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So... I've had my consult, my pre-op and am now...

So... I've had my consult, my pre-op and am now awaiting my surgery on Weds. I am FREAKING out over size.... Let me go back to the beginning of my journey. Ever since i was 16 I have wanted bigger boobs. My sisters and mom were way bigger than me and so were most of my friends. I have had boob envy for a very long time. Then when i was in college i started doing Hawaiian Tropic swimsuit pageants and actually won many contests. I went to Nationals where there were 150 girls and all but 3 had implants. I was so insecure and knew i could've won and been more confident with bigger boobs!
All my life i've wanted to get implants but it was never the right time, the right supportive boyfriend, or financially not the best timing. Well finally at 31 the stars have aligned an it's time!
On my first visit to the doc they went on and on about my boobs are fine the way they are and why am I doing anything, etc, etc. The nurse went so far as to ask if I have already had implants!!! I was ready to run right then and there since i was already not 100% sure whether i wanted to do the surgery or not.. The doctor recommended 200CC's. Now my goal is to go from the B cup that i am to be a D cup. I am afraid 200CC's would not be worth the surgery- if i wanted that size boobs i would just continue wearing the push up bra's i've been wearing for 15 years! Then at my pre-op appointment he says maybe we should do 275... I have friends that have had implants and based on the research i have done i am thinking 350 is my magic number. I do not want to look like I am all boobs and still want to look natural but be noticeably larger... I am also worried about looking fat... HELP! What do ya'll think? I weigh 135 ibs and am 5'6". I've attached a before picture. Any advice will help! I am so stressed out over the size!!

PS. He is going under the muscle. I know that makes a slight difference.

Tomorrow is the Day!!!

Okay, I can't help but keeping thinking that this is my last day as a member of the itty bitty titty committee.... I am excited, mostly nervous about how well I will do in surgery and recovery. I work in real estate and have an out of town client coming in on Friday so i am hoping to be able to gain enough strength and to be able to be off pain meds long enough to work for a few hours....
Going to get all my supplies tonight- my prescriptions, ice packs, sports bras, bendy straws, etc.. Also going to download a good book since I will have some down time.
My brother is getting married in a few weeks so hoping they drop so I don't look like Tits McGee at the wedding and can find a suitable dress.

Any suggestions or things any of you think I need to do tonight please let me know.


I get to see them today

I get to see my new boobs today. I just woke up and they feel hard as a rock! They've been wrapped up since after my surgery on Weds. All I did the past 2 days was take my Meds and lay around on the couch. I've been having to watch my dogs and be careful they don't step on my boobs. They don't understand they can't jump all over me like usual. I will post some pics in a bit. I've got an appointment at noon today. Hoping I can power through it and get done quick so not to overdo it. I plan on going back to work for the full day tomorrow if I feel ok after today. We will see.... I don't lift a lot so should be ok. I do walk a lot at work though.

Recovering still

Hi girls! I am feeling SO much better today! Yesterday was the first day I took the wrap off and got to see my new boobs and I love them. It still feels like they don't belong there and feels odd but i can't wait until they stop hurting. Yesterday was my roughest day so far. I ventured in to work for a few hours to sell a house- (I have to pay for these things somehow). And ended up staying longer than I wanted and the pain meds wore off, I was in a lot of pain by the time i got home. I took it easy last night and feel a million times better today. I was going to go back to work today and prob could have but decided to take it easy one more day. I am getting ready to take a shower for the 2nd time and am excited to see them again. I will update pictures here also. I am not sure how many CC's i ended up with- i will be sure to ask the doctor Monday at my post op appointment. But i am very happy with the size and they are exactly what i wanted... I just can't wait for them to drop.
This band you have to wear above them to help push them down sucks! It's kind of painful but i am getting used to it today!

1st picture of new boobs

1st pic of new boobs- Taken yesterday

Today the right breast has started to drop already. Hoping that is a good sign that they will drop quick!

Post Op Appointment today

I was going to postpone my post op appointment today because of work but boy am i glad that i didn't! I got to ask if i had to wear that band above my breasts all day and the nurse told me i only had to wear it for 3 hours a day. That instantly made me happy. That thing makes getting dressed a hassle and it hurts!! She also took out 1/2 of my stitches. I didn't even realize that was what she was doing until she was finished. The rest come out next Monday. She taught me 2 massage exercises to do to make them softener and those hurt like hell!! She squeezed one boob so hard I thought it was going to pop! I do want them softer and not so tight so will be sure to diligently do my exercises.

