Benelli Without Implants Journey - Pasadena, CA

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My boobs were slightly droopy, areoles were a bit...

My boobs were slightly droopy, areoles were a bit too large and different sizes, stretch marks, nipples were not in line with each other ( one was 2cm lower than the other), also my left boob is an entire cup larger than my right. In order to address all of my problems, I would have to get the vertical lift, but I refuse scars at my age. Due to this, I got the benelli lift. I will post before pics and after pics for people because this surgery pics seem very limited online. I hope my benelli diary helps this out there get an idea of results and healing time.

Three-day post op

Kind of surprised how painless this procedure is. My doctor prescribed me Vicodin and I only needed it the first day. The only time I experience pain is when I'm cold (use your imagination). Anyway, I went to the doctor today for my first preop and she took off all the dressings and checked out my incisions. She said they're healing great. Some members asked if I have permanent sutures. Yes, I do have the permanent suture that goes all the way around the areola to prevent spreading. I also have temporary sutures that she will be removing next week. (So excited and nervous). Today was the first day I got to see my new boobs and I truly couldn't be happier. They are so round and plump. Remember, I had many complaints: stretch marks, different size breasts, nipples at different heights, unwanted mole, sagging and large areoleas. This procedure smoothed out my stretched marks (due to the removal of excess skin and tightening of breast envelope), reduced the size of my areolas, evened out the height of my nipples (she remeasured with a ruler today), and removed the mole. The only thing this procedure could not address was the difference in breast size, but that doesn't bother me so much anymore because they're so close to perfect it doesn't matter now. Check out the pic. I know it looks scary, but I hardly bled after the surgery, the dark circles around my areolas are sharpie and sutures. I'm happy so far! :)

Post op Day 10!

Wow! Love my boobs! The doc removed half of my stitches around both areolas and says she will remove the rest next Monday. :) the permanent stitch obviously will remain so I guess after Monday the hardest parts are over. My breasts are still twice the size and I'm getting my period tomorrow so I'm just eagerly awaiting a more realistic view once they decrease a bit. So happy with the shape, height and areola though!!!

New pics day 16 days post op

Swelling almost gone. Back to my old cup size. Recap: benelli no implants.

19 days post op!

I'm getting there. I just spent ten minutes meticulously washing off all the sharpie around my new bandages. Zero sutures left! I wish I could have cleaned my incisions before she placed on new bandages. Oh well. Swelling keeps going down and I'm so happy to have a more comical shape. I hadn't realized how much pressure the tegaderm placed on my breasts, flattening them. Many of you have asked why all my bandages are clear--it's because I'm allergic to adhesives. Tegaderm is pretty much the only one that I'm not allergic to. When she removed my sutures I noticed two pleads on my left boobs and three on my right...not bad! Anyway, here are the updated pics!

New pics

Exactly 3 weeks!

5.5 weeks update

I don't know how to feel. I'm happy with the lift and the shape, but my left areola looks like a mess. I'm getting depressed. I just overcame some small openings from spitting sutures and now I'm confronted with this permanent problem. The whole point of doing this procedure was to avoid scarring so I'm glad I won't have that issue when they heal, but I never anticipated this much asymmetry in areola size. My PS warned me this could happen but I thought the permanent suture was supposed to hold them in place? Does anyone know what I can do to fix this? Tattoo? Revision? :(

3.5 Months Post-Op

3.5 Months post-op
I posted a video because every picture I took looked so different. I am very happy with my results. Cons: I had the permanent stitch break through my skin at the very top a month ago, which caused the red 'cut/scar' I pointed out. Luckily, it healed, but it is a more red scar because it is healing 2 months later than the rest of the incisions. I was very worried in my previous posts about areola spreading, but luckily my right spread a bit as well, making them almost even. I bent over so you can see that I have a bit of a flat nipple areola complex, but I will say it gets better every day--just like the pleating. I have zero pleats on my right areola, and 4 around my left areola that soften daily. Last con, the lift is not 100% as you can see, but it is 75% better than it was before. When I lifted my arms before, I still had A LOT of boobs overhang. Now when I extend my arms straight out to my sides (not even above my head) there is no boob overhang. Pros: MEDIUM LIFT! NO SCARS! NIPPLES AT SAME HEIGHT! AREOLAS SMALLER! QUICK RECOVERY! LESS STRETCH MARKS (the tightening of my skin camouflages them) MORE SYMMETRY!-- My right breast was two sizes smaller than my left and pre-lift I had to stuff the right side with a sock. Even though only excess skin was removed, the tightening effect of my breasts against my chest wall has made them fit my bras like they're almost even! They're only a half size apart now so I don't have to stuff anymore! I am very happy. I feel so much more comfortable in every way with them and I am SO HAPPY I do not have vertical lift scars in my 20's! :)
Pasadena Plastic Surgeon

This doctor is kind, but not syrupy warm. She does not sugarcoat anything. The second I took off my bra for examination, she said, "you have poor quality skin." A lot more real than other PS I consulted. I told her what I wanted, but I was not willing to get the lollipop scar. She explained to what she could do and the risks, but said no matter what, I would be really happy with the results. I trusted her and love my results so far.

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