Partial Tummy Tuck W Ab Binding Back Together

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Ok i had mine done last thursday jan 14th. so far...

ok i had mine done last thursday jan 14th. so far so good im off all wk from work and cant drive but i have plenty of help. 1st few days were painful but its worth it. im swollen there but he took out some fluid yesterday and i go back to work on monday and go see him after again.

i work out like a damn animal i spin i kickbox u name it. i spend countless hours having worked out for years but after my 2nd kid it was done my abs were nasty looking no stretch marks but lumpy and flabby and eww. i hated wearing a 2 piece and being arond hot women who had one kid or none w flat bellies and looked so good. my abs didnt match the rest of me.

i say to everyone to go for it. by no means im rich and can afford these things but i had it done and dont regret one penny spent. im a single mom of 2 w no help and ive worked hard my whole life and saved some to do things like this. i drive an old lexus and i can care less about a new fine car id rather have a nice body than a nice car and things that sit in the driveway or parking lot for hours on end or get stolen. ur body and ur looks are important as ppl do view this and we live in a society where beauty is such a big factor. sad but true yes. so i say do it.

im 38. have taken back my abs thanks to my dr in paramus nj. i was scared too. but i feel way btr after one week now.

my 7 year old daughter told me before i did this that "mommy ur so tiny but i always wondered why ur belly was so funny looking and flabby even tho u go to the gym so much" hmm out of the mouths of babes how funny but she i guess stated the actual truth. i cnt wait til summertime

Feb 1st 2010 update. im still unsure of my results...

feb 1st 2010 update. im still unsure of my results. its 2 wks i had the partial tt w bindng and im still seeing that pouch and its swollen. i guess i had super high expectations since i was small to begin with. im allowed to work out lightly but no running or jumping. can anyone answer when this pouch will go away i just feel like the lumpyness was taken care of but the abs below the belly button is like that kangaroo pouch and was told it will go down on its own it wont be perfect. i guess i waited so long to do this and i was seeking perfection and can anyone tell me about this puffy pouch. thx

Feb 9, 2010 ok its wk 4 and im slowly starting to...

Feb 9, 2010 ok its wk 4 and im slowly starting to see swelling come down when i got dressed this morning for work i looked flatter where its swollen. yipee. the only thing i dont like is that i see a lil bit of saggy skin in my mid torso area which fears me in thinking that he did not pull me down tight enuff. lets see over the next few mos

Me at almost 4 wks i look more swollen below than...

me at almost 4 wks i look more swollen below than the 2 wk picture. ughhhh

Updated on Feb 21, 2010:

i have a profile on the tummy tuck but here is me at pre surgery and post surgery. i am getting no replies on my posts. i just want some opinions on my progress. im still tender at 5 wks out. my belly button will remain asymetrical no a big deal ive got an outie anyhow. this hides it. my dr has been in the biz many years and wont retire. he did my breast exchange last yr from saline to silicone and did my sis 10 plus yrs ago. i still weigh 110 lbs and im 5ft 2 kids one 16 one 7. im 38 had overdone smartlipo by a poor dr in my town dr goodnite. so baxt had to fix me over. im still healing and hoping my kangaroo pouch comes down soon. i know must give more time here.

9 weeks and still wondering when this darn...

9 weeks and still wondering when this darn kangaroo pouch is gonna go away. im hearing all sorts of answers. swell hell, residual fat that mite need to be lipo'd out someone tell me this is just becuz my body swelled up more due to my petite size. i know darn well dr did a great job i love my dr. he fixed many a ppl's noses including my sis and fixes other dr's mistakes. i know i look much btr than before surgery i can def say that is the truth. yes i still have the rolls when i lean over and sit down but dont we all? altho i see pics of women had the full tt and they do not have any rolls wutsoever. i know im only 9 wks out and have a ways to go here. im numb and poofy below the bb i dont think u can see that in these pics tho. i will keep u posted as the mos go by. good luck to all of u having the tt done full or mini it def keeps out body in a good form along w excercise and eating healthy. i actually weigh the same no lbs lost. my boyfriend eats healthy but more than im used to so i gotta work out harder after being with him. his dad was a chef so he loves to cook with me

 10 wks out now here is new pic of wut im...

 10 wks out now here is new pic of wut im speaking of  i saw my dr tonite and looks like i need revisions after the summer.  wahh.  its bulging muscle that i have below the bb.  im so bummed out i thought it mite be swelling but this was a mini tt not a full.  i feel i shuld have had a the full tt but he still said no.  it wont look good on me.  i guess i gotta wait then and perhaps it will lessen a bit but i still want the revision and i really hope its free i spent enuff on this already.  he called it a puzzle as he didnt expect this to happen so the upper is gone but the lower is the muscle bulge...  arghhh  

Paramus Plastic Surgeon

my dr has been around forever. i did boobs with him saline then silicone after 10 yrs and they look great my sis did saline w him years ago and still gets compliments on her breasts

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