Part 2: Finally My Mommy Makeover - 9 Weeks Post Op added new Pics - Fort Lauderdale, FL

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To read Part 1 of my mommy makeover story, go here...

To read Part 1 of my mommy makeover story, go here.

Updated on 12 Nov 2012:
So I am 18 (if you are reading this tonight) or (19 if you are reading this in the morning) days Post Op and feeling a lot better. I just can't sleep. I really don't have much new to state, just got tired of seeing Grumpy and Sad as my title because I don't feel like that anymore. Honestly I was still in pain all day today and it was very uncomfortable, but thanks to you lovely ladies, emotionally I felt great. Had a lot of laughs reading some of your reviews and felt so good reading all of your comments. Not that I'm happy some of you are going through what I am going through with the swelling and set backs, but happy to know I'm not alone. Have to say I really love this site and all of you guys.

I had a huge scare at 3 weeks PO. I took a pic...

I had a huge scare at 3 weeks PO. I took a pic and realized my boobs were different sizes and looked completely different. My DH bought me a breast band Friday, plus I have been massaging them like my PS showed me. I am so shocked at how fast my left one dropped.

26 Post Op and things are going great! I did get...

26 Post Op and things are going great! I did get a 24 hours stomach bug which was horrible, but it's gone now and all things are going great. I am going to need to wear my breast band a little longer because although my left implant has come down drastically in just the first two days I wore it, it still has a ways to go to catch up to my right one. You can't really tell in my 24 days PO pic because I took it myself and was lopsided, but I will have DH take some pics of me to post tomorrow for my 4 week update. I can't believe it will be 4 weeks already on Thursday! I still keep my Binder on almost 24/7, but have let go of my CG for now. Not sure if it is that my CG is too big now, but I feel held together better with my binder. I did order a Spanx that should be getting here soon. I ordered the smallest size they had and now wonder about swell hell, but at least I will have my trusty binder.

One funny thing that I catch myself doing a lot, and this is going to sound so silly, but when my extra baggage was there I could not hold my tummy in. I would do this ab exercise where you hold your abs in and my tummy would not budge. Now my tummy actually goes in. I love doing this now! My DH has caught me a few times and thinks I'm nuts, but it gives me such pleasure to be able to hold my tummy in and it actually doing it.

Wanted to add something embarrassing that happened...

Wanted to add something embarrassing that happened to me. I put my breast band on today over my shirt. Reason being that we changed cable/internet companies and the guys were coming over today to change them. My 1 yr old (who kicks in her sleep) slept with us last night and my breast are super swollen. The band makes them pop out more. I figured that if I put it on over my shirt I would remember to take it off when they got here. Well guess what? I forgot!!! The guys walk in my room with my husband who introduces us. I say hi and one of them says hi, but gives me a weird look. The other guy sort of waves with a weird look on his face. I was like what was that about, but then thought whatever, people can be weird sometimes. Then they leave and I happen to look down and OMG how embarrassing!!! The only weird person around here at this time seems to be me. And how nice of my husband to say something. His excuse, I've gotten so used to the Binder, CG, and Breast Band that I honestly did not notice. :/

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! I am feeling...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

I am feeling great and really happy with my results so far. I haven't had a chance to have my husband take my pics for me, so again my boobs look lopsided because of the way I take my pics. I always lift one arm higher than the other. I did want to post my 4 weeks pics and decided to do them side by side. The first in each set were taken in May before exercise, then in August after working out for 3 months about 5 days a week, then the last is 4 weeks post op. I am a little swollen on my 4 week post op pic because I had to drive 6 hours the night before to get to my brother's house in VA. You can see it on my front view photo on my left side.

Sorry I have been so MIA. As I start feeling...

Sorry I have been so MIA. As I start feeling better I have been doing more around my house and with my kids and by the end of the day I am exhausted. I am 5 weeks and 3 days post op and finally feeling a little like myself. I do get winded and extremely tired very easy, but I've learned to just take little breaks here and there. I also take naps when my little one naps.

Although there are a few things I am not happy about and will probably need a revision, I definitely look a lot better than I did before. A lot, lot better and I am very, very happy with my results. My self esteem has changed greatly. My daughter even noticed I walk more upright. That is something I never noticed before, but I guess being embarrassed of my big belly and saggy boobs I would walk a little hunched over to hide them. I never noticed I did this, but my daughter showed me pics taken of me walking without my knowledge (I don't like taking pics so they do this a and it's true. She says I smile a lot more too. It's amazing how much your personality can change when you feel good about yourself. My husband, who honestly did not want me to do this at first, is so happy with my results. Not only the way I look, but the fact that he says I am more like the women he married (personality wise). My 20 year old daughter and I are now sharing clothes again which is awesome.

