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I'm in my mid-thirties and have 3 children. I met...

I'm in my mid-thirties and have 3 children. I met with Dr Gartner once a year ago for a BBL consult. It was my first time meeting with a plastic surgeon regarding this procedure. I didn't have many questions because I was still in the process of researching. So now a year later I meet with him again with a ton of questions. He is very pleasant, patient, informative, and professional. The consult isn't rushed and I have decided to proceed with the BBL with Dr Gartner. I am going to hold off on the surgery until next year but I will keep you all informed on my progress. I want to take 3 weeks off because I have a job that consists of a good portion of the day sitting on my rear.

BBL date scheduled!

So I officially bit the bullet and scheduled my BBL with Gartner. My surgery date is next week... I'm so excited but still a little nervous. I'm not really afraid of the surgery itself more of the recovery. So I bought a few things to help during my recovery period (I will share in the photos). So basically at this point I am just making my list, stocking up, and keeping a clean house. Stay away from anti-inflammatory meds (advil, motrin, ibuprofen), aspirin, vitamin e, and flax seed as they thin the blood. I'm staying well hydrated to help my skin have enough moisture to assist with healing and I started a stool softener so I won't have issues after surgery. Anesthesia tends to slow things down. Also, I took all my measurements and weight and I will keep a log after the surgery. Good Luck to all and I will keep you updated!


Ewww... This is horrifying to see your body in photos. So my current measurements are 37-33.5-38 and current weight is 143 lbs. BTW with clothes on I look great and everyone thinks I weigh much less than I do (looks can be deceiving) LOL.


So here i am up since 4am 3 hrs later. I'm getting nervous the more I think about it. It's a mix of emotions. . Excitement, nervousness, anxious, concerns etc. In my head I'm thinking omg I can't believe I'm going through with this. What if? You kind of feel guilty you are putting yourself at risks and you have a family at home. Smh.. then i start to think about work and keeping it from everyone there but it's none of their business. We are all in close quarters so they are nosey and ask a ton of questions. Then I think omg I don't want to walk out of there looking like Kim K. I still want to be proportioned but give me HIPS. Do I have enough fat? Well these are my random thoughts and I'm hoping and praying for the best recovery and outcome. Say a prayer for me ladies.

Pre BBL pics - Fix my imperfections

So 2 quick photos. One I want to point out my indents in my minimal to non-existent hips. Gartner said he will fill in if I have enough fat. I don't only want it filled in I want some beautiful hips PLEASE. The other pic I'm pointing out a fat pocket I have above my butt he said he will flatten out to help the butt pop more and get more S curve. I'm not posting a wish pic because I don't want to compare me to someone else. All I want to focus on is what I am now to what I will become. Fingers crossed. ONE DAY LEFT B4 THE BIG DAY! Xoxo Ladies

1 day PO after BBL!

Wow yesterday I was pretty out of it from the combo of anesthesia and Percs. I had a lot of leakage but nothing out of the ordinary. I put 2 chux (wee wee pads) on the floor and stood on it while replacing the dirty ones. It will literally continuously drip out so protect your floors. Adult diapers are awesome over the chux. My first night i had an abdominal binder. My doc says the garment will get saturated so don't put on until the leaking stops.. just keep the binder on. I drank so much gatorade, water, and ginger ale yesterday.. I must have gotten up to pee at least 10 times. So my Ez feminine urinal didn't come in yet :-( peeing was interesting. I did not sit at all in the bathroom. I stood over the toilet forced a steady stream and peed like a man LOL. I've stopped leaking today and have my compression garment on. I have thigh high compression stockings on to avoid swelling and reduce risks of clots. I get up and walk around house every 3 hrs. I'll post pics when feeling a little better. BTW my booty looks great and he had enough fat for my hips. He said 1100 cc's each side from what I can remember but I'll confirm at my follow up. Gartner and the staff are wonderful. He called me last night to see how I was doing :-)

Finally a Shower..

Today I took my 1st shower. I was dying to get the garment off. I could feel every piece of tape, gauze and seams due to the compression. I had even put super maxi pads under it where the dreams on the torso are bcuz it was hurting. When I got it unzipped and unclipped with assistance of course I could feel my body throbbing and the blood flow. Wait s few before jumping in the shower. I took a lukewarm shower and washed with Hibiclens (antiseptic/antimicrobial wash). I patted myself dry put a little neosporin on each area and covered with non adherent gauze pads just in case. I really wanted to enjoy my time without the garment but i didnt want to give my body too much time to swell. Dear God say a prayer b4 you have to put that thing back on. One thigh at a time.. then one hip at a time. . Once over the butt it wasn't so bad... i put a tank underneath so it wouldnt irritate this time. I stopped drinking gatorade bcuz the sodium in it was way too much so now I've beem drinking vitamin water.. coconut water and spring water. No pics yet bcuz that was a hell of a workout and had no desire to do a mini photo session. My belly and shape look really good. You have to fight through the soreness and keep moving. The end of night 2 and a lot of the soreness has resolved even the back. Sorry for any typos using my phone. Kp u all posted and thank you to all for your prayers and support. Big hugs and kisses!

Sleeping Buddies

I used these 2 pillows last night and today for nap and they helped greatly for my aching back. I used the black arm pillow under my torso with the arms up as if its hugging me at my waist. It creates this lift in your back and prevents the spine to be curved toward the mattress. Then i placed the roll pillow on my mid thighs so my hips were free from pressure. Then I just grabbed a regular for my head. The only issue is I'm having neck pain from laying and watching tv like that for hours. Maybe I'll try a neck pillow tonight.

