TT, MR, lipo all DONE...2 years Post op!

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Hello Everyone, I've been obsessively looking at...

Hello Everyone, I've been obsessively looking at this site for the last 2 weeks as I make my decision. I finally made my decision , and pinned down a date!! I am now both extremely excited and extremely anxious!! I swing between extreme guilt at spending so much money on myself and fear of dying to can't wait till it's over and I have my new and improved self!!

Bye facebook, hello Realself!

This is the new facebook for me, I am still constantly stalking everyone here for updates and new info. I'm obsessed!

About 6.5 weeks to go!!

Ok so I cannot stop thinking about my surgery date. I swing between two extremes - either schedule it earlier and get it done or cancel! I look into the mirror and think, i guess i can live with this flab, maybe I should just starve myself and workout 3 hours everyday and then I think, Hell NO!! I want to enjoy the rest of my life without having these thoughts about my belly and not kill myself with diet and exercise. I also get this guilt about spending so much money on this, especially elective surgery. I keep thinking I'll be punished for my vanity. At other times I am so excited and can't wait to see the transformation of my body. I feel that at this point in my life, I deserve to do stuff for me (even if it's for my vanity). I raised 2 kids, both are over 21 and live pretty much on their own.

I live with my BF who says I don't need this and he thinks it's a waste of money. Men, they just don't get it. so now I am trying to line up my girlfriends who will help me through recovery as my BF will not be able to take time off from work. I also am not telling my family because I just don;t want to deal with their judgement and snarky comments. I hope I can keep this a secret and just tell them next year when I will be wearing bikinis that I've been "working out" wink wink.

I read about so many of the reviews here and I am so grateful for this online community. It has helped me a lot get more informed and prepared for this intense surgery. Everyone's experience is unique - recovery times is quick for some, and long for others. So while I am keeping this a secret from family and friends, I have all you lovely women who have been through this and are so generous and supportive. I am on this site so much it feels like an addiction :) I've seen so many before and after pics that they swim in my head even when I'am not looking at them.

Anyway, I will try to find the guts (pun intended) to take some before pics and post them soon.

Some doubts

Ok so today, I woke up feeling less fat and had some doubts about goin through with the surgery but, by the end of today, after yoga, drinking lots if water and eating, I decided to take some before pics and then BAM! Doubts gone!!

More pics

More pics

Not too shabby covered up

But lift that shirt and small children will run screaming in fear

Back view for the record

No ass, and when I wear a bra, I have back boobs. Lets see how it looks after Lipo.

Oh, my stats - forgot to add

Height: 5' 4.25" (yes that 1/4 inch matters!)
Weight: 120 lbs give or take 3-5 bs either way.
chest: 33"
waist: 31"
hips: 33

So basically, I have no shape - pretty straight.

Different strokes for different folks

It's interesting that there seems to be a lot of philosophical approaches to surgery and recovery by the different PSs. My PS told me that they recently did a study on CGs. They had a control group - one with and one without compression garments. The result shows that statistically, CG did not affect outcomes. My PS said that he found that CG is more for the psychological support than actual physiologic impact. He told me that a majority of his patients prefer to wear the CG long past the recommended time because it makes them feel "better." And so I've found that to be true here as well. While most folks wear CGs there are a few who have not and they seem to go thru the same healing process anyway, swelling, seromas, etc...

Also, another thing that i really am happy about, my PS takes the drains out either on day 1 or day 2. I loved his comment when I expressed my concern he said, it,s safer to stick a syringe in every other day and pullout the excess fluid than to keep the tubes in because it is a huge pathway for bacteria to get into the body and an infection is way more serious than seromas or fluid build up (which has a very easy fix).

Then when I asked him about the fat grafts to my butt (I posed a question here about having that at the same time as TT) Several doctors said they wouldn't do it at the same time because "you're not supposed to sleep on your newly grafted fat" well, once again, My awesome PS just poo pooed that and said first, you can sit because you are not sitting on where the fat is injected, second, you can lay down and sleep in any position you like because no matter what, the fat survival rate will still 50-70% and it is mostly dependent on how your body heals, not whether you sit or sleep on it.

Anyway, I dig his philosophy - similar to mine. It's just interesting how even doctors have different beliefs :)

Ok, I forgot stuff

so..a bit more about me. Isn't that what this whole thing is about anyway? :)

I am 52 (if you haven't figured that out yet), had 2 kids, both are over 21 now, son was 9.5 lbs at birth and daughter was 8.2 lbs so I was all tummy (my hips are kinda small) At the time of my first pregnancy, I was around 95 lbs (you might say I was one of the lucky ones who could pretty much eat anything in any quantity and not gain weight) Note the past tense. That all changed of course after pregnancy, starting with the 65 lb weight. since then, in order to maintain my weight, I had to run a minimum of 5-6 miles everyday. The lowest weight I got back to was about 110 but still had the flabby belly - that seemed to not change regardless of weight.

For years, I kept hoping if only i could loose more weight, exercise more, blah blah blah...I was also afraid of the surgery AND the scar. Not to mention hanging on to the hope that as I got older, I would also be wiser and less vain. Until menopause happened. uh huh, over the last year of hot flashes, drying skin and expanding belly fat (aka mid life crisis), I decided, no more killing myself with exercise, accept my vanity but not my belly, and be ok with the scar. luckily, thanks to my vanity, I am also in good health.

And so here I am, and I luckily found all of you on this site! So yes, RS is still my addiction, can't stop perving everyone's profiles, looked at hundreds (possibly thousands) of before and after pics and enjoy reading everyone's stories - all the ups and downs, the joys and tears of this process. It really has helped me to be more mentally prepared for my upcoming surgery (I still get those flashes of fear and doubt)

So thank you ladies! I have had side conversations with a couple of awesome ladies now and I really just want to say THANK YOU for sharing your intimate and emotional experiences. You ROCK!!!

Question for you ladies

What are your thoughts on equipment - a recliner and/or a wedge pillow? what would you say?
1. Eh, optional if you have money to throw away,
2. If you like, it helps a lot so if you can afford it, highly recommend (which one recliner or wedge pillows)
3. Absolutely necessary for survival after TT surgery, you must get ....

For the record

My size 24 jeans - collecting dust in the last 2 years

Mommy jeans for now

Someday soon, I'll be doing yoga in a bra-top and low waisted yoga pants

so today I'm thinking of all the bikinis and yoga tops I'll be buying... :)

I love all my TT and MM sisters here!

Just thought I'd say it again - I love this virtual support group. I just wish there was a face to face one ( you know like the AA meetings, "Hi, my name is xyz, and I am going to get a TT, lipo and butt fat transfer on Oct 14 and today, I'm feeling happy anxious.") Some of you live nearby so for those in the SF Bay area, wondering what your thoughts are on getting together pre-op in person? I am sure post op will be out of the question as we will all be busy doing the hunchback shuffle. Just wondering...

Anyhoo, here is a pic of me in my yoga attire, I am hoping one day to get rid of the t-shirt. I can't even bear to take a pic of me in the plank position, my tummy probably just barely touches the floor.

Slowly prepping my house for my recovery. Just moved the bedroom furniture in the spare room - this will be my recovery room. I want to get my brother to mount the TV on the wall, but he's so busy with his work... will see if I can beg for a weekend. Bought a bidet which I am also waiting for my bro so he can install, I tried doing it myself but unscrewing that connecting ring was too hard for me. Just started a cough a few days ago aargh!! I hope I am super well and healthy - I certainly do not want to get sick after surgery - not for the first month at least!

Beware of "doctoring google" and "astrotrufing" by doctors

Hi everyone, Just thought I'd share these websites that I found on working mum losing weight's profile. I was quite shocked to see that Dr. Rajagopal has a profile here and it's mostly positivet when she pretty much cuased the death of one of her patients due to negligence - she was operating in a non-certified facility, injected may too much lidocaine, caused the patient to go into a coma and eventually die 2 years later. She had to call 911 because she had no anesthesiologists on site, no emergency equipment, no nurses to help the poor patient. Buyer BEWARE!!

Here are the URLs:

For California you can look up your doctor here:

My List of Questions for Pre-Op Appt

Hello everyone, below is my list for the 3rd time I'm seeing my PS.

1. What are your thoughts on IV Vit C? Can you order it for me?
2. How long to be hunched over?
3. Can I sleep on my side?
4. Will it hurt the stitches as I get in and out of bed?
5. Why or what causes dehiscence? Can it be prevented?
6. What should I be doing the 2 weeks prior to prepare my body as best as I can for this surgery? What shold I not eat, drink, etc..?
7. Caffeine – should I wean myself before? Can I drink it after?
8. Please walk me through the order in which you are going to perform the surgery. I am asking this again because I want more details and I have more questions at each step.
9. What areas will you do the regular lipo? Will you be doing the vaser lipo right after?
10. What percentage of your patients get seroma?
11. What are your thoughts on lymphatic drainage massage ?
12. How and where do you typically mark/make the incision? I plan to tell him exactly where I want mine and will draw it (I'll borrow his marking pen).
13. Where will you be inserting the lipo cannulas? Do I have options as to where to put the holes?
14. How many follow-up visits do I need? Will I be scheduling them now?
15. Compression Garments and binder – how long should I wear them?
16. How soon can I shower?
17. Do you use glue to glue back the skin to fascia?
18. I read about lipoabdominoplasty and that sounded like what you described you were going to do but you didn’t use that term (yes I know it’s a marketing term). Is that essentially what you typically do?
19. MR - do you use absorbable or permanent sutures or both?
20. Stitches or staples or glue on the outside?
21. When do you release the bb? before cutting the abs or after?
22. Garments = what are you providing and what will I need to buy?
23. Fat Grafts (BBL) – how and where do you inject the fat? Will this be right after the lipo and before TT?
24. How much fat do u think you will get out of me to graft?
25. I heard about some deaths associated with fat grafts - they said it was fat cells clogging the arteries – urban legend?
26. Face lipo - how much time will this take? (I am asking him because I want to do a wee bit of lipo under my chin to tighten the skin and want to know if we can add this on or schedule it separately as an office procedure.
27. What are your thoughts about drain free TTs?
28. When will my dressings/bandages to be removed?
29. When will my stitches be removed? Which ones?
30. Does your anesthesiologist monitor brain activity as well? How will you know if the patient is getting too little or too much anesthesia?