Now for the things I am not happy about. I feel my breast are too wide and do not have enough projection. I wanted the "High Profiles" which I believe look better on petite women like me, but my PS convinced me to get "Moderate Plus" which I feel (and my husband agrees) look too wide on me and did not give me enough projection. I am measuring for a bra sizes 32 DDD or 34 DD, but you would never know looking at my breast. They look more like I am a full C or small D (projection wise). I would have preferred more projection. I do like the side boob the Moderate Plus gives, but they go too far under my armpits. My husband believes that it might just be a mistake and they shouldn't be so far under my armpit. He says even when I was pregnant and had huge boobs, my boobs were never that far under my armpits and never as wide in the middle as they are now. When I do my breast massages and push the implant out from under my armpit and too the front of my chest, they give more projection. I wonder if that's just a mistake my PS made that can be easily fixed. Either way I will reevaluate when I am 6 months as I know my breast will most likely change more in the next 6 months. Another thing I am not happy about is that my breast are beginning to sag a little. My PS stated My nipples sit a little lower if I got the bigger implants like I did (375 cc's overfilled to 450 cc's) which I was fine with, but this is more than my nipples sitting a little lower, my breast are actually a little saggy. Again, they still look way better than what they looked before.

I've attached a pic of me at 5 weeks with clothes on. You can't tell how flat my tummy is because the shirt is baggy on me (size M), but my pants are a size 3 and fit me with no tummy bulge!!!!

I will be 6 weeks post op tomorrow. So far I am...

I will be 6 weeks post op tomorrow. So far I am very happy with my flat tummy. I did eat like a piggy today, so decided to take my butt to the gym. This was my first time going to the gym and I was so scared. I usually do a brisk walk on the treadmill for an hour, but since everyone keeps telling me to take it slow I only did half an hour. I also wore 5 lbs weights on my ankles while walking. Afterwards I did some strength training that worked out my legs and butt. Believe me, my butt needs it. It is so gross and saggy right now. Very sad looking. I still took it slow and used less weights than I usually do and only worked out my lower body. I feel real good about my workout. I actually feel euphoric! If anyone saw me driving on my way home, they probably thought I was nuts. I had the stereo going full blast and dancing while I drove home. lol I didn't realize how much I missed working out. I am going to email my PS's office tonight to find out how much I can actually do. I am pretty sure he told me I could start walking at 3 weeks and start with the strength training at about 4 weeks taking it slow and working my way up, but my husband and daughter insists that I might have heard wrong; maybe hearing what I wanted to hear. So now I will email so that I have written proof and calm my family down because let me tell you I feel great. Hopefully I can start full force. My body is craving a good workout of my whole body.

I wanted to also add that my scars are getting super light and very thin which I am really excited about. I was so scared that because of my dark skin, my scars would be really dark. Dr. Pane has magic hands when it came to my stitches. I will try to get DH to take pictures tomorrow and post them.

Happy Healing my friends and for those getting ready for surgery, I am rooting for you. Good Luck!

OK, I am 6 Weeks Post Op and my breasts are super...

OK, I am 6 Weeks Post Op and my breasts are super itchy. Anyone else having this problem? How are you handling it? It's driving me nuts!!!

I'm 7 weeks post op today and super happy. I went...

I'm 7 weeks post op today and super happy. I went bra shopping today and couldn't find a bra that fits! I should be frustrated, but I'm not because I finally realized my breasts aren't as tiny as I'm imagining they are. My dumb butt even tried to force my boobs into a C cup. What a disaster. I am officially a 32 DDD / F and also fit a 34 DDD / F. Unfortunately most stores like Victoria's Secret and Soma only carry these sizes (small bands with big cup sizes) online and I need a bra by Saturday for my DH Christmas party. Soma did have a cute bra that fit, but it wasn't strapless and my dress is strapless and not the type that can be worn without a bra. So I decided maybe I should just buy a dress that doesn't need a bra. Well all the dresses that would fit my now tiny waist, would be too small in the bust and the ones that fit perfect in the bust were huge in the waist. So while I should be upset and frustrated because I only have one day of shopping left for the party, I am actually really happy. Last year I had the same problem, but it was because all the dresses were too small for my fat butt or my saggy breasts looked horrible in them. I like this year's problem better. lol I think I'll find something tomorrow now that I know what I need. Today I went into my shopping with my mind set on looking for something for a fat woman with small deflated breasts. Tomorrow I will look for something for a person with a small waist, small chest, but huge boobs!!! I really like this issue. I will most likely have to buy all my bras online or order them at the store to pick them up on a different day (this saves money on shipping), but I am OK with that. The lady at Victoria's Secret was really sweet and told me she has the same issue. So different than the lady at Victoria Secrets in Florida. That lady was a witch. Then again she had small breasts and was probably jealous. The one at this VS had large breast and small frame, so no reason to be jealous and so sweet and helpful because she could relate.