3 days post op pics

So my abdomen is still pretty swollen. My butt and hips feels pretty firm and tight. Once my sutures are out I will put palmers and mederma stretch mark cream because I can already see them forming. I don't want to obsess over everything now so I won't be taking a ton of pics.. maybe when I feel like a reached a milestone. Like 3 wks, 6 wks, 2-3 mths, etc. I did my measurements today which definitely aren't going to stay because of the swelling. Currently measuring at 37-32-41 from previous of 37-33.5-38. Thank God the back soreness is starting to go away. I'm uploading few pics the frontal pic I'm pointing out the faja zipper making an indent in my body be careful of this put lipo foam under and don't rush to be in smaller faja give it a week or 2. My doc said he has seen plenty of patients trying get into smaller fajas and bcuz of the seams or zippers during the healing process they end up with permanent indents. I also used a maxi pad under the zipper when my lipo foam didn't come in ...what relief from the pressure! Today I put my ab board in bcuz i can actually stand it. I want it to help push/tighten my old pouch. My back looks ridiculous. .no fat so smooth. That to me was so worth it. My back view photo looks like one cheek is a little bigger but as of now they are symmetrical its cuz the garment is higher on the bottom of the cheek than the other side. So that's it for now ladies xoxo

Uploaded Better Pics!

Took a shower and decided to upload better pics. You can't see the size or shape with the garment on. Remember I'm 3 days post op and feel soooooo much better. Trying not to over do it bcuz you kind of have to remind yourself you had major surgery a few days ago. I'm moving around easier and sleeping better. My legs haven't swelled at all but face did for first few days from sleeping face down plus my vagina is mildly swollen (I'm sure the crotchless garment doesn't help that but it's not too bad). I looked a little pale and had low grade fever 99.7 but it never increased. Today I have color able to eat more and temp is normal. I've been faithfully taking all my vitamins and keeping hydrated!

1 week post op appt & an update!

Hi Ladies.. just a little update. Saw this past Monday I saw my PS for a 1 week post op appt. Everything is looking great.. no issues. The incision sites are healing nicely the sutures are dissolvable. So I clarified with him how much fat was removed and transferred. A little over 3 liters were removed. That alone makes me ecstatic lol. I had 1050 cc's transferred to buttocks meaning 525 each cheek and 100 each hip. So in short 1 liter is equal to 1000 cc's. BUT Let's remember that's not solely pure fat being removed. That is a mixture containing your fat an the liquid used during the lipo. Hence the draining afterwards for the first 1-2 days. So then the fat mixture needs to be spun high speed to separate the liquid and they have to remove the damaged fat cells. So clearly the more fat you have the better! My BMI was 24% normal weight 140 lbs height 5' 5" but i definitely had unwanted fat. I lost 6 lbs prior to BBL out of nervousness. :-( When I worry I don't eat and go to the bathroom often Lol. Still I wanted to move forward. For one my goal really was to get rid of stubborn disgusting fat in my flanks. .bra area.. and belly. I just felt the bbl would be a bonus but was deathly afraid of walking out looking like Kim K. My doctor laughed at me and said believe me you don't have alot of fat so that won't be a problem. My fat was transferred to the upper portion of my butt to give it more pop there and projection pkus a little too the hips. My goal was just to be more proportioned have a perky fuller booty and a little more curve minus all the fat. I seriously have only told one friend and my husband AND of course you ladies that is it. This site is helpful and I want to help others too but still remain private outside of RS world. As of now I have gotten everything I wanted out of the surgery. I'm looking forward to seeing how my butt continues to progress once it isn't so firm and swelling goes down. I will return to work 3 weeks post op so I can give this as much time as possible. I will post a few quick pics but better pics after my 2 week mark which is next Monday.


Just few pics.. 1st in very stretchy pants. My PS recommends not wearing jeans for 2-3 months after bbl. Jean material doesn't give too much... it compresses and holds. That's why alot of us look better in jeans than naked prior to our bbl's Lol. It holds things in and smooths out. So I will follow that to avoid further compression and help those beautiful little fat cells thrive and avoid damage to the delicate process.
2nd pics are of my lounge chair I got on ebay for $15. Big shout out and thank you to phat_mommy4 for the idea! Check her profile she is super helpful and her body is RIDICULOUS! So I tried the event chairs and cut the butt out that I saw alot of girls do on here but it didn't work for me. Sitting in it put too much pressure on my hips and hurt the back of my thighs. If i cut more out i was afraid I'd end up sinking further and further in like a kid inside a hamper with their feet straight up Lol. I think that is good for those who just had fat transferred to butt. Now this lounge chair is awesome because you have back support so you can sit up or lay down in it and your legs are stretched out.

2nd stage garment - Veronique 20% Off!

I'm 3 days shy of 3 weeks post op BBL so my first garment feels looser on the lower abdomen. I wanted to get my 2nd stage garment.. no zippers.. no bulking anywhere. I bought Veronique garment off their site 20% off use REAL20 code. Believe me not cheap at all BUT sooo comfortable true to measurement size and it will last! I have more compression on my abdomen. . Back feels great and booty/hips have NO compression material that is light and breathable. It's crotchless and the garment slips on and off plus u can wear your own bra. All the seams.. tags are on the outside. The first garment i don't have to put a tank underneath to prevent irritation. This baby is going to run with me through the rest of my recovery journey. I know recommendations are 6-8 weeks to use garment generally but I going try shoot for 3 months.

3 months post op

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