Juvederm in Tear Troughs-don't Do It!

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I'm 43 and had some bags under my eyes. Went to a...

I'm 43 and had some bags under my eyes. Went to a plastic surgeon to discuss surgery options. She suggested I could buy some time with filler and asked if I had a preference for restylane or juvederm. I did not know the difference and she injected 1 syringe of juvederm. She also said that if I did not like the results there was an "antidote."

Immediately, I got a raised bump under my right eye, but she told me I had no bump and that it was normal to have some swelling. At 2 weeks, I had raised bumps under both eyes shaped like the nike swoosh--I definitely preferred my pre-filler appearance. Went back to Dr., she said she "had no idea what this is" and when I asked for antidote, she said she had never done it before, would have to order it and learn the effects!

I went for a second opinion elsewhere where they took one look at me, said that I had "classic juvederm fluid retention" and that juvederrm often takes on too much water in the tear troughs and so they do not use it there!

5 weeks later, I have had multiple injections to undo the juvederm and look almost normal, but still have some swelling under my right eye. So grateful to the 2d Dr., really mad at the 1st. I will never do this again!

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