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So I have decided to start documenting my journey...

So I have decided to start documenting my journey of fulfilling a wish that I have had for the greater part of my life. For as long as I can remember, I have always had a small chest..I was inducted into the itty bitty titty committee around 6th or 7th grade, can remember being referred to as a wall, and didn't actually start wearing a bra until maybe 8th grade. I tried very hard to accept my shortcomings and even told myself that I was totally fine with what I was given, but I am finally ready to do this for myself and couldn't be more excited! I have been wanting to get breast implants for many years now, but one of the biggest things holding me back was how my family would take the news. I booked two consultations, and the Sunday before the appointments, I finally told my mom. I couldn't believe how supportive she was. She told my dad and he was just as supportive as she was. I truly believe that moment brought us closer!

A little bit about my consultation...

So since I just signed up yesterday, I'm sort of back tracking a little bit. Today I'll talk about my consultations. First one I went to was with Dr. Lipson in Fair Lawn. My friend came with me to that one. He was very personable and seemed very interested in getting to know me, which was nice...but I didn't feel like I got anything out of it. Lets face it, when you go to a consultation, you want to know how you are going to look in the end! He spent about 2 hours with me in his office talking about everything (which was very informative) and then finally took me in to exam me and take some before pictures. He then had his coordinator write down the price and showed me what bra to purchase for after surgery. The one thing I found a little strange was he wanted me to wear underwire as soon as I felt comfortable with it against my incisions. Seems like this totally goes against the whole idea of dropping into the pocket. Anyways, he quoted me $8000 for all pre/post op visits, surgery, twilight anesthesia, and silicone implants. Pretty reasonable. The next appointment was a few days later with Dr. Gartner. My mom accompanied me this time. We went into a room where Dr. Gartner came in and talked to us for about 25 minutes or so. He went over silicone vs saline, local anesthesia vs general, and then of course risks that could be involved. Unlike Dr. Lipson, Dr. Gartner suggests not wearing a bra at all while healing. Hoping I can at least put on a cami tank underneath if I'm going out somewhere! After he spoke and answered questions, he then had me put on a robe and examined my breasts. As most women probably experience, one was a little smaller and lower than the other...so that would cause me to have two separate sizes. He then left the room and his assistants came in to have me try on some sizers. They were so pleasant and very honest. They provide you with a sports bra, however I had my own anyways so put that on. Since I am on the taller/athletic size (5'7, 145lbs of a lot of muscle), they had me try a 400cc for the right and 425cc for the left. They looked great and extremely proportioned to my body. I wanted to see what bigger felt like, so I tried the next size of 425 for right and 450 for left. It definitely was noticeably bigger and not sure I want the outcome that large. Since you lose some volume under the muscle however, they suggested going for the 425 and 450 to achieve the 400 and 425 look. That will all be narrowed down however during my pre op visit. My mom was surprised by how much better I looked having the sizers in. I tend to carry myself very confidently and always have a big smile, so it tends to take away from that one little insecurity of mine! After my little try on session, Dr. Gartner came back in and said he thinks he would be able to get that size in. I'm starting off small, I would say an A...since I wear a 34 A VS very sexy push up and dont totally fill that out...but I have seen before photos of women smaller that have had 450cc's. Guess we will see! Finally, I was seen by the patient coordinator Vicki. She was very sweet and explained the cost and deposit to my mom and I. The cost for surgery with a local was $7400 and with the general it was $8200. We checked to see if the date I wanted was available and it was...but I didn't want to make any rash decisions so decided to take everything with me and talk it over in the car with my parents. (Dad drove but didn't come in lol) They both agreed that if I felt comfortable with him then go for it. My mom liked what he had to say, so that made me feel more confident in my decision to go with him. I called the next day to try to put my deposit down, but I was about 10 minutes too late and Vicki had already left for the day. Monday morning rolled around and I booked my date, June 19th for 7:30 am. I will be doing this all under local anesthesia...I like knowing what's going on and truly believe I'll be fine with this. I can take the 10 second pain of a needle and don't mind pulling and tugging. Of course I say this now....hopefully I won't freak out the day of! From the reviews I have read, everyone has liked the awake procedure so I'm pretty confident about the choice I made. My pre op visit will be June 5th. In the meantime, I made an appointment to have a physical with my primary dr so this way I can get the necessary bloodwork done through my insurance. I haven't had a physical in probably 9 years since I first started my job, so I think I'm due! As I get closer to the surgery date, I will post some personal pictures...haven't gotten around to taking any yet. I enjoy seeing everyone else's, it has been a huge help, so I want to pay it forward as well!

