31 Years Old, No Kids, Breast Augmentation with Circumareolar (Mastopexy) Lift. Paradise Valley, AZ

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Hello! My pre op appointment is today! Yay!! I'm...

Hello! My pre op appointment is today! Yay!! I'm nervous and excited. More than anything I'm looking forward to having a gameplan dialed in, I'm sure that will help my nerves!

31 years old, no kids
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 136 (I was very bloated in these pics, thanks pms! But, I am looking to loose about 6lbs and to be tone again. I'm curious of any affect this could have on the implants...)
Pre BA size: I currently wear a 34c from Victoria Secerts, hardware of choice their very sexy bra.

Initially, I was surprised to learned that Dr. Cohen was suggesting a circumareolar mastopexy lift. I've never had kids, and while my weight has fluctuated over the years like most women, it had never been in extrems or dramatic amounts. He then explained that I have a naturally high crease and because of my crease location I have some breast tissue that is falling below this crease. That made perfect sense! Once the implant is inserted things just wouldn't be in the right locations and I won't achieve my desired results. I love that he's a perfectionist! I'm sure I could find another PS who'd just slap something in there for half the cost. His attention to detail and amazing revisions gallery made him an easy choice! My thought process was if he can fix the travesties other women have experience at the hands of another surgeon, and give them amazing results, then he'll certainly be able to handle anything he runs into with myself and the uber picky me will love the outcome! Going through his augmentation gallary, I really liked that like myself, he made little suggestions to women of things he could do to further improve their results. This isn't something I saw when researching other surgeons and I feel it really gives patients that "custom" look. I really hate when you look at a surgeon's gallery and all the outcomes look the same, like the boobs were handed out on a production line! I also like that his surgery suite is fully stocked with implant choices and he takes the time during surgery to try different options and then chooses the best look for your desired outcome. I've always said if I'm going to do this, I'm going to do it right, this isn't the type of thing to price shop! Any who, I'm off track! It looks like with this kind of lift he'll be tightening the skin around the areola, possibly remove just a bit of skin, and slightly raising the placement of the areola. I also want to see since he's already making changes here if he can slightly decrease the areola size. I've always been a bit self conscious about their size, and am concerned the size will increase once I have the augmentation. I also always knew that my left breast was slightly larger, but I didn't realize how much so until seeing my before pics! Hopefully my asymmetry issues will be an easy fix as well.

I've been playing around with rice sizers, trying to get an idea of the possible cc I'd like, it's just so hard to tell. I do know that I'd like the cohesive "gummy bear" implant, I'm hoping for the Sientra brand after all of my research. I do know my PS uses this brand, as well as others, so we shall see what he feels is best for me! I did learn with the rice sizers that it takes just shy of 360 cc to make me look how I currently do with my very sexy push up bra from VS. So my choice will definitely need to be bigger than that! I've also heard that going under the muscle, which is my preference, will make an implant a little smaller and that you should choose up just a bit to achieve your desired look. I'm terrified of being not big enough and even worse, being too big! I will say that I liked a range of 480-525 cc with the rice sizers. But, I also understand profiles etc can affect this. I've heard the Sientra high profile for instances appears larger with a smaller cc then other brands. I'm pretty certain I'll want a round, textured, implant, but I do know my PS would like to discuss anatomical implants with me as well. My fear here is my lack of fullness up top has always been what I've hated about my appearance, and has been my drive to have implants. I really want that rounder, fuller top and to say good bye to push up bras, cutlets, and all around false advertising! This feels like a giant puzzle with so many decisions to be made and considered! Like I said, I'm looking forward to having a game plan dialed in!

All I know is that May 28th, can't get here fast enough! I never realized when I go clothes shopping how many things I mentally discredited because right away my thoughts drift to the hardware needed to achieve my bust look that I present and why it wouldn't work with that top or dress! I can't wait to have this whole new world open to me! The few people I've told outside of best friend and man are shocked that I'm doing this. I'll I've heard is, "you already have big boobs!" Well, I guess VS, has been doing their job! Now it's time for my body to hold its own!

