375cc Augmentation & Bottomed Out Revision - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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I want to share my experience since I was unable...

I want to share my experience since I was unable to find very much info on my situation when I searched. I had my first augmentation 10-11-11. I was a 36A. I was 29 (now 30), 110, 5'3", no children. I have 375 cc silicone Mentor implants, inframammory incision. I am now a 34d. I went to a reputable surgeon in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. I noticed right away that my right breast was sitting a little lower than my left. I figured it needed time to drop and even out. After 3 months I was concerned and went back to my Dr. He told me to wait 6 months and we will re examine. In June of 2012 I went back and by that time the left had also dropped, my scars were riding up on both breasts, the right one more so. He said the cause was likely because I had very soft breast tissue, and little of it, also the implants may be too heavy for my body to support.

To fix this, the Dr. was going to have to stitch up the pockets top 'raise' the implant position. It cost $600 for the revision, the Dr waived his fees, but the anesthesiologist and medication cost me. I went in September 7, 2012 for the revision. I was VERY sore the first surgery, I took off 10 days, and I felt I should have took longer. I was informed the second one would be worse. I had to be at a new job September 8 for orientation at 9am. I know, I am crazy. Anyway, the second surgery is by FAR not as painful, the meds hardly help the pain, Tylenol helps. I went to work the next day, 9-8-12 at 9am, and am going for training all this week m-f 8-2. I am uncomfortable, but not too bad.

Anyway, today is Monday, post op day 4, and I am sore, but overall fine. I went for my post op check up today, and go back in a week to remove the sutures under my breasts. If anyone has had surgery like this, please feel free to email me. I want to know if my breasts appear normal for a surgery of this kind, i feel deformed, lol. I have trust in my Dr, so I am not uneasy or upset. I just want to be able to wear a bra/bikini without my nips hanging out of the top. :) Any input for Doctors is appreciated! Thank you for reading my story and looking at my photos. Feedback is appreciated. Please contact me if you would like to share stories or experiences, or with questions.

Also I wanted to mention I have smooth round...

Also I wanted to mention I have smooth round moderate plus profile gel implants. Still in pain, mostly on Left side. It was the right side that i had trouble with from my original surgery. Please take a look at my photos and give me some feed back, I really would appreciate it! Any Doctors advice or comments are VERY much welcomed. Thanks

Well it's been 1 year and 2 months since my revision.

My right crease is about an inch lower than the incision, and it is even painful. I do not feel comfortable in my own skin, i never want to take my top off. I have gained weight and am just really thinking of calling and scheduling to get them removed. I don't like to be touched and bra shopping sucks. I am going to lose 10 pounds and reevaluate. I want to feel sexy in my own skin. I want to be small and not wear bras 24/7. I even wear this VS push up band because it feels better to have them held up. Not to mention they a bit crooked and the right is bottoming out/falling. Or is it the left has cc? i dont know....feedback is appreciated. To all the brave ones that removed, I love to read your stories and see pics. It's so encouraging! :)

Went in for consult....

So I was looking at photos of myself that I sent my bf Pre-op, and I'm really not liking what I see. My breasts were very bottom full and flat as a board above the nipple, even droopy. I guess my mom and grandma were right when they said, "I used to look like you, just wait til you get older." lol. So I went in to see about swapping them for a smaller set, maybe that would take away the pain and even them out....Well my Dr. said we could do a swap but he can't say for sure that will ease the pain or not. SO, in conclusion, he said he does not want me in pain and not happy in my body. Therefore, he is going to stitch up the right pocket again, and hopefully it will hold up these implants. He is doing this free of charge (bless him!) So December 3rd is the date. Third times a charm, at least thats what they say...haha. I have not been this excited and happy over anything in a LONG time, I will not be lifting a finger until I'm healed. Not like the last time when I went to work the next day....I could be to blame for carrying plates with my right arm and causing the right one to look and feel this way. I will be updating as soon as I have my pre op on 11/27/13. YAY!!!!!!

FIRST DAY after 2nd revision (3rd breast surgery)

I am in pain but no more than usual after surgery. I had my right implant re-sutured and raised up a bit. Tylenol helps the best for pain, the other meds just help me relax and sleep. Just taking it easy today, netflix and plex :) Here are some pics from this morning.
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