Dont wait get the mommy make over ASAP, best feeling ever

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$16,000 with out a lift $18000 with the...

$16,000 with out a lift $18000 with the lift:

I am having the MM done to reverse the effects of bearing children, depression and weight loss.
I reached 215 pounds, 40EE, at 5'3 27 years old this is not a good look lol

Breast feeding and carrying 2 children caused sagging in breast and stomach skin along with stretch marks and the weight loss made this problem worse. I am now a deflated 34C at 145pounds, I lost 60 pounds this year and Im ready to reward myself for my physical and mental achievments.

Here is where I need's help! I am going in for a MM consisting of a BA (lift recommended), TT with lipo,lipo of chin, and Fat transfer to the butt.

My concerns are for the Breast Lift , I really do not want to get this done , I have looked at alot of women with saggin about my stage and I like the way there BA have turned out really natural looking. I am aware that I will need to go a bit big to fill them up and that they will sag faster , at this stage I would rather just get BA and deal with the lift later in life, now I just need to get this approved by my doctor.

Ugggh everyday I go back and forth on what to have...

Ugggh everyday I go back and forth on what to have done, should I get ??? Some days I think no lift, then I think just do it your boobs are shot,, then I think maybe just the lift no implants , then I think when will I get a chance to do this again if I didn't like just the lift , then I think maybe I Gould get some lipo on my upper back and ribs , I just want to get it over with so I can move on lol ,, it's really an emotional rollercoaster , along with loosing weight and thinking maybe I shouldn't loose more weight if I'm gonna get bbl that's stupid cause I should keep trying to reach my goal of 130 , and my stupid period makes me emotiional and grouchy on top of hungry and grouchy on top of being alone raising two small children , trying to plan a major surgery ect ect ,,,, I'm so thankful to have this to post to , I can't talk about this barley anyone and it's a relief to be able to vent Just like this without being judged , thank u ladiesim gonna post my b4 pix tomorrow (if I get a min to get on laptop) so u guys can see how sad my boobs really are lol , ok I feel better going to bed hungry now :)

Brace yourself its not a pretty picture lol

Brace yourself its not a pretty picture lol

So tonight I am thinking I am going to wait on my...

So tonight I am thinking I am going to wait on my BBL untill I can see what my current butt looks like with my new stomach and boobs,,,,,, hopefully this decision sticks lol

Posted the pic of the saggy boob ,,, ugghhhh I know I need the lift sooooooo bad , I just really didnt want to have the scar yet =( cant I just fill them up ? Ill go as big as needed I just want to wait on the lift till Im like 45 So I dont have to do it again at that age ,,,

So tonight I am deciding to go with the lift , I...

So tonight I am deciding to go with the lift , I posted pics for the doctors to see and it was a reality check! oh well I will be happy with the results either way better then what I have now ,,ok so thats two procedures that I have finally made a for sure decision on ,,, Waiting on BBL and going forward with the lift and lipo of neck and chin,,, that's a relief =/

Pretty sure I am going with 550 HP saline under...

Pretty sure I am going with 550 HP saline under muscle along with the lift,,,going to post for doctors opinion,,,,

Yeah Got the approval for loan today! I am on top...

Yeah Got the approval for loan today! I am on top of the world !! cant wait till monday to set a date!

Whats a good nipple size? I was thinking like...

Whats a good nipple size? I was thinking like silver dollar? I really have no idea , I am going to have big boobs so I dont think I should go with a tiny nipple? but i dont want them to be as big as they are now ,,,any suggestions?

This week I will be setting my date! I havnt been...

This week I will be setting my date! I havnt been able to sleep , I stay up till 2 am looking at scars, nipples, implant sizes, lipo ect. lol
my brother said "I think its wierd you spend 30% of your day looking at naked women" lol well when you put it that way yeah it sounds weird =)
I have 2 children under five so I dont get to research this stuff during the day plus I go to the gym 2x a day 2hrs a time. I am just trying to make sure I am fully prepared!

Last night I made my final question sheet for my doctor I am going to post it as a pic maybe you ladies could help as well,,cant wait to write with MY DATE IS SET!!

Everyone says silicone has more natural feel? My...

Everyone says silicone has more natural feel? My boobs feel like saline implants the silicone ones feel fake to me , maybe it's because I have breast fed I dunno but the saline implant feel like my naturally squishy boob, the silicone feels really cool like u don't wanna stop playing with it in the doctors office but I'm thinking if saline is behind the muscle underneath my C- deflated D size boob already Will u really be able to tell? And I like the idea of not having to get an MRI every few years,,,, can anyone give me opinions on saline breast ? Ladies who have had them for a years? My mother has silicone they are less squish then my sister age 23 no kids and mine 27 2 Kids, natural breast ,,,, just stuff I'm thinking about tonight ;)

So yesterday was a little bit of a let down :( had...

