Accutane / Roaccutane Journey, Melbourne Australia, 26 Year Old Female - Pakenham, AU

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First and foremost, i have battled with acne,...

First and foremost, i have battled with acne, blackheads and millia since the tender age of 12. I am now 26...and i feel like 14 years is enough!!!! It clearly isn't just the hormones resulting from puberty!
Acne has caused me a fair share of anxiety and depression over the years. From social anxiety to depression about how 'ugly' it looked, and imagining what people must think when they meet me and how repulsed they must feel. Not wanting boyfriends to touch my face because it must feel disgusting, the stress that comes before a big social event and worrying about how my acne will be that day, and how well i'll be able to cover it up. It's exhausting. I really struggle to get myself together on a week night after work to attend a social event like a dinner or a coffee catch up - it just takes too much effort having to go home, do the cleansing regime, then paste on a healthy dose of foundation and concealer. Not to mention the outbreaks that result from said pasting.
Of course over the years i have tried so many things! Diet, exercise, no dairy, more vegetables, no fatty foods etc etc etc.
Two years ago, i went to see an MD who worked at a derm clinic. He prescribed me the following regime; Doxycycline 50mg a day, Adapalene (vit A cream) every night, some other gel every morning (the name escapes me right now) and the Rationale Three fix regime both morning and night. Now this worked, to an extent. As you can imagine it was quite time consuming and didn't have any long term effects. I kept it up for a good 8 months, but then i just became too expensive.

Today i finally went to the dermatologist to find out what he could do about my skin. My main concerns are millia (little white bumps) and active acne. He has suggested taking 20mg of Roaccutane a day for 8 months. I'm assuming he is trying to lessen the side effects by starting me on a dose so low. I am fine with this. I'd rather not jump in the deep end. I already have quite dry skin and am concerned this may be one of my major side effects. Being 26 i have started to notice the little fine lines around my mouth, my eyes and on my forehead, so i am also concerned about premature aging. Another thing that will do my head in is not being able to wax. I love waxing and hate hair!!! So not being able to wax - especially over summer will drive me insane. Anyone who tells you to just 'shave' has clearly never reaped the benefits of a bikini wax!! haha.

I am scheduled to have my blood test later in the week to confirm not pregnant (i have an IUD anyway) and to check my cholesterol, and kidney and liver function. Once they come back all clear, the doc will send me my prescription to get this show on the road.

I have posted some pics of my acne today. Over the years, my acne has flared up and down. It's been cystic at some points. Today it is not as bad as it has been. But frankly, it's just ground me down.

Annnnd here we go, first tablet down the hatch.

So, 3 weeks after I initially saw the dermo, we finally have lift off! As if that wasn't the most tedious process EVER! Didn't help that the dermo went on leave for a week there and didn't notify his patients he was going away - oh thanks so much! NOT. Gosh i was impatient. And it didn't help that his admin staff were extremely impersonal, especially when i was just feeling so desperate, scared and sensitive about the whole thing. Anyway, end rant.
So picked up my Roaccutane about an hour ago, ate lunch and took my first little pink tablet. He has put me on a dosage of 20mg a day to start off with. I have a review appt in 4 weeks. It cost me $36.90 for 60 x 20mg tablets under the medicare scheme. Without medicare it would have cost $77.65, which to be honest, i think is pretty reasonable for 60 tablets in comparison to what they seem to be paying over in the states. I stocked up on Nivea in shower moisturiser, some soap free QV shower wash, Redkens sorbolene cream, Hamiltons Urederm Cream 10% (to be honest i don't really know what ill use this for, but it was on sale!), Olay total effects eye cream (hopefully stem any extra aging!!) and Blistex for my lips.
I am a little concerned how my skin will react in this first week, i got a little sunburn on the weekend just gone (3-5th Oct) while at a festival. I'm wondering if i should have waited until my skin had healed before starting treatment - my skin is also insanely dry due to the bonfires every night.
I have posted some pics of my skin today, it actually looks pretty inflamed, and made me a little sad to see what other people are seeing, it's a bit yukky. Fingers crossed this treatment works for me. I'm terribly scared of the initial flare up, i have so many weddings and events in the next 2 months! Wish me luck.

