52 Years Lower Facelift and Neck Lift and Lower and Upper Eye Surgery - Paris, France

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I decided I wanted a lower face lift at 50 but...

I decided I wanted a lower face lift at 50 but have waited 2 years whilst researching. I had this done by Dr Olivier De Frahan in Paris. It is only 3.5 weeks in so I cannot comment yet on the outcome but I have my fingers crossed. The clinic where I had the surgery was fantastic and it was my birthday on the day of the surgery and the staff bought flowers which was lovely however the doctor didn't even wish me happy birthday. Without a doubt my eyes are a huge improvement as my lids were pretty loose and I have no eye bags anymore not that these were terrible but they were on their way. I am still very numb around the jawline below the ears and I have a double chin so I am hoping this is swelling as I didn't have one before only some loose skin. I have a completely numb ear as well only the lobe is normal so I am hoping this will also improve. I was told I would get the cut under the chin in the consultation but afterwards there wasn't one but the surgeon said it was not necessary so I am hoping this is also true. The front scars on the ear are closing nicely but still quite a lot of scabs behind the ears but this is reducing day by day and bruising almost gone on my face so all in all not bad and no horrific stories to report but I know it was very expensive and this did not include the flights so I am just hoping now that my double chin will disappear so I can see my new jaw line x Good luck to all the ladies out there having had surgery and to those about to !!! I do think for all those thinking of doing it don't rush in like I did as my relationship with the doctor is far from close and I had to google everything what I had to do, in fact I am still googling!!

52 Year Old and Had a Lower Face Lift and Lower and Upper Eye Surgery

It has now been 5 months since my surgery which I had with Dr Olivier de Frahan in Paris on my birthday in March. I wanted to write this review because when I was looking for information on this surgeon there was very little, however I chose to take the plunge with him and have to say 5 months down the line , my hair is growing back , not many signs of the surgery scars although obvious if you actually look around the ears. On the down side I cannot see a lot of difference to my face, all that money and pain which there was a lot of seemed to be a waste of time. I paid 20000 pounds in all with the flights and hotel stay and the surgery which was 18000 euros and extra for the hospital. I had to stay in Paris which is very expensive for 10 nights and my husband actually ended up taking my stitches out after we had returned home on the surgeons instruction. The surgeon did not do the cut beneath my chin as he said he was going to and did not even wish me happy birthday when he came to the hospital the next day 2 hours late.

Not one of my friends or family have noticed any change to my face which is a real shame, my husband says well at least it did not go terribly wrong but he could have done more so it showed. I have asked Olivier De Frahan for a refund as he did not do the cut under my chin which he suggested and charged for but he said you cannot give refunds in France , something to do with insurance, he has offered for me to go back and him do it, but why would I do that , I never want to see that man again!!! The only thing I can be grateful for is that he did not make me look terrible which I know some people have experienced which is awful but the money saved up and the pain is enough to put me off forever. I have waited 5 months to say this as I thought I would give it time but I have no tightness or anything telling me there is going to be change so I guess I need to be happy with what I have now !!

I have decided to contact a lawyer to see if I can...

I have decided to contact a lawyer to see if I can retrieve some of my money back as it was all my savings around 20000 pounds . I am so disappointed and 6 months down the line I have taken photos and my jowls are still very obvious , my neck is in fact bigger and the wrinkles are unchanged , all I have to show for it is large protruding scars behind my ears with short hair in the same place. It was such a stressful time and such a painful process to look in the mirror now and see the same image is just something I cannot accept. My neck is still numb so I keep telling myself that my neck will go down and it is swollen but I think I am kidding myself. If anyone knows of any good lawyers that would be worth contacting I would be grateful bearing in mind this surgeon is in Paris. Thanks in Advance.

French Surgeons

Well after a month of searching for a lawyer to deal with my issue in Paris I have come to a dead end. It appears you have to have a French Lawyer if you have work done in France to get anywhere. So for any of you out there that are contemplating any surgery and you are not a French citizen do not do it. My surgeon Dr Olivier De Frahan is completely ignoring me now and it is only 6.5 months post surgery, not only did he not do what he said he would do and charge me for it , he is now not interested in following through. So please be aware when approaching this surgeon. It could be that you wake up out of the anaesthetic and find you are out of pocket and only half the surgery has been done, then it is good bye and good riddance!!
Dr Olivier De Frahan

The initial meeting was brief but positive and going by the fact that he was listed in the top 10 in the world on google was my decision decider although I am now not sure how much weight this carries. He was quite short with his responses but I don't know if this was the language barrier. Nothing really explained about the actual procedure or what to do afterwards it was a day to day thing. I saw him everyday post operation but I think it was because I wasn't healing too well I had to have a few more stitches. No before or after pictures in fact there was no sign of a computer in his offices where he performs the aftercare. I had to see him every day in a back street office, where he had his cigarettes on the table and no sterilised equipment in his cupboards. After the 9th day of seeing him in his office, he actually started sewing behind my ears which reduced me to tears, he said I was missing some stitches and not fixing very well, he said my skin was thin. At that moment I said I had had enough because he gave me no anesthetic when he was stitching, his reply was he had had enough too! I could not wait to come home and would never recommend him to anyone. His bedside manner was beyond terrible, and although the hospital staff and the hospital itself was excellent the rest was like something 40 years ago. He had no staff and I had to wait for him to arrive so he could open his office , which had no computers and one medical chair. I was given half a bottle of iodine and a pair of tweezers out of his cupboard to come home with . My bandages stayed on for 10 days and I have spent an absolute fortune fixing myself! I would not recommend this doctor !!

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