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Hi Dolls! Long time no see! Finally my dream waist...

Hi Dolls! Long time no see! Finally my dream waist and flat belly awaits! I am scheduled for my Tummy tuck and more Lipo with Dr. Gartner on Jan.19,2015! I had my blood work,EKG.,and medical clearance yesterday. I am all paid and ready to go! Any helpful tips from any of you that have had a tummy tuck will be greatly appreciated! Stick around and wish me luck!

Had my Pre-Op appointment today! All set 4 TT

Hi Ladies! Today I had my pre-op appointment with Dr. Gartner. The girls are also very nice and so professional. He was very patient with me and explained everything. I have my prescriptions that I have to get filled. I also have a lot of reading material. I have to buy the items I will need for after surgery. After the appointment, Hubby and I went to book a room at Holiday Inn Express. It is walking distance from the Dr.'s surgery center. Last time I had surgery with Dr. Gartner the ride home was just too long. It will be best for me and my hubby to stay at the hotel. I will prepare a small suitcase with the things I will need that first day after surgery. So I will talk to you guys again before surgery.

Only one week and I will get my Tummy Tuck finally!

Surgery day is fast approaching. Next Monday I will be on the flat side. I am scared which is natural. I bought my anti embolism stockings and a few other things I will need like gauze,hydrogen peroxide,Bacitracin, Arnica pills and Gel. I have to think of what else. IDK I was so busy with the holidays that time just flew by. I can't believe it! Any suggestions girls? Now is the time! Thanks!

Only hours away now from my Tummy Tuck

So ladies it is only hours away now. In case you don't know I am having a tummy tuck with Dr.Gartner I/19/2015. It is only hours away now. It is now 11:11 PM. Better drink water now! lol Nothing after midnight. I am nervous of course! I want it over with. I had 2 months to prepare for this and it seems I prepared nothing. Time just flew by. Here I am at the hotel. It is walking distance from Dr.Gartner's office. It is a Holiday Inn Express. It is real nice. They gave me a discount because of the surgery and gave us 2 Queen size beds. My hubby will sleep in one and me in the other. I kept him up all night last time after my BBL surgery. Anyway ladies thought I would show you some pics of the hotel and what I did to prepare room.

More photos of my hotel room(My TT recovery room)

So my Tummy Tuck will be an extended tummy tuck(from hip to hip). My stomach hangs so the incision has to be bigger than most Tummy tucks. I will have drains and some more lipo on my stomach and flanks as my fat ass gained weight.

More pics of my hotel room

I am just waiting now. Not sleepy of course. Too nervous now. I will try and post something tomorrow to let you dolls know when I am back at hotel.

Had my Tummy Tuck today.

Hi my loves! Just a quick note to thank you all for your support and prayers. I can see why most can't post same day. I am alive! Everything went great. I am in a lot of pain. It is not the incision as much, but the upper abdominal muscles. Please excuse me! I will update when I feel better. I am dizzy and nauseous as well. Thank you my dolls! You have all been such great support for me!