Side effects already?

Day two down. Have had a sort of achy on and off headache since yesterday, not sure if it's related or i'm just being hypochondriac. Didn't sleep so well last night, woke up at 4.30am, then really restless until 7 when i just couldn't take rolling around anymore haha.
My workmate quizzed me today on why i would go on such a potentially dangerous drug that i had to sign an indemnity form for...LOOK AT MY FACE!!!! I'm sick of obsessing over it to be honest. I wish i could just let it go. I keep a little mirror on my desk at work, and am constantly checking that i have no whiteheads or flakey bits of skin on my face, Gross.

Day 7 down!

Not too much has changed yet. My cheeks seem to be less inflamed, yet the zits on my neck are on and off cystic. Skin is drying out slowly, eyes are a bit dryer than usual - nothing eye drops cant help. Legs are ridiculously itchy. I was trying not to itch them, then on Saturday i did...that resulted in a rash appearing. So now i am trying not to itch. Wore heavy makeup 3 nights in a row over the weekend, and hasn't caused any extra breaking out. My skin almost feels dewy. It's odd. But nice. Whenever i get out of the shower and dry my face and neck with the towel, my neck feels like it is on fire for a minute or two - just the coarse material of the towel is too harsh for it. Then it looks rashy for about 15 or so minutes. It calms down though. Here's to the next week!

Day 8 & 9 reign with side effects!

This is the second time I've written this post, hopefully i can write it with as much gusto as i did the first time!!! Dang crashing website! So woke up yesterday with the DRIEST lips!!! They felt so tight! Also, the sides of my nose were sooooo itchy throughout the day, and just became drier and drier. My scalp on my hairline has also become really dry, almost looked like i had dandruff, so i scrubbed the crap outta my scalp last night - probably not the best idea, but what more could i do! Will purchase some moisturising shampoo as i have been using shampoo for oily hair for years! Have started to use my Uriage CU-ZN+ cream at night. It has the thickest and oiliest texture, something i would have NEVER put on my face pre-accutane. But, seems to be helping. Whenever i pop a zit (don't lecture me on popping zits!! I know!! But there is NO way i am walking around with a whitehead on my face, ewwww!!) it heals so quickly and loses the inflammation really quickly too! Great! The rest of my body seems OK so far on the drying front, haven't notice it drying excessively like my face. But i'm sure it will follow suit soon enough!

My face is peeling, just lie everybody else s!

Thought i'd take a snap of my peeling face this morning fresh out of the shower. Now i can cover up this peeling with moisturiser...but i need to put it on 2 or 3 times during the day as the skin dries out again. Or, if i scratch the dead skin away, it also isn't visible...but that's probably not the best skin is already fighting a big enough battle.

Day 14 done and gone, into week 3 today.