I finally found out the size.... they ended up going with 375 CC's and i couldn't be happier. No wonder they feel like the perfect size! That was the size i was really wanting. Here are some new pics. Not much has changed to me, i feel like i stare at them 24/7 LOL


I wore my trusty band last night to bed so I wouldn't have to wear it during the day today and could look halfway decent and normal! I woke up around 6:30 and took it off since my boobs felt as hard as rocks and thought it would give some relief. I had the sharpest pain or burn shoot through my right breast. It hurt so bad, I cried. I realized those were the first tears that i have cried over this surgery. i got up, took a 1/2 of pain pill and then felt better about an hour later. I don't know what it is about "righty" but it is in pain more often than not. Is anyone else getting this sharp pain in one or both breasts? I am finding it hard to do my massages on that breast- but fighting my way through it hoping it will help!

Out last night

So I had my first outing last night with my new ladies :) bought a new dress to show off the boobs and felt so hot!! I felt like I turned a few extra heads but most importantly I just felt like I had more confidence. I'm so happy with my results. I was questioning the size the other day and thinking I should've went bigger but after looking at my pictures from last night I realize I went just the right size!

Finally feeling like they are MINE

I am really getting used to by new assets. They are not hurting or bothering me hardly at all now. Now i am just ready to start working out and being able to tan.... I am the whitest person that lives in Florida right now!! I've been doing my massages with no pain whatsoever and am noticing that i am dropping and fluffing. I feel there are small variations between the two- one is a little higher, one is a little larger. Hoping that will all even out.
I am dying to wear a real bra and tired of the sports bras and no lift bra's. I've actually not been wearing a bra most of the time. Because i wore such padded bras before i am feeling like i am the same size- just all me and not padding anymore...
I took my last bandages off my nipples today and was surprised at how well they are healing. I've ordered some scar cream called Scar Guard and will start using that as soon as i get it. I've heard that it works very well!
I have the biggest pile of clothes to donate right now because they do fit anymore. Gives me an excuse to keep shopping!! Hope everyone is healing well!!

So many unanswered questions

Hi Ladies,
Last Monday I went for my 1st appointment with my doctor since the surgery. The other times I've just met with the nurse and she has changed bandages on my incisions and removed stitches but that is alll. I was pretty excited about the appointment since I had several questions and really needed some guidance. I drive 1 hour there and 1 hour home just to these SHORT appointments. When I got in I was very rushed.... He had several people he was working with at the same time, i guess. He asked to see my breasts and then gave each a good squeeze and rambled off a list of things... I had a rash around my nipples that I was putting hydrocortisone cream on and he told me it was a yeast infection and to start using vagasil and then if that didn't work he gave me a prescription. Next he told me he was prescribing this other stuff to help make my breasts softer. I've looked it up and it is used to treat asthma... I can't remember the name right this second but have seen that women use it for capsular contracture's. That kind of freaked me out. He just told me to take it... Didn't say he was worried about that or why specifically or anything.. He then runs out of the room to write prescriptions for those 2 items tells me to get dressed and i am finished.

I had to almost tackle him to ask a few questions that I had and then forgot 1/2 of them and got half- ass answers on the others.
1. Can I wear a REAL bra now? He tells me why would you want to? blah, blah, blah... I will tell you why I want to... Because I have a professional job where i don't want my nipples poking peoples eyes out. So they pretty much didn't answer that one. I went ahead and went to Victoria's Secret where i can happily announce i purchased 3- 34DD bra's! Are any of you girls 4 weeks post op wearing real bra's now or not???

2. Can I tan? He did answer that and said yes just not my boobs. Is anyone tanning that is at 4 weeks post op? I am dying to!!! I would love to go to the tanning bed and just lay a towel across the girls if I can.

3. Can I work out? This question I totally forgot to ask because he escaped so quick? Anyone working out yet? I know to obviously not work out chest or use my chest muscles at all. But what about running?

I've attached some updated pictures. They are feeling great and looking great (besides the rash that is going away). They are not really dropping a lot anymore. Maybe they will after i take this month's worth of asthma meds he gave me.

Hope everyone is healing and happy!!
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