2 Days post op TT

Ok so I will let you know a bit of day of my surgery. I got there at 6:30am. It was real icy out and am so glad we were nearby at the hotel. This time I had another nurse not the same one from my BBL. She was very nice too. I also requested the same Anesthesiologist as I had last time. Nope he was on vacation. I heard from all at Dr. Gartner's staff that all of them are very good. I got the sweetest lady this time. She was a Doctor but also very nurturing as well. I was so nervous my blood pressure went up real high. She took her time with me as did the nurse to get me to relax. I may have emotional hypertension now due to menopause. Anyway it went down a bit. Still had to have a pregnancy test lol Dr.Gartner was on time and spent a lot of time with me. He addressed all my concerns,drew on my tummy,and took pictures. He was even helping the nurse with my sequential compression booties on the OR table. Yea I noticed a few things before I was knocked out cold. lol I saw the OR tech only a glimpse of her. So yea surgery goes by fast for us and not for the staff. I woke up in recovery and Dr.Gartner,anesthesiologist,and nurses were there. The other nurse I had met last time. So my post op care was very one on one. I felt so lucky. I will skip some things now. So back at the hotel what helped me was the elevated toilet seat! Thank you PJ40! I couldn't get a walker but the cane I got helps me too. I am not going to lie! This surgery hurts. I am older too so that is very much a factor! Here are a few things that hurt. The muscle repair OMG It hurts like hell. The incision burns too when I move. I can't stand straight. My back is killing me. The Arnica gel helps but I am just not able to stand for long periods. I do get up to pee a lot and I am afraid of getting a blood clot. I am wearing my compression stockings. Here is something that I will say. No holding back! I have bad gas and bloating. It hurts like hell and I can't fart! It scares the hell out of me to push. Also am having muscle spasms in my belly. That hurts as well like hell! So my dears please forgive me. I feel like crap. I can't eat much. I am cold,I am hot, I am in pain,I am dizzy and nauseous. Talk to you all soon! I thank you all!

3 days Post op

Well I don't have to worry about passing gas anymore. It just came out by itself. I have diarrhea from the antibiotics. My tongue hurts and so does my butt. I asked hubby to get me some probiotic yogurt. That should help. I found these TT recovery tips on line: I like these.
Tummy Tuck Recovery List
Contact your surgeon if you feel there is anything seriously wrong.
Have your significant other, a parent, or good friend as a caregiver for the first 48 to 72 hours, or longer, if possible.
Take your pain medications after you had a tummy tuck! There is simply no reason to suffer or "tough it out," and you will not be weak if you take them. Studies have shown that pain and stress significantly increase healing time after abdominoplasty surgery.
Take your antibiotics! You do not want an infection to interfere with your tummy tuck healing. Take them on time and use the entire prescription no matter how well you feel, unless your doctor tells you to stop.
Make a chart of when to take your medications. (We have a sample chart for you to use.) Some are taken once every 4 hours, some are taken four times a day. Don't confuse the instructions.
Take your temperature regularly! An elevated temperature could mean an infection.
If you have been told to put cold compresses on your incision or on your abdomen by your surgeon, do so. You can use purchased cold packs or bags of frozen peas or berries. This helps the swelling and discomfort after tummy tuck. However, do not place ice or cold compress directly on skin. Abide by your surgeon's instructions.
Try to eat something. You need your energy because your body is working overtime to heal itself. If you are nauseous, try to eat at least some crackers or broth until you can keep other foods down. If the nausea persists and you can? keep anything down, call your surgeon.
Drink lots of fluids! This is imperative. Your body needs it to help flush out the residual anesthesia and medications. Plus, drinking plenty of fluids helps keep you from bloating.
Speaking of being bloated: it is going to be a fact of life. Don't be upset, since it will subside.
If you are constipated (and pain medications are known for causing constipation), try a mild stool softener (such as Colace) and eat plenty of mild, high fiber foods or take a fiber supplement. Some people recommend daikon (Asian white radishes) to help with constipation and to flush out the system. But you might put off the daikon until after you are finished with your antibiotics. Ask your surgeon about stool softeners.
Have pillows alongside you in bed, as well as to elevate your head and upper body. Side pillows can support your arms and help you to roll over on your stomach or side. Sleep on your back and keep your upper body elevated for at least 10 days.
Wear your abdominal binder or pressure surgical garment.
When you get tired, sleep. Sleep gives your body more time and energy to direct towards healing. Napping is a good thing.
Get up and walk around a few times a day. This helps your circulation and helps prevent blood clots. But don't over do it. Too much too soon spells disaster and problems
If you quit smoking before your abdominoplasty surgery, please do not start again. Smoking hurts your circulation and interferes with healing. It can cause wound closure problems and necrosis (death) of skin cells and tissue.
Keep moist towelettes near the bed so you can freshen up without much effort.
Keep the phone turned off in your room. Sleep is a good thing. (I like sleeping. Can you tell?)
Have a whistle on hand, a bell or an intercom system, so that you may call your caregiver when you need to. Try not to abuse this, or your caregiver may hit you over the head with the whistle or bell. (Kidding!)
Ask your surgeon about products to help with scars, such as silicone sheeting or Kelocote, Steri-Strips, or Mederma. Ask your surgeon before you use any product on your incision as it heals.
Take your after photos or day-by-day photos, if you are keeping track.
Keep a journal about your tummy tuck surgery experience if you want, write in it daily.
Have someone post or email your online friends after your surgery, so they don't worry about you.
Do not take anything with aspirin in it or drink alcohol for a few weeks after surgery. This could increase your chances of hemorrhaging or delay healing.
Have your friends stop by. If you are able get some fresh air in your yard or a local park, but don't overdo it.
Don't start getting depressed because of the abdominoplasty scars. The scars are at their reddest in the first 3-4 months.
If you use topical arnica, do not put it directly on the incisions. It could irritate your wounds.
Take vitamin C during your recovery, but ask your surgeon first.
No picking up anything over 10 pounds until your surgeon gives you the go ahead. This includes your pocketbook and small children. No heavy lifting in general.
No bending over! This is important. Bending over can increase your blood pressure on your wounds and cause hemorrhaging. This includes bending over while you are blow-drying your hair.
Do not miss any postoperative appointments with the surgeon. These are important. Missing appointments may void any revision "warranties" between you and your surgeon.
Try hot water bottles or heating pads for your back if it is sore, but no sleeping on them, which could cause burns.
Watch for unusual swelling or discolorations, which could be a hematoma.
After you shower, sit down to dry yourself. If you are dizzy from pain meds, sitting down could be a blessing.
If you are expecting your period and it does not come, do not freak out. Medications, trauma, anesthesia, and stress can mess with your cycle. Your period may come at an inopportune time as well, such as surgery day. So expect it when you least expect it, or not at all.
You may be depressed a few days after your abdominoplasty surgery, or some other time during your recovery. This is very normal. Just warn your loved ones and keep your chin up. Your body has been put through a trauma. Depression may rear its ugly head with crying sessions, feelings of unattractiveness, and general sadness. This too shall pass.
Most important! relax as much as you can. Don't stress. Take care.