Sooooo, here are my current side effects...
Lower back pain. I told the pathologist yesterday, and she said to make sure that i mention it to my derm at my 4 week appt, because it may actually be kidney pain! Which would not be good. But i genuinely feel like it's my back, it doesn't feel internal. My skin on my face is quite dry before moisturising, you can see the flakey skin on my chin today. The Uriage CU-ZN+ cream has just been an absolute godsend. Really it has. I put it on my entire face and neck every night after washing my face with ASAP Gentle cleansing gel. I will list my skincare regime at the end of this post. I also put it on the extremely dry patches in the mornings after cleansing. I have also had really dry ears. Like in my ears, dry skin. Ew. Also, both my ears got irritated where the headphones were rubbing and the area became itchy and inflamed. I just let it be for a couple of days and it's healed over. Sore hip joints. Skin on my body is quite dry, but not visibly, just sort of flakey. Lips are still feeling leathery but it does feel like it's improving. I just keep putting blistex on them, so they are constantly moist. Dry eyes when i wake up, was probably the worst between day 8 and 13, but i haven't noticed it the last couple of mornings. Don't really notice it during the day. My scalp is itchy, and dry. As i said previously, i scrub it in the shower, so i am probably doing it more harm. I feel quite fatigued all the time too. Like Sunday, I went to bed at midnight, slept until 10.30am, had a nap in the arvo from 1pm-3.30pm then slept Sunday night, midnight-8am Monday morning. Then, it got to about 1pm Monday and i was almost falling asleep at my desk!! And i'd had loads of sleep!! I waxed my eyebrows on the weekend. I know that we aren't supposed to, but my skin didn't feel too brittle yet. I knew if i did my upper lip it would rip the skin off, but i can still do my eyebrows for now. I just ensured the wax didn't go too low on the lid and just did the parts i HAD to.
My daily face regime is below...
Morning - Cleanse with ASAP Gentle cleansing Gel - $37
- Moisturise dry patches with Uriage CU-ZN+ cream - $20
- Moisturise whole face with Simple Oil Control Moisturiser - $9
Night - Cleanse with ASAP Gentle cleansing Gel - $37
- Moisturise entire face with Uriage CU-ZN+ cream - $20

That simple. So far i don't have to use any moisturiser on my body during the day. I have switched to using QV gentle wash in the shower as it doesn't contain any soap and isn't drying on your skin.
All in all, none of these side effects are really bothering me, besides the back pain. I probably wouldn't even notice them if i weren't looking out for them. As you can see from my pics, skin is less inflamed, but still quite active. Have about 3 blind cystic pimples, so you cant see them in the pics, but boy can i feel them. Hot, hurty swollen lumps. I'm sure they will go down as soon as the gunk comes out of them.
That's it from me for now!

Day 22 done and into week 4.

Main side effects bothering me at the moment are dry lips and dry itchy/flakey scalp. Am going to get a new lip balm today, Blistex just isn't cutting it. Might try a QV one or maybe a Uriage one. My scalp has been so irritated!!! And flakey along my hair line. Itching like crazy! So last week i purchased a sachet of hair&me oil and put it in over night. It really helped. My scalp was not itchy the next day. Then two days later i went and got a moisturising treatment at the hairdressers. Probably too much in one go. My hair is feeling loads better after doing those treatments. It felt so luscious all weekend. Yesterday decided it was time to change shampoos. I no longer need to be using shampoo for oily hair - clearly. Purchased from the Clean and Clear Scalp and Hair therapy range. It's just a supermarket brand. Nothing spesh. Used it last night. Have a hairdressers appt tomorrow night to get my hair done. Was slightly worried as i had read online that you shouldn't dye your hair - I just assumed because i am going brown and not blonde, that it would be ok. Then i was reminded that standard hair dyes have ammonia in them. So i called my derm and he said that it should be fine to dye my hair. He said that your hair can get a little brittle on roaccutane, and to keep an eye out for that. Informed the hairdresser and she was glad to know. I'm sure it will be fine. I had a dream last night that my hair fell out. That was devastating, but it was nice that my unconscious mind thought to collect the fallen out hair in my dream with the intention to donate it. I have ridiculously long, thick hair. And i take a lot of pride in it. So i'd be devastated if anything happened to it.
My skin is looking better again. I'm wondering if the pink scarring will fade much. I already have intentions of doing chemical peels once this process is over. Also, i waxed my bikini line on the weekend, skin is still not too brittle to do it. TMI i know, but i am documenting for me as well. Had my upper lip threaded last week as the skin there is too brittle to wax. The lady cut the side of my mouth with the thread!!! Then tried to deny it!! Ok lady, i walked in here with an already cut lip!! Anyway, i wasn't too phased as i knew it was because my skin was more brittle than usual. Has healed up just fine.
Back is no longer achy, hips are fine again. Have had no nose bleeds or anything, fatigue seems to have passed - hopefully i'm not speaking to quickly on that one. Another week down. I have my 4 week appt with derm next Thursday, no doubt he will up my dosage. Fingers crossed no new side effects etc.

Day 36 and into week 6.