Past questions with answers:

1. What is the order of the surgery? lipo front, then lipo back, fat injections, Tummy tuck
2. Is it ok to sleep on the butt where the fat transfer is healing? Yes
3. What medications will I get/take? None apart from antibiotics on day of
4. When will pain pump be removed? Day 1 or 2 post op
5. When will drains be removed? Day 1 or 2 post op
6. When can I go back to work, do chores and exercise? For the TT, at 2 weeks, I should be 85% good, by 3 weeks 95% and can for sure go back to work. Lipo swelling and full healing takes 12 months.
7. Can you provide a patient reference who has had similar surgery (TT + lipo + fat grafting) – I used to do that but my patients who volunteered got too many phone calls and it was quite disruptive for them and so I stopped. I know that doctors that still do that these days typically pay them or give some compensation because it is work. I did not want to do that because then since you are paying them, they may feel obligated to give biased opinions.
8. Do I need to rent a recliner or buy anything for recovery? No
9. Do I need to buy any garments? No, all will be provided
10. What supplies do I need to buy? None, all will be provided

Pre-OP done! All paid for, they have my money now.

It always help to talk to the doctor. Had a ton of questions so I had to go over them kinda fast. doc said I had some very good questions. I was afraid he might think I was nut case (even though I am) .We spent a lot of time in the room with him poking and pinching my fat and thinking about how he was going to do the surgery, he was deciding if he needed the fat from my belly or if I had enough on my back side so he would not have to flip me over twice.

so here are some of the answers I can remember from my list above, I forgot to ask him a few!

1. Low Sodium one week before and a month after.
2. Cafeine ok
3. One drain, and pain pump, below incision on the side (not on mons)
4. No glue - he said it doesn't increase better results and it's expensive. Stanford docs don't use it as a practice.
5. CG wear about a month for the TT and 2 weeks for the arm lipo
6. Lipo cannulas 2 inserted the upper back and one lower back (I was only concerned about the holes in the back not front.
7. He provides all the garments.
8. He said I could do drain free TT but he prefers to do at least 2 days because of the lipo fluids he injects, those have to come out.
9. stitches are all internal with a few (maybe 4-5 knots on the outside. then glue and steri strips on top of incision wound.
10. He said no vertical scar!! yay! after lipo, my skin will be like rubber that he can pull down.
11. he uses permanent sutures for the MR - those are the same ones that orthopedic surgeons use to stitch ligaments together, or for heart surgery. He thinks he will have enough fat from just my back for the BBL.
12. Lymphatic massage is ok, doesn't really affect outcome but it helps patients feel better. Ok after 2 weeks.
15. He said seroma incidents is probably 5% more since he takes off drains in 2 days. but he prefers to aspirate the fluid if it happens than risk infection.
16. He said his last infection from TT occurred 24 years ago and it was minor.

I forgot to ask the rest!! DARN! But no worries he gave me his home phone number, his cell phone and his personal email account. He said call anytime with questions. Ha! Little does he know his phone will be buzzing. I'll try not to bug him more than 2-3 times before my surgery date :)

He also gave me all the prescriptions today:
60 norco
60 valium
anti nausea
Anti-itch and tingly - he said docs don't know how this particular med works but he prescribes it to lipo patients and they are a lot more comfortable
antibiotics to start day after surgery

He said have MOM or dulcolax and fleet in stock :)

I told him about my fear of dying and he was very kind and took my concern seriously. He eve said tha ta few years ago, when he had shoulder surgery, he had the same fears. He said I'll be fine, don't worry, I'm in good hands.

Topic for today - Arnica, which my PS said is a waste of money

It's interesting to note that there are so many testimonials and claims that Arnica is effective for bruising and swelling and yet not one single clinical trial has confirmed this. with that said, I am still gonna buy it and like D37, will do some testing on my own body, I'll put it on one side and just either coconut oil or vaseline on the other and will post my progress. Why? because inquiring minds want to know. I know that my PS is such a scientist and he does not buy into any of this but I also don;t think that western medicine is the only one truth in terms of healing. However, I will at least follow the recommendation that Arnica is approved only for external use (since it contains a toxin) so I will not be drinking it.


Medicinal uses[edit]
Arnica montana has been used medicinally for centuries. Arnica is used in liniment and ointment preparations used for strains, sprains, and bruises. Commercial Arnica preparations are frequently used by professional athletes.[3] According to The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, clinical trials "suggest benefits of arnica for osteoarthritis and reduction in postoperative swelling and pain." [4]
A study of wound-healing after surgery to treat varicose veins found no statistically significant proof of efficacy.[5]
Arnica contains the toxin helenalin, which can be poisonous if large amounts of the plant are eaten, and contact with the plant can also cause skin irritation.[6][7] If enough of the material is ingested, the toxin helenalin produces severe gastroenteritis, and internal bleeding of the digestive tract.[8] Homeopathic preparations of Arnica 24X dilution or more are neither toxic nor effective as negligible amounts of Arnica remain.[9][10][11]
Homeopathic preparations of Arnica are widely marketed and used. In the UK, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency has registered the product for sprains and bruising under the National Rules for Homoeopathic Products (2006). These rules allow claims of efficacy for these conditions to be made on the packaging in the absence of similar evidence to that required for conventional medicines under the Medicines Act 1968 and 1971.[12] A systematic review of clinical trials showed that homeopathic Arnica was no more effective than a placebo.[13] In some quarters, the fact that homeopathic Arnica has been the subject of published clinical trials at all has drawn criticism grounded on the allegation that the basic premise of the high dilutions used in homeopathy would be inherently flawed.[11]

Cancelled 10/14 to be re- scheduled soon

Hello my new BFFs!! I miss you all but I have sad news, my dad passed away oct 4th quite suddenly. He was in good health, no, illness. He was 78, he did have a pacemaker but his last physical was less than a month ago and his doctor gave him a clean bill of health. I'm with my family now as we all had to fly out of the country to my dad. It's been a few days and the reality is slowly sinking in.

Anyway, thought I'd drop a short note for now to let you guys know what's up. I'll be back and will plan and re-schedule my surgery date. Hugs and kisses to you all. Please don't forget to tell all your loved ones how much they mean to you - you never know when you will not have that opportunity anymore.

Not so sure anymore about this

Hello everyone, thank you for your loving messages of condolence. My life feels like it's been turned upside down. My dad's death made me wonder if he timed it as such to tell me something. I also just read mommyof2 recent post and it really made me wonder about all this....

I may have a new date and a revised game plan

Hello my dears, I am back, though down with a bad cough and sore throat. i went to talk to my ps yesterday to discuss what I was thinking. I decided that I don't want to do so much work. I basically am not doing about half the stuff that I previously planned. The original plan was to have TT, MR, Lipo to arms, flanks, my whole back, and front and back armpits and then fat graft to butt (bbl). This required starting with my back, doing lipo on my whole back then injecting the fat to my butt. then flipping me over to do the TT and front armpit Lipo.

S the new plan is to do only one side, no more flipping over. Do only TT and MR, Lipo to armpits in front, he said he can do my arms without flipping me over. I was thinking of doing a bit of vaser Lipo on my jawline and parts of the upper neck to tighten the skin. So after, I feel a lot less anxious, and I hope my recovery won't be so challenging. I heard Lipo recovery can take months and also, that is major trauma to a large area of my body. So I feel a lot better and less anxiety about this surgery now. I'm still having some doubts so I haven't pinned down a date yet. Also, this throws off my whole work schedule and vacation because I used the time off that I had blocked for this surgery to go home and bury my dad.

Anyway, I thought I'd update you all, I miss having our conversations but I'm starting to get caught up on everyone's profile again.

I also read mommyof2DR's review again and the second time around, I am just feeling sad for her that she regrets the whole surgery. I think perhaps she did not think about it or research as much as she needed to prior to surgery. I do pray that she will in time feel ok with her choice or find a good solution to her concerns.

Happy Friday everyone! Xoxo

So I have a new date, I just confirmed today

December 9!! I'm feeling excited again and less anxious about the surgery. Now that there's less work, I'm hopeful that my recovery will be a lot faster.

3 weeks to go!!

Last night i couldn't sleep, i was so worried, scared, excited and anxious about my upcoming surgery. This morning, I woke up so tired but calmer at work. I'm glad I have some distraction! Been trying to run at least 3 miles on the treadmill 3-4x a week and yoga another 3 times/week since i got back from my trip and gotten over that nasty cough. so far, in 8 days, I worked out 6 of those days. Gonan try to not be so lazy....

Hope you ladies who are way ahead of me are continuing to heal fast and enjoying your flat tummies!!

I just wanna say, I love my Doc!

I emailed him about some concerns about the pain pump (my irrational fears again about overdoing on marcaine) and he put my mind at rest right away. I love that he is so accessible and responsive to his patients.

2 more sleeps!!! It's almost here and I'm so nervous and excited

So 2 more nights and on Monday morning, I will be heading to the surgery center at around 6:00am. I still have my moments of panic, especially when I spoke to my yoga teacher today and told me no more backbends for you. And so as I was doing backbends at yoga class today, I seriously thought of canceling my surgery. BUT as always, vanity won! i saw my flabby jellly belly and decided, enough is enough. spent too many years wishing it away. I think for many months I will have to slowly work my way back my exercises and yoga poses.. I do recall my PS telling me I should be able to do everything again. I probably will be emailing him a few times this weekend. also , i will tell him that if my muscle separation is less than one inch, to leave it that way. I don't think aesthetically less than an inch will make much of difference but will mean quite a bit in terms of recovery. Will see what he says.

I also am planning on pooping a Valium tomorrow night so I get a good nights sleep.

1 more sleep!! Did any of you TTers have any thoughts of cancelling surgery the night before?

Woke up today feeling anxious. I think my anxiety is mostly because I haven't told my kids about this surgery. I think I will tell them today. I'm just such a wimp about dealing with their judgement and I am afraid they might convince me to not do it. "mom, why? you look fine and you're old anyway...why do you want to look like a hot mama..?? and so on. LOL ah well, when I ask these very same questions to myself i say, why not? I am expecting to live at least another 30 years, I want to spend those years not looking at my tummy everyday and wishing it gone. I want to be able to feel comfortable and good in jeans and bikinis. I spend so much time everyday looking at my tummy and wishing it flatter - I want to spend the time instead wondering what I want to do for the rest of my life instead of obsessing about my tummy. So glad I don't have to explain all that to you, my TT sisters. so nice to be in the same boat as tall you awesome ladies. love you all.

Hi everyone!! I made it!!!

Sorry for not posting yesterday as I had zero energy and was very loopy. So I was in the pre op room where they put in the iv fluids. Doc said he was just going to put a little med to,relax me but that was the last thing I remembered. The next thing I knew, I was waking up and feeling a burning sensation along my incision. No pain otherwise other than feeling the tight binder. I hired a nurse to take care of me for 2 nights, I thought that was better than spending money on a recliner.

So today is post op day 2, went to see doc to take off my face bandage as I had a wee bit of Lipo on my chin and neck. Feel much better today. It may feels weird to be so helpless. I will plan on taking the MOM to,or row as I cannot imagine trying to poop right now. Peeing in itself is a challenge. So the worst thing right now is my back. It hurts like a mofo.
Also they put this stuff in my hair that made it all matted and gross. Can't wait to shower tomorrow. Drains and pain pump,is supposed to come off tomorrow. Dr. Said everything went great - will try and take pics tomorrow.