One week Post of PIC Drain OUT! YAY!

Hi Ladies! I am so much better. I am still just a tad hunched over. Anyway, I had my post op appointment with Dr. Gartner yesterday. Sorry I didn't update sooner. I am just in a blur! Know what I mean? Anyway, I no longer have much drainage from my JP. drain(thank you Dr. Gartner and Alisa! so Yes it is out. All I can say is the anticipation of it hurting is the worst part. Alisa was very reassuring and very caring health professional. It doesn't hurt at all. It does feel weird almost as if a snake slid out of my hip yuck. I felt a little light headed from fear but I didn't show it. So I am posting a pic of me now with no drain! Oh how can I forget no dressings either. Dr. Gartner removed my dressings and Alisa applied neosporin ointment and just placed a loose gauzes on my incision line. Oh one more I forgot! My belly button! My new pool size belly button! Just joking but it is new after all. I can't even feel in there only the surrounding tissues. Dr. Gartner removed the packing. Alisa applied the ointment. I am really getting spoiled rotten by them! LOL
Ok so can you see how much I was able to stretch my skin? No more! Nope! Adios! Can you believe I was hiding this massive amount of skin in my underwear! No more skin suit! Buffalo Bill you can wear it!!!!
One more thing I wanted to add was for the out of town Ladies (who want Dr. Gartner's services), but live far as a few on here I know. The Holiday Inn Express is within walking distance to the TriState Surgical Center. Dr. Gartner will be speaking to them to work out discounts for his patients. They were real nice to me. Gave me a quiet upgraded room on first floor! Who wants to be walking up stairs or taking an elevator after General Anesthesia? The guy at the desk makes the best cookies too lol Listen to me I sound like a commercial. lol Here is link!

