Hairline Lowering!

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I have recently scheduled my hairline lowering...

I have recently scheduled my hairline lowering surgery with Dr. James E. Vogel for June 1, 2015. I have been saving up for this procedure since January and am finally ready to proceed. I have been self conscious of my forehead for as long as I can remember and this is a procedure I feel will improve my self-esteem a lot. I am confident that Dr. Vogel is the surgeon for me. I have seen results of his hairline lowering procedures and am very impressed at how natural the patients look. I do not want a hairline that is obviously one that has been lowered. Also, Dr. Vogel's office has been kind enough to arrange for me to speak with one of his patients and I have been corresponding with her regularly. I have put down my deposit for surgery and am nervous and anxious yet very happy that I am finally doing this for myself.

Pre-Surgery Anxiety!

I have never had any type of cosmetic procedure before and am somewhat surprised at how nervous I am. I have wanted this procedure for SO long but I am very scared. Corresponding with people who have had this procedure/are planning to have this surgery helps. I keep feeling excited and anxious and I am sure these feelings will not go away until after my procedure.

Preparations for Surgery....

So yesterday I had my required pre-op physical and I must say, explaining to the physician the procedure I will be having made me feel so uncomfortable because she had never heard of such a procedure. The physical went well, I had all my blood work done, and will find out the results soon. Dr. Vogel does not require patients under the age of 50 to receive an EKG before surgery but my doctor refused to clear me unless I had one so that annoyed me a bit but at least I know I'm healthy to have surgery. I will post some before pictures of my forehead so you can all see the before and then in two weeks the after!


It has been almost five months since my surgery and I am sorry that I have not updated sooner! Very pleased with my results and with Dr. Vogel and his staff!

Please email me with any questions and I will add information to my review.
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