Thank you dear sisters for your positive vibes - couldn't have done this without you .


So bruised up !

Norco is my new best friend

I'm trying to not take so much pain meds but when I miss my s he dulled dose, I start feeling really tired and depressed so day 3 is not as bad as day two and its so true what everyone says, it gets better everyday. Had some chicken breast and quinoa last night for dinner and today just drinking lots of smoothies. Drains came off yesterday and was able to take a nice shower. That gunk they put in your hair is nasty. Daughter is coming bybina bit to make me a kale smoothie. Happy healing TT sistas!!!

I guess I bruise easy

Call me Barney

Here comes Debbie downer

So it's 6 am and been to the bathroom twice ( I guess that's a good thing) but seeing all this bruising is a bit freaky to me.. I'm going to take pics and send them to my doc and see what he says. Wish I could fast forward two months

Day 4

Ok going to backtrack a bit since I've been incoherent in my last posts

Day 1: miserable day, woke up feeling pain along incision. I was feeling tight, loopy, and in pain and freaked out about my bruises

Day 2: went to see doc to take off my chin strap as I had a bit of lipo done on my jawline. Doc took out stitches in chin cleaned out my incision and put on a new tape

Day 3: went back to doc to get drains and pain pump removed. Asked doc if it was ok for me to try walking upright as my back was killing me. He said sure, no problem.

Day 4: today, mad myself some breakfast an egg and toast with hot chocolate.
Btw, had 2 BMs yay! Taking half doses of MOM as the first one was explosive lol Sorry for the tmi


Hopefully my bb opens up its a small slit right now but happy that the bruising seems to be getting less

Clips up of BB

Oh an I've been pretty much standing straight since yesterday. Doc says it won't hurt anything

Showered yesterday and it felt amazing

Gonna shower again today, doc said I can shower everyday waiting for my gf to come over and help me shower

Day 5

Had a fried egg for breakfast and it add me feel yucky after. I think I'll stick to my fruit and liquid diet for a few more days

Armpit and arm lipo

Very scary :) weirdly, no pain and minimal swelling

Neck looks worse and also feels more sore

Day 6 - third visit to Dr. C

Last night, had another shower. Although dr. C says shower everyday, I think I can manage it only every other day. He also told me not to cover anything, let the soap and water run through the incisions. Today he said no more antibiotic ointment on bb, use 1% hydrocortisone cream instead 1-2x a day. He also gave me this new garment which I could not get over my thighs. Not sure if he has this mental image of a 12 year old. He redressed my wounds, snipped and pulled off a few stitches and put a new tape on my belly. He said I can start putting moisturizing cream on my stomach skin and asked him if coconut oil is ok and he said yes.

He did say I was a pretty colorful person noting all my bruises but he said everything's fine and healing well. I've been walking pretty much 90% straight and asked him if I can sleep flat on the bed now and he said sure.

Had my first trip out of the house to the store with bf to buy more food supplies. I told doctor C that the hardest instructions he gave me was the low sodium diet. I am dreaming of salty fish fried rice every night.

My arms are not swollen anymore but they are a gorgeous purplish hue all the way to my fingers. I'm trying to take the norco in longer intervals. Today, it was 10 hours. My face however still looks like I had a tussle with a few short kids and lost.

Here comes barney!

Day 7 post op

It's been a week!! Today I woke up all slow and tired and achey. And then I remembered it was because my last pain pill (my BFF norco) was taken at 2 am this morning. I'm trying to see how long I last before popping a norco and for the last 2 days, I'm down to taking 2 a day (as opposed to the previous 8/ day). I am not taking any Tylenol,or Advil (hate those things and they are so bad for the liver and tummy) and I think I had only one Valium in the last 2 days. Going to target today to find more control top tanks I do not like the marena garments my doc gave me the side zipper does not lay flat bunches up. I want something seamless so that I don't get any marks on my skin . Hope you all are healing well. Hugs and kisses to you all

Day 8 - bit concerned

I had a coughing fit and sneezed twice all at the same time last night. Boy, my belly hurt like heck and had to take a pain pill (it's good to have an excuse). Today, I feel a bit of a ridge on the right side above my BB. I'm also worried about this line that doc says will go away. I have another appt this afternoon and will make him swear in writing that this line will disappear.

Here are the pics

Forgot to mention, went to target and Cosco today with my mom

And I had to keep reminding my 74 year old mom to slow down as I was slowly shuffling behind her. To force her to slow down, I grabbed her arm and yet she was almost pulling me. Too funny.

Back from doc

So he took out my BB stitches and swabbed it first with hydrogen peroxide then 1% hydrocortisone cream. He also changed my steri strips, cleaned out the wound, applied some glue ( I think it's glue) and put new steri strips on. I told him about the bumps in my under arms and he said that's normal when the lymph glands are regenerating from the Lipo he did there. I also told him my arms hurt the most - I think the Lipo is probably more invasive and disruptive than surgery. He also said I should take 2-4 advils per day to help with the swelling. He also gave me 2 new garments to try, biocorneum cream, his own brand of scar creame (retin a + hydroquinone) to use on the Lipo sites (I have 3 on each side near my armpits) I am seeing him on dec 20 days to take out the rest of the stitches and another check up on dec 30. Sheesh! I saw him 4 times in the first week after surgery and now 2 more times in the next 2 weeks. He is such a lovely dude. He treats me like his daughter (he has a 42 yr old son and a 30 yr old daughter).

I think my scar should have dipped down about an inch

But this will do since it's still covered by my bikini bathing suit. And maybe in time it will drop

This is what I was hoping for

Day 9- itchy itchy day

Here are a few pics. Hope all my TT sistas are healing well!

Trying some apps

From pre op to post op

Day 10 post op

So yesterday, I went for a short walk around the block with my mom for about 35 minutes. Then went to groceries to grab a few more supplies. , that one hour excursion pooped me out. Last night I wok up in the middle of the night with my arms hurting. Took a norco cuz I was achey all over. It's so weird, my arms hurt the most! And not even the upper part where he did the lipo, it's my forearms and hands weird! So today, is gonna be sitting on my lazy azz all day

More day 10 pic

Otherwise known as nothing better to do than chronicle my daily progress

Day 11 post op

Had my appt with my lovely ps.mhe took out the stitches today - now that hurt a bit and there was a sore spot where the skin had really grown around it. He pulled out about - 10 inch long blue thread from each side ! So I'm all taped up again and he said for Christmas, I could remove the tape and start scar therapy.

All seems to be healing well except my forearms are still bruised and painful. Gonna try 3 advils tonight ( took 2 last night and no effect). Now that I'm more experienced , I am on the hunt for seamless t shirts to put under my binder. I hate the ridges on my skin from the seams of my garments.

Stitches coming out

Also, so far , I'm not any more swollen today than I was since day 1 and thankfully no Ken doll effect... Yet.

Day 12- mission impossible: to find the perfect seamless shirts OR compression garments.

So I have 13 different types, 6 of which my ps gave me (marena and maidenformmbrands) and only 2 of the ones he gave me are comfy enough and do the job. I bought others but I hate how the seams dig in and leave so many marks on my skin. And also, the most important compression is around the lower belly by the incision (not the waist) and most garments cinch the waist. These days, here's is how inbound myself up

A bit dad that I cannot wear some bikinis

So here are other day 12 pic

Marks on skin that I hope to be able to eliminate with the right undergarments

Mission accomplished!

I was able to find 3 seamless tank tops at Target. Target rocks!!. I also went out on this little adventure on my own, drove for the first time but made sure I popped 3 advils before heading out. I'm now back home, in the comfort of my girl cave , warm, lots of pillows and a view of my backyard with a very satisfied shopaholic's smile on my face.

Day 13 -

I woke up this morning and realized thatbmynbinder rode upwards, essentially being useless in terms of compressing my belly but my belly thankfully remained the same, it didn't swell up. Now I'm wondering if I can just ditch the darn thing and just wear my semi- snug seamless tank tops

Day 14 - two weeks!!

So I had ages concerns that ice been emailing my ps about:
1. Lumps in armpits he sad that's normal since I had Lipo,in the are - will resolve in 4-6 weeks.
2. Belly button crease - doing a little experiment of pouting tape on it to see if that flattens out the crease and it seems to be working! Yay!
3. Binder - asked doc about being able to go without binder for a few hours and he said I can do whatever I want. It's there for swelling so he said if I swell, I can put it back on but regardless, everything will heal with or without binder. And I recall,there were a a few studies that showed no difference in outcomes with the us or non use of CGs.

So today, I decided, I'm gonna try my best to stop worrying about evey little tng, let my body heal and give myself time. I need to keep reminding myself final results take 6-12 months

Tis the season to be thankful

1. I am thankful for menopause, one less icky thing to deal,with during this recovery.
2. I am thankful for target, Ross, and Marshall's where I can buy cheap CGs, and cut them up and possibly destroy them to get just the right fit without feeling too guilty.
3. Thankful for no complications as yet.
4. Thankful that so far, no swell hell. My tummy swelling is pretty much the same today as it was day one. I know as I get more active it will swell,more but then, I will be thankful for being able to exercise more.
6. I'm thankful for the little things like being able to lay flat on my back in bed starting last night even of for a short time.
7. Last but not least, I'm thankful for all my RS comrades, my girls girlfriends, my ladies circle, my femme fatale friends - without you this process would have been AWFUL.

Ps. Not posting pics today because not much change. Maybe after Christmas...xoxo

Day 15 - slept without binder last night!

Merry Christmas everyone! I decided to sleep without my binder and voila, my tummy looks the same, not more swelling. It's my arms I still struggle with. CG on/CG off. Sometimes it feels,better with it , sometimes better without it. My tummy on the other hand has that funny tight feeling like as if my binder is still there even if its not.

Anyway, my personal experiment ( with my doc's knowledge and approval) to go use the binder and arm compression CG less and less. I am hoping to not be wearing them in 2-3 weeks at all.

And a very MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!!!!

Sending you all LOVE - the best healing power of all!!

Swelling, yes it happens

Thankfully, it's not more than it was since day one. I've lost about 5 lbs but in this pic, I cannot even button my fat jeans.

Oh and I wanted to add a few other notes I forgot to chronicle
1. Back hurt like the worst pain ever but it lasted only for 3 days. So on the 3rd day when doc took drain out, he said I could start trying to stand straighter and so that really helped
2. I am stated walking 5 days a go, a few minutes at a time. And yes my dear ladies, it does get easier.
3. I had a moment of panic yesterday when i was finding it hard to take deep breaths. I had all sorts of images (like pulmonary embolism, heart failure, etc) come to mind. I decided to continue with my mall shopping and told my bf that in case I passed ,he knew whatnot tell the medics. I almost asked him to take me to urgent care as i was feeling really bad. As it turned out, one big burp and I felt so much better. GAS ladies, it's can really f@@k you up. So I am trying all sorts of things to make sure I don't get this gas build up again. Like yoga poses, carbonated water and would you believe, eating solids! So now I'm good!
4. Went to the mall for a little stroll and also to get a taste of the Christmas spirit. It was such a nice little stroll

Day -16 Xmas morning unwrapping

Another night sleeping without SH and I finally see my scar

After 24 hours of not binder and eating salty food..