Got the itches! 2+ weeks Post TT

Hi Dolls. I am now 2 plus weeks post op (2 weeks 3 days). I have been walking straight since last week on Monday. I used the cane minimally last week. I have not used that cane since last week. I can't believe I am doing this good so fast! I have been walking the Malls,Liberty Science Center,and walking my dogs! I am so lucky as hubby called out sick to stay with me. Today he returned to work and I was alone for the first time. Today is the first day I drove and I was fine! I keep the dog leashes within easy reach and I sit down and let them come to me. I can pick up something off the floor if I have to. I am able to bend and reach if I have to. I am avoiding it as I do not want to stress the incision line. My right side was more swollen than the left. IDk I think they are pretty much even now. Look at my pics and read the cations. I use the bean pillow I also bought from Brookstone to splint the tummy. I have coughed,sneezed,had BM's, plus more by now! The pillow helps. I don't use it as much anymore. I forgot to tell you guys I had a massive headache for 3-4 days after the surgery. An icepack to the head or neck helped. The meds did not help. I didn't know why I had this headache? I am pretty sure now it was caffeine withdrawal! Who wants coffee after surgery? That has to be it! Most girls use recliners. I use mine also but hubby had to elevate feet for me. I can now do it myself. Now I know why most girls get the electric recliners. I didn't sleep at all in that recliner. Must say Brookstone has nice wedges that I could have used. The roll pillow was real nice to use to hold my belly. I also used it on my neck as it conforms to any shape. On Tuesday I had my stitches removed from my belly button. It did not hurt at all even tho there were small clots of blood in there. My incision is bumpy and pleated a bit. I will have to wait to see if everything flattens out. Overall I would say I am feeling so good! Hubby bought me nice Undies from Fredericks of Hollywood! Lol My favorite undies are those green striped ones lol Those are old from Victoria's Secret.

Benefits of a tummy tuck

Here is something I found. It is a blog written by a Doctor. If you have time go read it. Nice pic explaining the benefits.
For the lazy girls I will copy paste the Dr.s words
Seattle Plastic Surgeon discusses non-tummy benefits of Tummy Tuck

This patient has not had a thigh lift. Her tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) resulted in lifting and tightening her medical thighs. (go to website to see pics).
Tummy tuck is one of my favorite procedures because it is so beneficial to patients who have abdominal laxity. I can take a very saggy abdomen and make it smooth and flat and strong. And many patients have added benefits that do not involve the abdomen.
The pull of the operation will often pull up the medial thighs and really improve the contour. This lady on the right is a great example of that. I didn’t touch her thighs, honest! You can try this at home. Stand in front of a mirror and grab you lower abdominal fat pad and pull it up. Cool, huh?
Another benefit of tummy tuck is reduction and lifting of the mons pubis which can be bulky and/or saggy. I have to say that this is a benefit that many, many patients are thrilled with.
Lastly, sometimes patients have a substantial improvement in their posture. Many patients with abdominal laxity have lordosis, which is a fancy word for sway-back. Once their abdominal muscles are tightened with a tummy tuck, their spinal support is improved. Some women with back pain issues find their back pain much improved.
When I am evaluating a patient for a tummy tuck, I make sure to take a look beyond their tummy and get a good look at their posture, their thighs and their mons pubis.
Oh, and these added benefits don’t cost a dime extra. Now that is a nice twofer, threefer or even fourfer.
Thanks for reading! Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder

