100 Lbs 26 Yr Old Mom of 2 - Paducah, KY

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Mommy if two little amazing fellas, love them...

Mommy if two little amazing fellas, love them DON'T live this belly. My first pregnancy did me in. My oldest was 8.5lbs. I weighed 90lbs before getting pregnant and gained over 40. My second son was born 9 weeks early and weighed 4lbs. I didn't get near as big with him. Scheduled June 18th for full tt with muscle repair, been researching doctors for a year and I'm finally ready! I have loose skin, stretch marks and diastis recti. I'm small and don't have a lot of skin but my doctor seems confident that he can give me the results I'm after.

16 days until my tummy tuck!

Ok so I'm staying to get a little nervous now, more about my husband and kids than anything else. I've prepped food and have been cleaning like a crazy lady! My husband has been just a little on edge with me lately, I don't want this to be something he'll resent me over. Our deal was he got a new truck and instead of me getting a new car this year I'd get a tummy tuck. I'm beginning to wonder if he's regretting that deal. I know he'll take care of me after, I'm not worried about that. I might just be too sensitive ( I've been known for that in the past lol) I don't really know what to do, I feel like there are a hundred things I should be getting done. I need to just try and relax I think, it gets harder to every day though.

getting so close!! 8 days pre-op

Ok so I'm running out if things to clean so I've been working out like a crazy person. I need to stop, I've been so sore, and I dont think that'll be a good thing after surgery! The thing I'm most nervous about is my two boys staying overnight at a family friend's house, they've never been away from home for the night..I seriously get anxious at the thought of it. Thinking of having someone watch my dogs, 110 lb great Dane and my 4 lb yorkie, they both think they're lap dogs and I don't want any accidents! Any advice as usual is always welcome.Thanks ladies

nerves have gotten the best of me!

oops let's try that again

So I've been a bag of nerves and emotions lately! Im most recently heartbroken that my csection scars will be gone. How did I not think if that before!? Ugh I'm ready for these last five days to go by abd to get it done with so I can be myself again!

Everything went great!

Ok so I had to be at the office at 7:30 surgery started around eight. I was home by 2. Feeling pretty good. Ready just sore from the muscle repair. My doctor told my husband 'if you drew a league sized football on paper that that's how much skin I removed' I'm surprised really, I didn't think he could take that much but I'm glad he did!

new pics

feeling great! 3 days po

Doing surprisingly well, no real pain, just sore muscles. The worst part by far was taking a shower, I felt like I was going to just bust out if my incision. Each day gets easier I love ny new belly

May have overdone it yesterday

I've been feeling great! Yesterday I went in town with the husband and today I'm paying for it! So so sore! Still having such an easy recovery, I'm so thankful!

Thought I was immune to this swell hell.... I was wrong!

My swelling really has been minor, but one hip is swelling much more than the other..I look a little lop sided lol. But I'm so beyond happy with my results so far.

11 days post op

Feeling so much better! Finally turned a corner and am back to myself. Doctor removed both drains one week after surgery because he said I was doing so great! Love having them gone. Swelling kind of settled in after that. Not too bad but enough for me to be annoyed by. I'm standing completely straight most of the day, at the end I'll be hunched a little.

2 week update!

Finally turned the corner and feel a ton better! I have minimal swelling. Which I'd seeming to be a blessing because when I do swell up every one in a while it's all in my hips and very noticeable.

my heart just broke a little

While I was putting my little guys to bed my youngest said can I see your cut on you're belly? So I showed him, told him mommy is feeling much better now. Then...then my husband, who is an adoring, doting, fantastic, supportive husband broke my heart. He said 'so you're happy...100% happy with it' just the tone let me know that he wasn't. I know that he didn't mean to hurt me, he's never done anything to hurt me in our ten year relationship. But this...this hurt. He quickly said 'honey I mean I loved your body before I didn't think you needed to change a thing' I know HE loved my body...I however didn't. I did this FOR me, but it is for him in a sense too.. a more confident, happy wife? That benefits him... but the thought..the mere thought that he isn't happy with my new body breaks my heart in half.

3 week update

Not much to report, I got ny stitches out of my new bb! Started scar therapy which is really helping, biocorneum. Started driving! That's an amazing feeling! Still some swelling, I asked my ps if my hips were swollen or just seem bigger now in comparison to my smaller belly and jokingly asked for lipo... he thinks I have some sort of body dismorphic disorder now...I couldn't convince him I was joking..oh me and my mouth. Also while he was taking my stitches out I said I should lie down, every time you touch me I pass out and his wife/nurse said hey he has that effect on women lol...omg why can't I just be normal... I'm loving my results, not too much discomfort these days, unless I sneeze OMG does that hurt. And I can't seem to get this binder tight enough, it almost wraps around me twice.

one month post op New pics

I've been feeling great! With the exception if the occasional sneeze or coughing fit I'm pain free. I have what I think is a stitch that's worked it's way to the wrong spot but my ps said he'll check it out at my next apt. Let's see I still swell at the end of the day mostly in my hips more than tummy. I'm still I'm my recliner because I'm afraid of being able to move too much I'm my sleep in our bed. Really nothing very exciting to report!

5 weeks post op

Swelling is my enemy these days, mainly just at the end of the day but I'm definitely noticing it more and more. My belly, especially up the middle is still very numb, I realize feeling may never come all the way back but it's so weird. Still not working out like I used to but I'm slowly getting back into it. I'm using biocorneum and vitamin e oil for my scar and it seems to be working like magic! I'm so happy it's flattened out and the redness is disappearing!
Paducah Plastic Surgeon

Dr Daniel Tkach of paducah, renaissance plastic surgery. My experience with everyone at his practice has been Amazing! I went to tons of consults and researched until I went cross eyed. This is by far the best choice for my area. They are always so kind and he spent probably an hour with me at my consult. They are always willing to answer all my questions (which are never ending.)

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