Binder is back on tonight !! Although Tummy dosent look too much bigger, it feels quite tight. I walked around a lot today and feel a bit more sore around my incision. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the incision has healed quite well while under wraps.

I do have those hard spots right above the incision and to the right of my bb. I am guessing all that is normal swelling. Can't wait to see my ps on the 31st when he gets back from vacation - need to have a professional,say my healing process is on schedule and normal.

Been slowly attempting some stretches and yoga poses as my muscles are all crying out from lack of use. Been doing the downward dog and that feels soooo good. I am want so badly to do some twists and side bends.

I'm enjoying my time off, having a great excuse to not do too much and hang out with family

Things tomdiscuss at my next appt that I'm concerned about:
1. Since he did lipo, I'm worried I might have that uneven dimply areas.
2. The ridgesgelf above my incision - I hope this is just swelling and that it will flatten out later.
3. The crease above my bb - I really hope it's because of the mr and the swollen muscles underneath and that this will flatten out in time. I tried putting tape on the skin and that seemed to make the skin better but the ridge is still there
4. Right side of Babis more swollen than left.
5. Lumpy areas. In armpits are still there

Happy healing and hope ya'll had a great Christmas.

Day 17 - I am having a tough time with CG, having some fear and doubts

today, I'm looking at my belly and when I bend over, I can see the skin wrinkling in a few spots. And that's with me swollen!! So now I'm thinking that the lipo will leave my tummy with that typical dimply uneven surface. Ugh. Can't wait to for my next appt which is in 5 days to talk to doc about my concerns.

Also, I have all sorts of compression garments and the full body marena ones, those that are like long panties that you pull up , or anything that's really tight, but I find it hard to keep any of them on for more than a few minutes. The only thing I am comfortable I are the tank tops that are body shaper types. I'm just gonna give up on the CGs , ill just use these tank tops and occasionally use the binder on top when I feel a bit more swollen.

Did anyone's pee stream angle change?

Mine did! I think the mons skin got pulled up when he stitched the top and bottom parts and now, my mons is less fatty/puffy ( I think my lil kitty looks better) and when I pee, the angle hits exactly in the gap between the toiletseat cover and the toilet bowl that I've pissed thru the toilet bowl and hit my panties or watch the pee stream down the front of the toilet bowl. Oy!! So now I have to remember to sit back far enough so pee stays in the bowl..

Pee stream also is now one nice stream whereas before, it was all,over the place (I think giving birth really does a number on our bodies) . Hope this wasn't TMI. :)

Day 18- a short shopping spree once again in search of that ever elusive CG

Went to the mall with a short detour at the Gap to see if I could find more of those legging jeans in stretchy corduroy for my daughter. She nabbed one of mine today so I thought I'd try and see if I could get some more for her. Score!! From $60 to $16!! Then I went to Macy's lingerie dept and came home with 2 maidenform tank tops for "firm" control they they're the only seamless ones that looked tight enough. Well, I'm home now, all showered, popped half a norco (love my narcs) as my incision always has that tight, achey, weird feeling after walking around a lot.

Now I'm catching up on everyone else here on RS and see how everyone's doing. I didn't take photos today as it pretty much looks the same still.

Day 19 - still bruised

Darling BBNM, as you can see, I'm still bruised, skin above incision so much darker. But definitely looking better everyday

Day 20 - almost 3 weeks!!

Today seemed to be a turning point in feeling closer to "normalcy." Energy level was up, felt more positive and appetite seems to,have returned ( not too happy about that) . I went shopping with my daughter and I always,ove spending time with her, the had an early dinner with my sis and her hubby at a Vietnamese restaurant - I think I had a lot of salt today. Felt quite swollen soon after. Came home , took measurements and waist is half inch bigger than this morning. Not too bad.

Day 21 - I made it to 3 weeks!

Things to note:
1. Been sleeping without any compression for the last 5 nights. I put the binder on at the end of the day when I feel really tight and swollen the take it off after a few minutes or an hour.
2. I can sleep on my sides - but im not a side sleeper so I do it to relieve my back right before I sleep. I stay on each side for an hour or so then l try to,lie flat. I can lie flat for a few minutes then the tightness starts to get more intense so I still have a pillow under my legs and one one each side if I feel,like folding them.
3. I look like I'm walking straight but I know I'm not 100% straight. The hardest part is moving after sitting. It takes a while for the tightness to,lose up so I can walk normally.

I see my ps tomorrow and will talk to him about my concerns. I'll note them in the pics here

A few more befores and afters

I try to remind myself of what used to be there every time I get hyper critical

More pics

For the record

Day 22 post op - Doc appt, he said I'm good to play football

So I asked doc about all my concerns ( see earlier posts) and as expected he said all will resolve in time. He also said, I look good and no more CG! But he did give me a band to put right on the incision line where it's still firm and swollen. He said no more compression in the upper abs so that crease will straighten out.

I had to loosen the band a short time later tho as I could feel the the pressure going upwards and my upper abs started to feel achey I need to not be achey tonight for the New Year's Eve party I'm going to.

Anyway, I love how confident my doc is with his surgical skills and stitching. He said there's nothing I can do at this point that will rip anything. I didn't post any pics as today looks pretty much the same as yesterday's. my next appointment is end of next week. I guess I'm going to plot an exercise routine that will work for me and let my body tell me the limits.

P.S. BBNM, how did you know LLB was gonna be posting soon?

Day 23 PO - too much in one day

So yesterday, was up all day, did my usual 1.5 walk around neighborhood, got dressed for the NYE party at my aunts was at the party by 9 pm, ate too much, got home at 2 am this morning and I still had to shower and put on all the stuff. Got to bed prolly at 2:30. Got a wake up call at 8:30 am to pick up my daughter from the train station. I'm TIRED!! But it was first nights sleep,without any meds. Slept like a log. I think I will take it really slow today.

Got a wee bit paranoid so I changed my profile name

Now that my brain is not clouded with drugs, I got a bit paranoid about all my pics online as they are public. I may delete those that have my face in it - the pics of my chin/neck. I am happy to provide more info on the chin/neck lipo and in general, that experiment so far is a fail. No change. I was hoping the lipo would tighten the skin around my lower jaw and possibly make me stop thinking about a face lift. I'm happy to email you pics if you like.

On the TT front, pretty much the same except that I was able to lay flat on my back and sleep last night!! yay! It's funny though that standing up, my tummy feels a lot tighter than when lying down flat. I feel much better today after doing very little and not taking my walk yesterday. I may go for a longer walk today. Will try for 2 miles.

Day 25 POD - overdid it yesterday walking 3 miles

I think I overdid the exercise - I walked 2 miles at brisk pace (2.6 mph) yes, that's brisk for me at this point and another mile a few hours later. I felt my tummy really get tight but figured it was just the swelling for the exercise.
Well, last night I had a minor freak out. After my shower , I noted that my BB was red around it and bleeding a little. I swabbed hydrogen peroxide and the q-tip had a little blood. I probable used 5-6 of those until I gave up, they all had blood. I put antibiotic ointment and figured it would heal by tomorrow. This morning it looks less red and has dried blood inside. I guess that's a good sign. I emailed my ps last night cuz didn't think it was an emergency. Lets see what he says when he gets back to me. Gonna leave bb alone and take it easy today.

Some scar pics

Pics of red bloody bb last night and today

Day 26 post op- I think I will be very happy in 6 months

When all this tightness, soreness and swelling is gone. When I get back to work on monday, I will let the work out routine play itself out as I don't know what my energy level will be like.

day 28 - 4 weeks!! Now back to work UGH!

I am now back at work...I forgot to bring my 3 inch incision wrap/binder and smoothies so we will see how today plays out. Thankfully I have a desk job and can stand when I need to and move about.

When will this tight/ swollen feeling stop??!!!!

Well, I survived my first day back at work. I did leave early (8am-3pm) cuz i didn't want to push it. I was feeling so swollen, like i swallowed a basketball. I want to do a back bend so badly my back curve is gone and I look like a box. I'm going to try to hit the tread mill tomorrow after work and see how that goes. Hope everyone is doing well, just feeling a little tired and cranky.

Other updates:
1. I'm not on any meds for over a week and starting week 2 , it was only half a norco at night and week 3, maybe only twice that week.. But right now, I'm so tempted to pop a pain pill.
2. Scar treatments started Christmas day when I took off the strips. I'm so thankful that the incision healed well with no complications.
3. Last night, I pulled out a stitch from my bb, which probably was the cause of my bleeding bb a few nights ago. No blood at all and bb looks completely healed.
4. Upper arms have that sore tingly feeling from the Lipo, underarms still tender and swollen and lumpy from the Lipo. I have full range of motion now from my shoulders. Lumpiness is slowly resolving, my lymph nodes are healing.
5. The hardness in my belly is getting smaller, it's now a triangular area from my bb as the apex to about a 5 inch base right along my incision.

This recovery is really a test of our patience!! Yes, every day it's a little better, some things continually get getter then you get swollen and tight at the end and it feels like you're starting over and never getting out of this cycle. I know in my head its just a matter of time...

Thanks for listening my dear TT sisters!! Xoxo

One month anniversary PS appointment

Today is my one month anniversary! Saw my PS today and:
1. He said I shouldn't be looking this good at one month :) (It sounds like docs like to say that to their patients) but he was really happy with my progress. He said whatever i was doing, to keep doing it.
2. I asked him about exercise and he said I can do whatever i want. He said your muscles may hurt, but you can't hurt it at this point.
3. I told him about the piece of string I pulled out from my BB so he put on his glasses poked around and pulled out 2 pieces of string from my BB - that was so weird seeing him pull them and snip it. I was freaking out and told him to not cut it but pull the whole thing out and he said it will just break -apparently they are absorbable sutures. He said the BB is the most delicate part of the whole TT. They are fragile, and so they typically heal last.
4. I asked him some about allergic reactions to stitches and he said not the ones he uses, many years ago there were a few suture materials that caused allergic reactions. The ones he uses now never do.
5. I asked him about my lumpy armpit area and he said I could massage it but regardless, it will go away and he said usually 4 months. aaack1! this whole thign is a real test of patience.

All in all, he's very happy with my progress and I see him next month.3. Today is my fourth day back at work and each day, i seem more tired at the end of the day. I have not had any time to do any real exercise. I do walk around a lot and try to stand after sitting for over an hour.