Missed last weeks review i'm sorry, we had a public holiday here, so i was off enjoying that all while staying out of the sun! So, i had my hair dyed. And because me scalp was feeling ultra sensitive already, it BUURRNNEEDDD! So i suggest if you are going to dye your hair, make sure your scalp feels normal first. Silly on my part. But it's all learning. My neck has been super sore, went to the physio and she said it doesn't even feel that i'm assuming it may be joint pain from roaccutane. Didn't have my derm appt last week, had to postpone to this week instead. I am still on 20mg a day and i suspect after seeing me on Thursday, he will push me up a level or two. Or at least i am hoping. While my skin is looking betterish, i can still feel quite a bit under my neck and cheeks. My nose felt really rough last week and i thought that it was dry skin, bah bow!!! It was blackheads pushing out!!! It was amazing!!! The pores on my nose have ALWAYS been filled with gunk, and no matter how many times i squeeze it out, it always comes back. Not this time. So i went on a squeezing spree and squeezed out all that blackheady goodness! The best part is, those pores haven't clogged back up again and they seem to be's a miracle!!! As you can tell, i was super excited about that! Skin hasnt been too dry, have been able to revert back to using Simple moisturiser on my face during the day as my skin was no longer requiring the moisture of the Uriage CU-ZN cream. Did purchase the Uriage lip barrier cream and it has worked really well, lips aren't feeling as dry, but they are still tight. Have had headaches for the past 5 or so days, that would be due to crying out all my fluids and not drinking any water - i was sick and it was terrible. Upping my water levels again today. Had a bit of blood in my nose today, pretty sure its because i have blown my nose about thirty thousand times in the last couple of days!

Let this be a lesson to you all, you pick, you pay!

Check out the mole looking thing on my lip!!! Yup, this is my 2nd one of these...and it's from picking!!! It's a scab that resulted in me squeezing a millia. Not even a blackhead or pimple. Basically i squeezed so hard that it tore the skin off. Yup - winning. Talk about excessive picking. I know i'm an idiot for doing it, but i still felt satisfaction after i squeezed the living daylights out of it and now its gone. It's really sore and dry. My own fault.
So today is like day 42 and i'm going into week 7. I had my 1st dermo check up on Thursday. He was fine with how it looked. I genuinely expected him to up my dosage as i am only on 20mg. But he didn't. And i questioned him as to why. He said that while they used to measure the drug 1mg per kg, they have since found that it works doing a lower dose for a longer amount of time. So that would be why he has said i'll be on it for 8 months. He said that i would be on 20mg for most of the time, and then for the last month, he may put me on 40mg every second day. As long as it works, i don't care. I also asked him how long i'd have to wait to do a chemical peel after finishing my course, and he said 12-18 months!!!!!!!!!! I was shocked and saddened by that. While i'm happy to be rid of the acne, i still have the scarring and aging. Then again, maybe the scarring will get better the longer i am on the drug. I have to have another blood test to check my liver, kidney and cholesterol levels this week. He said it should be the last one for the course. Lips are always dry, it's just the standard really, no matter how much balm i put on them.

Accutane and Depression?

