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I have done my consultation and paid in full with...

I have done my consultation and paid in full with surgery date. PS never told me my cc size just knew I want silicone ,bigger the better, full look. I am very flat chested a very small A cup, 26, 5"4,125lbs. (Was a bcup years ago,lost 20lbs, as well as the little breast I had left to begin with lol) He was very vague but highly recommended from friends and nurses. He told me he'd go into further details in pre op. With that being said, nurses took my payment set surgery date, then told me pre op would be over the phone, since I would have to drive about 2hrs. Like seriously?! I later called to ask questions, about cc, and more info. She "thought" I received certain paperwork which I never did was told I'd get an email still have not and been several days. Was told I could not pick a cc size that the PS would pick one that suited best for me on day of surgery. I'm very confused and nervous. Has anyone had these issues?! She said the PS on his chart has that I want the bigger fuller look....great I'm going off that with no sizers done...but on a brighter note he only does high profile which is what I wanted. The only positive so far. But what PS only does a certain profile, seems like all u ladies have had many options and choices..very insecure and not confident. I understand I don't have very little to work with but an est. cc size would help me a lil. I want as much as 550-600cc , understand if that's not possible. But no less than 450. It would really be pointless for me I feel. Will post my pics later of my itty bitties lol. I'd love input ladies, thanku! I seriously do not know what to expect, I haven't had one good nights rest since...crazy nightmare BA disasters!!!
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