Some other things :
1. I never had nausea after waking up from surgery. I think my anesthesiologist was awesome.
2. Never felt that dry throat thing or felt like coughing after surgery either. I did cough later but that was from chocking on food. I also sneezed a few times - boy did i see stars then.
3. Lost about 8-10 lbs since surgery (depending on time of day I weigh myself). Not good cuz I'm still swollen so that sounds like muscle mass disappearing! anyway, I can build those up soon enough.
4. Yesterday, I had brief encounter with the ken doll syndrome. It went away this morning and after work today, no sign of ken - yet!
5. My arms are still sore. and today, seems more swelling and soreness than yesterday. grrrrrr. when will this be over????

Hope all my TT sisters are healing well too! I cannot imagine going through this without all of you. Thank you all for being so generous, caring and supportive! xoxo

Forgot the pics

Pretty much the same. These shots are first thing in the morning before the swell. Also, I was 114 lbs this morning. On morning of surgery, I weighed 124. Despite my appetite and my ability to fill up my tummy has returned, hope I can keep it off!!

One more with panties

That cover my scar

Oh hi Ken, when are you leaving?

Some pics to compare morning flatness with end of day swelling. I also found another stitch poking out of my bb, so I took my tweezers and scissors and did what my PS did, pulled and snipped it off. Bb was a bit red and swollen on that spot as I had tried to pull it out, I may have tugged the string a bit too much before giving up and just snipping it off.

33 days - GYM day!!!

This last week was my first week back at work and was too tired at the end of the day to exercise so today, hit the gym.

15 min, 1 mile - elliptical
26 min, 1 mile - treadmill at 3% incline and 2.3 mph average
5 min - rowing machine
Weights - 8 lb dumbells on each hand, bicep, tricep and delts 3 sets of 10 reps each

Felt awesome after despite being swollen. Gonna try yoga tomorrow.

5 weeks today! - Did Bikram yoga yesterday

Well, I sure had nice 90- minute sweat session - I forgot how much i could sweat. I was able to do about 60% of the poses and in those poses probably I only did it at half the effort. It was also the first time i lay on my tummy! It was fine. I was dizzy and exhausted after , then had a birthday dinner to go to with my GFs. Got home at 9:30 pm, washed up and crashed in my bed. I had the best night sleep so far. Today, I woke up almost at 115 lbs - 1 lb heavier than yesterday. I am guessing I either ate too much salt (had fried calamari last night) or muscles and tissues are swollen or both). Today, I woke up with a bit of tightness along my incision. Hope I didn't pull anything out of place.

Short workouts today

Walked slowly 30 minutes at lunch (about 1.5 miles) then a short stint at the gym for some weights on the machines - biceps, lats, delts, traps. Then 15 min on this new type of elliptical for 15 minutes (1.2 miles).

Belly button became red after workout, I felt something pulling around that area, hard to tell cuz I'm still so numb there. If its still red tomorrow, gonna call PS.

Happy Monday!! Xoxo

37 days PO - BB trouble

Ok so my BB was red around it last night so I put the hydrocortisone cream that doc says to use for redness. Well this morning, it looked less red but I saw a little spot that looked raised and when i cleaned, that spot started to bleed. Hope it's just a stitch poking out. Maybe I've been exercising too much. Gonna stop for a few days. I have appt to see doc tomorrow.

BB is better.

So I went to see ps yesterday because there was a pimple like puss thing when i woke up in the morning and so i squeezed it out just like I do all my pimples. Doc says it looks fine, no infection. Doc said exactly what you ladies said, prolly the deeper dissolving stitch. They do sometimes cause inflammation cuz the body still tries to reject them. He said clean itch hydrogen peroxide and can put antibiotic cream or hydrocortisone cream. I used the antibiotic cream and it looks healed, and not as red today. Doc said bb takes the longest to heal. Thank you my dears or thinking of me! I'm sure the good vibes helped me heal!

Almost 6 weeks- not much change in appearance

Looks pretty much the same, these are my morning pics. I hope that soon they can be my evening pics. The tightness and swelling is still there pretty much as soon as I start eating and sitting. So I'm just going to ignore that and start stepping up my workouts.

Maybe I spoke too soon

Looks like things are changing and moving around. I decided to try on the bikini bottom that was below my scar and today, it covers it ! How did that happen?

More just cuz I'm so amazed

More of the same

Yesterday - walked 4 miles, today bikram yoga

I find that I slept better and tummy feels better after I exercise so I stepped it up a little. Prior to yesterday I was doing 2-3 miles on machines but yesterday I managed to jog in spurts during the 4 mile walk which took me 68 minutes. Then went out for dinner with my girlfriends and sat for 4 hours, now that made my tummy hurt and swell more than exercise.

Today went to bikram and tried to do more back bends. It's so frustrating. My yoga practice is so bad. My body is so stiff and tight, worst than the very first time i did yoga 15 years ago. I'm even embarrassed to go back to my regular yoga classes since I can barely do bikram. So my self assessment as of today is that cardio is sad, and flexibility is even sadder. I hope in time I can get back to where I was.

This whole recovery is indeed such a TEST of our patience!! I just want to feel normal again.

6 weeks post op today - hiked 4 miles again

So Lipo areas in arms are still numb but lumpy areas slowly going away and smoothing out around my armpits.
Belly button tends to get red and swollen after I exercise but incisions look closed and healed.
TT scar got darker and I think it's starting to get thicker in the middle part. I've been trying to do more stretches and I all this activity and swelling is putting more tension. So today, I bought scar away silicon sheets and gonna try those. The kelo,cote and biocorneum is just too much effort 2 x / day and I have to wait for it to dry. Now that I'm back at work and trying to squeeze in time to workout, I know I need scar therapy that's simpler. So trying the strips. Lets see how that goes.
Still numb about a 1inch strip from sternum to belly button then from bb to incision it's a triangle of numbness. The hardness of this triangle seems to soften every time I exercise. I've found the worst thing is sitting for long periods of time. The other night, I sat for 4 hours - it was girls night out. I had shooting pains in my groin area and now my mons area feels sore. Weird. Still feels tight most of the time but I have periods of time now that I don't feel it.
I'm just bummed about how this TT and MR set me back in terms of flexibility . I feel like I'm made of stone and can hardly bend in any direction except forward. The side bends pull on my incisions by the hips and it feels like I'm gonna tear it apart. The backbends, forget it, just not there. So gonna focus on cardio and weights and slowly start the bends.
Happy healing everyone! I love all my TT sisters!

My finicky BB bled again

I think I may have to tone down my exercise program (yes elijanh and knt8873, i may have to slow down). last night as I was cleaning my bellybutton with Hydrogen peroxide, I noticed a pimple like bump and when i swabbed it, the top skin came off and it bled. I also tried to press on it to let the blood come out and i think a small bit of the dissolving stitch came out too. I dried it and put antibiotic ream and then hydrocortisone cream. Today, when I woke up, there was a bit of yellowish stuff that I cleaned again and stuck a bit of gauze in there so that there was some pressure. It looks better now at lunchtime. I'm keeping an eye on it. I also emailed my PS about it. Hopefully, I won't need to come in again. the last time it healed fine. this is in a new spot in my BB and I hope it heals well like the other time.

OK, BB is all dried up and looking fine again. grrrr

So yesterday i was going to the restroom every 2 hours to check my BB - just in case it got worse and it was still during the work day so I could hop in my car and barge in on my PS office (LOL). I have this image of me rushing into his office (possibly with a patient) and screaming "you must look at my belly button now!!" anyway, I woke up this morning, it all looked good. cleaned it again with hydrogen peroxide, put some antibacterial cream and hydrocortisone cream. Just checked now and it still looks all good - oozing,no more redness. whew!

The good, the bad, the ugly

Alrighty, here are some pics of my tummy that makes me not feel so good

End of day swelling

Almost like pre op

Then there's the first thing in the morning joy

No, no ladies it's not THAT, it's the morning flatness that makes me happy

7 weeks today - and I'm still not 100%

This recovery is taking so long! My tummy feels tight all day, it still hurts when I cough or sneeze, I can't bend, yoga practice has regressed so far back it's worse than my first time. The only thing that's almost 100% is my energy level. I can get through a work day and still work out after and not be dead tired when I get home.

As you can see in my last pics, most of my tummy skin looks stained from all the bruising - still have faint streaks and spots that are purplish/brown. The area right below my bb is still hard and bruised. BB is still spitting stitches but thankfully, closes back up as soon as I pull or rub them out. They're kinda crumbly bits and pieces.

but I really can't complain much as I've not had any complications so far. Hope all my TT sisters are healing well too. Xoxo

Morning skinny in my work pants

So most of my pants are loose - in the morning. I'll show pics later at end of day

Abs are achey and sore this morning- why? oh because I was foolish and tried to do real yoga

So last nights class was awesome - i did a few planks, and attempted some arm balances and twists. I did modify the poses but today, my sides hurt and some areas have sharp sore spots (hard to describe). I just have to keep reminding myself that the stitches are NOT on the muscles they are on the fascia covering the muscles. The doc does not touch the muscles during the MR/TT process. The soreness is because the muscles are moved to a different stretching point and of course you have stitches all along the midline that need to be strong and tight to pull that whole section together.

Also, while I don't purposely do crunches, I know I do them everytime i get in and out of bed (or reach over to turn off the night lamp. So anyway, i will back off a bit today and just do cardio and weights.

Sorry I forgot to post pics of my same outfit at end of day to show that the pants do get filled up (hence, no shopping for new pants for a while).

hope you ladies are all doing well.

Weight fluctuations - up and down, up and down...

So i noticed that after yoga, I gain 1LB the next day, and after a cardio+weights workout, I lose the pound. Gonna see if this pattern holds for long.

On another note, I saw this picture and thought of you miss LLB

One hour, 4 miles (3.96 to be exact)

Took me an hour, was able to do a slow jog for about 1.8 miles. Weighed myself and I was 1 lb heavier !! So weird! Also I noticed that a darker red/purplish area showed up on my belly which pretty much marks the area of numbness and hardness.

Almost 8 weeks (tomorrow)

Just having fun comparing before and afters

P.S. after my walk/ run yesterday, down 1 lb again this morning

Yay! I weighed 114.2 lbs this morning. So I thought I'd explain a little about my cryptic comment yesterday about gaining 1 lb. I woke up int eh morning at 114.8 and after my hour of. Walk/ run , I weighed myself again and it was 115.8 lbs! That was the bizarre thing. And I did strip down to my panties both times. S not sure where that weight came from.

More arm pics so that I can compare

Sorry if I'm spamming your inboxes. It's Sunday and I've been spending the morning scrutinizing my body :). Lol

I'm always hungry!!!

Now that I'm on a regular workout schedule, my appetite has come back with a vengeance. I've been eating more than I intend to and I can't seem to stop!! Trying to drink more water hoping that will help but all it does is make me go to the bathroom.