Day 52 and I’m in week 8. Didn’t update on time this week because frankly I didn’t felt like it. I haven’t felt like doing anything. I haven’t been feeling like myself. Which has me asking questions. The link between Accutane and depression. I’ve been doing some research over the past few days, and apparently isotretinoin lowers the availability of serotonin. Serotonin is the hormone that makes you feel good. People with anxiety and depression are often lacking in serotonin, or their brain has issues regulating it. Now we all know there is a risk of depression and/or suicidal thoughts while using roaccutane, mainly seen in teenagers, but if it’s lowering the serotonin in the brain, wouldn’t that put everyone at risk? Maybe I’m mistaken with the teenager thing, I can’t really remember. I already suffer from low serotonin (and yes, my derm does know this, it was discussed to extent). Since about November 6, I had been feeling terrible. Didn’t feel like socialising, not interested in my usual activities, lacking any motivation, really down on myself, terrible self-talk, feeling sad for no reason, crying for no reason, over reacting to situations I usually wouldn’t, trouble empathising with people and generally feeling overwhelmed by normal everyday things. It was horrible. I felt as if I was living under a black cloud. And I couldn’t see the way out. Constantly had this heavy feeling in my gut. So I went to the doctors and am trying an antidepressant. I’ve been on it for 3 weeks now, and as of yesterday, I feel like the cloud has lifted. Now, I’m not saying that Accutane has caused this bout of depression, I have a lot of other things to factor into the equation, ie. Birth control, relationships, living situation, approaching surgery etc. So, a fair bit on my plate. But it just caused me to do some research and I read some scary reviews about people that had suffered joint pain, so they had to stop the roaccutane immediately, but the joint pain has continued on, even after stopping the drug. Also read some articles about the link between roaccutane and depression, and even after stopping the drug, the depression continues. This is what scares me. That the symptoms may continue even after the drug is stopped. Anyway – that is my rant about what got me thinking this last week…
Side effects I’m suffering atm – dry lips as usual, but still combatting with the Uriage lip balm, dry and itchy scalp, soooo itchy! I’ve tried a few different shampoos to no avail, think I will have to do another hair&me hair treatment. Neck pain, right up where my neck joins my scalp, ohhh it hurts. I’m trying to load up on water to see if that helps, we will see. It’s not like I can go on a lower dosage, I’m only on 20mg a day!!! Skin is looking alright, only have one active pimple at the moment under my chin, the rest seem to be red scars. That’s it from me!

Day 58 and in week 9, 2 more tablets until i'm finished my first box!!

Neck has been killing me over the last week. To the point where I couldn’t sleep on Sunday night. I think I’m going to go to the osteopath. Skin is looking good. Picked another zit over the weekend and had one of those dirty big sores….bad girl! Got to stop doing that. I feel like majority of the acne has come to the surface. My skin has flattened out heaps and I am getting less zits. I have noticed that I seem to be getting jowls…I hope that is not an effect of the medication aging me. I’d be devastated. Did do some reading about how the medication is absorbed better with a fatty meal, rather than with nothing or a not so fatty meal. That’s good to know – not that I need an excuse to eat a fatty meal ;) Have noticed that my elbows and above my elbows is so so so dry – feels scaly. Have started moisturising them today. Scalp is still itchy and flaky, but I’ve been slack and haven’t done the oil treatment yet or purchased a new shampoo and conditioner. Lazy.

Day 73 and in week 11. Only approx 130 days and approx 21 weeks to go.

Wow, saying it like that sounds like it's such a long time!!!! But all i can say is....LOOK AT MY SKIN!!!! It's already looking brilliant! I was just looking at my first pics and remembering how devastated i was that it looked and felt like that. Over the weekend i let my partner run his fingers over my cheek....I can honestly say that i have NEVER let anyone do that before, my skin is feeling so smooth! Obviously it's not perfect yet, but it's all part of the journey. I didn't do an entry last week as i had surgery, to remove my pus filled tonsils! *Gross out warning - do not read the next bit if you're squeamish* The doctor came to see me after he removed them, and said that when he pulled them out and squeezed them, pus came writhing out like little worms! How gross is that!? And i haven't had tonsillitis since February 2014 (this year), so that's 10 months that they 'haven't' been 'infected' which means that pus filled was their permanent state!!!! In the back of my throat!!!!!! UGGGHHHHHH the thought almost makes me vomit. Anyway, enough about my tonsils. They are gone and i am still recovering. My skin hasn't been overly dry. I've been keeping to my regime of cleansing in the morn and moisturising and eye cream. But I've gotten a bit slack at night...which is really bad as i'm not washing off the days grit and grime *slaps own wrist* need to pick up- my game! My hair is dry, but it means i literally only wash my hair like twice a week!!! it is the most brilliant thing EVER!!! So convenient. I have a question, i'm not sure if anyone has the answer...I've done some research but not really pulled up any answers. I am still waxing. My eyebrows, upper lip, underarms and bikini line (TMI, sorry). I'm on 20mg a day, so my skin isn't very brittle and i am still able to wax exactly like i could before going on roaccutane. I'm assuming that's because of my low dosage. I know that if the skin is too brittle, it will tear - i have experienced this in the past when using adapalene and didn't know that it made your skin brittle. Does anyone know if this is the only reason we are not allowed to wax? Am i ok to keep waxing if my skin is reacting exactly as it did prior to roaccutane? Is there any harm in this?

