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Surgery is set for 8/2. My experience so far with...

Surgery is set for 8/2. My experience so far with Dr. Gartner has been a positive one. Staff is great and the Doc is great. Answered all my questions at the pre-op appointment. I was not rushed nor was I at anytime uncomfortable with my choice in PS. I had been researching for quite a bit of time and I'll do another review post surgery. As I sit now, I'm anxious for the 2nd but I feel completely safe with Dr. Gartner.

Pre-op Pics

Ladies: here are my pre-op pictures! Oh boy! Anyway, surgery tomorrow morning. Feeling anxious but ready.

Day of Surgery

Today I had my tummy tuck, muscle repair and lipo of the back, flanks and stomach. Got to the surgery center at 6:30. My IV was put in and I received a dose of anti-nausea meds via IV. Doc came in and marked me up and took pics and then we moved to OR. Oh yeah, I'm not pregnant! I jumped up on the table, they put my arms out and that's the last thing I remember. Woke up in recovery, I could tell right away I was sooooo much more flat! They removed 3.5 liters of fat. My throat was really dry, not too sore. Right now, no more dryness. Cleared up in a couple hours. I have a lot of leaking from the lipo area, bled down my leg when walking to the bathroom to pee at the center. I couldn't pee, so they let me go home and said if I didn't pee by 8 pm, I would have to go to the emergency room to have my bladder emptied. Well, no way no how, this girl wasn't leaving the house. Got home and peed right away! Leaked blood and fluid from lipo sight all over toilet and floor. Hubby took care of it! I'm draining about 50cc every couple hours. I only have 1 drain. Ok, the bed: I've got 5 pillows behind my head, a rolled up towel for lumbar support and three pillows from couch for my toes above my nose. I am laying on wee wee pads. Getting out of bed: at first I was relying heavily on my husband. I stopped that immediately realizing I need to be able to do this myself. I roll to the side, drop my legs and use the back of a chair to help me up. Not the most pleasant feeling but it works. Getting into the bed is harder than getting out. I sit first, put my legs on the chair and move them onto the bed with my arms. I literally am lifting up my legs with my arms. I find that being almost 75 to 85 degrees up is most comfortable for me and the pillows for my legs are almost pushed up against my cooch! The local they gave me in the muscles wore off at about 6 pm. Before taking my first Percocet, I had saltine crackers, water and a medical grade protein chicken soup that has 18 grams of protein. It tastes awesome! If anyone wants the info on that let me know. I'm only taking 1 Percocet at a time and supplementing with Arnica Montana 30x. The Arnica is taking the edge off what the Percocet isn't relieving. I would say my pain is about a 3 on a scale from 1-10. It really is discomfort more than anything else. I did cough earlier, I don't recommend it, lol. As the night is going on I'm getting tighter and tighter. Trying to stay about 45 degrees when I walk to bathroom. Also, when my bladder gets full, I feel more discomfort. Nothing that can't be handled! It's just achy. That's it for now ladies, I think I covered it all so far! Now to check on my TT Buddy PinkCathy!

PO Day 1

Today has been challenging in the position department. I'm getting very stiff in my bed so I've moved to a big couch chair in my living room. My lipo areas are bothering me more than the muscle repair. Peeing every two hours like clockwork. Also doing two laps around living room while I'm up to prevent clots. Taking the Percocet still and the Arnica Montana. I'm very swollen in the lipo areas. Been eating toast and chicken soup. Tomorrow, it's a MOM day.
That's it for now. Today was harder than yesterday.

Post op Day 2

Today, dare I say it, don't want to jinx it, I feel much better than yesterday. I was super swollen yesterday. Today is much better. I slept in my bed last night because I couldn't get comfortable in the large couch chair. Woke up like clockwork for those Percocet. But stretched out to five hours on second dose. Going to try and space them out now that I'm feeling better. They totally space me out. Sleeping a lot. Around the 3rd hour of a four hour block I feel so alert and awake and then I take another one and boom, back to sleep. I'm back to my regular diet albeit 1/2 of my regular diet. I'm not terrible hungry but eating every four hours or so. Positioning, my body still wants to sit straight up with my legs elevated in three pillows. I have added an extra pillow under my butt to kill the butt cramps which has worked very well. I've also added a pair of large underwear to my ensemble. For the first day or two I could careless, today, I wanted underwear. G2 is going down a lot easier today. My next trick is to poop. I have my MOM here next to me. Going to dose now.

PO Day 3

Back to the bed for sleep. So, I have figured out that I can do the chair all day but have to move to the bed for sleep. Drum roll please! I pooped. Ok, moving forward...I took a pain pill at 12 last night and slept through the night, well until 6am. For me the last two days, that's through the night. I was waking up like clockwork every four hours so it was nice to stay asleep. I also got out of bed unassisted and back into bed unassisted. VERY slowly but I did it.
My Husband went back to work today and my son will be taking care of me during the days. He's an EMT so I'm in good hands. Drained about 50cc between 11pm and 10:30 am. Just emptied JP. So today, more of the same. Rest and continue healing. It really does get better each day. There is no where to go but up. You ass is so kicked the Surgery day and the day after. Today feels 100% better than the past three days.

PO Day 5

This morning I got out of bed, took a little bit, real tight at first, off to pee and drain the JP. I'm draining at about 25cc per day now. I had some granola this morning with coconut milk. I started to drink some water a the water went down the wrong pipe. OMG! This was horrible! I coughed and coughed and I could feel my muscles burn. It was the strangest sensation. Burning and then I think my endorphins kicked in. After that I took 1/2 Percocet and my Arnica. Then, I started to sweat...so I decided to go to the bathroom. I guess all that coughing moved my bowls as well. Poop #2. This was good because I was going to take the MOM again. No need, my diet and fluid intake has been sufficient. I can't stress again how good my medical grade protein chicken soup is. 18 grams if protein in 1 cup and its about 20 bucks for 70 scoops. Check it out at Unjury.com. Started taking Tumeric today. So more of the same, sitting, drinking, recuperating. I'm going to try Advil tomorrow instead of pain meds and see if I can manage. If so, I'll just do Percocet at night.

PO Day 7

I feel pretty good. I'm off of the Percocet and taking 2 Tylenol every 8-12 hours. At that rate, I probably don't need it. Taking my Bromelain, Arnica, Tumeric, Vit C and B5. Sticking to a high protein diet, with whole grains, fruits and veggies. Gatorade and water. I'm walking a lot better but still stiff. Can't stand for an extended period of time. My button hurts. Sitting Indian style for a few minutes seems to stretch out that area. Also, in bed, if I sit Indian style and push down, it's easier to move my self back. Try it! Takes the pressure off the arms which are sore from lifting myself. Tomorrow is my first post op appointment. Hopefully my drain comes out. Everybody is in other rooms going their thing, I'm under the watchful eye of my female friend Nala!

Friday 8/9 - I week post pics

I've decided I'm going to post my progress pics every Friday. That way we can see from week to week the healing progress.

1 week pics

Two Week Pic

Still very swollen.

Necrosis Pic

1st day Week 4: 1 day post drainage of Seroma

Paramus Plastic Surgeon

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