One month post op extended Tummy Tuck

I am exactly one month today. I can hardly believe it. I thought it would take me longer to even feel a bit of recovery. It really is amazing how the human body heals itself. I am so happy not to have to sleep on my back. I can now sleep on my sides in a fetal position. Here is a pillow I used when I had the BBL. It comes in handy with a TT as well. I have to flex my legs as to not put stress on the incision. I am using Neosporin ointment on my incision as the bacitracin was making my suture line look red. The belly button is still healing. I think it is so cute! At first it was huge. That was because of the packing and the stitches. I want to mention something quick as I may change my mind and not speak of it. Most ladies do not want to discuss this topic even tho it is so common. I knew Dr. Gartner had gifted hands. Now I believe it even more. Something miraculous has occurred. When I had my daughter, I had cervical and uterine tears. I bled out and Dr.s had to try and save my life. My uterus had to be pulled down outside my body so it could be sutured to stop the bleeding. Long story short, I was left with a prolapse. It only became worse as I gained weight and my abdomen became bigger. So much so that even my bladder had prolapsed. Well, ever since I had this surgery my cervical prolapse is no longer bulging out of my body. I didn't even feel it at all. When I realized this, I cried tears of joy. If Dr.Gartner would have been nearby, I would have hugged him! When I spoke to him and did research this surgery is not supposed to fix any of those GYN pelvic floor problems. I know I may still need to have surgery one day for the prolapse but not now. I did meet another girl here whose GYN Doctor told her that her bladder and pelvic floor was tighter after her TT as well! I don't know how it happened but I am so much more grateful for this more than anything! The new body is just the icing on the cake! This review won't be like my BBL where everyone wanted to see if I kept my booty a year after the procedure. My TT is looking so good at only one month. I know it will only get better. I may add pics now and then. I am still here to support my Realself sisters.