Day 86, week 13 and eczema, booo.

So you can't really see it too well in the pics, but I seem to be developing what I'm pretty sure is eczema on my upper arms/shoulders. I've been putting cream on it religiously morning and night, even more if I remember during the day, but it actually seems to be getting worse. I may get some hydrocortisone cream but that's not a long term solution. Have started using ASAP sunscreen moisturiser on my face, but I don't think its moisturising enough. I did use some sorbolene cream on my face and that seemed really good, so might just use that.

Day 101 (triple digits hooray!) week 15 and still 20mg daily.

Not too much to update on, my skin is looking pretty good! The eczema has cleared up, without hydrocortisone cream! How you ask? Redwins Sorbolene Creme!!! I used it day and night and it cleared right up! I have also been using it on my face morning and night, it has the perfect amount of moisture in it for my skin. I think i may be using it until i finish. I'm nervous about finishing roaccutane - not that i have to worry about that for another 4 months....speaking of, i'm one week off half way!!!! HOORAYYYY!!!! I havnt been having any other side effects whatsoever. My skin isn't even that dry, but i'm putting sorbolene on it anyway.

Waxing equals skin ripping off!

Yup! Let it be a lesson to you all...i ripped the skin off my upper lip. Good one. This is what it looks like. Yes, it hurts, yes it looks terrible and hopefully it wont scar. Sigh. This is what happens when i wax if i wax over the same spot more than once. I went over this area twice and BOOM, skin, gone. Ouch.

I just love looking back on my pics!

Was just reviewing my pics from the beginning. My goodness i love my skin right now. I have sooooo much less stress every day not stressing about my skin!!!! I barely even look in my little compact mirror each day! As you can see, my upper lip has already healed where i tore the skin off. Now im just keeping it moisturised and sun-screened to ensure there is no pigmentation. Excited for others on here that are finishing their accutane journey this week - here's to you KeenaBeena88!!!! Go and take a look at her review, her transformation is astounding!

Wrote a great review last week and it deleted, annoying!

So im on day 126! Only 114 days to go!!!! Lips are super dry, blistex and uriage are just not cutting it. Have ordered some Dr Dans Cortibalm from usa, and fingers crossed that will work!! Have noticed more dry/eczema over my shoulders, so will sorbolene cream that morning and night and im sure it will go away! Have been using vitamin B serum by ASAP (i confirmed with them that it was ok to use with accutane) before i put on my sorbolene cream. Has anyone else noticed excessive facial sweat? My face will just randomly sweat profusely when im feeling slightly overheated. Never had an issue before. Very odd.

Take two with photo attempt - that was annoying!!

Excessive facial sweating, the bane of my existence!

So, this by far has to be my biggest irritating side effect. Excessive facial sweating!!!! Through my eyebrows, my upper lip and just under my bottom lip. Now im not just talking about a slight sheen, i'm talking about DRIPPING!!! And it will just come on for no reason!!! Walking from one end of the shopping centre to the other and BOOM, face is dripping - specifically those areas mentioned above. I'm decently fit, so i'm not over exerting myself. I could even just be cleaning the house, and my face is just sweating like crazy! I will definitely be looking into botox should this side effect not subside once i am finished with roacutane, because it makes putting on makeup near impossible! Skin is looking great, had 4 random zits over the weekend, but quite certain they were set off due to me putting deodorant on my face (YESSSSSSSS i am getting desperate!!!) so i wont be doing that again. Plus, summer is cooling down into winder now, so fingers crossed that alleviates some of the stupid sweating. Still, it's a small price to pay for my beautiful skin! Anyone else experiencing this? Oh, and an update on the cortibalm...didnt work for me unfortunately :( But i'd still say give it a try, if you contact them over fb they will send you a free sample to try, they are a beautiful company!
Back to swapping between blistex medicated and uriage. Oh also, ive started using a keratase mask on my hair instead of conditioner, no longer brittle or dry! Its gorgeous!

