar) bcz they don't use circle pads - they have built-in bras that look nicer with no ring outlines. What do you ladies think??


This is my MM timeline (seems like just yesterday and yet so long ago...):
- June 23, 2014: joined RS - my PS gives a discount for mentioned RS so I checked out the site and was hooked.
- June 25 (2mos PRE): started buying supplies and cleaning/prepping the house, took 'before' pix
- July 9 (1mo PRE): pre-op appt with PS to ask ?s and take measurements, decided on Natrelle 550cc silicone gummy bears
- July 11 (1mo pre): picked up meds (hydrocodone painkiller, antibiotics, Emend anti-nausea)
- July 30 (4d pre): packed sx bag
- Aug 1 (2d pre): hydrating, taking MOM
- Aug 5 (POD1): started hydrocodone, antibiotics, Arnica pellets
- Aug 6 (POD2): WORST day
- Aug 7 (POD3): took out pain pump catheters
- Aug 8 (POD4): took off bandages/gauze (left steri-strips on stitches), took 1st shower
- Aug 11 (POD7): 1st follow-up with PS, devil contraption CG zipped ALL THE WAY up, tried laying flat on back to sleep
- Aug 14 (POD10): 2nd follow-up with PS, drains removed, uncomfy CG removed and cleared for Spanx-type+velcro belly binder, laying flat to sleep
- Aug 18 (POD14): 3rd appt - stitches removed, using ScarAway silicone strips
- Sept 11 (POM1): 1mo follow-up appt, started breast massages, using Biocorneum with spf30
- Oct 3 (POM"2"): 1d before 2mo follow-up appt
- next appt in Dec for "after" pix

is it Fall yet??

Lovin' my aliex sweaters and waiting for Fall weather to get to socal!

Keepin' it REAL on RS

What's up with the "rave" PO reviews about procedures done and awesome PS skills - but no pix to prove it? I understand some people are shy about posting - it's not like you have to post your face! We just want to see scars and how they compare to our own. Anyway, I'm just sayin'... I don't believe it until I see it. That's all. And I'd like to add that I try to keep it as "real" as possible... Speaking of, Friday was a down day for me - I had a filet o'fish (cursed local mcd's 1 block away!), a bag of garlic bread chips, 2 diet pepsi's, a mocha boba, and baskin robbins after dinner!! Yeah, all in 1 day! That's keepin' it REAL!! hahahahaha. But on the other hand, I did do my 105 squats (and almost died... again! Oh help me tomorrow at 110...)

TT scar line update

this one's for McIc... I don't have any of the "pleats" (I called them "ruching") that I had before - is that what you're referring to? My TT scar line is straight and low. Skin around is pulled tight and flat. Doesn't matter if I sit or stand - tummy is still flat. Happy. :)

Body Measurements

Taking proper body measurements

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At 2mos PO: bust 36.5" - waist 29.5" - hips 41"... diet isn't going so well after all those cheese puffs! lol. :p But hey, I'm up to 130 squats today. I can actually do 50 now without huffing and puffing!! Butt doesn't look any different but legs feel stronger! :/

Dressing up... and down

Itsy bitsy teeny weeny...

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Can you tell I'm bored? and feel oh-so-sick today. I think it's my period. Just feel BLAH today...

It just got really REAL

surgery suite... NOT!

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