37, 1 Child, Constricted Breasts. Paradise Valley, AZ

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Can't believe I'm doing a review after just...

Can't believe I'm doing a review after just stalking for a month lol! I need to write this review because I need your support! I don't know about you but I almost feel like I'm having a baby! I have had constricted, I call them my "nine year old girl boobs", forever. Even when I was pregnant they didn't grow. I have my mom flying in to help as my hubby will be on a business trip for ten days! I will be HEALED by the time he gets home! I'm getting mentor memory shape 440cc moderate profile and Im 6'2" 155lbs. Straight up and down. No breast tissue to begin with.

Time for Nighty night

Just got into bed after getting the house completely ready for my return tomorrow. Favorite show Family Ties is on and all is well. My daughter is snoring next to me and my heart just feels so happy. Feels like Christmas eve as so many of u have said! I get it now. Show time is 5:30 so maybe by the time lots of u wake up I will have BOOBS for the first time in my life:) Nighty night lovies.

Got the boobies today

Got the boobies and they are fab! Went with 395cc mentor memory shape moderate prifile. I'm 6"2' 155lbs.

Day one...of the rest of my life.

You guys I am soooo oo happy! It feels amazing to have these little modest things. The only time it hurts is when I have to get up to pee or reposition pillows. I feel so blessed. 395cc and my BWD is 13.5 and I'm 6"2' 155lbs. I left the sizing up to my dr. I just can't tell you how how happy I am. I will check in soon.

Day 2 post op

I'm officially in pain today so I will be on the couch ALL DAY if any of you sweet girls need me:) I felt wonderful yesterday but today is a different story. My mom is here taking care of me and it feels so strange asking her for things like the remote which is a foot away yet I CANNOT reach it myself. My daughter is getting really sick of having to take care of herself completely. My mom is wonderful but not very "hands on" as a grandma.

I'm still soooo happy with these boobs. No regrets at all but I will say that I'm glad that I waited so long to get them. Being so tall I feel like a "whole lotta woman" right now so if I'd done it when I was younger I wouldnt have been as confident as I feel now. Loves to you all.

Mid day 2

Feeling pretty painful rightnow. I'm officially on the couch for the day in and out of sleep because of the pain meds and it's a wonderful feeling knowing that I don't have to feel guilty about the looks of this place. Kiss kiss everyone.

Day 4 post op

Yay! I'm finally feeling great! I ran out of percocet last night so I switched to Tylenol. So far so good. Girls, I am still just on cloud nine with these boobs. So thankful to have boobs after 37years. Showered for the first time since Wednesday morning. I could've done it yesterday but I was too lazy. My house is a complete disaster but I just couldn't care less because I'm so gragrateful. Xoxo

Nighty night day 4

Day four was good to me. My husband came home from a seven day business trip and met the new boobs for the first time. He didn't even know what to say. He was so completely shocked and speachless and overjoyed. I was so happy for him. I'm a little sore tonight so I took some extra strength Tylenol that the dr called in for me since I'm out of percocet. Praying for you all sweet loves tonight. Sleep well, chat tomorrow.

Day 5 is rough!

I'm out of the percocet and I thought I'd do okay without a refill and my day has been awful. Up four times last night. Getting more percocet tomorrow for SURE! not much else to report except that I'm a lil grouchy and in pain:(

Day 8

Hi girls, I'm feeling good! My boobs shrink as the swelling goes down each morning and I'm to the point where I'm going to be bummed if they shrink much more. When I look down at them they look tiny but in clothes they look really proportional. My two week post op is next Wednesday and I'm excited to get clearance to take off this bra that smoosh's me down. Still can't believe I have boobs after all these years!!!! Love to you all.

Day 11

Hi girls, I'm Def feeling the need to update today. Sunday afternoon and hubby is working. Daughter playing in the backyard with a friend. I think I'm feeling a tiny bit depressed. I've told a few close friends about my boob job because I didn't want to just all of a sudden Just show up with big boobs after never even mentioning wanting them before- it all happened very quickly, I was ready and I was really ready! Girls...I've gotten some not so nice reactions! I went from having not even an a cup to these gorgeous boobs and some of my CLOSEST friends are not happy for me. 3 so far. I've decided not to tell anyone else from now on and even if other friends want to talk about my new gorgeous boobs I'm just gonna keep it simple and not go into any detail whatsoever. I'm finding that I'm a lot more emotional about this boob job than I ever thought I would be. It's made such a huge difference for me as I'm sure you can imagine after seeing my before pic. I can't believe that anyone who claims to be a close friend wouldn't be jumping for joy for me. I just don't get it:( any thoughts? I'm sure some of you will get it.

Happy Memorial Day.

Oh girls!!!! I'm feeling soooo much better today:) so disappointed with a few of my friends yesterday but I've moved on. I decided that the darn surgical bra NEEDED a day off!!!! I wore an adorable bralette that make me feel very very pretty and NORMAL! I will be two weeks post op on wed and I just feel like this stage of the recovery is almost depressing. Like, you feel pretty good, you look darn good,but youre still in you're stupid surgical bra and band, you don't feel yourself because you're still in between needing rest and needing to clean your damn house! Hoping my thoughts tonight make sense. Just strange being in this "in between " stage of recovery.