Day 157 and Week 23, cracked corners of my mouth, ouuuucccchhhh!

This is more so a photo update than anything. As you can see, the corner of my mouth is cracked, and OUCH!!!! It happened two days ago when i woke up in the morning and yawned! Now it keeps splitting anytime i open my mouth. It's hurty! I keep applying blistex to it. Skin is looking pretty good. Zits from deodorant on face have completely gone, hooray. Oh, AND started to get a bit of a bloody nose last week! Just my right nostril, and its not running blood, just when i blow my nose, and it was actually a little sore! Weird. Was supposed to have a dermo appt week before last, but had to cancel. Will reschedule for some time in the next few weeks, as i think i only have about 20 tablets left and need to get a new prescription. It will be my last one. I only have between 9 & 11 weeks to go on this drug. I'm still only on 20mg a day, have been for the whole course. He said something about potentially increasing to 40mg a day for the last month or two, so will find out if he thinks i will need to when i go back. I dont mind either way, i just want whats best for my skin. I will ask him about a referral for botox when i go back as well. I'm not dealing with this excessive facial sweat forever after going through this haha. Keep persisting!!

Cracked lip be gone! Week 25, Day 168...

Cracked lip is ALMOST gone! It's not cracking anymore, and is just red where the trauma was. It was cracked all the way up until last Thursday the 19th (it's now Monday), so that was almost two weeks of some decent pain! If i hadn't of gone back to the dermo, i imagine it would still be cracked!! I finally got fed up with it on Thursday and called the dermo, he said to come in and see him. He took a look at it and said it was Angular Cheilitis - which was a condition i had read up on line, basically just acute cracked corners of mouth. He prescribed a steroid and an anti fungal cream, apply both once at day, obvi at opposite ends of the day. The steroid was called "Elocon". It has worked a treat! Now i can open my mouth as i please without that dreaded split reoccurring! Fingers crossed i don't have anymore issues with that for the remainder of the course. Skin is looking good, ignore the read patch of skin below my jaw bone on the right hand side - i had just squeezed a little white head that had popped up, and while on roaccutane, it makes all the surrounding skin red when i scratch it or itch it. All is going well!!

Week 26, Day 178, 6 month mark

So i have officially been taking roaccutane 4 days short of 6 months! SIX WHOLE MONTHS on this drug! I went to see the dermo today. He said my skin is looking good and he'd like to keep me on it for another 2 months. Still on 20mg a day and will be for the last 2 months. He suggested that i wait 18 months prior to having any form of peel or laser resurfacing, talk about a long process. But im so thankful for what its already done! My skin is kicking goals! Asked him about facial sweating, he didnt seemed too phased, said if it continues after treatment then he will refer me to get botox.

Day 200!!!! and week 29!

ohhhh my goodness look at me go! TWO HUNDRED DAYS!!!! How insane is that??? Still taking my 20mg a day. Im 6'1 and 70kg for all y'all playing at home. Reason for my lower dosage is to lessen the side effects. Skin is looking great. Elbows have been quite dry, just using sorbolene to fix that. I can't remember if i've mentioned it before, but i have been having a pain in my hip since December. I was seeing an Osteopath for it - she had no idea unfortunately. And now i see a physio. He has said that i have tendinitis in my gluteus. It hurts whenever i stand up from the sitting position and also when i walk. It causes me the most discomfort at night when im trying to sleep, i cant really sleep on the right side of my body. I may have to have a cortisone injection into the muscle. There is a chance that it has been caused by the roaccutane. I'm hoping not, but it seems highly likely. I dont know if its a permanent pain or if it will go away once i stop roaccutane. We shall see.

