Upper Lip Implant with Permalip - Paramus, NJ

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Hi guys! So I decided to get some fullness in my...

Hi guys! So I decided to get some fullness in my upper lip. I just want to be able to wear lip gloss and lipstick without a lip pencil. My procedure is coming up but I am afraid I have chosen a small size of implant. Should I get a 5 mm??? I am 33 yo. Had juvederm tx before but the results fade so quick so now I want something permanent.

It's done!!!

Hi guys! So my surgery was one hour ago. I drove myself so I didn't take a Valium before the procedure. Just took tylenol3 2 min ago. I was icing the whole ride back which is 50 minutes away. When I got there they did antibiotic iv after the doctor put lidocaine around my lip and labial mucosa(inside lip). After that they took me into operating room , preped me up and doctor began injections. Oucccccchhhhh that was so painful lips are so render!!!! After he numbed my lip and did a dental lip block we waited 20 min After he made the two incisions in sides if my lips and started making a tunnel( pocket) I didn't feel a thing! So 20 min and we were done. Now I m in bed and my pain level is about 6. I m icing can't open mouth wide but I am able to eat bannana and strawberry cut into pieces. Will update tomorrow:)))


Really swollen

I look like a duck lol! So it's the morning after surgery. I have no pain at all I can open my mouth wide the only thing is the lip is super swollen even though I was icing yesterday all day!!!

Pic day 2


So it's day 3 morning after surgery. I iced all day everyday and my seeking hasn't subsided. I really need to go to work tomorrow I don't know what to do. I look so funny because it's only the upper lip.

Pic day 3

Almost normal!

Planning to go to work tomorrow. The swelling isn't that bad anymore!!!

Going to work

Going to work today. Hopefully no one will really notice. Thank god I wear mask at work(RDH) can't wait for the ditches to dissolve I keep playing with them with my tongue.

Final results

So all the swelling is gone. My upper lip has minimal difference. Strongly recommend going with larger implant

Final result 9 days post

Final result 4 months

Minimal difference! Now I need to get done juvederm in there!!! Grrrr
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