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I am a 27 year old with one son (6yrs old). 5'6...

I am a 27 year old with one son (6yrs old). 5'6 and 140lbs(but will be back to my preferred of 150lbs shortly) I always had large breast for my small frame (34D/DD) but as the years passed these boobs of mine seem to be falling more and more. I have never been able wear backless/strapless shirts as no strapless bra could ever hold up my juggs. I originally wanted to just get implants to give myself some upper pole fullness and wanted to stay far away from a lift as the thought of scarring terrifies me. So finally I went to a PS in June to do a consultation. The doctor I went to does amazing work, but I felt like he was rushing me and didn't connect with me the way I like to do when i am shelling out thousands of $$$. Can you blame me for wanting to feel like more than just a number? Anyway... The first doctor told me that all i needed was a lift and no implant. I was disappointed to say the least.

As the summer went on I contemplated it more and more and more. I did some more research and came across Dr. Cohen's website and was thoroughly impressed by the number of quality before/after pics he had. His work looked impeccable. After that I researched reviews about him and felt comforted that patient after patient gushed about how happy they were with his office, the staff, and his craft, I finally scheduled a consultation with him. During my visit to his office, the staff was very kind and welcoming. Dr. Cohen didn't rush me at all and always asked me if I had any questions. Now to my frustration, he to recommended i do just a lift, and that i didn't need the implant. UGHHHH... He did say that i could do both if i chose to and it wouldnt be any problem at all but he just didn't feel like i needed it. So in any event, I felt confused as I left his office about what i would end up doing. So for the last couple days I have gone back and forth about both options. I am happy with my size although i would like to go bigger if i got the opportunity. With just a BL I am nervous about the possibility of losing some of my tissue and looking any smaller. Also, over time (who knows how soon) gravity could still get the best of me and leave me saggy and sad. The Plus side to it though, is that it doesn't require me HAVE to have another surgery down the line where as the BA would. We all know that implants dont last forever, so I would need to get them changed out at some point.

Through my life experiences I have learned to live in the now and appreciate today. And that is the attitude that makes me just want to go for it and get some additional boobage. Who knows what the future holds?? the next 10 years are going to be the prime of my life, so I figure I should look my best. I do want to have another child sometime down the line but I am not planning anything soon soooo.... I will cross that bridge when I get there. Oh boy, What to do??....What to do?? Its so super late right now, I have been up reading other ppl stories and researching as per usual. I need sleep. Good night Boob babes!

Here are some of my wish boob pics

Decided. I will Be getting implants!!

I am so thankful for this site. Reading your stories has helped me beyond measure. So after days and nights of researching and looking at the stories of so many brave ladies, I have decided to GET IMPLANTS!! I only live once. I want to have larger full sexy boobs. Thankfully, PS is a master ant making breast look natural so I have complete faith in him that he will do me justice. So I am now leaving to go to get my blood work done. And make my final payment. I am super excited... I will upload my before pics when i get home today.

Like promised. My before pics

So reluctantly, here are my saggy patties. I don't know who's review I read, where I saw someone calling their boobs saggy patties. But i friggin love that name. So I have now adopted it and refer to mine as saggy As you can see, these areoles are massive and my sag is very saggy. ha ha ha. I have to laugh at myself because I don't even remember when they got like this! One day they were just big boobs. The next day my nipples were touching my knees!! But not for long!!

I did my bloodwork today. And i have pre-op tomorrow. I went shopping today and got some bralettes that came 3 for $9.97 at Walmart. And then a 2 pack of stretchy bras with no under wire in size large from Ross. I also picked up some from buttoning shirts and pyjamas for the first couple days. I was excited to score a nice long casual black dress that buttons all the way down. So I can still look chic while I am in pain. I don't want to look like a slob just cuz i will probably feel like sh*t. Anyway, I am still feeling slightly blah about the whole thing. No excitement or nerves yet. And i am basking in the calm now because once those nerves get me, geez, im going to be ready to pass out! I will update tomorrow after my pre op when I have decided on the cc's and given away all my savings ;)

Pre-op done!!

So i went in for my pre-op and paid all my money. Literally all my I tried on sizers. 350cc was too small but 450cc seemed too big so we will probably end up with something in the middle. He says my chest wall is fairly wide so i may have to do smooth Mentor implants rather than the textured Sientra, as Mentor has more options that my be able to fit my chest wall. But we wont know until the day of.

I am a super control freak, so i think it is weird that I feel very comfortable with leaving things up to the discretion of my PS. I feel confident that he can and will make the appropriate choices for me based on my desired look. My surgery starts at 10am so I need to be there for 9am. I am dreading not being able to eat after 12am because i love to snack, and I LOVE my breakfast even more.

Today was a rough day for me cuz I've had a headache since last night (which cripples me) and the only thing that works for is an iBuprofen product, which I have ben directed not to take. So I took tylenol last night and still woke up with a head ache. UGHHH, so frustrating.