So that is where I am at 7 weeks post op. I finally met the woman of my dreams. The one I new was hiding behind all that fat and wrinkled skin. My measurements are 31 chest, 39 bust, 28 waist, and 37 hips. I think my waist is smaller than 28 because I measured myself when I got home from a whole day of shopping, but either way 28 is not bad compared to what I was last year. Now I just need my BBL to match the rest of my body because my butt is super saggy. My DH thinks I shouldn't do the BBL and just firm up my butt with exercise, but we'll see. If this time next year it is still saggy, I will get my BBL.

Well I hope you gals are as happy with your bodies as I am. Happy healing my surgery sisters and for those getting ready to join us on the flat side (or getting their big booties and boobs).... Good Luck and my prayers are with you. :o)

I also wanted to share two websites with bra calculators that I feel give an accurate bra size: and

This website also gives more bra calculators for you to play with (some of them are in UK sizes so becareful):

I will be 9 weeks post op tomorrow and I am...

I will be 9 weeks post op tomorrow and I am healing nicely. I have been using biocorneum and I am extremely happy with my results; Highly recommend this scar treatment. I will post pics later. My TT scar is still very noticeable, but a lot lighter. I know that one will take longer to heal and I will probably always have a scar. I'm still using the biocorneum on it and it is getting lighter though. One weird thing that happened to me was that the scar on my breast looked like it was completely closed and the scar was getting lighter, then one morning (around 7 week post op) I woke up with something that looked like a small bruise on my breast. It didn't hurt, but it was like you could see a bruise there. Then the next morning I woke up with a hole where the bruise was. I didn't even call my PS because I have read of this happening on here so much (love this place) and figured it was just my breast spitting a stitch. I put neosporin and bandages and kept an eye on it just in case so I can call my PS if it got worse. It didn't and around day 5 of it showing up, it closed again all by itself. It was a little scary, but I was comforted knowing it was normal.

And a little TMI...... I am so psyched with my flat tummy and perky boobs that I am having a blast buying lingerie and bras! lol Can't wait till swimsuit season!!!

Added pics of the scars on my boobs. You can see...

Added pics of the scars on my boobs. You can see where the hole was on my right breast. There's still a mark left where it was, but it is completely closed.

Well it's been a while since I've posted. A lot...

Well it's been a while since I've posted. A lot of drama around here. The latest is having the Noro-Virus visiting and wanting to move in. I had to make my family eat using disposable plates and utensils so I can throw away the germs. That seemed to work as I believe it's finally gone. My children also started dance competitions and that takes a lot of my time.

Well the update. I am 14 weeks post op and still unhappy with my breasts. It is very noticeable that there is a huge gap between my breast and my side boobs go far into my underarm. I cannot wear shirts with a low cut because people will notice. I have had friends and family comment about it and it's so embarrassing. I go for a pre op at the end of March and my PS will make his final decision if he'll do the revision then. It's kind of hard to really see in pics and make a professional decision like that. I totally respect that. He is so super nice. So far I think he will do the revision because he is making me make an appointment for the OR the day after my pre op and will have all my blood work done the day of pre op. He stated the only way he will say no is if he determines it will make things worse for me rather than better. Have to say I am excited about the revision. Will also see if I can go a little bigger.

With my TT I am VERY happy. My results there are awesome.

Posted a pic so you see where I am at with my breasts.

I am still not happy with the size of my boobs. ...

I am still not happy with the size of my boobs. They are also very far apart which makes me look weird. Because I live so far away (I'm in PA and PS is in FL) my PS can't tell me for sure if he will give me a revision or not. I have to go there in person, which I am doing at the end of this month. I'm a bit scared because he and the staff at Strax are stating that from the pictures, everything looks fine. I was even told by someone that this is due to how my breasts are or sit on my chest normally. This is not true because when I am pregnant my boobs get huge and they have NEVER sat this far apart. I am hoping in person they can see what EVERYONE else I know sees. It's so embarrassing. I also want to try and get bigger implants while I'm there. The ones I have now don't seem to be the size or shape I was hoping for. I am one of the weird people that actually wants the "fake" look. Another thing is that one of my boobs is bigger and shaped a little different than the other. I believe it's because one of my babies would only nurse from that side and she nursed for 3 years. I told Dr. P this at our first visit and he insisted they were the same. Now that my boobs are fuller, you can really see the difference. Also very embarrassing.
Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon

Although I live in Pennsylvania, I chose this provider because my family lives in Florida and I needed someone close to my family for recovery help. I did a Google search to make sure my surgeon was certified, had no bad reviews, sanctions, or malpractices attached to his name. He is double certified through The American Board of Plastic Surgery and The American Board of Surgery. Everyone in the office was EXTREMELY friendly and nice, both before and the first few days after surgery. In all I loved the way I was treated before surgery and would still recommend Strax Rejuvenation to anyone. All of my emails and phone calls were returned promptly and they answered all of my questions without a problem until after surgery. He gave me exactly what I wanted on my TT. My incisions look amazing!!! But I am not happy at all with my BA. I waited over a year to make sure they were dropped and settled like they advised me, but now when I call my phone calls are transferred to Mark who ignores my messages and will not return my phone calls.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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