25yrs Old 5'7 No Kids 36B Looking to Be a C Cup - Pasadena, CA

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So I'll start off by saying thank you ladies for...

So I'll start off by saying thank you ladies for sharing your experiences with me. you have all motivated me to just do it lol.
Since the beginning of my junior high yrs I knew my boobs were not what they were suppose to look like. They are very flat not enough volume and saggy just not what I envisioned puberty to give me. I did gain weight and lost weight and gained it & lost it. Made them even worse! I would love to wear tops with no bra as well as dresses & look & feel good in a bathing suit. I don't have kids but do plan on having some in 3 yrs. My goal is to not look top heavy!!! My mom had breast cancer at 42 and that is also one of my main concerns... I went to three different doctors all suggested a lift with 400 cc implant. I have chosen to go with Dr Taneja. He was the one...you just know when it's the one!! The other doctors just didn't give me their time & I felt soo rushed & elxy and Dr Taneja were very concerned about my health and results. I will be getting 400cc round saline implant. High profile. They will be removing a lot of breast tissue. Am nervous anxious & excited all at the same time

Finding it hard to pick a size :/

So my doctor recommended 400cc and said it will be behind the muscle I will also be getting a lift. He also said he will be filing it up to 425 & he will be taking a lot of tissue off but am soo afraid to look top heavy ...any suggestions

Need help on size

So I'll be trying on rice sizers before I see my doctor on the 25th to confirm my size.Also has anyone ever lost weight after surgery and still are happy with results I plan on loosing 12 lbs after my surgery

Nervous and second thoughts

So lately I've been feeling anxious and all of the "what if" are staring to clogg my brain: ( but am trying to stay calm....all I think about is what size what of I lose weight will the look the same and of course what if I don't like them & the results ....Ihave read soo many good rreviews on my surgeon but then of course you read the bad ones & they male me cringe ....this is a very stressful decision!!! & my mom knows but my dad doesn't gosh am just a mess right now....hope it goes away I pray everything goes well


So it is officially 10 days before my surgery.!!!! I cant believe its right around the corner.!!! so here is a little about my self. i work for a credit union so no lift involved. i live with my bf and no kids yet ...i chose to do a BA because i was tired of how they looked ...especially without a bra!!! I hope my journey can help others and am praying for the best results & healing!!! My mom had breast cancer 9 yrs ago & that was one of my main concerns. Am happy with my doctor i just really need to stop reading stuff online. ill keep all of you posted....

Emotional wreck

Well I went to my doctors today and I told them I wanted 350 cc..Elxy and Dr Taneja said that they would over fill the implant by 100cc because am getting full mastopexy and a partial mastectomy. They will be removing a lotof tissue!! But on my first consultation they had said 400cc overfilled to 425 with full mastopexy and also partial mastectomy.... Which brings me now to my confusion as to why they would over fill to 100 cc. Also reading reviews they recommend not to over fill no more than 50 cc so now am really debating getting my money back and loosing the deposit...doesn't sound right....please ladies any advice ...am seriously soo frustrated that I could cry

The girls have arrived

Hello Ladies some of you are also recovering with me and I pray that all goes well!! Am very happy I chose Dr taneja !!!! Had surgery at 8 this morning ended up with 350 cc naturelle high profile under the muscle bag filed to 390...my morning was hectic because of L.A traffic I live 2 and half hrs from Huntington and right away I was stuck in one area coming from las Vegas for almost an hr I had left my house at 5:30 .....didn't give me time to be nervous!!! Thank god!!! I arrived at 7:57 and my appointment was at 8 lol nurses were great Dr t was awesome went over the procedure and anesthesiologist came in to go over the anesthesia before I knew I said good bye to my wonderful boyfriend and I was done had new boobies lol....I haven't looked at them but I bf took a quick pick and is in love....the pain is at 8 and am due for some more pain meds in a bit.....ooh and I haven't stopped throwing up since I left the facility at 11:30 am.... Prayers to all the ladies getting this procedure.....I'll post more tomorrow


Feeling much better today super sore but I like the projection of them. I will get to see them tomorrow at my post op...pain is at an 8 it hurts a lot when my bf helps me up ...here's a picture

swollen & itchy

Hello Ladies ....feels crazy and weird to know its over & now I just need to sit back and relax....my breast are sitting high and tight...am really not a patient person but I know I must be during the process...my bra is itchy and Iget to shower today....bf doesn't get home till 7:30 so am by myself for a while.....am nervous to go back to work next Wednesday just because its soo hard to use the restroom ...any ideas of some comfortable bras ?

the blues

Feeling super sad my boobs are super high and am soo swollen under my armpits and I feel like I look like spongebob :(.... Sorry for the sad update but am super some of you can relate I just pray it goes away....also I feel soo useless not being able to anything

back to work

1st day back to work today :( ...I work at a bank so I really don't do any heavy lifting or pushing ....I go to my follow up appointment tomorrow...so of the swelling has reduced. They still look very high and weird so am trying not to look at them at all...some people made comments like it doesn't look like you did anything...but my goal was to have enough cleavage to show to my man and cover them in public or with family...just my preference.... I feel soo impatient about when they will look like actual boobs because women on here show their results and it's a whole 360 of what I look like...triying not to be impatient....I'll post another update tomorrow ...have a good day everyone


hello ladies ....so i had my doctor appointment yesterday....everything is going great the one thing that is not soo good is my the bottom of my left breast ....it has a really bad knot & when she went to show me how to massage it ...i cried lol thats how bad it hurt but i have been massaging since i got home and it is getting better... am praying that everything heals great ....has anyone every had this type of experience ...would love to hear about it
Pasadena Plastic Surgeon

Very charismatic, helpful, honest, and concerned. He made me feel very comfortable.

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