Got into my size 24 jeans!

While I was enjoying my morning skinny, I decided to try my smallest pair of jeans that fit me when I was 110. This morning I am 115 and surprise! A bit snug but no fat overflow

With clothes

Yoga pants and fitted turtleneck shirt

2 month anniversary post op!!

The good stuff:
- energy level back to normal and been able to keep to a fairly regular exercise schedule. My goal is 6 days of cardio (min 60 mins), 2-3 days of weights, maybe 1-2 days yoga.
- my swelling (which has not been bad at all) is slowly ..oh so slowly getting less. I also found that it doesn't matter anymore what I eat (ie salty food) or exercise, i still swell as soon as I get to work and by end of day, I'm up 2 lbs.
- I love the morning flatness. I hope this is what the "end" goal will look like.
- No muffin top while standing.
- scar is pretty much hidden in all my bikinis. so not been too worried about scar therapy as well. Been kinda lax and lazy about it.
- My BB stitches are inside and all healed.
- arm swelling is gone, armpit lumps gone.

The still in progress stuff and not so good stuff:
- TT scar is still a bit ropey in spots and not flat.
- my waist is still 28.5- 29 inches. Everything else seems to be getting smaller but my waist.
- Also there's a ridge above the TT scar.
- Skin and MR still feels very tight. I’m worried that I’ll never be able to do backbends or worse, I might get stretch marks trying.
- still have bruised and numb triangular area from BB to TT scar area
- It looks like the lipo is not even - right arm seems to have more fat than left, right of BB/waist area seems to have more fat, there's a dent in the skin right above my hip bone on the right side.
- I am noticing my back fat more!! been thinking about back/flank lipo now. ugh. never ending "touch ups"
- chin lipo - i call it a fail as there is no change to how I look now as I did pre-op
- arm lipo - arms are still numb but they feel thinner and hopefully, with weights, my guns will show more and look thinner.
- armpit lipo - I can feel that there's less fat there, and it looks great when I raise my arms, but I still get bra fat rolls.

The unexpected results:
- Pee stream angle, I pee like a dude now.
- got a hoochie lift :) love how it looks now.
- How I get so excited for my doctor’s appointments
- All my clothes fit – I don’t really have to buy new ones they just fit better. I was hoping for an excuse to buy a new wardrobe.

Overall, I am happy with the results. My belly button is actually what I am happiest about as it was my greatest fear - if it looked bad, then no matter where my scar was, I would not feel good in a bikini. As it turned out, it looks almost exactly the way it used to pre-TT and may look even better in 4 months and the scar is hidden inside.

Things that worked well for me:
- So happy that my PS took out my one drain (yes I only had one!) and pain pump on day 2 and was able to shower and feel normal quickly.
- PS said I could stand straight as soon as I wanted to so my back hurt only the first 2 days.
- CG and binders off at 3 weeks
- cleared for exercise with no limits after 1 month.
- Hiring a nurse to stay with me for the first 3 days and 2 nights was the best thing I did for post op, better than spending money on a recliner, toilet seat riser, or walker. After she left, I didn't need any of the other stuff.
- I installed a bidet instead of a toilet seat riser and made washing up after so easy.

This experience has been so positive mostly because of all my TT sistas!! A big kiss to all of you who made my recovery so amazingly good!

2 month Post OP appointment with PS yesterday, 2/10

I was just thinking about my excitement about seeing this doctor and came to the conclusion that it's very similar to the feeling of buying/shopping for clothes or going to a facial or massage appointment. anyway here's what went down:
1. All is good, he said i still have some swelling.
2. Re-confirmed no limits on my workouts - I specifically asked him if I can start doing planks, crunches, backbends, core work, etc. He said again "your muscles might hurt you, but you can't hurt them."
3. Asked if the tension would cause the scar to thicken and he gave said no. He acknowledged that there is some theory out there that it does but he doesn't think so.
4. Asked if all that stretching would give me stretch marks, he said no.
5. I told him I was getting lax about the scar therapy but he said to at least once a day put the silicone stuff (biocorneum or kelo cote). Apparently, this is the one thing he believes helps the scar heal well. so I'll get back on that bandwagon
6. I told him about my uneven arms, my concerns about the dent in my skin, the swelling on the right side of my BB, the rights side of my waist doesn't curve in the same way. he sort of waved his hands and said not to worry, that I have "a long way to go" still. so it sounds like these are issues that typically resolve themselves and it's too early to address them. He said basically, when the tight feeling goes away, then we can talk.
7. Next appt is in 2 months and doc quickly said that i can come in anytime before that if I want to.

On another note - I did a 2 hour yoga class last night and really tried to bend as far back as I could (not very far as muscles were stiff and tight), attempted the poses that engaged my abs a lot ( i had to back off some of them as abs did actually hurt). This morning, part of the ridge in my scar in the middle has flattened! Also, the whole scar area now moves, meaning it doesn't feel glued on and i can make it move separate from the muscles under (not sure how else to explain it).

also, my morning weight seems to be holding at around 115-115.6 lbs. Those last 5 lbs are gonna be a b---ch to lose.

Workouts - trending upward!

Work outs in January - 16 out of 31 days. So far in Feb, 9 out of 11 days. Plan is to take at most one day off per week to rest. Then every 3-4 months, take a whole week off.

My advice to all you beautiful Women here- Please buy and read the book "Younger Next Year"

Since we are all here doing our best to fight the aging process, PLEEEEEZ get this book:

Younger Next Year for Women Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy-until You're 80 and Beyond (Paperback)
Author: Chris/ Lodge Crowley

I probably won't do it justice but the basic premise is that our bodies evolved over 3.5 billion years and if you take away the last 3000 years of modern society, which accounts for a very negligible amount of evolutionary history, we were designed to roam the savannahs and forests, always on the hunt for food. Remember there was no refrigeration so we could not store our food. Planting and agriculture was non-existent. Our DNA came from millions of years of our predecessors who walked and hunted 6-8 hours everyday. Our bodies are going crazy in our sedentary society. And by not moving at least 60 minutes vigorously everyday, our bodies BY DESIGN thinks it's winter and starts literally depressing our systems.

On hour a day ladies at least 6 days a week, it's not that big a commitment to make in exchange for STOPPING the aging process and becoming younger every year. and living the rest of your lives healthy, strong and happy.

Arm pics- got my pre op pics from PS

I don't see any change in the pics, only when I flex that I can tell there's less fat

The full monty. Not bad for 52 ( I may remove pics later )

Even with the scar showing, I'm happy to see this every morning now

11 weeks Post Op - AShort Update and New Wish Pics

Molasses - the rate at which visible change happens after 2 months post op. so not posting any new pics because I pretty much look the same still.
Tummy - still tight, still swell, scar is still red (and it seems gets redder and thicker after workouts). But decided not to worry about it. It's gonna be what it's gonna be. I have several scars all over my body and have never done any scar treatment. Some have stayed dark, some are almost invisible and one on my leg (which gets a lot of sun), which was dark, is starting to fade.
Arms - has numb areas and hurts when I squeeze the lipo'd areas (I can't do crow pose as putting my knees on the backs of my arms still hurt).

Workouts- The biggest change is that I'm pretty much back to the same activity level as I used to pre-op. I've had to back off the yoga classes (my abs above BB and to the right started to have sharp pains) so am running more. Yesterday, did a 5 mile walk/run, ran for 3.3 of those miles and got my heart rate up to 95% of max. Recovery rate is better at 22-24 BPM (the number of beats per minute your heart rate goes down in 60 seconds after you walk slow after running) it should be at least 20. If it's less than that, then it means you need to work up to a regular cardio schedule to get it there - no pushing or going gang busters until then. Doing leg presses and arm presses. No ab work yet until I can do yoga without my abs feeling like I tore up something.

I have been thinking of getting back and flank lipo as well as a facelift but gonna push those thoughts aside until I get my 6-pack. So here are my wish pics for my inspiration (and maybe yours) Happy healing ladies. xoxo :)

So, it did finally happen to me - Feelings of regret

So just to keep it real, it finally happened to me – feelings of regret. It sort of came about unexpectedly. I was cleaning up my hard drive and found pictures of me in 2008 and 2009 – when I was quite a bit thinner (posted here) I weighed about 102-108 lbs then. Looking at them I realized why I had not considered the TT then but instead had the BA – because I looked great in clothes and was ok in a bikini. My tummy still had excess skin but looking back, was presentable. My boyfriend then liked taking pictures of me and I found a ton , these are just a few. Then I went to yoga class last night (after taking more than a week off to let my abs rest) and it was frustrating to be unable to move easily. So this whole recovery got to me – it is slow and painful (literally). I looked at my scar and questioned it all – was it really all worth it?? Then I sat on my bed and saw the folds (yes FOLDS!!) of skin still there and sitting on my lap. Sure, it’s less fat and skin but nevertheless, it’s not the belly pic I had in my head pre-op. Yes I did my research, I looked through hundreds of reviews here at all different post of periods so that I would know what to expect. I also prepared myself mentally for results that were less than perfect – and which up until yesterday I was totally ok and even happy with. (btw, I have less patience for the newbies here who put up their reviews and are all panicked about the swelling and the pain blah blah because clearly, they did not even bother to read any reviews here and are just waiting for people to comment on their profile to make them feel better).

There are so many imperfections and surgical consequences that earlier I just accepted easily - the uneven lipo (between my right and left waist and right and left arms), the dips and dents in the skin, how hard and numb parts of my belly are, the ridge above the scar line that is squiggly, the stained skin from all the bruising – yes it’s taking so long to go away… and on and on. I thought about all that and really felt deep pangs of regret. Why did I do this? Why was my vanity so great I felt I had to surgically fix stuff especially since I did not have any real weight issues?

Anyway, I’m feeling much better today but thought I’d share my few hours of anxiety and regret last night. For the newbies just reading this, know that this is a rollercoaster ride. Even when you are mentally prepared, sometimes the emotions can get the better of you. The good news is, there’s always tomorrow and more often than not, tomorrow is a better day.

Happy healing everyone.

A bit of inspiration for my BFFs here :)

Check her out, she's 77 yrs old, runs 10 miles everyday, works put at the gym for an almost 2 hours. She's amazing. I wanna look like her when I'm 77.

Thank you my dear RS girlfriends!!!