On a better note. I am setting myself up for surgery day. Doing laundry, shopping. I am doing my hair tomorrow and i got my eyelashes done today so that i don't look like crap after sleeping day in and day out after surgery. I have added pictures of one of the sports bras I bought look like. And my individual lashes. I love them!!!!

3 days away

So I am 3 days away from my surgery. Still not excited or worried. Just here reading and looking at other ppls results.

I would love to find someone on here who had the same surgery date or around that I could correspond with during this process. My fiance is always so laid back that he barely has a reaction. I also haven't told anyone else. No family or friends. I didn't want any judgement, so its just me and my "limited emotion" fiance hanging i talk about boobs all day, and he pretends to and he is so bad at it.

I am going to star taking my supplements the doctor gave me today. bromelain i think its called. the doctor gave me 2 supplements. one is for after the surgery and the other is to be started 3 days prior.

im so calm its creeping me out

I keep waiting for me to freak out but it still hasn't happened. Its so eerie because I am a worrier. Any who, I am relaxing in the calmness. Today, I will finish all my cleaning. Go grocery shopping and wax my underarms. I am feeling pretty darn good.

on my way

so im up and on my way to my sugery. im still very calm. I feel as prepared as I can be

just about ready

I'm so damn hungry. I cant wait to eat. and so cold in here.

I'm home. pain is a 4 . pressure is a 9.

i'm so tight. I can barrel breathe I have to breathe shallow and I can't move my arms that much without pulling the muscle. no nausea. ate soup feel good otherwise. so tired

no clue what I look like yet.

doctor decided to take off a mass I had in my right breast. he said it was the size of a grape. I knew I had it, it's only fiber but doc said it would have been visible against the implant. I'm going to do my post op. soon . I'm so sore.


my first post op

Well ladies... I am finally feeling a bit better. So i can give you a little run down on how it went yesterday.
I was not scared or nervous at all yesterday. So i got to the OR at 9 am. I met with a nurse named Jodan who was amazing. She was friendly and accommodating. The anethesiologist, Dr Gunn was equally as pleasent, he was a little but older but had a great sense of humor and he had the most beautiful teeth :). Surgery wasn't until 10:30. Dr Cohen started promptly. I got m IV and felt very groggy. I got a kiss in for my boo, and then they walked me to the operating room. I remember them putting me under a very warm blanket and hen i was out. It took me a while to come to. i remember getting in the car and going home. not in too much pain but very sore and tight. by the night and this morning i had no desire to peak at my results. I think i was scared to see what my boobs would look like after seeing all the frankein boobs.

WELL LADIES.... when I got to the office for the post op today i was scared sh*tless. I was scared to see what was under the bandages. But when the doctor took ff the gauze i almost cried...... they are beautiful. OMG.... i love them. And they dont look any bigger at all in a shirt so i can stay discreet. but boy oh boy I can't wait to go braless!!!!! i wil add photos of the results tomorrow. These are just pre-op markings

omg i am so in love

They look perfect to me. I know they will change but i I hope I love them just as much during the process. of dropping and fluffing. etc. I have some pain in my lower right breast. very painful when I am not medicated. but i have been walking quite a bit and icing when i can. Dr. Cohen is superb thus far. I am so happy.

got my steri-strips off today...

So i ended up going back to the Dr. early because i was having some nerve pain that almost paralyses my right arm, so i need a few more meds. Since i was suppose to do a post op on wednesday anyway, he decided to take my steri strips off today. Can i tell you guys that I could not stop smiling. I almost cried. I am so in love with the boobs. They are even in size for both the boobs and nipples. the scar lines are thin so far. I can't describe the joy. So thankful that God brought me through this safely and happily. I am feeling so blessed. I will update pics.. first with steri strips. then without..

These boobs have been sent from the boob Gods...

Dr. Cohen is AMAZING!!!!

pics without steri-strips

Scars are looking pretty good. I heal fairly fast so I am looking forward to seeing the turnout. In these pics my left boob looks bigger than the right, which it is slightly, but it looks more exaggerated in the picture. The real difference is actually in the shape. My left breast is wider than the right.

I have to admit that when I had to put the cream on the scars after my shower, i got kind of woozy. It freaked me out.

Feeling So Much Better....

So I am about a week and a half post op. I am completely off all meds and finished my antibiotics. I was having a very sharp pain in my left breast but that has subsided. I do get random shooting pains here and there but I have been told that it is very normal. I have complete feeling in my nipples because they are so sore. I washed the dishes today but had difficulty cleaning the counters as it takes a little more muscle and motion. It really does get better everyday though.

