34 D!!!

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Hi guys I am very excited to get my breast...

Hi guys I am very excited to get my breast implants BUT I still didn't choose between saline or silicone. Either one would be placed under the muscle. Saline is great for patients with decent amount of breast tissue and saline are 2k cheaper!!! I am a size 34 a and tried on 350 cc silicone. I don't know which to do???? Anyone had saline with 34 a as pre op???? Please help

Local anesthesia!!!

I am actually really glad that I will be awake during my surgery. That way my PS can talk to me and I can answer back while he is filling my implants!!! Because I m really not sure what I can achieve with my body type and skin.

No answer!!!

I have emailed my PS few days ago and still didnt get reply!!! I am upset and I think he didn't discuss many options with me.


Girls I need help!! I am scheduled for oct 25 and want saline under hp. I have been asking other ps on this site and provided my picture and 2 out of 20 told me I need to consider silicone!!! Grrr my surgeon charges 2 k more for silicone!!! What should I do?? I already gave a deposit and I want to go with him because he does it under Local Anestgesia!!! Who ever had 32 a with minimal breast tissue and did saline please answer me !!!! I need help!

Feeling relieved!!!

So today I got a call from the patient coordinator at the PS office!!!i was worried because I have emailed her over a week ago and didnt get response!! So yesterday I emailed to a different email and she called me back!!! So I have mentioned before I am getting my BA oct 25 with local anesthesia!! He is one of not many doctors that does that! So he has patients from different states coming in even other countries!!! I was also concerned that on his website there weren't many before and after photos but she explained to me that they are developing a new website and all the pics should be there!!! Another thing that bothered me is that during my consultation he didnt take measurements. She said we will do everything during my pre op which is oct 11 and also he works with Mentor which is made in US and has a great warranty !!! So I think I am more relieved with the whole process now!!! I noticed that my surgery is more expensive that most surgeries on here but I rather pay extra than go under General Anesthesia.

Yikes!!!! I read this under comments after watching a YouTube video!!

Bob smithJul 7, 2011
ATTENTION !!! My name is Bryan and I worked as silicone chemist at Mentor Santa Barbara, all implants are made with XYLENE, Methyl Chloride that cause LUPUS, FIBROMYALGIA and when heated to 98F in woman's body begin process of? poisoning !! FDA knows that all implants rupture and begin to leak with first year !! DO NOT GET IMPLANTS !!!

Started to get ready:))) oct 25 hurry!!!!

More pics of my tiny boobies!!!

Yikes again!!!!




Below is the List of Chemicals which experts have analyzed to be in the explanted breast implant shell envelopes and gels.
Methyl Ethyl Ketone
Isopropyl Alcohol
Denatured Alcohol
Lacquer thinner
Ethyl Acetate
Epoxy Resin
Epoxy hardener
Printing ink
Lofol (formaldehyde)

Metal cleaning acid
Eastman 910 glue (Cyanoacyryiates)
Talcum Powder
Color Pigments as release agents
Oakite (a cleaning solvent)
Ethylene Oxide (ETO)
Carbob black
Hexanone 2
Antioxidant (rubber)
Zinc Oxide
Naphtha (rubber solvent)
Benzene-Known carcinogen!!!!
Polyvinyl Chloride (Liquid Vinyl) This ingredient was used in all medical devices made at Edwards Lab, from tubing to gel.
Methylene Chloride/Dichloromethane. This breaks down in the body so blood cannot carry oxygen. It metabolizes carbon monoxide poisoning and causes central nervous system depression.
People working in the plants that manufacture these chemicals limit their exposure to them. It's unbelievable that as intelligent human beings we permit this type of internal chemical exposure.
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I just googled how much will an MRI cost!!!! Over 2000$ sometimes upto 6000$. Even if you have insurance (which I don't) it's still a huge copayment!! I guess it's another reason for me to get saline!!!! Aaaaaaa these decisions are driving me nuts!!!

Please watch!!!!


Oh nooooo :(

Hopefully none of will have this problem!!!!!! Yikes poor Tori( not really she's a millionaire lol)

How is it possible????

I still don't know how it's possible to place an implant 350 cc or more into a 1 inch opening!!!! Aaaaaaa and scince I am doing local I can only go with under breast incision!!! I really don't care about scars because no one will see them anyway:))))

One more thing!!!!

I also want to say thank you for all the girls on here for being so supportive and caring!!!! You are the only ones that I have these conversations with my friends don't understand anything(they all have big boobies) so I love you all and after the surgery still want to stay in touch!!!! Xoxoxoxoxo


Just wanted you guys to see the office of my PA!! This was taken when I went for my consult!! I felt like I was NEW JERSEY HOUSEWIFE lol

Bandeau!!!!! Cheap!