Day 226 and week 33!

Not much has changed really! Face is still clear, although i had ONE tiny pimple that of course i squeezed, AND i made sure to take a pic of it. It was gone the next morning! Amazing. Only 22 days left to go on this loooonnnnnnnggggg 8 month Roaccutane journey! I am getting nervy about coming off it, because it has become my security blanket. It really has. I don't want to have to battle acne again. I have also added a photo of my terrible upper lip sweat. I was in the change rooms trying on clothes - not overexerting myself at all and BOOM, face started sweating profusely. Very annoying. It also happens if i start to get panicked or am in a hurry to do something. It's like my body goes into premature fight or flight mode. Anywho, that's all from me today, no exciting updates, just pretty, clear skin!

Day 253 Week 37, took my last tablet 3 days ago!

Woweeeeee! 8 months done and dusted!!!! I took my last tablet 3 days ago, 250 days of accutane, and i did it! Now comes the scary part. Was it worth it? We shall find out in the next couple of months i suppose. No new side effects. I wonder how long it will take for oil to come back to my scalp and face. I know that i will eventually have to change my facial moisturiser to something a lot less rich. I think i will use an oil of olay product that has sunscreen in it. Wish me luck everyone! Will continue to post now that i am done, because this is the scariest part! Good luck with your journey's. Keep taking pics, seeing the progress is amazing!

Comparison Photos

Here is a couple of pics of both the right & left hand side of my face. The first was taken on the day i started accutane, and today, 3 days post accutane. The difference is amazing. And i love it!

Day 297, week 44, 46 days post accutane.

Well - here we are, 46 days post accutane! And my skin is still GORGEOUS and soft! I still get such a shock everyday when i wash my face and my skin feels so smooth. It's just surreal. Skin is still more on the dry side, not sure if this will be it's forever state, or it will still continue to gain back some moisture. Can no longer get away without washing my hair for a week (sigh - that was the best part!!!) and can now go 3-4 days maximum! Back to waxing as normal, skin seems to he handling that just fine. My final dermo appt is next Thursday - i have rescheduled it twice already!!! Good luck everyone!

58 days post accutane

have had a few pimples this last week. And about 4 spots of milia. Discouraging, but i'm sure it's nothing. It is certainly nothing in comparison to what i used to get! And they were only tiny and went away within 2 days. They werent angry either.

103 days post accutane!!!! WOOOOO!!!!

Wow! I can't believe i am saying that!! 103 days! Skin is going great. The occasional little zit, but goes away more quickly than it appeared. Everyone who is still on their journey, keep your spirits up, it just takes time and patience :)

160 days post accutane

Skin is doing well. Back to washing hair once every 3 days. Better than every day. Only some tiny little zits, that come and go in 2 days. 5.5 months post accutane.

Ugh. I'm back. And so is my acne.

Sigh and double sigh guys!!! Its been 10 months since taking my last accutane pill and about 6 weeks ago, my skin started to change again. Skin is quite oily. I have a smattering of small bumps on my forehead. Pics don't really do it justice. They occasionally turn into white heads. The odd thing is, i never had acne on my forehead prior to using accutane. All the pics you will see on my review are purely of my cheeks and neck. Now that it's coming back, it is only on my forehead (or fivehead as i like to refer to it - the joys of having a far back hair line haha!). There is no acne on my cheeks, they still feel smooth. I did have some acne on my nose a few weeks ago, that i actually had to cover with foundation (it feels like such a long time since having to use cover up!!). That seems to have subsided, but stuff on my fivehead seems like its's here to stay. So back to the doctors i went. I haven't escalated the matter to my dermatologist yet - I will see how i go with the dr as the dermo bills are sky high! Dr has prescribed me a course of doxicycline and also Epiduo which is a mixture of 0.1% adapalene and 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. Have been using this combo for about 3 days now. One doxy tablet a day and using epiduo at night before bed. Am moisturise my face as per normal every morning. Have been using Philosophy Hope in a jar.
Hope everyone is travelling well!
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