28 Yr Old Breast Lift W/ 650cc's Silicone - Pasadena, CA

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I have had 2 children and am tired of the "not so...

I have had 2 children and am tired of the "not so happy tittites" I'm getting a lift accompanied by 650 cc's. I am 5'2" 130lbs 36C/D. I am currently conflicted on picking high profile or moderate at the moment but I will figure it out soon. I MUST!!! Aahhhh!!! Anyhow
Follow me on my journey maybe it can be helpful for yours??

It's done!!!!

My girls are home!!! So to begin they were right!! You're asleep sooner than you know it and you wake up like "how long was I asleep?" That was fast lol" but when I woke up OMG I was sooooo groggy. My nose didn't hurt but my boobs did. My Dr did not wrap them up and I do not know why. I am going to call his office today and see if I can wear a sports bra. I am posting this review the morning after and my boobs do feel a little better. I was told by my cousin to move around as much as possible (don't lift anything heavy) and that I will heal quicker and my boobs will not get hard this way. Well my recovery begins. I will post more pictures as I notice change

Removed gauze

I was told to remove the gauze today and my girls felt 100 times better after removing it. I am able to wear a sports bra as long as it's not too tight. I also started my slow release pain medicine with is a new pain medication called (xartemis) it works AMAZING !! Last up to 12 hours.

4th day post op (breast)

I think my boobs are doing well and they don't hurt that much anymore. The worse is still in the early AM. And I've been reading and I believe it's due to laying down (sleeping) for a long period and the sutures and boobies get stiff so when I first move in the morning it hurts. But as the day goes on the more I move around the better I feel. I noticed some bruising around the righty. Dr said it's normal. Other than that my week post op is Monday.

4 days post op (nose)

My nose hasn't given me any problems at all. It was full of dry blood the first day but I got that out. It still itches here and there under the splint. But when it does I grab my little bag of peas and place it on my eyes had it makes the itching stop. The splint comes off Monday and I'm excitied to get a better look at my nose.

B4 and AFTERS!!! Excited to post!!!

Here are some b4 and afters that I am more than happy to share with you

Healing incisions

My incisions are healing pretty well I think. The under boob scar is very red and I'm hoping with time that will change. But my scar from nipple downward looks great. I have little round pinkish color scars under the nipple and that is from my incision opening a little in the healing process. My PS gave my bioCorneum as a gift. I started using it yesterday so we'll see how this goes
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Dr is AWESOME!! Staff is great!! They make you feel at home and really care about your needs. I'm glad I picked Dr Otoole. Looking forward to my surgery!! EEEK!!!

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