Tummy Tuck Surgery tips

Helpful tips I found on line~ Do so at your own risk.
Prepare Your Home for Your Tummy Tuck Recovery: A To-Do List
Clean your house – or have it cleaned. You are not going to be up to housecleaning for at least a few days after your surgery, and probably longer.
Unless you have someone who can cook for you, shop for food and treats such as prepared meals, frozen dinners, pudding, Jell-O, and such. You can also cook a few meals ahead of time and freeze portions.
Take out the trash, recyclables, etc. so you don't have to worry about it when you get home after your tummy tuck surgery.
Do all your laundry and change the sheets on the bed.
Make a "Honey Do" list (pay bills, change thermostat settings, errands, feed the pets, whatever) to remind your significant other what needs to be done.
Purchase all of your medications, vitamins, and bandages beforehand your abdominoplasty surgery so that you have them ready.
Place all medications either in a weekly pill "case" or in labeled containers. Mark the containers with day and time you need to take them.
Have lots of movies, books, magazines, or videogames on hand. If you like electronic games, have a Gameboy or a Playstation/Nintendo set up near you. You will get bored.
Have a laptop computer with an internet connection, and computer batteries/AC adaptors on hand
Have someone watch your dog, cat, pet rock, whatever.
If you have small children, perhaps ask a friend to move in for a few days to help you care for them. You will not be up to picking up your children (or picking up after them) after a tummy tuck. And if they weigh more than 10 to 15 pounds, you should not pick them up.
Have a "go-for" – someone who can "go for" things.
If you can't have your pets cared for by someone else for a few days, tend to their needs beforehand as much as possible. Clean out the litter box, or better, have someone do it for you. If you clean out the litter box yourself after your tummy tuck surgery, wash your hands very carefully before you do anything else! Have cans of pet food on the counter with the can opener so you don't have to reach for them.
A comfortable recliner is a good thing. The bed is perfectly fine, just keep your upper body well elevated.
Have lots of fluffy pillows on hand to help keep your upper body elevated.
Have a bucket or pail at your bedside and on the ride home in case you get sick. Make sure it has a lid, since you don't want to stare at it or smell it afterwards.
Have a nightstand by your bed or recliner prepared with all of your medications, ample light, bottled water, a few packages of crackers, remote control (with new batteries!) and the phone.
Have a night light set up so you don't fall during late night bathroom trips. Medications can make you disoriented.
Get some extra blankets, since you may get the chills after surgery
A heating pad, hot water bottle, or microwaveable hot pack is great for a sore back, which you will get for sure!
Have some saltine crackers, Cheez-its, or Goldfish. These help with nausea, especially on the way home. Bring a bottle of water to for the ride home. Sipping cool water helps alleviate nausea and helps get rid of the taste in your mouth if you do throw up.
Place anything you usually need on a daily basis at hip level or on counters so that you don't have to reach up or bend down. This means canned and dry goods in the kitchen and toiletries in the bathroom.
Have your comfy robe and slippers nearby. Get slippers with nonslip soles, since you will be a bit unsteady on your feet for a few days.
Have a few comfortable oversized shirts that open from the front on hand, as well as some loose elastic or drawstring sweat pants or pajama bottoms.
Have a hand mirror nearby so you don't have to get up to preen, or to check your teeth and nose.
If you have long hair, a few "scrunchies" are great to keep your hair out of your face and out of the way.
Have a good moisturizer on hand. This is a must!
A box of tissues is great to have on hand, especially if you get all emotional from your medications or the anesthesia.
You may want "black out" shades or drapes your windows so that when you do get to sleep – regardless of the hours – you can stay asleep.
If you think television, video games, or reading are eventually going to bore you or stress your eyes, have a CD or tape player on hand with your favorite relaxing music.
Have a camera on hand, with film, if it is not digital, especially if you are considering documenting your procedure with tummy tuck before-and-after photos or day-by-day photos.
Have a flashlight on your nightstand. It could come in handy if there is a power failure.
If you don't have a laptop, and you have online friends at the Tummy Tuck Forum who are dying to hear from you, have your significant other or friend "post" or email them with your recovery news. We worry, okay? Give him/her a list of the addresses and URLs
Have an answering machine connected to the phone next to your recovery area. Getting woken up when you just got to sleep is so annoying. Don't forget to turn down the sound or turn off the ringer. You need your sleep.
Last but not least, relax. If you are super stressed out it can really affect your recovery after tummy tuck surgery. Try to remember that each day you will heal a bit more, you will be less sore, and that you are going to look great! Just be patient
Swelling of the Pubic Mound
You may have heard it called "Ken doll syndrome" or even seen it called "puffy cooter syndrome" on our message board. As with swelling in general, swelling of vagina is gong to be a reality for most female patients after they have an abdominoplasty. Swelling after tummy tuck – also called edema – is going to happen. If you know this beforehand, you will be less stressed about the whole situation.
So why does your pubic mound become swollen even though no surgery was performed "down there?" Simple. When you have a compression support garment around your waist and lower abdomen, the swelling has to go somewhere. And, thanks to gravity, that somewhere is usually south of the incision, which is your pubic mound.
But swelling isn't the only thing that will travel south. Bruising usually will flow downhill, too, so don't be surprised if your pubic mound is purple, puffy, and numb. The bruising will go away eventually. Some companies make garments with compression panels at the pubic mound but for many patients, the swelling will just have to be accepted while it lasts.
Tips to Reduce Swelling
Drink plenty of water during your recovery after tummy tuck! Proper hydration is paramount. The human body is made up of 70% to 72% water and it cannot function correctly without water. You may think that adding more water to your body can only make swelling worse, but it really can help. Drinking plenty of water will help flush out your system and assist in bowel movements. Medications may hinder regular bowel movements and can contribute to bloating and discomfort. Drinking adequate water is essential for overall good health and it can decrease the abdominal swelling and your healing time.
Proper Diet
Healing takes good nutrition. The body cannot heal correctly from the tummy tuck surgery if it cannot get the nutrients it needs. Good nutrition helps with abdominal swelling, bruising, and tissue repair. Your body needs a balanced diet of protein, iron, complex carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals to repair damaged muscle and skin and to maintain proper fluid balance. A diet high in leafy green vegetables, lean proteins, omega 3 and 6 fats, and whole grains is essential to proper body function, and will contribute to less swelling and faster healing.
Watch Your Sodium Intake
Salt (sodium chloride) and sodium make the body retain water. Watch your sodium intake and try to keep it low. This does not mean you should have no salt in your diet. Getting too little salt can be dangerous, and when coupled with too much water, fluid shifts can occur, causing a serious condition called hyponatremia. However, the American diet is so overloaded with sodium and salt that very few people are in any danger of getting too little sodium.
What most surgeons mean when they say to lower your salt or sodium intake is to avoid the high sodium levels of prepared foods. Many canned soups and vegetables and prepared foods have large amounts of sodium and salt. Start reading the product labels and you will see that one serving can give you a large percentage of the amount of sodium you need in a whole day! You should also avoid foods such as deli meats, soy sauce, pickles, and salty snacks like potato chips, and pretzels. High levels of sodium increase fluid retention.
Appropriate Activity
Activity can both help reduce swelling and help increase it. You need to take it easy and rest, but at the same time you need to move your body gently each day.
Activities to avoid after tummy tuck surgery:
* bending over
* reaching above your head
* lifting anything heavier than 5-10 lb (including your kids and pets)
* doing crunches or sit-ups (Duh) You think?
* jogging
* sex.
However, you can't just sit in your recliner all day. Inactivity causes swelling and you also risk blood clotting and fluid pooling. You need to walk a bit each and every day to help your circulation.
Smoking constricts blood vessels and reduces the flow of oxygen throughout the body. Therefore, smokers face a higher risk for surgical complications, and they typically have a slower recovery than non-smokers. Tummy tuck candidates should stop smoking for at least 8 weeks before their surgery. Even with this cessation, smokers still have a higher rate of complications, and doctors encourage patients to stop smoking entirely before their abdominoplasty.