Few more before!!

Urban outfitters!!! Ordered these to wear after my boobies are big but they fit now!!! Grrrr

Scar treatment!

This is a bit pricy but you guys should read about it:) I think I ll get one of these!!

Sleeping position!!!

Never knew my couch reclined45• yayyyyy Will this be a good position to sleep after BA??

Pre op!!

Ok so I had my preop today ! It was a little over an hour with the q and a and paperwork and payment. So apparently my ps is a bit unique!! After surgery his putting the bandage on I go home take it off next day take a shower and DO NOTHING!! Literally nothing !! I don't wear any sport or surgical bras, I don't massage , I don't ice, I don't use anything for scars!!! His capsular contracture rate is NONE!! Even though he has Keller funnel he doesn't use it as much. He says it hasn't been prover to reduce any cc it's just advertisement!! He covers my nipples during surgery because that's where bacteria can accumulate. I m doing local anesthesia so he ll give me a Valium numb my area and start!! We decided on 400 cc HP silicone Mentor! Actually I decided and he agreed with anything I said!!! He gave me rx for antibiotic, percoset, muscle relaxer, Valium and something else. Also my surgery is at 1230 so I take shower eat drink and take my time coming in!! It takes him about 90 min just because he is going be extra gentle scince I ll be awake!! If I remember more I will post!! I m beyond excited!!!

More info

Oh I remembered he said I can sleep on my back and it doesn't have to be 45 degrees. Also I see him a week after for my first post op!!!


Side views!!

Something I got with the paperwork today!!

Please look.

375 or 400

Now I am starting to think that my size will be too big for my body!!! Any advise will be helpful. My ps will only bring in 375 and 400 cc to my surgery. I know it's not a big difference but should I go with 375cc??

Laundry and cleaning 4 hours before surgery!!!!

I m so calm and excited!!! Can't wait to come home and relax!!!

In so much pain!

Hi my girlies. So today at 12 I had BA! They are all so nice the nurses the doctor. The procedure itself which was local was great!!! Besides the first pinch to get injection I haven't felt a thing!!! It was just some pulling tugging. We were all joking around talking about different things!!! Ps was explaining every step he was doing!!! Before procedure I took Valium to relax!!! Now the bad part!! He put ace bandage on top of my boobies the nurse dressed me and wheeled me out to the car During the car ride it all began!!! I guess the anesthesia was wearing off so the pain was 10 out if 10. I took percoset and it would work so I added Tylenol. I can't move I can't get up it hurts when I breathe it hurts when I burp!!! Anyway I fell asleep 45 degrees with my head being in a weird position. My son and fiancé were cooking dinner so they woke me up and both of them fed me. I can't even hold a fork. So I took percoset second time right now. I feel ok besides the crazy pressure on my chest. I am completely brakes under blanket so I keep looking and touching. But at this point I just want to feel better. I had iv of antibiotic during procedure and I have to start taking it tonight. For the girls that think about local I strongly recommend! It was great!!! I will take pic tomorrow

Day 2

Ok so it's not really pain it's just tightness today. I can't keep my arms at my side , it's tolerable pain so I didn't have any pain killers today yet. I think one day of Percocet is enough. I will start regular Tylenol today. So I am taking my antibiotic and muscle relaxer which is Flexiril. It's hard to take deep breaths. I have been walking around the appartement. My son is home with me so he is my help! He helped me change into dif pants ,put my hair in ponytail, made me sandwich , gave me pills and Gatorade. I slep great the only time I woke up was 2 am I had to use bathroom so I took a Percocet and that was the last time I took it. I slep on couch with two pillows it was pretty comfy. Thank you for all the support !!!

Pics day 1

I don't have to wear anything for a month! The stitches are on the inside and they are absorbable. I can shower today!

Day 2 or 3?

Hello everyone! So I had surgery friday so I guess this is day 3? Anyway I slept ok, but I still can't get up on my own and when I m in a seated position I feel like my boobs are being pushed in between two monster trucks. Today I am planning to take tylenol 3 instead of percoset. I feel like the muscle relaxers are not helping me. My pain is a 7 right now. At this point I just want to feel better . My boobs are rock hard and numb. They look very small as of now. I feel that the implants are about an inch from my collar bone. While inserting the implant my ps told me that the right one will be higher for now and it's smaller. It was always a bit smaller but my ps said he will still put same size in. I hope when the drop and fluff the size dif won't be so noticible. Waiting for my breakfast so I can take antibiotic and Tylenol. To all who had surgery recently I wish for a much easier and painless recovery !!! Xoxoxo

Implant card

Pics day 2

Day 2 pics

Day 3

So it's day 3 after my BA and I still have 7 elephants sitting on my chest!!!! It still hurts to lift my arms all the way up!

