19 y/o Silicone 520cc 5 5.5' 148lb Dr.Taneja Managed to Get It Done and More - Pasadena, CA

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1.Probably one of the most down to earth and...

1.Probably one of the most down to earth and intelligent surgeons I have spoke to. He started college SUPER early (impressive) and makes sure you feel comfortable every step of the way (literally was not scared or nervous at all).
2. Even though he is super busy (which means he is a GOOD doctor, he should have a fair amount of clients), he managed to communicate with my friend AND mother for hours before my surgery. I was shocked they both knew exactly what to do preop and postop.
3. He should be teaching classes about people skills!! He cares about every patient a ton. I love seeing it. 4. His prices are so reasonable because he doesn't want to limit mothers and those who want it and can't afford it to not be able to have the body that makes them happy.
5. Perfect boobs! If you see his website, all of his BAs are PERFECT. He can manage to fit in larger sizes and uses Inspira for silicone implants so they can be as perky or "wide" as you need them. Mine are still dropping (just had my surgery a few hours ago) and I am super alert, studying for an exam, and functioning just fine (with a bit of arm restriction).
6. He could fit my incredibly "demanding" schedule as I wanted surgery in 1 week exaclty and on a specific day and time. Seriously, amazing. I am so happy we found him. I'll try to post photos when they drop :).

34B to size unknown using 520cc High Profile Inspira

No pain meds 1 day post op Bf is opening some doors, I feel great.. Mind is CLEAR, studying for a calc 3 exam tomorrow.

Post op day 2 - 19y/o 148 lb 5 5.5'

My hands and arms can painlessly move is the air! I took half a muscle relaxer before sleeping. No pain meds today. Brick boobs are dropping :) Honestly I wasn't so sure or felt I need breast implants but I got them done regardless because I knew I would want them later. I am 100% sure and happy I got them now. It honestly feels like any other day, I believe my recovery is a bit faster because I never worked out my chest Muscle? Incision was under my breast as I felt it was the best way to try to persevere ability to breast feed (if not you can always buy "live" breast milk lol) in 5-10 years. Love my bricks. Again NO PAIN MEDS and I don't feel pain. I honestly am starting to believe it is the pain meds keeping people dizzy these few days post op. I got out of bed myself and now it is exam time!!

Goodnight new breasts

Love them. Feeling so great. Only taking antibiotics (too nausea yesterday because of all nighter). I think implants are dropping more because my nipples are getting harder and the top is less swollen. Will keep updating. There is brushing underneath I believe normal but I have a bit of stress (as in way more than I have had this year) right after surgery up until today and everything is awesome.


So they are dropping and I finally felt like a level 2-3 pain and 1/10 of the "pressure of someone sitting on your chest" for like maybe an hour today. My fault I was sitting on my mattress in a bad position and then trying to help move things as I just moved out now. Also because I walked for more than 1 mile and wore a different bra which was tighter and dug near incision under breast. 1) I finished a courses and exams right after so don't expect BA to affect your clarity or ability to work. Also was able to continue work as exactly the same pace as before but I did take the day of surgery off (only 1 meeting at 6pm after surgery).. 2) I am not in pain because I refuse to move my body in ways that could lead to pain:) it is a good trick to just not cary on the task that seems risky(i.e. FB and I wanted to hike day after surgery lol but I got tired from all nighter). I sit where it doesn't hurt, sleep with a bunch of pillows, etc. 3) haven't driven yet but i doubt I could keep my arms in that position for 2 hour drives (20-60 probably is ok). 4) not a fan of muscle relaxers and pain meds for me because it reduces my ability to work but take them if you need them. Ie if you get weird nerve pain and need to sleep. I think my pain is higher so I'll take 1/2 of one. I took a bunch of videos and photos. Hope your surgery goes well, don't stress and be excited (super worth it :) ).
Note: Getting a BA wasn't a long term decision, I just wanted it before med school and found a good week to "potentially" take off (didn't need to). I didn't have photos of what the perfect breast would be. Instead I chose a doctor whose photos reflected it :). Not sure if that helps but I think that's why they look so good and I love them. They feel like a part of my body. pain free and pressure free again :).

Love them more and more

They are awesome. My bra was annoying me since the pain has increased (a bit) probably psychological because I have less on my plate now. Someone asked to send her photos so she could show her surgeon the kind of boobs she wanted, it's only day 5 but I'm going to assume that means these guys are good :) I have no stretch marks and my nipples are about the same size. Happy I got incision under breast (don't care much about visible scars the incision is super tiny compared to what I've seen).

More photos

Incisions out today Day 5

Incisions out today. No more pain meds or muscle relaxers again (pain is gone, only had it for one day). I'm allow to start leg workouts again!!! We decided against massaging so they can be perky longer. Expected to be on wired bras in 3 weeks!! I am going to wear 32D wireless, it overflows more the way I like it but I'm 100% sure these guys are a 32DD at VS. Victoria's secret sells a new one called "the easy" or something) a few times a week and the rest 1-2 supportive sports bras because I want them up!! Best decision ever :) Dr.Taneja is a boss as always and also manages to talk to my mom a bunch (she is not in this area but is always concerned).

Love them

I'm at the gym and I can do upper and lower body workouts. No discomfort. Laying on my tummy and all ????


Everyone thinks they are real. I workout like normal. Best decision ever. Easy to make look modest in professional setting even though they are big.


I love them
Pasadena Plastic Surgeon

Best doc ever :) If I got them done again I would go to him. Girls wake up feeling like they are too big or too small, these were perfect (took his advice to go to 520cc). Also I have no pain? The anesthesiologist was just as great as Dr.Taneja. I felt super comfortable, "fell asleep" and woke up super happy and with NO pain.

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