78 Year Old Woman 28 Yr Old Saline Implants. Palm Springs, CA

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Hello all brave sisters. I am having a revision...

Hello all brave sisters. I am having a revision and replacemnt with silicone implants. Not sure of existing implant size, but not over 300cc, maybe less. I will only increase in size enough to get a little more prjection. Don't, never did want big boobs, just nice, naturally full with a little more elevation. My old (literally) imlants L side is encapulated and the Rs has kind of collapsed. I have scoliosis,my rib cage leaning to the right, so my R boob is already a little lower, and is droopy now, while the left has been pushed higher by the cap con. My Dr did my face lift 15 years ago. Still looks good, I mean of course time marches on, but I still look naturally better. He is expensive, but I live in an area of plasitic surgery heaven. Prices are high here. I don't feel like bargin hunting when it comes to my body. He is one of the best rated PS in So cal and an acclaimed PS for reconstruction, accident, burn, deformaties. My previous experience with him was flawless. His staff and clinic are polished and professional, always available. you are supplied with everthing you need for after your surgery home care. Big plus, the clinic is a 1/2 mile from my house. I will submit before photos before my surgery date. My ipad got stolen and its hard for me to get a decent pic with the pnone. I will need help. More later.


Well here they are. OMG! photos are so harsh. way too much information, LOL. All that excess around my middle is due to a loss of 3 " in height due to my worsening scoliosis and resultant back surgery for stinosis caused by same. Formerly 5' 5" 135, 27" waist. now 5'2" 125. no waist. I have had both hips replaced, 2002, R 2004 L. I am active, dance, swim, walk,etc. These surgerys were necessary and allowed me to retain a quality of life I was accustomed to. Anyway the loss of height has dropped my ribcage making me shortwaisted, plus the boobs themselves have drooped wth age, gravity, and capsule failure. I am a dress designer and expert seamstress, so I can compesate for my flaws with style and good undergarments. Still finding a truly comfortable (oxymoron), bra is near impossible. You can see the curveture in my spine in the scar down my midsection, (hernia repair, 40yrs ago). Sooo, surgery is the 19th April,2016. this will be my 4th and final revision. had implants since I was 32. Never any serious issues, other than capcon,no pain. Always recovered quickly from all my surgeries, with no complications. I'm gonna look really good when I go out. My mom made it to101.
Nuts!! having a problem downloading my photos I'm not good at this. Will get help. Hopefully I can post before surgery. Thanks for support and patience.
Love to All



Just a note on my original implants and previous revisions, all done by Dr's John E and James Williams (twins) in LA. Both retired. My last revision involved a reduction and reconstruction. Came out beautifully and remained so, even with the contracture, untill the last 5 years or so, when everything started going south,LOL, or at least it became more obvious, when naked. The right clothes can hide a lot of flaws. Since I make all mine, I am very clever at making myself look like I have a better figrure than I may realisticaly have. This revision will help maintain that illusion.
There is no man in my life, (not looking) so this is just for me. I love looking glamorous and polished. Friends, family and sometimes even strangers tell me I am beautiful, I do not intend to have any more p s after this and hope I can stay "beautiful" (in the eye of the beholder) till I check out.

thank you

loving thanks to all for your encouraging comments. I will keep posting throughout my adventure. I will also post after pics when I can show off my results in a sexy dress (my own design of course). These will also show the whole me, head to toe. It will be my date with this awesome sisterhood.


In reviewing my review, Said no pain with my surgeries. That's actually relative. My original BA was very painfull, but the revisions were easy because the same pocket was used, just adjusted to the smaller size in the last one.
As for my hip and back surgeries, I was in far more pain before them. The after surgery pain seemed
pretty tame and short lived, compared to years of agony and relief, agony,relief, agony relief. I was very athletic all my life. Combined with my scoliosis, I'm sure I did a lot of things that compromised my already compromised structural integrity. I didn't find about the scoliosis till I was 50.Thats when my right hip was becoming painful. When I saw those first Xray's I cried. I couldn't believe the degree of curveture in my lower spine. I always knew I was a little off kilter, but I had no discomfort till then, or obvious deformity. It's still not apparent with casual obsevation, (dressed). I of course can see it now. It's a miracle I don't look like the hunch back of ND. In spite of it I had good posture and was in good shape. Any will keep you all current.

Thanks, Again

10 days till B day

Wow, I've been so busy I haven't had time to think about the time passing. I hope to have my work done by the 13th. I am costume designer for a local theatre co. this is the final play for the season.
No anxiety or worries, just looking forward to resuming my life as usual with an improved body and figure. Need to do some shopping for a granny gown for recovery time. I will burn it afterwards. My beautiful granddaughter and GG baby will be my chauffer and staying with me for a week, and then my brother will take over for as long as needed. will post the day before surgery.

My best to you all

B day tomorrow!

A little anxious, but in good way.
Just following my pre op instructions and then to bed. Probably won't sleep much, but that's ok. My beautiful granddaughter will be looking after me. Soon as possible I'll let you know how it went. With photos of course.