So I am good now, the moment did pass. I am not one to dwell on the past or harbor regrets. I just don't know why that day it really got the better of me. I am good now. I know i just have to be more patient and that I will be quite a bit happier when all the swelling does settles down, my skin re-drapes and I can slowly gain back my flexibility. Even my PS doesn't want to discuss the issues I've raised (in a very grandfatherly like way) and said I have a looong way to go. He said the lymphatic system truly takes 12 months to fully regenerate and nothing we can do speeds it up. He said everything I mentioned will all be fine . I also realized as well that no one is perfectly symmetrical. My right and left side were not the same even pre-op. My right arm being the predominant side, was always beefier than my left, the right side of my face was always different from the left, etc... So this surgery just makes us notice these differences more. This is such a test of patience!

so as a quick update;
1. I am still trying to stick to my workout schedule of 6 days a week and slowly lengthening the running miles and the increasing the running speed. I can maintain 5 mph now on the treadmill easily for 2-3 miles straight. So far this month, I've not exercised for 5 days of the last 27 days.
2. I'm going to yoga only once a week just for the stretching and re-alignment my body craves.
3. I still feel tight and swollen after i get up from sitting. Actually as soon as I start moving in the morning until I get to bed.
4. No more sharp pains in the upper abs - but that's cuz I am doing very little yoga now.
5. I think I can now realistically aspire to getting 6-pack abs now that all that skin and fat has been removed so I am looking forward to that and making it my goal.
6. I was fretting about the weight that's slowly creeping up on me but I decided I'm just going to keep working out and controlling my diet more. I just over eat all the time!!

lots of hugs and kisses to all of you...and happy healing. We will all get there!

Almost 12 weeks

Some pics - of course these are the morning skinny pics. And I need them so that I don't get all messed up in my head

12 weeks today and a quick update

1. Still numb around the BB until the incision.
2. I still get the occasional sharp pain above and to the right of my BB - despite not doing any ab work anymore. So I'm thinking, I might as well go for it, meaning back to yoga :)
3. Swelling - still the same swelling but I am pretty much ignoring it and still trying to exercise harder every week.
4. Weight - has been creeping up but started an "egg" diet the other day (thanks to Ernestine Shephard who inspired me - see my earlier post and link on 2/26). Will let you know how that goes. Essentially, it's really just a high protein diet that I'm hoping will kill my appetite (which chemically is what it does). Last night, I was able to say no to my usual cadbury chocolate and almond late night snack.
5. Exercise - so far so good. I'm able to stick to the 6 days or more /week schedule and on occasion, I do the cardio part for longer (70-80 minutes). My plan when the weather gets better is to do a 6-mile run early in the morning and yoga and/or weights after work - everyday. I already have my route mapped out.
6. Emotions and attitude - I am going to roll with them as I know sometimes they come and go. As long as I don't allow myself to wallow in the dark side, I expect the emotional ride to be a bit bumpy ahead. Overall, I am happy, the scar does not bother me as much as I thought it would, and I am just withholding judgement on all the un-evenness until 6 months or more post op. Hoping that exercising the fat off me will help that.

Hope you all had a great weekend...happy healing everyone! xoxo

3 month anniversary today

What's different:
1. BB scar is getting darker! I've been quite distressed the last few days as I've noticed my bb scar on one side starting to darken and thicken! The one thing I liked the most is changing. I'm hoping it will settle down.
2. Went to yoga twice last week and I'm able to do more Back bending and my abs didn't hurt as much.
3. 6 mile runs are becoming easier. Did today's in 1 hr and 26 mins. And heart rate takes longer to go up
4. Gained 3 lbs!! Grrrrr
5. When in the gym, I find myself hiding my scar, getting dressed with a towel around my waist. No more standing naked while I slather on lotion after my shower.

What's the same:
1. Swelling - it still happens
2. Tight, numb feeling still there
3. Scar looks the same, not getting any lighter.

Life is pretty much back to normal. Slowly gaining back strength and fitness level. I'm ignoring the swelling, tightness, and the scar. I'm just going to hope that it all goes away in a few more months. I Know for sure the swelling and tightness will. If scar doesn't, oh well, I'm prepared.

So I'm focusing on toning, eating well, getting a six pack. Trying to be less pre occupied and obsessed with my surgery results. (It's so hard!!) and stop thinking of more surgery to fix the other stuff I'm noticing more.

Hope all you ladies had a great weekend and continue to heal and look more fabulous by the day. Xoxo

16 weeks tomorrow

Hello ladies! Happy Sunday! Here are some updates

What's new:
1. Sharp pain in MR slowly almost gone.
2. Attempting some crunches but they still hurt
3. Running 4 miles is now what I call a "short run" LOL
4. BB scar is red only after workout and I can see it is blending nicely with my skin.
5. Been massaging the hard spots and it seems to help loosen it up.
6. TT scar seems to be getting thicker I the middle, but flattening out and lightening only on the right side
7. Skin above BB is getting softer and looser

What's still the same
1. I still swell at end of day and after working out or over eating.
2. Scar pretty much looks the same. I'm taping it up now so we'll see how that goes. Im not stressing over it still since no one really sees it.
3. Weight gain holding at 3 lbs.
4. I still have a muffin top when I am wearing my tight workout clothes or jeans. Im pretty much flat only when standing up
5. Still waiting for the skin to re-drape but giving it the 12 month mark to really assess the results. Still have dents, pleats, stains.

Generally still happy though to get rid of that large chunk of flesh, I do look better in clothes without being thin.

For all you newbies, please do not freak out about anything during the first 3-6 months. Seriously, don't even try to get into your old jeans. I'm almost 4 months and while I can squeeze into my size 24 jeans, I cannot wear it comfortably and it give me a muffin top when I sit.

Here are a few pics as they say it all

4 month anniversary today! And was pleasantly surprised at my 4-month appt with PS yesterday.

Saw my PS for my 4 month check up and I found out that he did lipo my flanks!! He showed me pics of the before and he took pics after and showed me. Wow! I was really happy to see that! Yay, less fat on me! I also asked him about more lipo to my back and fat transfer to butt. Sadly, he said there isn’t much fat there but he said to heal first. Do nothing until 12 month mark. I also asked him about facelift heehee, yes that’s the next thing I think. He saw my TT scar and he asked if I was doing his program. I had to confess and say no. I asked about taping and he said ok, you must do it 24/7 for the next 2 months. I said ok, will try. I asked him if it wasn’t too late at this point since scar is already 4 months old. He said no, it’s still red and can still change. So to be determined in 2 months. My next appointment is at the 6-month mark. But he did reassure me that it will fade and flatten with time. I wasn’t too worried anyway.

Short story – I can’t say I am 100% since my MR still feels tight and occasionally hurts. I still can’t do core (not because I haven’t tried but because it hurts!) and can’t do back bends (tired but MR is too tight!!). I think doc is right, 100% healing happens at 12 months. So for you newbies, the word for this surgery is PATIENCE!! Things change very fast in the first month but then it starts to slow down to a crawl after that.

Tummy / TT Incision / Scar

Tummy/MR still feels super tight all the time it only feels loose and comfy right after a workout. Swells more after eating than exercise! I’m still flattest in the morning but the end of day swelling is minimal now. Skin still has that weird tingly sensation, and the numb triangular area starting from the BB to the incision is getting smaller but still numb. Been massaging the hard areas and that seems to help loosen up the scar tissue underneath.

Scar is flat and getting lighter on the right side. Flat but thicker and redder on the left, and raised, bumpy and thick in the middle (see my photos from last week). My PS pulled the skin as tight as he possibly could so standing up, I can feel the tension on the incision in the middle section. Which is funny because when I sit or wear tight pants, I still get a muffin top and I have folds. My explanation is that I still have a ways to go losing more fat all over my body and also that this is how the body is naturally. I am really ok with this. I am happy that at least when I’m upright, I don’t have all the flab hanging out and clothes fit and look much better.

Hypertrophic scar - I am thinking this how my skin heals naturally. I have several scars all over my body and those that are in low tension areas have healed flat, got white and almost disappear – and without any scar treatment. I have one on my back shoulder that is hypertrophic and darker – it gets a lot of movement from running and yoga so I am guessing my TT scar will look like that and hopefully over the years will lighten up or blend in more.


The scar has healed well and is blending in with my skin. Looks like my old BB. Asked Doc if it will get rounder and he touched it and said it’s still tight from the stitches but will loosen over time, so yes, it should relax and get rounder.

Arm Lipo

I tried on a particular dress that was really tight around the armpits and they now fit nice and comfy! Yay! Numbness from the lipo is mostly gone but there are still a few areas that feel tingly. I think I need to lose more weight, build more muscle to know if the fat removed made any difference. I think it has, my arms look and feel less bulky but not as much as I thought it would be. Doc took pics but I will get them next time.

Chin Lipo

No effect. It pretty much looks exactly the same as pre-op.


Gained 3 pounds since surgery and today, down 1 lb so hopefully on a downward trend. I am guessing since I’m back to eating my normal salty food and working out , this is the additional weight my body gets to settle at unless I lose more fat. So total weight loss since surgery is still 6-7 lbs. I hope to lose another 5-6 lbs.

Exercise, Activity

Been working out like before except I still cannot do back bends like I used to. Been running 25-30 miles a week, yoga and weights another 2-3 times a week. Energy and daily life is 100% back to normal. That’s about the only thing back to normal.

A big hug to all my TT sisters, I could not have gone through this journey without you. Thank you all for your thoughtfulness, sincerity and honesty! I wish I could meet all of you in person. xoxo

Scar update - 4.5 months post op

Just a quick update to,show you that surprise surprise, my scar is starting to fade from the sides. Everything else is the same - still numb and feel tight all the time.

A few more in a bikini

So you can see that scar is nice and low and well hidden

Some random scar pics for the record

I made a collage of my scar at 2, 3, 4, and 4.5 months and today

More scar comps

19 days vs 19 weeks. I have to say that I no longer swell after workouts, only after eating. And if I overheat, boy, tummy really sticks out and feels super tight.

5 month anniversary today- same same but developing some scar envy

Everything is pretty much the same as last month. Don't really swell except after eating huge meals, tummy still feels tight pretty much all the time. Here are a few photos today

Happy Mother's Day to all my dear RS sisters!!

Hope all of you are healing well, have an awesome day!

My new bike jacket

As promised BBF (Biker Babe Finally) formerly known as BBNM :)

Btw, I also had my lips tattooed (permanent makeup)

I posted a review on it here

And here are a few pic

6 months update with lots of pics

Not much difference in feeling, energy level, numbness and tightness. Still feel frikin tight all the time!!

More pics of befores and afters

For the record


In some of these comps, the change small.

One more

6- month appt with doc yesterday

We discussed my scar, he said to give it time, it should flatten. He gave me a script for a strong cortisone cream called tamovate and he said I could use it on my incision scar to thin out the collagen. He said to be careful as it usually gets to the skin around the scar and will thin that too. He said its really effective for my BB scar. So I think I'll try it on my BB and will post pics later.

Told him I want more lipo as I have no waist and there's fat in the sides . Also told him that my new fear is that all the fat will go to my back and I'll have back boobs. he said he didn't think that I would get fat but to wait until after a year. We talked about facelift too heehee. I also told him I've been watching his posts here on RS when he answers questions. He said he thought that most of the doctors answers were really good and that on some procedures that he doesn't do like non surgical stuff he learns from other doctors posts! Good to hear that this is a light forum for both patients and doctors. My next appt is in 3 months .

