Need Help on Determining Final Size and Type. Palm Beach, FL

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I'm 5'3", 104 lbs, 6% body fat, and have small...

I'm 5'3", 104 lbs, 6% body fat, and have small breasts. I'm going in for a breast aug on July 7, and want a large B/possibly small C. However, due to my very petite frame, I want to keep a more natural look. These are 2 images I found and wanted to know if these are achievable with round silicone implants, under the muscle? These implants are shaped, however due to my surgeon selected, I feel like he doesn't have experience with shaped, as he has to special order them for me. Plus I heard they are much harder than silicone...

I'm open to suggestions on profile and size.

Disappointed and terrible breast augmentation

Disappointed I have to write such a review...

6 months ago I received a breast augmentation from Dr Rankin. I was very flat-chested, and could not wait. In July, I received 304 cc, Style 15, under the muscle. The pain was minimal, and I was up and going the next day. All of my friends told me, that I would hate them at first, but give it time. I never ended up liking them. They actually looked better at first because they were swollen and stiff, so the gap (6.5cm) wasn't as large, and they didn't fall to the sides so bad when I was on my back. They looked like balls onto of my chest (some doctors actually thought he went over the muscle), and were so low on my chest as well. I know you shouldn't do push-ups etc, but I was unable to swim, do yoga, or even push myself up. I was embarrassed to wear a bathing suit. 

Needless to say, I went for a follow-up, and the reasoning for the gap was "this is your frame, and you are too skinny. If you gain weight, the gap won't be so bad." " They fall to the sides, and that's normal". That was when they were 4 cm apart. Over the next few months, I measured, and it continued to get worse. I went back, and then it was recommended the only way to fix was to go 450+cc, which would look crazy on my small body. Oh, and I need to wait 6-7months. And he was willing to revise them for no cost.

So... I went to see several (6) other board certified surgeons. They ALL said the same thing! Basically the 1. wrong implant was used for my frame, 2. Over-disection of the pocket, 3. The muscle needed to be released 4. I can have them revised as soon as I want.

3 Weeks ago, I had an AMAZING revision by another doctor. My surgery was 3 hours long, to put into perspective how much reconstruction was needed. I can tell you, they look absolutely perfect, and I only had to go to 374 cc! He released the muscle, and had to tighten the pockets in both directions. The lack of movement was fixed immediately after. Although I'm extremely upset I had to pay for another surgery, I am glad I didn't go back to Rankin.

I wish I had something nice to say about my outcome with Dr Rankin, because his staff was great. But the look of my breasts and the lack of movement I had post-procedure was unexceptional in my opinion. However, according to him, "you have an excellent result". I will show you an excellent result with my revision in my profile. 

PS- I'm not sure about the Anesthesiologist either. He had me eat something light the morning of my surgery, and drink water until noon. (My surgery was at 3:00 PM)

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