54 Yr Old Mother of 4 Lost 100 and Had Three 10.5# Children# - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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After a lot of thought, three beautiful 10 1/2 lb...

After a lot of thought, three beautiful 10 1/2 lb boys, almost 100 in be weight loss and friends "in the business" the decision was made to repair my muscles and rid myself of the extra skin no exercise was ever going to accomplish. I did it on Wednesday 8/6/14 and am on day 6. Stay tuned for week 1 post op!

week 1 post op today dr. visit

It is exactly a week post op today and I finally awoke this morning feeling pretty good (after having some rather uncomfortable and emotional turbulent days behind me). I put on a long skirt, a bra that I haven't worn in over a week...hahaha some eye makeup, a few bangle bracelets, some hoop earnings and of course my husband's tee shirt (to stick under binder) with sleaves rolled up fashionably of course :) and off to the Doc we went. I feel human today!!!! Almost pretty! Hubby said "she's baaaaack!" He is really very supportive and I couldn't t have done this without him ????.

Doc said I look great and am healing well. I didn't have drains as he is known for a certain quilting procedure beneath the skin that keeps everything tight and no need for additional draining. I can't even imagine what the drains would have been like as it has been tough enough to find a comfortable position these last few days.
I'm also so appreciative for all these posts on real self as they have been a lifesaver as I can kinda get an idea of why I was exhausted when I returned home from the doc. It sure took a lot out of me. As I sit and type my update my hubby gave me some noise cancelling headphones playing total relaxation music. It really helps to get my mind off this incredibly now extra tight binder around my middle. I guess I wasn't tightening it enough this week as I don't recall it being this tight. Maybe the numbness from the surgery is starting to wear off now too. Lots of stuff going on inside!
Note to all: tummy is really flat for the first time in 27 years!!! I can't believe it is me :) will take a pic tonigh and update. Hope you all are feeling well and recovering well, enjoying your beautiful bodies and most of all are appreciating those around you who have and are helping us through our lives.

post op week 1 pic

My belly is gone!

Day 11 post op - First Outing - Yeah!

Day 11 post op...got dressed, curled my hair brought out the jewelry and assessorized like crazy, removed my foam insert for the first time since surgery and wrapped my tummy tightly. Now it was time to try on a dress for today's open house. Found the perfect one, put on eye makeup and off I went. I was nervous to say the least about how I would endure and if I would get light headed but all went well. Walked around the house and met some great people. After 2.5 hours I returned home and I was pooped! Saw I was a little swollen so it's peas please for me!

Birthday today and Day 14 post op

Feeling much better and now the only thing to fear is....SNEEZING! Who would have thought that something so cleansing would HURT so much. YIKES!!! I now know why the docs want u keeping it easy for 2 weeks. You really need it! And then like magic you start to feel like yourself again. Still swollen around the mid section but pain is only a discomfort now. Graduated to the bed last night still propped with pillows. Got to hold my beautiful 4 week old grandson yesterday for the 1st time in 2 weeks. Things are progressing nicely. Getting thru the first two weeks is rough...really rough but I am hear to tell everyone to hang in there as it gets better. Best wishes to you all!

2 was post op Birthday trest...feeling sooooooo much better!

2 weeks post op and it's my birthday!!! Went to breakfast walked around a little and then needed much rest. Sneezed again today and this time I was prepared thanks to Kimmers...held my middle ( didn't have time to get a pillow) and bent over. Still hurt but at least in didn't see stars!

Day 17 Post Op and it's a Rollercoaster!

Did I really think that I would be back to my energetic and productive life after having my surgery? I sure did. What a surprise! Just walking around for long periods of time require a "hey, I need a rest" period.

Having swelling issues also makes me think that I am doing too much too quickly. I miss my fast paced Real Estate life! Trying to do what I can but it seems like I'm in a slow.motion movie...hahaha.

No pain anymore just some twinges here and there if I move too quickly. Figuring out the binder thing under clothes and even bought my first pair of spanx! Clothes will look a little smoother than the velcro binder as I still need to wear this to keep the swelling at bay. Seeing PS in another 10 days for my one month check up. Time flies when u r having fun!

3 was post op and feel grrrrrrreat! Little Swollen Though...

Wow! Week one is the absolute worst...keep reading please. ...I feltl like I was going to explode inside and couldn't really move around very well without assistance. I kept asking myself if it's all worth it and what have I gotten myself into?

Week 2 comes around and I'm back in the marital bed...yipeeeeee. still recovering but feeling sooooooo much better. Putting on real clothes over the beautiful and ever so needed binder. Getting around in and out of the car. Taking some short walks, not sleeping very well but knowing that things are improving. Even putting on makeup and jewelry!!!! Started back at work showing property with hubby :)
Yeah, it's week 3 and wow what a difference. I think I actually slept on side last night and it didn't bother me!!! Didn't tire at all today and showed property for a few hours. Belly still swells so I know that my lymphatic system is retraining itself after all that surgery internally...been reading up a bit :)

Looking forward to getting back in the gym and working out. Hope next week's 1 month mark and visit to PS gives me the green light!

To all of u just starting the journey, be patient and to those of us recovering, congratulations...we are making it!!!!

29 Days later......

So I'm going into 5 weeks post op and stopped wearing my binder at night as I'm now using the silicone strip for my scar and belly button...16 hours a day. Swelling is slooooooowly going down, however I see a drastic change in my body and love it! Clothes r fitting better and my husband thinks he married a goddess....hahaha. he's so complimentary! Have no pain whatsoever, little tightening every now and then. PS says I can start exercising by 8 weeks. I can't wait!!!! Still have some issues sleeping thru the night as I am a turner and find some discomfort.

Hope u all are feeling well and to those just beginning it does get better. Get thru the first 2 weeks and u r home free to the flat side!
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