Now I am about talk about something that I have not seen anyone comment about on the reviews i have read. When getting my pre/post op package it told me that i shouldn't be having sex until at least 2 weeks after the surgery. Now I didn't have an issue with that since I am not some sexoholic that can't am not sure about any of you other ladies but after a week I was feeling fairly comfortable and decided to give my man some love. I mean I have literally been laying on my back for the last week any way.lmao. We didn't do anything wild, kept it gentle. I love him so much, and he has been so helpful and attentive to all my needs during this process, that i guess it kind of turned me on. Hopefully this isn't too much info for you guys. But i though I would let you know that if your up to it, go for it!! It was good, and my man deserved it! Okay moving on............

I found a bra at target. I like it alot. No underwire and it is Maternity!! Its called "Gilligan & O'Malley® Women's Nursing Micro Wirefree Bra - Assorted Colors" it was 16.99. I bought it it in a 38D. I think i need a 36 DD but a 38D is the equivalent I think. Whatever the case it fits and is very comfy. IT is what I have on in the pics. I also bought a platex bra for sleeping which is a thicker material and holds me in nicely while i am in bed. That is the blue one.

I also added pics of my scars and how they are healing. i have been using Aquaphor Healing Ointment on the scars to keep them moist and just covering with gauze, but my PS says I should stop that today. I also use on the rest of my boobs as they are itchy sometimes, and this ointment is an over the counter product for dry and irritated skin so i use it all over but concentrate on the scars.

I am feeling a little worried now though, as I am so in love with my results that i am scared for them to change too much. I don't feel swollen anymore and I do want them to drop some and get softer, but i am so in love right now that I just hope they don't change so much that I am disappointed later on. Let me know what you guys think. Happy healing to all the Real Self Beauties out there.

Ugghhh.... I think I hurt myself

So I am sitting on the couch watching a movie and i felt something crawling on me. I looked down and it was a spider. I leaped off the couch and smacked it off. Now my left boob muscle is hurting. I am hoping i didn't do any damage.


Going on Week 3 and this has been a roller coaster. Each wek and day has been different. i am no longer in any pain at all, but I am starting to feel the implant iniside now which is soooo weird. I cal feel it moving around. I am hoping that it will start to feel more normal soon cuz i don't like this foreign feeling. Can anyone else relate?? Either someone who is having this feeling or someone who can assure me that this feelings pass..plz...

my scabs are almost all gone. Around my nipple are looking great already especially the right one. Doesn't look like a scar, just like the outline of my areola. The left one has dropped a bit more than the right but the progress is good. I am starting to lay on my sides with pillows propped up all over. I am very happy with my results. Dr Cohen has been very attentive. earlier this week I felt very itchy all over and the doctor said it may have been a delayed allergic reaction to medication. But i feel better now.

3weeks post

so it 3 weeks post today. I had a post op appointment yesterday and the doctor says I'm doing fantastic. And as crazy as it sounds, he says that he doesn't think my boobs will change much from what they look like now. they are healing so fast and beautifully.

I no longer have any pain or discomfort. and they feel less and less foreign everyday. I'm ecstatic with my results and feel so blessed that my recovery was fast. I'm happy that I decided to go with the implant AND lift verses just the lift.

fyi. I haven't done any massage (I want directed to) and I was told not to use scar creams our silicone strip s unless the scars begin to raise, which they haven't done at all up until this point. thank God.

I have been sleeping much more comfortably on my sides and even sleep on my stomach once with pillows propped up under my stomach and head, leaving a space for my breast to fit with little pressure on them. my nipples are in Working order and are super sensitive. they feel like real breast. I can not talk where the implant is by feeling the breast with my hands. and my boobs are very squishy and jiggle. they will drop some more I assume, but I love then either way. and the best part ( my big titty girls will understand) I no longer have that sweaty gross feeling under my boobs when I don't have a bra on. I hated that. overall I'm just super happy.

I still read many of the reviews on here,, and I can't stress enough for ppl to do their research before picking a surgeon. I have seen so many ppl who look like they have been butchered. all the puckering, pulling and distortion I've seen on here almost scared me away from getting this procedure done. and never pick a surgeon based on price. when looking through ppls reviews I noticed my cost was on the higher end of the rate scale. in most cases about $3000 more than other women with similar procedure. but I was willing to pay that too know I was getting the best and to avoid an unnecessary surgery for revision which can be costly and straining on the emotions and bank account. good luck to all the lovely ladies out there
embarking on this journey. be smart. stay informed. and good luck with all the new boobs. here are some updated photos from today :)

sorry about the typos... cell phone entry


2 months post

It seems like so long ago when i did these boobs. lol.. I am still super happy. In the beginning of november i had a small issue with my left breast. The stitches were trying to raise to the surface of my skin. It cause me to have an a small open wound. With the doctors instructions I kept it moisturized with Aquaphor and covered it with gauze, and it healed up on its own. But unfortunately it caused that scar to spread a bit.

Since then i have just been in love every time i get dressed or undressed. my boobs look amazing in everything i wear. I love going braless. and i have always hated underwires to wearing these little sports bras and bralettes has been a breath of fresh air.

I hope you all are still doing well. I am feeling very blessed!
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