So yesterday was a little bit of a let down :( had troubles with the loan so it sets me back 3,000$ ,,,, I'm not getting discouraged tho I'm staying positive and working out ! So it will take 3 months to save the rest if I can't get a cc to cover it , I'm keeping my fingers crossed I've worked hard and been a good wife and mommy so Santa will bring my present lol
I'm glad all u ladies who have gone threw surgery are healing ok and I'm sorry for those woth minor set backs , you'll be healed In no time and like pregnancy and child birth it will be worth all the trouble :)

I was jumping around on my front porch today like...

I was jumping around on my front porch today like a kid at Christmas! I got all my finances in order and I am COMPLETELY ready for surgery!!! I cant take this smile of my face =)
So tomorrow I will schedule surgery,,, I feel so happy , I do have concerns maybe some of you whom have traveled with surgery could help me out,,, I live 6 hours from my doctor and I will stay close to him for 4 days then about 1hr from him for 6 days then back home 6hrs away until I go back for my 2 weeks apt ,,, any suggestions on the best way to handle this situation?

This last week as been unbelievable stressful =(...

this last week as been unbelievable stressful =( But today I woke up and I felt HAPPY! I started a detox today I want to rid my body of all toxins before surgery ,,,,,,,,,My date is set for July 18th! My Mom took a week of work to care for me , That is so sweet of her to use her vacation to care for me ,,, The kids dad is coming to care for them for almost two weeks and then I will be back home caring for them with occasional help from my great grandma and sister n law,,any tips on caring for children 5 and under after 2nd week ?

Honestly Im so ready for surgery I have been so stressed latley and I think I would prefer to be in pain just to get a break from my responsibilities as a single mother for a week , that sounds bad saying it out loud but my oldest daughter as been having issues since her dad and I separated in Jan. ,,,We are civil and he is actually paying for this surgery, but its still been a really rough year.

Cant believe I only have 5 days left OMG! lol I...

Cant believe I only have 5 days left OMG! lol
I packed up everything tonight so here is my list

clothes :
yoga pants
strapless sun dresses
loose shorts
tank tops (for itchy binders)
zip down shirts

Medical supplies:
Surgical gloves
matress cover (for hotel bed)
bed pads
gas X
cepocal (throat meds)
scripts; Perkisets , zofran, nausea patches,antibiotics, ambien
Walker w/tennis ball bottoms
heat pad
ice packs
vitamin c
multi vitamins

wip its
yoga band
saftey pins
seat massager
chap stick
feminine wipes
ginger ale
low sodium chicken broth
low salt saltine crackers
robe ( I would go naked to be comfy but my daddy is coming too assist my mom lol)I love my parents

Did I forget anything?

What type of underwear do you ladies wear after surgery?

And of course I started my period so I am sure that is going to be a pain I hear you ladies have trouble just wiping

anyhow have really bad dreams and trouble sleeping this week ,, hmmm maybe I should take the ambien? Will I wake up to hear my kids, maybe I will go sleep in there room ,,,,, I get up at 630 and I havnt been able to sleep till 1-2 anyone else have this issue the week b4 surgery ? ok ladies i will be in touch thanks for listening

Hey ladies I'm post op day 5 feeling great...

Hey ladies I'm post op day 5 feeling great I'm gonna rewind in time for a minute to explain the previous days here goes :

Surgery day:
Went to doc 6:30 am talked to anesthiologist e explained he would put iv and leg compressions to prevent blood clots and they would start surgery from there ,,,, then doc came in and drew all over me ,, then I was sent back went under 9 1/2 hr later I was woke up and they said I was all done :) I stayed on the bed drugged out of my mind while I listened to everyone talk and they asked me if I was in any pain I said my ankle hurt and that was it ,,,, my ankle was swollen from being in the compression garment for so long other then that my face was barley sore from lipo , stomach had a morphine pain pump drip installed so no pain there and breast were shot up with marcaine? (numb meds) so I didnt feel them one bit ,,,,,, my parents took me to hotel where I slept the rest of the day I had a catheter and 4 drains ,,, 2 in stomach and 1 in each boob ,,,,