Where I was just one year ago before TT and BBL body transformation!

I have some time today so I thought about sharing some comparison pics with my real self dolls! I can hardly believe the transformation of my body in just one year! I am definitely a Gartner sculpted body. I wasn't born like this, but no one will know! People that do know me however; know I had work done! I can't hide the booty. So I am now 5 almost 6 weeks post op. I went back to the gym yesterday. Wow! This recovery set me back big time. I was out of breath! I am taking it easy and build my way up again. My body looks like I did 100 sit ups and many squats! We all know I didn't! Anyway, I am using spanx. It is high waisted and very comfortable. Kim K uses it too! My compression garment from Columbia would feel too tight now. I will wear it eventually. I still have some swelling. My belly button is still healing. That is what may take longer. My incisions are red. My muscle repair only hurts ever so slightly at times. When I sneeze suddenly and forcefully is the worst. Coughing no longer bothers me. I am not coughing anyway. So take a look at my pics and see where I was just one year ago.

Comparisons pictures Before TT BBL and after

oops I don't know what happened! Here are my pics. You have seen these, but side by side really shows it all! Wow!

Using my new tummy at gym.

I have gone back to gym for a while now. I can do all exercises I use to do prior to TT surgery. I have to admit some did hurt. I felt it in my muscle repair. Not bad at all and it did not stop me. I love my new tummy and hope to lose more weight. I did gain some after recovery from the surgery. It is so hard not to.

I can't believe how fast I healed from extended Tummy Tuck with muscle repair

Hi Dolls! I can't believe how fast time flies. I am going to gym regularly. I am able to do all exercises without any pain or pulling. I am fully healed. Muscle repair must be healed as I feel no pain at all doing exercises. I am weight training so I do lift heavy weights. My incisions are red and those need much more time. The incision is red and bumpy. It looks like it keloid in the middle. I am using silicone scar sheets that I purchased from Spain. They are awesome. I have only been using them for one week and it is helping. I will also ask Dr. Gartner if he can do something as well. Maybe a cortisone shot into it IDK? Something! We shall see cause the scar sheets are working. I am also wearing this belt everyday. I weight train with it. It really snatches my waist and stomach even more. I love it! Happy Spring!