Would anyone have any suggestions of bras to wear after my week in a compression bra? I really have no idea what to get! Also, any other pre or post tips would be greatly welcomed!

Thanks!!! 8 )

More wish pics!

One week and counting, Pre Op Done - starting to slightly freak out!!

I've officially hit the one week window! With that my nervousness, has turned to freaking out, doubts and second guessing myself. Not the decision to have the procedure done, that's a given, I'm not happy with with I've got... I'm equally afraid to be too big or too small. This is such a big deal to me, aside from the cost, and I just want to get it right. I know I'm in great hands, but being a bit of a control freak, not being able to see happenings during surgery and assist with those final calls has me worried. I know Dr. Cohen's objective before anything else is shape and making the right size for your figure, my logic just isn't helping my hamster that's running mock 10 on the wheel!

One reason why I choose Dr. Cohen was for the fact that every girl looks unquie and like herself. While the pictures on his website are all fabulous, they are a bit more on the conservative side than I am wanting for myself, being that Im starting out at a C cup already. He estimated that naturally I have about 300cc, at least in my larger left breast. But I have seen patients of his on this site who have gone larger and their shape is just as great! Dr. Cohen flat out said he wouldn't do a size range of over 500cc on me, that he just wouldn't do it. I liked the fact that he knows his craft and won't just slap a number in some body because it's what they think they want. He shared my same concerns of shape coming before size, and that because I have a larger rib cage and a shorter torso, that I didn't want to loose my waste and look bulky. He asked which was more importsnt to me size or shape, and I easily stated shaped. That's been my dissatisfaction with my natural breast for as long as I can remember. Size was never that big of a deal. Of course every girl wishes for s little more, but I was ok.

Dr. Cohen initially suggested I go with the 350-400cc range and was also wanting to use anatomical implant as oppose to the traditional round. This is something he's been using more and more to add volume to the top of the breast but keep a much more natural appearance. For me after playing with sizers at home I was pretty disappointed with his initial cc range. I learned that about 350 cc made me look almost identical to how I do now with a VS very sexy push up bra. I knew having that shape and size naturally would be great, but that I wanted more. He was pretty surprised, as I said he tends to be more conservative, which I do appreciate, because I know I won't become just a "set of tits". His size range also concerned me because he confirmed that when the implant is place under the muscle, which mine will be, that you can loose about 50cc. But, he also stated and showed me how the circumareolar lift will adjust my own natural volume, placing more in the top and rounding out my shape. We went back and forth on round vs anatomical. He asked me to be open to it which I was, but again, the lack of volume in my upper breast was the main reason I was having this done. I showed him a picture from this site of a patient of his he'd recently completed the same lift and anatomical implant on, and while they looked amazing, for me, they were still lacking some of the fullness up top that I'd like to see on myself. After that, he agreed that round would give me the look I was after. While I don't want my breast to obvious that I've had an argumentation, I'm okay with somebody looking and thinking did she or didn't she?

After much debate, we agreed that during surgery he would be comfortable with selecting a round "gummy bear" implant between the range of 450-500cc. With shape and appreancnce being our primary objective. We are hoping to go with a Seintra implant, either moderate plus or high profile. There is s chance that I may end up with one of each to even out my asymmetry. If he doesn't like the way these options look, he has my permission to proceed with some other options we've discussed. This is where I get nervous! But every single one of his patients looks amazing, so I have to trust that I will too! Now, I'm freaking out about size. I'm so afraid to be too big or too small. I keep reminding myself that I'll loose 50cc when they are placed under, and this is where my concerns of too big or too small take off! I also do not know how the projection will affect the size. Today I'm wearing a 500cc sizers around the house to see how I feel, keeping in mind that it would be 50cc less and this is the top of the range. I'm really worried that if he goes with the lowest end of 450cc that I'll feel I'm too small once they are placed under... I want a size increase from where I'm currently at... Ugh. My brain hurts. My personality type tends to way overanalyze things. Especially those of which I don't have full control over.

Any tips or advice would be much appreciated to help get my thoughts under control!

It's the night before my augmentation...