7 Month update!

Hello RS sisters! Hope ya’ll are doing well. I know this is such a trip in terms of how we see and think of ourselves, how we deal with pain, how we deal with other’s opinions – and it’s so nice to know we have each other to share all our thoughts and feelings with sisters who are going through the same thing! These pictures were taken last night so they are quite dark but O like them! They are quite flattering as the lighting is not direct and not to bright ?

A quick summary:

MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL STATE - I tell ya sisters, the one thing this surgery has taken away from me (in addition to the excess skin and flab) is all that mental craziness and self-consciousness about my flabby tummy. I just got back from Florida and being able to walk around in a bikini without having to suck in, cover up or be self conscious about my belly is an AMAZING feeling.

INCISION – still the same as the last few months. Flat and light on the right side, hypertrophic in the middle, left side a combination of redness, a bit of ropiness and light spots. I am still taping the middle part in the hopes that it will flatten faster. My inner sense tells me that it really won’t matter what I do – My scar will do whatever it wants anyway. but like most folks, I’m hoping I can do something to speed up the healing and make it look better.

SKIN – still feels tight. Which is amazing because when I bend over or do the plank, it’s loose. When I do the downward dog and suck in my tummy, the skin is all wrinkly. Bottom line, it ain’t perfect but I’m still happy.

MR – ok, this is the weird part – when I press on my tummy, it’s rock hard! I’m wondering are my abs really that hard and tight? Was it just covered up by all that flab or is this still just muscles still healing and tight from the muscle repair? Also, on a few occasions, my abs cramps during exercise and one time, from doing nothing at all! The right side of my BB is also still slightly bigger than my left but you can’t see it - I just feel it when I press on it. Thankfully, it has been going down really slowly.

1. Please CHOOSE your PS wisely. That is the single most important decision you can make for this surgery. Do NOT skimp and try to do this on the cheap. Remember you are putting your body and possibly life on the line here. And the results are permanent!
2. Choose a PS nearby. I know so many have gone to the DR and other countries but the risks of infection are much much higher as the level of sanitation and government regulation on surgical facilities are not anywhere close to what we have here in this country. You cannot also put a price on the convenience and peace of mind knowing that your doctor is only a short 15-20 minute drive away. That in itself is priceless. You will have issues (mostly minor), you will have concerns, so you do want your doctor easily accessible.
3. Be as healthy as you can PRIOR to the surgery. I am fit as a fiddle, I work out regularly, I have zero health issues and yet recovery was quite challenging for me. If you smoke, have high blood pressure, are diabetic, or obese – I have one word for you: DON”T. Get healthy first. Be good on the inside before you fix the outside. Yeah, I might get flack for saying that but seriously, it’s not worth the risk to have this major, invasive, ELECTIVE surgery unless you are in good health.
4. Do your research, ask questions, do not make this decision hastily. Take your time.
5. Follow doctor’s orders AND use your common sense. If something doesn’t look or feel right, call your PS ASAP! Don’t wait. You are paying them big bucks not just for the surgery but for the aftercare as well. Ask your doctor for their aftercare practices and policies.
6. Paraphernalia – get whatever you can afford for your physical comfort. Personally, the cushion I got to prop my head and legs was enough but I could have done that with just a bunch of pillows. In this instance, my doc was right, I didn’t need anything. I know many have sworn by their bed/chair lifts,/walker, toilet seat riser etc.. I got none of those and I was perfectly fine.
7. Lastly – be PATIENT! This process of healing and recovery is a long road – no matter how fit you are (well, except for those special people like miss BBNM). Do not expect your final results until 6-12 months out. If you are less than 6 months post op, have faith – it will keep getting better!

1. I highly recommend getting a nurse to stay with you the first 2 nights if you can spare the extra cash , it cost me $500 for the 2 nights. It was that or rent/buy other equipment and I opted for this. I was pretty doped up and a zombie those first few day as and she kept track of my meds, my drains, she took my pulse and blood pressure at regular intervals, woke me up for my meds, and helped me move around. I can’t tell you how comforting it is to know there is a professional right there beside you those first crucial 2 days. This of course is for those of you who do not have a significant other that can be relied upon. If your hubby or BF is willing and able to do that, then lucky you!
2. I think my PS drain removal on the 2nd day is the best of both worlds. Between the drainless where I’ve seen crazy swelling and drains being in longer than 5 days (and some 2+ weeks!) I think this is the way to go. Your body secrets the most fluids the first 2 days and then you remove what my PS calls a “major freeway entrance for bacteria” in 2 days. This trains the body sooner to take care of the excess fluids. In retrospect, I swelled less than the drainless and those with drains in longer than 3 days.
3. My anesthesiologist was also awesome – no dizziness, no nausea, no coughing after surgery. They matter as much as your PS – Try to find out who your anesthesiologist is and what his/her qualifications are. He is the one responsible for watching your vitals and keeping you alive while your PS does his dicing and slicing.
4. I highly recommend getting the pain pump to get you over the first 2 days. My PS says this sort of stops the pain pathways t the brain and even when it’s removed, the pathway was not established so patients have pretty pain free recoveries.
5. Take your narcotics on schedule – do not try to be a super hero at least until the 3rd-7th day. After that you can taper it off.
6. My PS was only a 20 minute drive for me so it made it really convenient to go to all those appointments (4 in the first week and 3 in the second week).

For us older ladies

a funny video:

8 months post op- time is zipping by!!

Hello everyone! Yesterday was my 8 month anniversary. Everything is pretty much the same as last month but posting some pics I took tonight for the record.

The only comment I have is that the tight feeling is still ever present, whether I'm sitting doing nothing or working out. When is that going to go away? Sheesh...

Been trying hard to keep the weight down

Running a lot, loving the heat but weight has been stubborn and havent really lost any. The good news is that I haven't gained more than the 2 pounds I gained back. So I still have a net loss of 6 lbs.

Here are some shots of my summer running attire. For the first time in over 27 years, I can bare my midrif!

My slitty BB

Most days I'm perfectly happy with it and some times, like today, I'm thinking BB revision might be in my future. Just worried of tampering with an ok result. Don't want to make it worse. What do ya'll think?

9 month anniversary (tomorrow)

Hello sisters! Nothing really different to report this month either. I'm just focusing now n staying healthy, getting stronger and fitter. I still have yet to get started on a weight lifting program but the weather has been too nice and been opting to go running or biking outside instead of going to the gym. Tummy still feels right. I've have a few cramping episodes in my tummy muscles. A few while doing yoga and once doing nothing but sitting on the potty! Lol.

My scar is still the same I think. I think it will take 2 years to fully lighten and flatten.

More pics

So happy tone able to wear tank tips and shorts to yoga

11 months post op (on 11/9) and still feeling tight and numb

Hello everyone! here are a few pics and as I read through my last 4 months review, I have to say things are pretty much the same. I think my scar looks the same but still itchy every so often, and while the right side has lightened, everything else is still the same pinkish color and hypertrophic. I'm resigned to it being this way and am ok with it.

Lately though, I've been obssessed with bellybuttons and mine seems barely there. I am also thinking of having a bit of lipo done to my waist and back..will let you know after my next appointment. Here are a few pics and as you can see- pretty much the same.

With clothes on

No regrets! Enjoy getting dressed everyday and even when I feel fat, I don't look it

One year and one month post op!

Pretty much the same which is why I haven really been a regular updater :) The onyl change is that I gained back all the weigh I lost!! grrrr I have to blame the fact that this surgery keeps my tummy flat that it's hard to notice weight gain. Anyhoo, here are pics of my scar. I am thinking of getting lipo to my waist and flanks sometime this year as I may not be able to lose the poundage. I do get muffin tops depending on the outfit. In general though, I look great naked which was my primary goal :)

A short update

Hi there, jsut thought I'd post a few pics and one before and after. My comments are on the photos

Just saying hello to all my RS buddies!

So, really no change since last post:
1. I pretty much look the same, still trying to lose the 7-8 pounds I gained back
2. Tummy still feels tight!
3. Went for a consult for Lipo and BB and scar revision - I am seriously considering booking a date for this december. Will keep ya'll posted. Doc injected cortisone on my BB scars and and it did help it thin out. -maybe one more visit and I might not have the BB revision. This next time, I'll take a before pic :)

BB update

So I found an old picture of my skirt Bb so I took a picture after some steroid shots to the scar and there's an ever so slight improvement however now I may not have BB revision and just do another set of shots


Hello everyone! Hope my bffs are doing well and enjoying life with their new flat tummies. I miss being on here on a daily basis and chatting with all the amazing women who I now call friends. Some of you have even become my FB buddies! I love it!

I will post pictures later when I get home but honestly, I look identical to my one year photos. Ok, gotta run since I am at work (heehee) and will be back later to post pics. xoxoxo

Pictures at 2 years post op

What'new/What's the same

What's New/Different at 2 years post op:
1. I’m not as obsessed with the mirror.
2. Gained back all the weight I lost (~10lbs) – so the downside of a flat tummy, you don’t notice the weight gain until it’s too late!!!
3. Fell off the exercise bandwagon ? only exercise I get is walking the dog these days.
4. Thinking of lipo and scar revision still
5. Also thinking about facelift…I’m thinking sometime in the next 2-5 years
6. Feeling a bit better about my slitty BB after the cortisone shots to soften the scar which made it less slitty.

What’s the same:
1. Same areas of numbness
2. Still have that tight/muscle contracted feeling – doc says it will go away…eventually ;)
3. Scar looks great on the sides but still hypertrophic in the middle
4. Still vain and thinking about more procedures heehee
5. Planning to go an a diet (yes I plan this every December-this never changes)
6. Miss my RS buddies – I still wish we could all meet and have a party with a show and tell program
7. Still happy overall I did this – no regrets

My doc is awesome! So far have had 2 consults with him and he spent over an hour each time because I had so many questions. I've also emailed him so many times with more questions. He was very patient and candid with all his answers and it was clear his years of experience is the reason why he is known as one of the nation's top surgeons. His office is about 2 minutes away from Stanford hospital, he frequently teaches the med students, he has written several research journals on the topic, etc... Anyway you get my drift. I selected my PS based on reputation and meeting him and talking to him so far has helped my anxiety levels quite a bit. I was having a lot of anxiety about general anesthesia and the length of time I will be under so he asked his anesthesiologist to give me a call! I spoke with Dr. Bruce Halperin and he is also awesome. He's been with Stanford hospital since 1980s and is the anesthesiologist on call by special request everytime a president comes to the area. He was very patient and candid with me and when I asked him what he thought of Dr. Commons, he said let me just tell you this, when my mother needed an operation, he sent her to Dr. Commons (she was 70 at the time) . I can't think of a better recommendation than that.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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