Pre Op visit!

I haven't updated in a while because I was waiting, for what seemed like forever, for my pre op visit today! I went to get my bloodwork done yesterday and Dr Gartner's office called me today to check and see if I had my results. I told them I had them listed as one of the doctors to the receive the work, but one of his receptionists went ahead and called the lab. When I got to the office I had a million papers to fill out and my final payment was due. I was brought into one of the rooms where Dr Gartner met me and went over a few more things. My surgery is set for 7:30 am on June 19, exactly 2 weeks from today! I really couldn't think of too many questions at that moment, but he seemed to go over everything I wanted to know. He examined me one more time and we settled on 450 cc in the left and 425 in the right mentor silicone moderate plus profile. He said he generally only uses mod plus..and I personally prefer that profile anyways. I like the fuller look with some cleavage and side boob! I was also given all of my scripts to fill my prescriptions beforehand. Since I am doing my procedure under local anesthesia, I have to take some sedatives that morning. I also am able to have a light breakfast since I won't be going under. After surgery, my parents will be taking me back down to their house. The hour and a half drive will probably not be fun, but the care I will receive for the week will be well worth it! I'm extremely lucky to have parents like them! I also purposely scheduled surgery during a time when I would not be working...so I have a ton of time to relax and recover, I love summer for that very reason! Definitely getting real now....at this point, I just want it to get here already!

Surgery was a breeze!

Sorry for the delay but I wanted some time to come up with a well thought out update. So surgery was at 7:30 am on Thursday. I had to be there by 6:45 which meant my poor parents had to leave their house by 4:15 to get to me on time. We arrived around 6:30 and went into the surgery center. There were 3 nurses there who took care of everything. The one nurse explained all of my post op instructions to my parents and me. Then she took me back, had me change into my gown, height/weight, blood pressure, urine sample...and then gave me an IV for antibiotics before surgery. My mom was able to sit with me until Dr Gartner came in. Prior to surgery I was given two sedatives, Valium and something else (a mild sleeping pill). He then took pictures and drew on me and told me he would do his best to fit the size I wanted, but no guarantee. Told him I trusted him either way! I was then brought into the operating room and was put on a heated table. I felt extremely comfortable the entire time. I don't really think I felt the effects of the sedatives, but I'm sure they did their job since I was completely relaxed. I felt about 5 pinches where my incisions are, not sure if that was the needle for local or the nicks to make the incision. Regardless, I didn't mind any of it and can honestly say I felt very little discomfort. When he was creating the pocket there were times I could feel a poke here and there but again, it wasn't painful at all. Dr Gartner was actually very apologetic when that would happen, it was very sweet. The nurse standing behind me was letting me know I was almost done. I loved knowing exactly what was going on at all times...and I honestly felt like I was on the table for 15 minutes. He did raise the table up just to ensure symmetry and when all was said and done, he was able to fit 450 in left and 425 in right. They wheeled me to the recovery room and my mom came in. I don't really remember too much, but I do know I was very bubbly and said how easy that was. They helped dress me and then had my dad drive around back to put me in the car. Now for the not so fun part: the drive home. I didn't really feel like the local lasted on me so I felt a ton of pressure and pain on the ride home. I had a pillow against my chest for the bumps and basically whined the whole way home. (Sorry mom and dad). The sedatives were in full effect but made me feel so completely yucky, I couldn't wait for them to wear off! When I got home I immediately took one oxycodone and then took a second a half hour later since it didn't do much for me. I was very thirsty so drank tons of water and wanted anything to eat that was juicy, so I had a lot of fruit (totally against my usual diet!) oh well! I rested in our recliner the entire time and chose to sleep on it. My mom slept next to me on the couch because I had a hard time getting out of the chair on day one. I slept great through the night, kept up on my meds every 4 hours, and by day 2 I was feeling pretty good, especially after removing the tight ace bandage!! I am extremely pleased with the size. I showed my mom and she was thrilled as well, she was so worried that they would look huge, so that put her mind at ease! So far so good, I have to say!!!