Brest, (ha ha,meant Best), to all


Home recovering. Feeling good (drugs no doubt). Dr. Took before pics. Will post later. Long discussion pre surgery on my desires and realistic outcome. We both listened. Dr said there were some issues that couldn't be addressed till in surgery, did suggest possible results, not bad just maybe different than my dream. I ain't gonna have boobs like a 20yr old. Just really good ones for a 78+yr old. After much measuring, marking and musing. Dr. With a "I got it " look said you're gonna look great, More later.


Don't know what size Implants yet. Will know tomorrow, but they are mentors and maybe 250cc's, which is probably same size as old ones. Didn't want to be bigger, just better.

Day 1

Post op 5:00 AM. Woke up, no pain, just restless. Drains are funtioning ok. Not as much a hassle as predicted.
Have a 10:30 PO appt.
A side note: Dr's was $11,000.00, including all supplies for recovering care. Everything for as long as necessary. Anesthesia Dr. was $1,100.00. She called night before surgery to introduce herself with information and assurances. That's it for now.


Minor glitch, suction bulb got clogged but was easily replaced by Dr. So convenient office is only 5 min. Away.
Binder was removed, got surgical bra, and got to see them! They look beyond my expectations! How cool is that! 250cc hi profile smooth mentors, old ones were 210, so these look just right.
I actually thought the old ones looked big on me. The new boobs don't look too big just naturally fuller, perfect! Will post photos when drains are out.


Hello ladies,
I'm 10 days post op, feeling ok, but l think this was a little harder on me this time. I'm also pretty impatient. I always think I'll just bounce back in a day or two. Having my exercise routine on hold is difficult. No pain to speak of, more soreness from chest to waist and more bruises than before. 28 years makes a big difference recovery time. Older skin is tender. I'm just anxious to get back to my normal routine.


Left boob is more swollen than right. My left side had way more scar tissue to be removed. As of now my right seems to be settling in nicely.


I took a side view but it posted upside down. Will have my grand daughter take some better ones.

No news

Sorry to be so long updating. Left boob is still swollen. Not particularly painful, just uncomfortable pressure on my chest. Saw Dr. Twice last week. Did ultrasound and been putting warm and cold compress's but it hasn't budged. Can't do any thing that might aggravate it. Not even a slow walk around the block. Very frustrating. It's bumming me out. Tried again to take pics but they keep posting upside down. I'll figure it out later.
Had a nice Mother's Day with Grandson and family.
Have an appointment Mon. ( tomorrow ). We'll see what happens.
Thanks for listening????

Good news, bad news

Hello all, well bad news first, developed seroma on left breast. Good news, Dr will fix it. No charge, ( (that's what the 12k was for) Requires surgery and drain placement again. Biggest concern is no exercise for another 6 weeks. I'm afraid I will get too out of shape to get back in shape.
I was just starting to feel stronger and ready to resume some activity. Bummer! Still I will be relieved to get this taken care of.
All you sweet ladies, wish me healing energy. Thank you for your loving support.
Great(full) grandmother
Will post before photos. Surgery is tomorrow.


Here they are. Left boob as you see is bruised and swollen. Rework is this afternoon to drain and clean out pocket and put in new drain.

All better

Hi All,
Well, had the left boob fixed on Wed. Original drain got plugged which resulted in a back up of blood and fluid. Doing good and glad to have things looking normal. Minimal discomfort. New drain is functioning fine. It probably won't be removed till no more fluid is present.
I'm feeling so much better (psychologically) and physically. Will post photos later.

Ah, better

Success! Now healing normally. Left is still slightly swollen but just usual post op kind.
Now if I could just kid rid of that roll around my middle.


I really have to praise Dr. AAronson. He cares. He is skilled and dedicated to ensuring the best results. He is very thorough and straight forward. He tells you what is realistic and what's not. He's funny too. Pretty cool guy actually. Staff is awesome as well. All women, even the anesthesiologist.
As for the being worth it? Compared to what ? Any thing you do to that enhances your life has value and if it brings you satisfaction, well then your efforts are worthwhile.
To those who responded to my reviews, I thank you for your encouragement and support.
I am healing just fine now. I'll be seeing Dr.A tomorrow and probably won't need to go back till Aug. for a follow up and pictures.


I haven't posted for a while because I've been really busy. Working and getting back in shape. Making Adjustments to my wardrobe. Some stuff still fits. Haven't tried on everything, been making new stuff. Went bra shopping at VS. 34dd. Doesn't look any bigger in my clothes, but definatly looks better. Feeling good. Interesting I used to hate underwire bras, but they are more comfortable now that my boobs are not hanging off my chest. Spent about 500$. Talk about sticker shock. I had a big collection of some pricey stuff that I hadn't worn much or not at all, it was way cheaper then, because It wasn't comfortable or I just didn't like how it looked on me. (To me). I kept buying bras hoping to find one that would do what the surgery ultimately did. Anyway a dear friend became the happy receipiant of my discards.
Back to dancing and pool workout. That 10 weeks off was really miserable. The surgeries were, by comparison, were no biggie. Never had any real pain, except in my ass, literally. Will post pics soon
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