Petite 33 Year Old, Mother of 2 in Need of Mommy Make over - Palo Alto, CA

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Hi there! I'm scheduled to have a mommy make over...

Hi there! I'm scheduled to have a mommy make over on Jan 4, 2016. I'm a mom to two beautiful children ages 8 and 2. My last last pregnancy was very large... Baby was almost 10 lbs (the placenta along was 5 lbs). I'm very petite... 5 ft tall and weigh about 98 lbs. I have an umbilical hernia and diastasis recti that need repair. I have always been flat chested and after breastfeeding both of my babies, the very little breast that I had now it's gone! So why not get a breast augmentation too? Might as well! It'd be a dream come true :) Needless to say, I'm excited about the BA but super nervous about the TT. I'm sad about the big scar although I'm hopeful that I'll heal ok (based on my two c-section scars). I'm nervous about the long scar, the pain, the recovery process and my toddler!

Petite 33 Yr Old Mother of 2 Getting Mommy Make over in a Few Days

I'm 98lbs and 5 feet tall. I have two beautiful children ages 8 and 2. Both of my pregnancies were big, but the last one was simply huge for my petite frame. My baby weighed almost 10 lbs! The placenta alone was 5 lbs. As a result, I now have an umbilical hernia and diastasis that would benefit from getting repaired.

My biggest complain honestly is not the appereance (although it bothers me too), but the fact that I cannot lay down on my side (either side) without feeling like my guts are loose ????. I put a pillow on the side I'm laying down on for support, just like I did when I was pregnant. But I still feel a pull on the side I'm not laying down on. Not sure if I make sense, but it certainly makes me feel uncomfortable.
In the process of considering a tummy tuck (the only way to fix my diastasis), I decided to get breast augmentation as well. I have always been flat chested and after breastfeeding my babies, the little bit that I had, it's now gone! My nipples have also been stretched out so much that I'm also requesting nipple reduction. Might as well! My surgeon offered to do a bit of lipo on the waist so it looks like I'm having it all! Surgery is scheduled for Monday, Jan 04, 2016 at 7:30am with a 6:30am check in. I have childcare covered and my husband is also taking the first week of my surgery off to take care of me. I am taking a whole month off from work. I'm worried about my 2 year old and also anxious about surgery and the recovery process...

5 hours left!

5 hours left before I have to check in for my mommy make over. I have managed to keep myself busy and not too worried. On Saturday I went to the spa and got me a nice relaxing massage (Xmas present from hubby). I have not got myself a recliner, only a lot of pillows.
I feel quite relaxed... Isn't that weird? I only have a few more hours before I have my surgery... Yet I'm calm as a clam! Lol

Surgery was today!

I was pretty calmed and relaxed all weekend and I maged to stay that way on surgery day (today). Pretty proud of myself for that ????
Once I checked in the surgical center, I met with the anesthesiologist. He was very nice and took great care of me today. Dr. V came in a few minutes after and did his markings on my skin. I laid back down and next thing I know, everything went great! I am in a lot of pain, mainly from the BA. I feel like an elephant sat on my and talking sometimes is difficult as I feel out of breath. Pain in my tummy area is manageable. My husband is taking care of me... He's been super helpful!
I have not seen my 2 year old and frankly, I'm scared that he might jump on me and accidentally hurt me, but I miss him!

Day 1- Post Op

Stubbing sensation on right breast.
Moderate pain on abdomen incision. Tummy is tender and chest hurts a lot. I've been keeping up with the pain killers and icing on and off. It does seem to help... But oh gosh, I'm really disable!
Does anyone know how long before the pain subsides? Especially the breast pain? That seems to be the worst one.

Day 3- post op

I got to sleep a lot this morning. I felt better than yesterday and even walked around the house with the help of my walker. In the early afternoon I had my first post-op appt. PS said everything looks good. I got my bandages removed and green light to take a shower. Oh how good I felt after my shower! I have a hard time when I take off my garment- I feel out of breath and queasy! But I hate putting it back on bc then I feel like it's too tight.
I took stool softner, activia yougurt and plum juice and I was able to have a BM.
I'm uncomfortable on my bed at times and cannot wait for the electrical recliner that I rented to arrive tomorrow.
My husband is getting overwhelmed at times. He takes a break and bounces back. Damn it! Why can't he not be perfect all the time? Lol

Day 4- post op

I'm leaking from the right drain...
One good tip I can offer is having a stool in the shower. It would make a world of difference! I get my electrical recliner any minute now and I cannot wait! I'm so bored of the bed and the rocking chair...
I have not been able to take a nap all day today so I feel tired. I have cut back on my pain meds significantly (I'm only taking 1/2 of Percocet) but I am keeping up with the 600 mgs of Ibuprofin to help with the swelling. I am going to the bathroom regularly. I'm so glad!

Day 6- post op

I felt better on day 6. Had more energy and pain was manageable. Only taking 1/2 Percocet in the middle of the night. I can shower by myself now. And guess what? I drove today! I feel so proud of myself!

Day 7- post op

I sleep horribly... My whole torso hurts. I might have over done it yesterday... I tried keeping up with my kids and I might have not rested enough. I'm not using my walker... I can walk by myself now but I'm about 80% straight. I get one of my drains taken out tomorrow along with the belly button stitches... I'm nervous!!!

One week post op!

I had one drain and belly botton stitches taken out today. No pain only anxiety. It was all over quickly.
Sleeping is such a pain in the butt. The electrical recliner sucks and so does the bed... I'm still not standing straight yet... I cannot wait for the day when I am. The outter side of left breast is swollen. The right breast looks like it's dropping! Yay!

12 days post op

Feeling much better! I can sleep on my bed again and have much of my energy back! I am still not 100% up right but as long as I am wearing my compression garment, I'm good to go ;)

Started using scar gel yesterday!

PS recommended...

2 weeks 1 day post op

My second drain came out yesterday! It hurt while it was being removed and afterwords... Didn't last for too long but it was definitely more uncomfortable than the first drain. I'm so glad it's out though!
The tapes on my breast were removed yesterday too. I was given the ok to put scar gel on those incisions as well.
I can walk a bit more up right, especially with my compression garment, but it is still a challenge. I'm down to sleeping with two pillows and will gradually progress to lay down flat on my bed, as was advised to me in the doctor's office.
Today I noticed more swelling in my mid section. I took off my garment for a while... Currently waiting for it to dry.
I'm starting to really like the look of my boobs. The left one still needs to drop a bit more to catch up with the right one. At least it's not longer swollen on the outter side!

2 weeks, 5 days post op

It truly gets better by the day... I can finally (almost) stand straight and have more energy than before. For those struggling with standing straight, decreasing the amount of pillows at night (goal is to lay down flat in bed) really helps!
I feel very optimistic about my procedures :):):):)

1 month post op update

Hi! It has been a month since my surgery and I feel so much better. I can stand straight without the compression garment and I have my energy back. I am able to do everythig I used to do before minus the lifting. I go back to work on Monday too.

One month update

Boobs are nicely dropping, I think...

6 month post op update

Hello there!
Things are great... scars are healing and I am not swelling underneath my tummy tuck incision anymore.
One breast looks bigger and lower tjan the other one st this point... I am hoping it has completely dropped and settled and that the other one has some cstching up to do...
Bay Area Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Vistnes and his staff have been amazing so far.

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