It's the night before my augmentation and I'm pretty much freaking out! I don't doubt my decision to have this done, I just wish there was a way to see the result prior to! I feel like a little kid the night before Christmas morning with a major side of anxiety and nerves!!! Ugh. My surgery is at 2pm tomorrow. It's going to be a long while of felting like a giant ball of nerves. Eeeeek.

One Month Post-Op Update! In Love with my new boobs! One of the best decisions I've made, especially my PS choice!

Man it's been a crazy month! I had chosen this time to have my augmentation, because it was supposed to be a lull in my schedule, but life always had other plans! Several weeks before my surgery my entire two-story town house flooded, the construction completion date was the same day as my surgery! Additionally, I went back to school full-time for the first time in 11 years during this time. I underestimated the impact surgery would have on school. I think it was just made more complicate because of all the time etc., the flood required. I somehow managed to pull straight A's though, yay!

Anyways, onto the fun part, the boobs! Dr. Cohen is amazing! The days leading up to surgery I started to have a lot of doubts regarding size. I was so afraid of being too small or too large. I may have slightly freaked out the morning of... I reminded myself that Dr. Cohen is more conservative, that I had to talk him up in size, and that he wouldn't do anything that he didn't feel looked great on me. We met prior to surgery and again discussed his plan of attack. We still agreed on the 400-500cc range, silicone, under the muscle, with me giving him full latitude to decide on which implant, profile etc. I was nervous about size, so if anything I made it clear that I agreed with him that shape came first and told him what I wanted to be sure to not look like. This made me nervous since I'm a control freak! We had thought he was going to go with a textured implant. I'm glad I trusted him to do what he felt was best, during surgery his game plan changed a bit. Dr. Cohen decided to go with a mentor smooth implant, high profile, under the muscle. He thought this looked best after completing the circumareolar lift. He also tried different sizes within our discussed range. He felt the shape wasn't impacted with going with the larger implant, and knowing I wanted to latter end, he was comfortable with moving forward. I received a 450cc implant in my left breast and a 500cc in my right, helping to balance out my asymmetry. I sure am glad he went with his choices!

Like many, I suffered from thinking they were too small in my 2nd and 3rd week, but now as they've dropped and fluffed more I love the size. Nordstroms and Victoria's Secret have measured me in at a DDD (I was a C prior to my augmentation)! I was pretty dang surprised with the cup size and it help my feelings of being too small dissipate. Not to say I wouldn't mind a little more, but I wanted to be more that just a set of boobs. More so, I have a shorter torso and a wider rib cage, I was concerned about becoming boxy, as was Dr. Cohen. I was instead hoping to achieved a look that balanced me out, and enhanced the curves I already had. I really feel this was achieved and since my surgery I feel like the contrast between my boobs and waist has not only made me look more curvy, but my waist looks much smaller! Right before surgery, Dr. Cohen told me that all of my objectives and with all that my breast required, left a very narrow window for all of them being achieved, that he would do his best, but that I also needed to be realistic. I'll tell you what, he found that window and then some!! The right areola is still rounding out, but looks better every day. The implant's volume gave me a little bit more underarm fat than before, but I'm hoping it will vanish in time.

Recovery has been a bit more difficult than I anticipated, but I believe that is from me trying to do too much too soon. Be sure to rest as much as possible, avoided lifting and too much arm moment! Between school and the flood I've had so much on my plate and trying to limit what I had to do has been tough. After a few days of the worst spasms, I forced myself to slow down, and I sure know the moment I've done too much! I'll be honest, nerve reconnection sucks. But it is a good bad thing, because the last thing I'd want is numb boobs/nipples! The pain hits out of nowhere and is sometimes brutally, but usually short-lived. I'm hoping in time I'll regain all feeling again.

Long story short, Dr. Cohen is by far the best and the only surgeon to go to if you want the best results for your body possible! He's worth every penny and wait! Don't make the mistake of being unhappy with your procedure and having to spend additional funds to have him give you the best result for you! I can't believe how they look after just a month and am excited to see them as time progresses!
Santa Monica Plastic Surgeon

Beyond excellent, I can't wait for my surgery date! I know I'm in great hands!!!

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