Day 3 & 4

So far so good...still high and very tight. Feels like two rocks are super glued to my chest right now. I think a little swelling has gone down on top and I'm starting to gain back some range of motion. I can lift my arms a little bit higher, but I'm not trying to force it. I slowly weened myself off of the pain killers and am now taking 2 extra strength Tylenol every so often...about 6-7 hours. Still sleeping in a recliner because I think it is the most comfortable for me. My neck is started to tighten up though and I'm now getting sharp pains to the front of my shoulder. I'll need to visit my chiropractor as soon as I get home! Yesterday, day 3, I went to the mall with my mom. Walking around was not easy, I was very t

Day 3 & 4 continued....

Stupid phone....anyways, walking made me very tired and my back was extremely sore, however I think the more walking I do the better off I am. Today has been a very lazy day..spent the majority of it sleeping. Plan on getting up and going out for a bit tomorrow, probably the mall again! Hoping this frankenboob goes away soon, because they look so strange in a tank top...and since I can't wear a bra, I basically need to wear a hoodie or a big tshirt when I go out! My first post op appt is Thursday and I have a feeling I'll be wearing the strap!

One week post op!

Well it has been one week since surgery and I have to say, things have been great! I have little to no pain, with the exception of some nipple sensitivity and a little sore to the touch...but that is 100% tolerable to me. I have been taking it easy, and I truly believe that is contributing to my speedy recovery. The worst part may be my neck, traps, and back from the awkward sleeping position. I have been getting massages from my chiropractor though, and that is def helping. I had my post op yesterday and Dr Gartner was very pleased with my recovery. I was so happy to hear I wouldn't have to wear the band! They are definitely dropping and getting a lot softer. I understand what women mean when they say "they feel a part of them". I'm starting to feel that now. Still have some swelling up top and near my sternum. My scars look pretty good, I have to apply neosporin 2 times a day for a week and then I can start mederma or vit e oil. Went ahead and spent the money on the mederma, it has SPF in it, so it will make me feel better when I'm outside this summer. The no bra thing is still a little weird for me, only because I am not 100% confident with the side profile yet, plus I feel like my nipples look puffy! I have just been trying to double up tanks and wear a looser fitting one over a tighter one. Can't wait to start working out again, he said he believes in 2 weeks at my next appt he will clear me. Just going to enjoy my rest time and eat as clean as I can (until next weekend for July 4th!). Trying on my clothes has been so much fun! I have a few maxi dresses that I haven't worn yet, and can't wait to go out with them on!! I feel so much more confident and couldn't be more pleased with my results thus far!

3 weeks post op!

Had my 3 week post op visit today. Dr Gartner continues to be extremely pleased with my progress and I couldn't be happier with my results up to this point. I haven't been good with taking pictures but I absolutely notice a change in how they look. The swelling on top has almost completely subsided and I finally have a much more normal looking slope from the side. I am cleared to workout again (yay!) but I just need to listen to my body and start slow. After my appointment I went straight to the gym and did some moderate cardio for 45 minutes. I am also cleared to now wear a bra, which I need to go buy! He also showed me how to massage in order to keep the implant moving freely as the capsule starts to form. I basically just have to squeeze my skin at the top of my breast and underneath 5 times each 3 times a day. I totally forgot to point out what I believe to be a Mondor's cord under my left breast. It can only be noticed if I bend back and stick my chest out. I have been trying to massage it to break it up and I'll just keep watch. It apparently takes a few weeks to go away. Overall, my recovery has been really amazing and I can't believe how much better I feel about myself. I have absolutely no regrets and can only hope that no issues arise later on! For anyone in NJ that is looking for a good surgeon, I without hesitation recommend Dr Gartner. He truly is a master of his craft!

Pictures at 3 weeks and 2 days!

Paramus Plastic Surgeon

My experience with Dr Gartner was everything I could have ever hoped for. His work is top notch and I continue to be amazed by my results. My only regret is that I waited so many years to go through with the surgery. Any reservations I had were quickly put to rest the moment I was in Dr Gartner's care. Anyone looking into a BA should without a doubt give him a call!

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