Breast Lift W/ 650cc's Silicone AND rhinoplasty

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I ABSOLUTELY dislike my nose and ALWAYS have. I...

I ABSOLUTELY dislike my nose and ALWAYS have. I don't just want a small change. I want a completely different nose. I would love I small slope and a thinned out front view.

I am also doing my breast the same day. I have had 2 children and am tired of the "not so happy tittites" I'm getting a lift accompanied by 650 cc's. I am 5'2" 130lbs 36D
Follow me on my journey maybe it can be helpful for yours??

1week before surgery!!

Boobies 6 Days pre op!!

Finally had courage to post a picture of my not so happy boobies????


Getting more excited and anxious the closer the day comes!! I just have to get through the weekend and I'll be welcoming my new girls and my cute nose. Can't wait!!! Eeeeekkkk!!!!


My surgery is at 11am so I must arrive at 9:30. I am full of emotions scared, excited, nervous, anxious ugh and the list goes on. I have picked up all my medications and extra pillows. I read in my pre op instructions to wear a button up so it is easier to out on after surgery. I didn't have one so I bought one (pajama top) I wanted something comfy. All I need is prune juice as I was told that my pain medication (Percocet) might constipate me. Hope not but I wanna be prepared anyway. Well I will relax today and eat whatever I want before midnight. Wish me luck and send positive vibes ????????

Adding some more pictures

This was 6 days post op.

Nose pictures!!

Splint off!! Love it!! It's a little swollen, típ is still round and hard.My PS told me to squeeze the tip to relieve pressure. It doesn't hurt to do so cuz it's still numb.

Just shy of 5 months!!

Boobs have dropped. Not sure if sleeping on them helped in any way, but I do miss the SUPER perkiness I had when they were new. But I still love my boobies! They're big and FULL!!

AMAZING Dr and staff!! Very great at Understanding my needs and the look I am trying to achieve. Can't wait to finally get my surgery done!!

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