Day 1 post op:
Started to wake up more but i still slept most day and my mom stayed in my room 24/7 we went to the doctor and he just looked to make sure everything it was quick visit and then we went back to hotel threw out the day my mom drained and recorded the fluid ounces my drains and catheter had incase of illness orrurance the doctors would need to know and dad did a breathing excersize to help clear my lungs ,, only eventful thing was when I had a cough attack ,, the worst feeling in the world! Lol ur throat is really mucusy from having breathing tubes in and it causes an itchy throat, cepacol cough drops one of the most important things to keep right next to u at all times! That and water ,,,,

Day 2 post op:
Stayed in hotel all day until 1pm went back to The doctor to have my drains removed ,,, weird weird feeling I had my mom video record this I will post it as soon as I get to a computer ,,,, after this doc apt I went back to hotel to sleep ,,, later that evening I took my first shower very slowly and was afraid to let the water run on me but it was fine didn't hurt to have water hit me at all,,,, my mom and I used baby shampoo to wash my armpits and privates and that's all I could take I had to get out my back was hurting from holding myself up hunched over if that makes sense lol that day I had a little cup of low sodium organic broth and some unsalted top saltine crackers threw out the day ,,, slept the rest of the day only getting up to pee wish is rough cause u have to take off ur garments and band (which really is your best friend after surgery without it u feel like ur stomach could fall out ) definitely try to ask for a crotchless garment If available ,,, u also wear this sports bra type thing and a band above ur boobs to help implants settle ,,, day 2 prob the worst day of all the meds are starting ti wear off and ur more active but push threw this day with ambien and pain pills and day 3 is the road to no more pain

Day 3 post op:
Felt so much better this day still very sore in tummy but felt like a normal person starting to heal ,,, went shopping in wheel chair with my mom and ate more food like watermelon and banana more low sodium chicken broth and some fruit,,, today I took some milk of magnesia so I didn't get constipated I just pooped water gross sorry , only took 2oz start with that I no results take another 2oz in a few hours ,,,,my mom also made me laugh this day and it hurt so bad I fell to my knees I cried then fell asleep from exaughstion and when I woke up my mom was still ery upset from causing me pain via laughter :( poor mom she is so sweet and felt so guilty for something that was totally out of her control ,,, it has to be rough not being able to laugh all week in fear ur gonna make u kid laugh and be in pain , especially when I probably made the craziest faces all drugged up ,,,oh also this day I didn't take pain meds just tylenol the pain meds made me feel crazy high so I just decided no to take it and I was fine

Day 4 post op:

I stayed home walked around tons didn't want to sit down cause I felt like that is all I had been doing I sat down after my shower cause it wore me out and then I had doc apt in the evening that went great doc said I was in the 1% of people who heal this well and are standing up straight after 4 days ,, my breast are already healing back togather and scar looks so straight and thin very impressed with my body I will post pics and video of this day as soon as I get to computer ,,, after we went out to eat sushi I just had salad and Cali roll really I just wanted to treat my parents for all thier hard work ,,, slept from there ,,one thing the ambien gives me scary freaky dreams so I stoped taking those on post op day 3 

Day 5 post op : 
What a great feeling to wake up and feel good , I got up made my mom & dad breakfast , my mom slept on till 8:30 that's late for her and then I cleaned up the house and washed the sheets and felt great all day , wasn't even that bugged about going to the  bathroom today , my time has improved (but whose racing) lol ,,,, I stayed in the shower forever today I started to feel flustered from the hot water so I got out a lil b4 I wad ready but other then that I actualy washed my incisions and breast with out being scared just lil slow :) my aunts came over to visit and my mom and them got drunk lol it was fun then at 5 we packed up the car to drive my long trip home 5  1/2 hrs back to the mountains :)  been good drive I just brought lots of pillows and laid with my back against one side of the door and feet at other ,,, we stopped at in n out and had protien style burgers no fries or soda too much sodium ,,, that's my day so far touch bases tomorrow I will post my pics ,, hope all u ladies are feeling good and pushing threw lots of love and healing energy to u gals :) 

Hey ladies Im back with an update =) I posted my...

Hey ladies Im back with an update =) I posted my day 2 post op drain removal video , let me say this did not hurt it was a lil uncomfortable thinking the doc might touch my freshly chopped up body parts lol but it didnt hurt your still kinda numb on day 2 post op so cant feel much and the swelling here is outragess my body is mad that it had been cut and stretched i will post pics showing how things have calmed down

2 weeks post op Hi ladies its been a while, just...