Tomorrow is my post op!!!!

I just want to show a funny pic of my boobs where one has dropped and fluffed and the other hasn't yet. The CRAZY thing is that my "big" boob, the one that dropped and fluffed WAS up until yesterday my "runt"boob. So much smaller than the other. Now...my runt boob is gorgeous and my other boob needs to catch up! Boobs are so funny! They sure have a mind of their own!

I think tomorrow for my two week post op I will probably not be able to hold back legitimate "weeping". These boobs have changed my life so much more than I EVER could have imagined. How do u even begin to thank someone who has improved your life immeasurably?! Okay here is my pic for the day.

2 week post op today!

Oh girls, I had the best apt! I hugged him twice and cried and told him how much he had changed my life. He showed me pics of what my boobs will probably look like at 6 to 8 weeks and they are amazing. Can't believe I get to live the rest of my life with boobs! I will post a pic of me leaving the dr office today. Xoxo

So freaking tired

I'm sure this sounds so boring but I'm so tired today and I am wondering if it's because I vacuumed for the first time. Is that stupid? I had to take a nap today, which I never do, and even now I can barely keep my eyes open. I've felt so good so I'm wondering what's up?

Hello sweet friends!

Still doing great! Morning boob is totally gone and I'm back to wearing my strap for another week trying to get my right boob to drop and fluff. I still CANNOT get over the fact that I have boobs and that I get to have them, God willing, for the rest of my life. After 37 years with no boobs whatsoever I don't think I will ever think I will take these "girls" for granted. I know I went the right size because I haven't seen even one pair of eyes on my chest, and that was my goal. I just wanted to be proportionate and I'm so thankful that my dr was able to achieve that! These boobs have brought me soooo much happiness. I've always been a joyful person but it's so much fun when life throws you some real happiness when so much of life can be soooo "heavy". Love you, boobie sisters.

3 week update, not doing well mentally

Hi girls, I need your prayers and good thoughts right now. I'm really struggling. I see a psychiatrist 3 times a year to manage some depression I've had my entire life. Yesterday and today I've been soooo depressed that I had to make an emergency apt to get in. He can't see me until next week but I got in with a social worker and had a good somewhat helpful conversation. I'm feeling a little better but I still can't stop crying. I know why too. It's because my sister in law has completely shut me out of her life. She has toyed with me emotionally for the last 6 years, because she is miserable and I'm happy. She leads me on and makes me think we are close and then she will shut me out and be "done" with me as she says. I wish that I could walk away from this toxic person bUT she is the mother of my daughters cousins! I know that this boob job has put the "nail in the coffin", her kindness toward me depends a lot on my weight fluctuations. When I'm 5lbs up she is nice, 5lbs down she shoots daggers at me with her eyes. She is the only person in my life who treats me this way and has this much hate for me. I subconsciously need her approval and I NEED to let that GO! do you guys think that all the oxycodone messed with my seratonin levels?

Feeling soooo much better!

Hi girls. Feeling so much better. My poor little brain chemicals are getting back to normal after the oxycodone effed with my anti depressants. Such a nightmare for me and my poor husband and daughter. Thankfully it only lasted about a week. I've totally cut my sister in law off after a lot of thought and conversation with my husband. Maybe one day she can be back in my life but certainly not now. I REALLY appreciate you girls soooo much. You really mean a lot to me.

12 week post op

Hi girls! Wednesday will be 12 weeks and everything is going well. It def has been an emotional roller-coaster but things are settling down a little. The boobs seem to change every week and I ended up being much bigger than I thought I would. They just keep fluffing and fluffing and I love it! For a while I was sad because they didn't seem big enough to wear a sheer bralette which was my DREAM but now they def are. Every now and then I feel like lined bras make me feel massive!

What came as a surprise to me is that I have "good boob days" and "bad boob days". I have found that it all depends on how I feel about the rest of my body. If I am puffy from water weight or had pizza for too many meals in a row I find that I am unhappy with my boobs. So I try to keep my portions under control and not eat for emotional reasons.

I have wasted soooo much Fricken money on bras that it makes me SICK! Now I understand why they say not to buy bras for 12 weeks!!!! Ugh! Most of the bras I have make me look too big for my liking and I know I won't end up wearing them:(

I went through a phase where I wished that I had gotten round instead of anatomicals and sometimes I still do wish for rounder boobs. If for some reason I needed a revision I would get round. I ended up a very full 34dd with 395cc's. I'm so thankful that I let my dr choose whatever he thought would make me look like a sexy proportionate woman.

12 week pics

My favorite ice packs.

Go get these ice packs if you are in the icing stage of recovery. They cover your ENTIRE BOOBS and you can just lay there without adjusting them.
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