Dorsal Hump Rhinoplasty W/ Grigoryants. Pasadena, CA

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I have a rhinoplasty scheduled in late September...

I have a rhinoplasty scheduled in late September 2014 with Dr Vladmir Grigoryants. I'm excited and nervous. I like his work overall. A few of his post op noses are slightly too scooped and sculpted for my particular case. I want to keep the overall angle and shape of my nose, but I want to smooth out the awkward dorsal bump. I want it to be a straight line, not scooped out. I have angular features in my face so I want the nose to compliment those features. My tip is already lifted and a pretty good angle I think. I do think the nostrils show too much inside nose. Here are my pre op pics ( before surgery). I also did a app- edited picture next to my actual nose to show sorta what profile I like. The real/edited pics are the last two. Let me know what you think.

My pics

My pics

My edited nose photos

I would like my dorsal hump to be smoothed off but not scooped out. I kept the angle, tip, and columella the same. Opinions?

Model noses that I love

I think people often think of a celebrity that they would like their features to resemble, and I love the nose of Doutzen Kroes, Mona Johannesson, and Kemp Muhl but I am not sure if that type of nose would suit my face well.

Getting very excited!..and scared!

Time is just flying by and my rhinoplasty procedure is approaching rapidly. I'm so excited and nervous! I already like my nose but it needs some refinement on the dorsal hump and possibly other areas. Not sure yet. I'll ask dr G in person. I know my tip protrudes slightly, but I did not change the tip in my simulation photos and it looks okay to me.
This surgery will change my look forever and that is a scary thought. If the before is more to my liking than the after, I really have no idea how I'll react.
HOWEVER, I have confidence in Dr G.
Uhhh, I find myself obsessing over noses more than ever these days. I'm continuously looking at keyword searches such as "perfect nose, cute nose, beautiful nose, elegant nose". Im posting more noses that I really love. Here they are. Lol.

Off the subject- CT scan

My head has been hurting lately with excruciating pain so I went to the ER doctor and he ordered a CT scan for my head. During the scan, I felt my cheeks and nose tingling. Now, it is the next morning and I feel like I have the worst sunburn ever. There are no visible burns... Yet. I am panicking and reading all these threads online about people having the same result and some even died a few years after the CT scan. There is a ton of radiation. Some online articles compare the amount of radiation to Chernobyl. I really am scared about this and now I feel like there is something more important now than my nose surgery. The last few days are approaching where I can cancel the rhinoplasty and not lose money. I've waited so long for this but I feel like I have a major problem now. Has anyone else had this reaction to a CT scan? This is my first. I feel like I was in a microwave.

CT burning feeling seems to be going away

This day was very stressful for me. Luckily, the burning from the CT scan on my jawbone and nose seems to be going away slightly. What a scare that was. I think it's safe to say that I'll be proceeding with my rhinoplasty/ septoplasty surgery.

Pics of my soon-to-be old nose!

I took a few selfies of my nose before it is changed forever! It is not looking too bad here but I feel it can look better. I hope I don't ruin it. On a side note, I have a lot of fly-away hairs today. Yikes...

Side view. All I see is THE SCHNOZ!

Here's a side view pic that I really do not like.

Just to laugh. Sometimes we can be so critical about our image.


More of the old schnoz

I wonder what Dr G will be able to do to my nose. It has so many odd angles. It looks big in most of these shots, except one, where is looks extremely scooped out and turned up. These are the things that bother me. It looks a different nose every time I look at it from a different angle.


The pics didn't upload. Here they are.

Post-poned surgery date :(

Unfortunately, something really big and very expensive came up in my life. Then, a week later, something else really big and expensive came up! I had to cancel my surgery for now. (Sigh) I'm really upset that I had to make this decision. Hopefully I will be able to reschedule soon.

I have emailed back and forth with the doctor a few times. He is prompt, polite, and makes me comfortable. He doesn't push anything. I also wanted a areola reduction surgery using the purse-string technique and he said he doesn't recommend it and will not do it. He said it will scar and over time, the areola will take weird shapes. I appreciate his honesty.

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