2 weeks post op
Hi ladies its been a while, just thought I would check in. Im back at life with my two kids so its been busy. I would say at this stage the hardest part is not being able to bend down with out it being awkward lol and not being able to do the pulling and lifting with my 2 year old. she knows i cant lift her and that I have "owies" but I just want to pick her up and carry her to bed or hold her
=( my 5 year old has been such a great help! she is earning lots of marbles = money for being so helpful. I cant wait till normal is all the way here. Waiting for boobs to drop and belly button to heal, Im trying my hardest not to over analize anything at this stage but its hard =)

here are some pix i have been meaning to put up thanks for listening

Oh and I tried on every single peice of clothing I...

oh and I tried on every single peice of clothing I own! I love it I can wear ANYTHING and feel good! I gave away all my peseant tops that flow over your tummy, I dont even have the desire to wear cleavage shirts I just like the tight t shirts feels great do yourself a favor ladies and loose the weight and get the mommy make over wish I did it 2 years ago

2wks 2days po please put your negative attitude...

2wks 2days po
please put your negative attitude blockers up b4 reading this :

Ohhhhhh what a day backs killing me foot is swollen very emotional and disappointed in myself for the way I have been eating ,,,, did a lot and my kids are great but it's hard to do when ur uncomfortable and cant handle a 2 yr old like u normally can .,,.., she crys And all I cam do is give her a leg to hug and rub her back ,,, I miss her and she is right next to me ,,,,, my 5 year old is way to responsible for her age it makes me sad to rely on her so much and she does it so willingly ,,, she helped me put the dishes away vacuum the rug and pick up toys of the ground and washes her sister in bath she as earned almost a bowl full of marbles this week more then ever lol momma is gonna have to break bread this week , eAch marble is worth 5 cents usually she earns 1.50 week I bet she gets to 5$ this week I'll let u know lol
I just feel shitty today I didn't shower I don't wanna clean my belly button I hate the way I have been eating and I'm exaughsted and I don't do much ,,,, I did more then usual today so I know it has a lot to do with it , I walked hour 1/2 hr at time at 2 yr old pace wich is faster then me lol and I packed up my bro room cause he is on a fire and I feel bad he has been working so much and I clEaned up the house not much but man I can tell u after bathing feeding brushing clothing cleaning up after these lil ones all day when 7 (bed time) comes I go straight tO my bed and lay down cause I am done! I feel better just being able to vent this all out stupid negative attitude needs to be released sorry I hope I don't project it onto u guys
I think tonight I will set a schedule (allowance) of things I can/handle in one day , also find the will power to stop poisoning my body with crap food (can u believe I actually craved a ciggerette today ?!?! I havnt smoked in a year that's how I know it's was a tough one ,,all these emotions came about 5 o'clock and the swelling started at 3 so all the day wasn't bad just the last few hours I wanted to cry buy I don have a reason lol well I feel better and so those are my goals for tomorrow ladies thank u for the support

Hello ladies, i just wanted to give an update...

Hello ladies, i just wanted to give an update sorry i have not been online but its just so wonderful having a new body i have actually been living ! my scars are barley noticable and they only keep getting better , I am very glad i went with the lift with the boob size 550 they did saga bit but i love the way they look sounds wierd but it gives them that natural look, and i am glad i decided to ask my doctor to make my areola size smaller because they did stretch out so they are perfecft size. The only issue I had was it was hard for me to get back to my doctor as frequent as i was supposed to. The doctor wanted me to come back every week but I live about 500 miles so fortunatley i had no complications and my mom sister and grandma helped take out the stoochers , i am sure my scars would hve been better looking if the doctor took them out himself but it was completley fine and I am so happy with all my results , i absolutley love my doctor as a doctor and a person sweetest man ever. so now I am researching the BBL I wanted to get that done at the same time as the rest but it was just to much so I am getting prepared for it now I posted some post op pictures
Palo Alto Plastic Surgeon

post op: I love this doctor and his team, five stars all around !!!! pre op: So far I would reccomend this doctor he stayed with me in a consultation for 2hrs he was beyond thuro in answering my questions, he stayed threw his lunch because I ran late coming from out of town 400 miles away , he was very busy that day and still took care of me. His secratary is very helpful in getting information from the doctor to answer my questions as I come up with them since the consult. So from this stage I would expect to give Dr C full 5 stars for his services if I didnt I wouldnt have picked him out of all the surgeons I have met with , also he has been doing this for 25+ years and is board certified. ,,, Went in for pre op today , I just love dr commons he is the sweetest. once again he spent a great amount of time with me and answered all my questions and concerns , one major thing I like is he doesnt just do the TT and breast work he makes sure it all fits together even if he has to do a little extra work its all included.I feel so close to him and I can guarantee that I will be dealing with him till the day I stop having cosmetic surgery. I will post again on this after surgery It is now 1 week after surgery and I love my doctor even more then when I picked him from the begining , he did a great job and not only that he is such a sweet man and very smart i just cant tell you how great he is enough.

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