My Perfect Waist Secret

Here I am giving my dolls my secret waist cincher! It is named Miss Belt! I love the name! I have been using it for about 2 months now! My waist is smaller. Notice in the pics above! What is great about this belt is I can put it on myself and adjust the amount of tightness all by myself. Those steel bone corsets are so darn uncomfortable and most of the time you need help for tightening, especially pulling the strings. This belt is so good that you instantly get an hour glass figure even with no sugary lol Listen to me! I sound like a commercial endorser for this belt! I am in no way affiliated with Miss Belt! I am just a happy user! Please use it at your own risk! Everyone here is an adult! Look at the commercial! It will explain everything! BTW I never saw the commercial here yet? I must add the price is a steal! I bought mine for $50 as I bought this even before it hit the general market. Check it out! video the phone number is given there also for ordering! I can't wait to see more dolls with this belt!

Bigger pics hopefully

Hi Just enlarging the before and after. Doing good. Just hoping scar fades. It is still discolored,keloid, and lumpy. Using scar silicon sheets. Will be getting the incision injected with cortisone in September hopefully.

Pictures before TT after

Pics here suck now they are all so small now sorry. So just a look back at the start of this journey. I have come a long way. I suffer from depression so I gain wt. very easy. The before is evidence of how sad my life was. Lets take a look way back.

MY TT scar looks awful. It is crooked, dark, thick, and wide.

I feel I have to be honest. I love Dr.Gartner but I am not happy with this scar. I have tried to treat this myself. I have been using silicone scar sheets for the scar. It had keloid, but the silicone sheets did help. It is no longer keloid, but it is crooked, wide, dark, thick, asymmetrical! I am very upset about it! I know no scar is perfect but I just wanted it to be thin and straight. I am not a smoker and this should not have happened. I know Dr. Gartner said he would inject the keloid with cortisone, but it is not keloid anymore. I hope when I see Dr. Gartner he can agree to a scar revision! i don't like it and won't accept this. Tell me what you girls think?

I am not Happy with this ugly scar!

I am not happy and I am so upset about it. I knew my scar had keloid, but It is not keloid anymore. So the silicone scar sheets flattened the scar, but that also makes the scar thicker and wider! I don't like it and won't stand for it. This is the first time I see it in a picture and it looks worse than what I saw in the mirror! This is how it really looks! I will tell Dr. Gartner to fix it when I see him next month. I am going on vacation and won't let this spoil it. I will cover my belly as I don't want it to get darker. Girls the sun will make your new scars darker! Protect them by covering them or apply lots of sunblock. I think it is best to not expose them to the sun.

My favorite tummy tuck tattoo's so far

These are a few Tummy Tuck Tattoos that I like and may have it done if my scar doesn't improve. These are so sexy! I love Kim Bella's tattoo!

From the side TT looks OK

Still considering the Tattoo. The scar sheets did flatten the bumpy scar. Dr. Gartner said he would inject the scar to make it lighter. From the side the TT looks ok. I can wear pretty low bikini's. I love that!
Paramus Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Gartner is my new plastic surgeon. I love the results he gave me with my BBL. That was a year ago! It is still holding strong! It is a no brainer that I chose him to perform my tummy tuck! I love his before and after pictures! Beautiful skillful hands! I trust Dr.Gartner will give me the beautiful flat tummy and small waist I so desire and dream of. I trust him to keep me safe! I did not have to go to a 3rd world country and risk my life for beauty. God bless him! God bless his skillful and kind staff! Thank you lovely ladies who I first see when I go for my visits! Thank you sweet Vickie! Thank you Alisa for coming to see me in Recovery. Yeah, your beautiful smile made me forget my pain. Thank you Paula. Thank you to the 2 nurses who took such great care of me pre op and post op. Thank to to the OR techs. The OR tech from New Orleans is so funny I love her! If I forgot somebody I am sorry! All of the Gartner Team is wonderful! The anesthesiologists are the best I ever met. The 2 I had were so nurturing,with beautiful demeanors!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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