Awake Breast Augmentation and Areola Reduction - Paramus, NJ

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Hello, RealSelf. I have scoured this site for...

Hello, RealSelf. I have scoured this site for months during my research phase and I truly do appreciate all of the knowledge I have gained, and the help and feedback I have received. So, to return the favor I will be documenting my procedure from pre-op to [possibly] a year post-op. I am 5'5, ~158lbs, 20 years old and will be entrusting Dr.Michael Constantin Gartner to give both my sister and I the bodies we desire on January 12, 2016. We had our consultation on December 16, 2016, and it was as great as I expected based off Dr. Gartner's reviews. I had a full 3.5 pages of questions (hell yes there is an extensive screening process for someone possibly going to operate on my sister and I.) Dr. Gartner took his time answering each question and after that hour long Q&A my family and I were at complete ease. He is board certified and it certainly showed in the answers he gave. He was extremely knowledgeable and well mannered. After the Q&A came the try on session and my sister and I both chose to go with 500cc saline, under the muscle. We have no intentions on suffering from "boob greed" so we basically told him to put in the largest that would fit in our bodies while still allowing us to have the natural look. My sister will be having her incision in the breast fold crease because luckily, she scars the same shade as her skin, so the scar should not be noticable, and she was not willing to go through the areola (for fear of breast feeding difficulties when she decides to have kids.) Because I am also having the areola reduction, I will have the areola incision as well (I didn't mind going through the areola as I will never have children, and so I couldn't give less of a crap about jeopardizing my milk production). Both of us will be doing the local anesthesia (aka "awake" surgery) and that was a major factor in deciding to go with Dr. Gartner. I felt the awake procedure was far safer and would benefit us with an easier recovery. My family and I are out of state so we flew to New York, rented a car, and drove to Jersey to meet with Dr. Gartner. Now for some background: I have absolutely DESPISED my areolas since I was old enough to realize what a disfigurement they were. Combine that with already too small boobs on a reasonably wide frame and I was convinced by age 13 that I was hideous and destined to die alone. After surviving 12 years torment going to public schools located in the 7th circle of Hell, I decided to try and begin enjoying life once and for all. After losing 25+ pounds, going vegan and thus getting clear skin, long hair and nails, and overall vitality, I must say I still can hardly believe that I am finally one of the "pretty girls" (I never thought I would be.) But there was one problem no amount of diet, exercise, and vegan detoxing could help. I was still ugly when that VS bombshell bra came off and those horrid areolas reared their faces. I didn't go through all that hard work just to revert back to hating my appearance when it was birthday suit/bathing suit time. And so my amazingly beautiful mother whom I love with all my heart and soul, has decided to give my sister and I the bodies we need/want/f**king deserve. I will post some preop photos at a later date, and will update you after our final preop which is scheduled for January 7, 2016. I can say without a doubt I am far more excited than nervous as lord knows I was born with boobs on rock bottom so there is no where to go but up from here.

Wish Photos

These are a few of the photos that I showed to my doctor. I would like to be a full D cup and I have also included some photos of women my doctor actually operated on. Within the next week or two I will be adding pre op photos of myself.

Pre Op photos

Here are photos of my horrendous breasts before my augmentation and areola reduction. As you can see in a relaxed state my areolas are nothing short of a deformity. I have included pictures of how my nipples look when introduced to extreme cold. My surgeon told me to measure my areolas during this state and he would use that measurement for the new size of my areola. Since I took all of these pictures myself and my phone is rather large and hard to handle with one hand the position if my arms often distorts the appearance of my breast so let us account for that. One is a bit larger then the other of course and also appears lower than the other at some points. But nonetheless here they are...

Post Op

Here I am a few days post op. Dr. Gartner could only fit 450cc in, although I'm still in the "Fankenboob" phase I am already pleased as I can tell once the drop and fluff fairy visits me I will have the boobs I have always wanted! Doc says the seri strips will fall of in ~2 weeks and I am excited to see the state of my new areolas!

Surgical Overview Please watch the video link before continuing reading because it features my surgeon performing the exact procedure on this lady as he did on me. Just imagine it with an areola incision+ areola reduction. The surgery was not as I expected because as you can see in the video the women looks very comfortable throughout the entire procedure. So I expected the exact same for me. I was WRONG! I have a few hypotheses as to where the trouble began. First of all, to prep for the surgery you are given two "calm down" pills. One is a Valium the other is something beginning with an "H." The nurse told me I was to take the pills once Dr. Gartner arrived in the building. I should also mention I have a history of having a certain amount of resistance to pills. (For instance, during my wisdom tooth extraction the dentists were shocked at how long it took to get me to sleep, and they had to keep turning up the dosage of anesthesia because I legit wasn't feeling anything for a good minute lol.) That combined with the fact that the nurse did not instruct me to take the pills until I actually asked/reminded her. By then the doctor had already arrived and taken my pictures, which I estimate was nearly 20 minutes after she originally said I should take them. Fast forward to the surgery time I was fully sober and fully awake when the procedure initially began. So as you see in the video, that patient looks extremely comfortable/drugged during the procedure. As for me, when he began sawing into my chest muscles with that needle to inject the numbing medication I FELT IT ALL. Now I consider myself to have quite the pain tolerance but that shit nearly made me cry. I often considered stopping the procedure right then and there but I just kept trying to picture my wish boobs and remind myself of how much I really wanted this procedure. After what felt like 4 hours in medieval torture chamber the numbing was over and the procedure began. But I feel the damage was done as during the first half of the procedure I was hella uncomfortable but I do believe it was because of the initial and unexpected pain plus the fact that I had done so much research on my surgery that every pull and tug I felt was accompanied by a VIVID image of exactly what was happening on the other side of that sheet. So realistically I do think that at that point I was numbed up enough to only feel the typical pull and tug of the surgery but because I had damn near "over studied," the mental images of what he was doing caused me to to "feel" much more than (in hindsight) I think I actually experienced. About halfway through the surgery I fell asleep for what I think was maybe 20-30 minutes. When I woke up I can say I do think the Valium had finally kicked in (Praise God) because I was relatively comfortable for the rest of the surgery. Nonetheless I am still happy and would still do local anesthesia because it was definitely better than having to deal with post general anesthesia sickness. Any way, I have uploaded a few post op pictures along with this post. They range from 1-2 weeks post op

Areola Unveiling

In some of the earlier photos you can see that I had reason to be concerned over the state of my left areola as the bottom right edge of the areola was quite straight rather than circular. Nearly a diagonal line. However that issue seems to be correcting itself as the areola becomes more circular during each examination. Lol, you be the judge! But overall I am extremely pleased. I initially felt they were still on the larger side but they seem to be shrinking! I love it!

Week 3

I am officially in love with my results. Thank you so much Dr. Gartner!!
Paramus Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Gartner was everything I imagined he would be. He took his time with my sister and I, and remained patient and well mannered even after I drilled him with with hundreds of questions. My sister and I were scheduled to have our augmentations on Jan 12th. The results are positively lovely! Dr. Gartner is a true artist. Looking at my pre op vs post op photos I can barely believe how far my breasts have come. I am so pleased with my results!!

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