Size 6 with Lifelong Cellulite Who's Tried Everything! - Paradise Valley, AZ

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*Treatment results may vary

** I'm starting this review 2 days post-treatment...

** I'm starting this review 2 days post-treatment and will update it at 2 weeks and then at 2 and 6 months at which point I will change my "not sure" rating accordingly. **

I'm active and slender but nevertheless have cellulite on my booty and back/sides of thighs, no matter how much muscle I put on or weight I drop. I've spent thousands over the years on slimming wraps, radio-frequency treatments, and I did a consultation for Cellulaze when that came out but opted against it because it's quite invasive and the results are not equal to the cost and surgical risk. I researched Cellfina and was much more open to how minimally-invasive it is and the results/satisfaction rates seemed much more encouraging. After a consultation with Dr. Van Dyke, I decided to go for it.

Treatment: Super easy. After they mark all your dimples, you lay down and they get to work. The "hardest" part is the process of getting the area numbed because the lidocaine feels like repeated jellyfish stings as its injected. This takes longer than the treatment itself and is more painful (like a 1 on a scale of 10) because you're not yet numb so you feel the little pokes. Once you're numbed up, the treatment itself is quick and painless. The only discomforting thing is the noise the machine makes, which grumbles like a broken garbage disposal. They wrap you up in gauze, help you into your Spanx, and I felt perfectly fine to run a couple errands on my way home.

Immediately After: Once the lidocaine wears off the area is sore. There's a sharp pain at the incision sites and then a dull ache everywhere else. I didn't feel the need to take Tylenol or anything but it wasn't a good night sleep. Pulling the gauze and spanx up and down to use the bathroom is the worst part, followed by the pain of sitting on hard surfaces. Two days in, it's not fun but it's not a big deal either.
Paradise Valley Dermatologic Surgeon

In the consultation she answered my questions and seemed really realistic and areas that would and wouldn't respond but also explained the reasons why. I didn't feel like I was being pitched on a fad, which is how I felt in a Cellulaze consult I'd done elsewhere. On the treatment day, she was equally patient, pleasant, and professional, as was her staff. I felt at ease with them because they were all very professional. I've been in plastic surgery offices where the ditzy or hard-sell vibe drove me away, so pleasant and professional really made me feel comfortable. I'll update my opinion after follow-up appointments as well.

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