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In some ways, I feel it may be premature for me to...

In some ways, I feel it may be premature for me to write this review, but I'll write it nonetheless.

My back-story: I am a 33-year-old female Sergeant in a local police department. I state my occupation only because as a result of my job, I've had a ridiculous number of injuries, partially leading to my weight gain. During my 20s, I weighed anywhere between 120-135 pounds (I'm 5'6"). I had a number of fractures and surgeries in my 20s, yet I was able to keep the weight off. As soon as I hit my 30s, the weight piled on. I attribute that to many things: a foot fracture, a crappy diet, a miserable relationship/marriage and finally an SI joint injury.

I am now 194 pounds (193.8 per their scale, but who's counting?). That is huge for me! For the past ~6 months, my weight has stabilized. I have the back injury, which makes it difficult to do very much in the way of exercising. For the past few months, I have incorporated a walking plan into my lunch break - about 4-5 days/week I try to walk 3-4 miles per day on my lunch break. I've been eating healthier and trying to take better care of myself overall. It isn't working!!

I found this website and read a few reviews in addition to the other research I've done and decided to take the plunge and try Smart Lipo. I am presently in the surgical center adjacent to my doctor's office, waiting to get my procedure done. Surprisingly, I'm not terribly nervous. Neither am I anxious, scared or anything like that at all. I am laying on the gurney hoping that they'll just get to me soon so I can begin my recovery.

I have realistic expectations of the procedure and its outcome. In no way am I expecting this to be a weight-loss solution, but taking the ~13 pounds of fat out of me that the doctor believes he can get out would help my overall health and hopefully any injuries I have as well. Half of me wants it for the cosmetic side/vanity, the other part of me wants it for my health. I had to stretch the truth with my nieces so they don't get scared seeing me post-surgery by telling them that I am getting a surgery for my back to get better. I don't need the poor girls having body issues at such a young age!!

I feel like there's something I want to add, pre-operatively, but I can't think what. I apologize in advance for any type-os. I'm doing this on an iPad. I will get back to you later tonight or tomorrow after the anesthesia has worn off!

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Five stars thus far!

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