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Hi, I’m Sage, I’m 19, and I’m going to try...

Hi, I’m Sage, I’m 19, and I’m going to try and give some updates on my lipo/butt implants just to help some people who are curious. I mostly see a lot of negative sketchy stuff surrounding butt implants, and I wanted to bring some light to the situation. Although what i’m finding is the negativity might be useful to hear because it is one of the hardest, most painful procedures to go through regarding implants/plastic surgeries from what I know. It's dangerous, and intense, and you have to move toward it with caution to achieve the best results possible. It's deffinitely not a decision you want to be impulsive about (and that's how i am with everything)
but i took a year to really sit on it, research it, and make sure i wanted it.
You for sure have to be very informed, and 1000 percent sure you want to get them, knowing it might not go exactly the way you want it to.

My butt implants are in, and i’m 2nd day post opp. I would've wrote the 1st day, but yesterday was pretty rough pain wise. Hurt very bad to get out of the car and into bed, and later in the day my back started cramping/spasming up on me so bad to where it became super difficult/painful to breathe. I already have a sensitive back to begin with, but not even being dramatic It felt like my ribs were closing in on me, so I called the doctors to see what I should do because I was prescribed muscle relaxers, hydrocodone, some antibiotics, and one more pill that specifically helps with nausea which they gave me the prescription for that day, so i didn’t have that with me yet. :(

Anyway, you have to take the muscle relaxer, and hydrocodone a couple hours apart, and I had 1hour before I could take the hydrocodone, and 4hours until I could take the muscle relaxer, and I was dying. Like I was scared I was going to stop being able to breathe.

They said go ahead and take the hydrocodone, but I was so so nauseous, and my mom still had to go out to get the nausea pills.. So I was just kinda in a shitty situation lol. I had already thrown up heavily twice, just from drinking a couple sips of green smoothie..

Let me tell you, I’ve had 5different surgeries that were sport/injury related, so I know what surgery is like, and I have a shit ton of pain tolerance. I have screws in both legs from snapping my tibia in half, shattering/dislocating my foot, and a couple other intense knee surgeries from playing soccer.. and this surgery by far has been the most uncomfortable one yet, BECAUSE I LITERALLY CAN’T MOVE. Rightfully so, I had lipo under my armpit/breast area, and stomach/sides.. So my body is just riding the struggle bus at the moment.

Lipo feels like you’ve gotten hit by a bus, and you just feel really sore, and bruised like you’ve been working out in the gym with a personal trainer for 3years straight with no stopping, or even better.. Like you've gotten into an accidental match with Randa Rousey. LOL. terrifying.

The butt implants feel tight, swollen, bruised, sore, and like they’re bleeding from the inside at times.. They're super throbby, tingly, and feel like I’ve been doing squats for 3year years straight as well.. and when the meds are wearing off the feel like the are about to explode. (just being real here)

I would say it’s just the combo of everything together that’s making my life kind of hellish right now.. i'm sure If i just did one procedure at a time it would be a lot better, but as they say AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FO THAT..

Btw I’m not saying this wasn’t worth it.. I’m just saying this is some intense pain, that you have to be prepared for, and you definitely need someone there to help you.. Special shout out to my mom, she's the real MVP.

Also I’m a super homeopathic person, so for the cramping I had my mom pour a tbsp of magnesium powder into some water, which immediately helped. I took a couple cups of that during the day, and some potassium pills, because i feel like most of the cramping was me not eating for almost three days straight, (because i wasn’t allowed food the day before surgery) and the garment i was wearing was really tight and suffocating, and laying on your stomach not being able to move is just the perfect recipe for severe cramping.

I bought a garment from a recommended place for $150, and ended up just not even using it because the idea of being in something that tight made me cringe. (maybe i'll use it later in this process) but for now I’m just wearing some tight spandex from Target, and a corset wrap like thing around my stomach/waist that the nurse put on. (which i believe is the main reason for the spasming) so i loosened it, and that helped.

____________7hours later_____________

I was so nauseous i had to get off all electronics, and just lay on my face in pain all day.. So much for thinking i was going to get some work done..
It's 11:24pm now. Getting close to the 3rd day mark. Jesus give me the strength to get through these next couple days. (all prayers are welcomed)

I recommend having a couple different shorts/garmets to change into just to be clean, and safe.. Right now I just switched into a even looser pair of spandex, and took off the wrap thing which is helping so much.. It felt like blood was clotting up, and i really didn't enjoy that feeling.

I’ve stood up twice today, and penguin walked to the bathroom with the help of my mom.. Standing up and walking is super hard, and painful, but it helps the blood flow in my body so much, it also helps before laying back down again, because standing starts hurting so much that you miss laying down lol. I'm telling you #thestruggleisreal

I get super dizzy and nauseous each time i stand up and walk, but it's definitely something that helps when you start feeling hot, sore, and like you’re going crazy laying down in the same position/not being able to move.
Splashing some cold water on your face, having a fan in your room, drinking some ice cold water, and using an ice pack over your clothes helps too. Unless I'm the only one burning up over here.
Also here's some back info for how I was feeling before getting my butt implants/liposuction:

I wasn’t too nervous because I knew i wanted them, I had good energy towards getting them, and I smiled at the thought of having curvier hips. I trusted him, and knew it was now or never.. but getting prepared for a surgery when your not allowed to do much at all for 3weeks deffinitely brings on some anxiety.. Specially when all of us here have lives that we love outside of laying on our face, sick to our stomach.

If you're going to get this surgery make sure you stay calm, and positive because that's the only way the Law of Attraction is going to bring you the results you want.
Fill your room with love, light, and white roses for purity and healing, and remember to pray, and just give it up to God at the end of the day.
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I had surgery with Dr. Taneja one of the most experienced, genuine plastic surgeons out there. He’s literally the top buyer of butt implants, in all of the United States. He says he's done about 3 a month for the last 10-15years, which is a TON. I love him, and his work. The anesthesiologist Brock was amazing, and the lady who stitched me up was so kind and talented. The team at My Look Surgery is hands down the best. I've also met 4 of his patients who love their butt implants from him.

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