Frankenboobs!!! Just in time for Halloween!!!

Bowling balls!!

How long does this feeling last?? I feel like I have bowling balls attached to my chest?? It's so heavy!!


7 elephants on my chest!


Day 5

Happy halloween'

Post op one week!

So I saw my ps today for the first time after surgery. As I mentioned before he doesn't want me to wear any bra for a month. While in surgery he informed me they are sitting high(I had local) So when I came in today he took off my bandages where the incisions were and gave me instructions to apply bro spirit for one week and after I can use any scar cream, vit e, or anything else. As for my boobies to drop he gave me the strap. I have to wear it as much as I can for two weeks and then I go back for post op # 2. See pics! Oh and I can sleep on my side or flat on my back. These are actually the positions I sleep in. ( not a belly sleeper). Xoxoxo


Incision! Day 9


Still square boobie!!

Dressing room selfies!!

Progress pic!

Oh and BTW! Yes I have boob greed!!!

So now that my boobies are drooping if course they seem small. Well I can't really complain because obviously they are bigger than before!!! And while my ps was closing up my incisions he said he probably won't be able to fit any bigger size! Oh well so I guess I ll just go bigger when it's time to upgrade (.) (.). Don't get my wrong I am VERY HAPPY!

3 week post op appt

So today is 3 weeks And I went to see my ps for the second time after surgery. He showed me how to massage the implants. I have to massage them 3 times a day for a year and then once for the rest of my implant life lol. He did the massage on me and it just felt like someone is squeezing your skin really hard. I tried it and obviously with my little hands it doesn't feel the same so I hope it's still beneficial. He gave me a new strap because the velcro on mine doesn't hold anymore( I ve been wearing that thing 20 h per day). He said after two weeks I don't need the strap anymore. He wNts to see me again in 3 weeks. I really love how he always wants to check up on my improvement.

Victoria's Secret

Today was the first time I went to VS after surgery. I didn't want to get measured because they are still high so I just decided to try on bras by myself. I found an non underwire and non push up bra. I took size 34 c and it didn't fit to good so I tried on 34 d and it was perfect( so far it's good but who knows how it will fit after they d and f completely. ) also the reason I went to VS because I got the free panty and 10$ off purchase. So I paid 32$ for the bra. It has a light padding very light actually. Then I went to forever 21 to try on a few shirts(bodysuits) I like the way they look with jeans. One of them is mesh on top and you really can't wear a bra with it. I would never had even looked at it before with my small boobies!!! But today I tried it on and I was so HAPPY!!! I feel so much more confident! I am so excited. Yesterday I went to the gym for the first time I usually go to classes but I tried and it felt weird so I just went on treadmill and walked for 2 miles. I think I ll wait with the classes and weights.

Pics week 4


Can't find a good sports bra to run in!!!!

I have been trying to run in the gym in treadmill but the boobies feel weird. I need to find a good support sports bra!! Any suggestions ?

35 days post op

First bra after BA

For iris!

2.5 months

How is everyone ??!! Miss you guys!!! So nothing really changed, I don't feel like I even had surgery! Just when I look in mirror. I still wear the band just to make sure they will fall into place! So far I think they are still up high. I massage 3 x a day! Don't use anything in my scars!! I am bad!!! I need to buy some scar cream lol I will take pic of my scars this week and will post them. Boobies are really soft ! I don't wear bras only when I go out , to work I wear scrubs so just the strap under and that's it The pics are about 2 weeks old! Xoxox oh and of course I have boob greed:(((

Small update!!

Hi guys!! Sry I haven't updated ! I don't think there are many changes that happened. They dropped more. Went to ps 2 months ago and he said to stop wearing band. In 3 weeks will be my 6 month check up!! I can't believe how time flu! I regret I haven't done this years ago! I feel so confident in clothes or without. I wear scrubs to work so I don't even wear a bra. Only when I go out. My first bra was at my 2 month mark and I went to VS a bought a 34 d I have it in pics. Today I went back and bought 34 dd!! So I guess they became fuller!!?? My fiancé says that if he didn't know he would think they were real!! I hope everyone is doing great! Good luck to those who are about to go through surgery! One suggestion- go bigger!!!!

Few pics! Taken last month! The bra pic is not VS! I bought this in Marshall's size 34 d

2.5 years!!! Time flew!!!

Almost 4 years after my BA surgery,,,

Paramus Plastic Surgeon

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