3 weeks post op

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Had my consult yesterday. Dr Vogel was very...

Had my consult yesterday. Dr Vogel was very professional, my patient coordinator made me feel really comfortable. They took pics and used the computer imaging to show me what to expect after surgery so that was really helpful. I was also able to look at other peoples photos as well. I feel confident in Dr. Vogel to give me a bigger butt and make it look realistic. I just want an overall better body. The only thing I wondered about was that he said it would only take 2 hours. Seems a little quick to me. I have one more consult and then I plan to make a decision. If you have any experience with dr Vogel or are in the maryland, dc, va area please recommend a dr

Moving closer

So I think I've decided to go with dr vogel. Today I got to speak with 1 of his former patients, another called me but I couldn't talk at the time. Asked a lot of questions about the procedure and recovery. One step closer.

Date set

Just paid my deposit, my date is set for July 7th. I'm starting to get nervous now. I also really need to start purchasing supplies and figuring out my work situation. I've been emailing Danielle and she has answered all my questions. I'm schedule my pre op medical clearance tomorrow with my dr. Still just wondering which pillow to purchase for driving and work. Any recommendations? Also do you feel like the directors chair was worth it?

Almost a month away

So today I got my pre op paperwork in the mail, it's some scary stuff in there. I also scheduled my pre op appointment with my dr. and started purchased started purchasing a few things. Arnica, bromlelian, pocket chair and multivitamins. I scheduled my lab work for next week , had hubby take off 3 days of work. Hoping I only need him here for first 3 days. I think I should do some meal prep. I wanna eat healthy after surgery and not relay on frozen per packed meals or fast food.
I'm also trying to figure out time off from work. I want to use short term disability but I don't think it's covered. Danielle got the form filled out for me. Does anybody have any experience with using short term? What codes did you use?

Gettn Supplies

Purchased some supplies for bbl. I got a multiple vitamin, vitamin c, bromelian, arnica and my female urinal. Ordered all from Walgreens, their shipping is free with orders over $25 and arrived in two days. I'm also get one more vitamin. Scheduled my pre op testing and pre op appt with my dr. I have exactly one month to go!!! Starting to get nervous about being on my tummy for weeks and recovery. But I'm working out 3 times a week and clean eating to prepare my body for sx. Can't watt to go shopping after bbl.

Made it to the other side

Today was sx day. Had to be there at 6:30. I'm such a procrastinator that I waited till 5 am to get all the stuff I thought I would need for aftercare. Got to Walmart that was supposed to be 24 hours and it was CLOSED. Found a rite aid and I know paid double the price for everything. Got gauze pads, alcohol, peroxide, compression socks (34.99) hand massager(19.99) poweradr, pretzels and antibiotic ointment. I already had my meds and female urinal. Arrived at surgery center. Had to fill out paperwork then placed in a room to change and talked to nurse about aftercare. Then I was placed under heated blanket and given nausea meds and a volum to calm my nerves. Anatesthia (sp) came to talk about allergic drugs and explain the process. The dr vogel came in to mark me up and confirm all he would do. Then it was time to walk back to surgery room. It was kinda scary but they made me feel calm.only thing is I had to get stuck in my hand twice for iv which def sucked. I was then asked what kind of cocktail I would like in my iv. I said vodka and cranberry. Then I was out. Woke up with my booty on FIRE and lower back hurting like shit. I was also pissed that I was laying on my back. Asked to be turned over but ones told I had to lay like that because of the drugs. Which I totally understand. I was placed in a wheelchair and got in the car. When I got home I was pleasantly surprised I didn't feel as bad as I thought I would. My butt def hurts the worse and then my lower back. I took a nausea pill, arnica and a pain pill and have been in and out of sleep. Are some chicken noodle soup when I got home and had some rice a few hours later. Ive been drinking powerade and water. Female urinal is def convenient and comes in handy. I just stand up. With help of course and use it. I've only gotten a little pee on my leg but it stops me from having to bend or walk to restroom. Idk when I have to do a number 2. I tried to walk around the hallway an hour ago. Got really nausea so I laid down. Felt much better. I just put my compression socks on also. I'm laying across my bed sideways with my feet propped up in my dining room chair with pillows. Dr vogel called to check on me and said everything went great and turned out beautifully. Only thing is my hands and arms keep falling asleep and the top Of my garment is annoying in the front. And my vagina hurts. I also keep having the ure to turn on my side or back to get comfy. That's all for now. Pain is not as bad as I imagined but it's only day one. So I hope it stays that way. Also hard to tell my results. My butt looks bigger but not as big as I thought it would look with swelling. Guess we will see.

Day 2

Very sore, my butt hurts the most. Like a burning sensation. Also feels like my garment is squeezing my butt. Making it uncomfortable. My garment also Donets come up far enough. I'm 5'8 so I can feel fluid on my side next to both of my boobs. Next painful area is lower back and sides. Getting out of bed sucks, I tried to walk around today. Got light headed and nausea. If my butt want on fire I would feel so much better. I'm taking vitamin c, pain meds, arnica polls, antibiotic, and bromelian and nausea pill occasionally. Currently laying with pillow under feet and knees and stomach. Hands and arms keep falling asleep and my neck is killn me. But I'm staying positive y'all Hoping pain lessens tomorrow. Dr appt is tomorrow at noon.

Day 4

Wrote a really long review that somehow got
Erased. But I'm feeling less sore, my neck stil hurts from laying on my back and now I feel like my butt is big but flat.


Anyone else have this experience? With butt looking flat? Doesn't seem to have any shape at all

Hoping the worst is over

Recovery is going slow. I'm able to do more for
Myself. Getting in and out of bed is still very painful and my arms always fall asleep because I use them
For support. I've been trying to eat healthy with pineapple and oranges and low sodium
Soup. I'm still very swollen. My garment feels like it's cutting into my butt. I can tell I'm still very swollen and can feel fluid in the front near my vagina. I've also started wearing a sports bra to help with compression wear my garment stops by my boobs. Overall I can say each day I feel better but each day I realize I still have weeks to go of sleeping on my stomach. My main problem is the headaches I get from laying on my tummy. I feel like I've tried every pillow position I can. It actually feels better when I stand for a while. Then I'm
So tired that laying down is a true relief. I can start to see how small my waist is. 33 inches. Hips 43 inches. My butt still looks big but not as round as I would've thought. I can tell my upper back lipo was aggressive because that still bothers me the most. I take Motrin pm or Advil pm
At night. I try to take my pain meds once a day and take tylenol extra strength the rest of the time. I'm scared to take off my garment and shower because I know I will swell and it will be hard to her back on. Even though I've been cleared to shower. I just keep putting it off and washing up instead but I know I need to remove my dressings. Honestly there has not been a day I haven't questioned my decision but I'm determined to be postive and make it through this recovery.

What a shitty day

Literally, my day was filled with shit. Sorry for the lanquage but it was a rough day because I started my stool softerners a few days n4 and the meds made me so constipated and I could feel how hard my bowels were and they would not pass. It just sucks to be in pain from sx and then deal with bowel pain as well. So ladies please take laxatives or something days b4 sx so u aren't backed up and then start taking ur stool softener. The details of what I went thru today were so gross and painful so I will spare u. But I'm giving you advice so u don't end up in my situation. On top of all the pain I was sooo concerned about not sitting on the toilet or bending so I ended up having to go in the shower. A mess!!! Also my female urinal has worked perfect until today. But somehow everytime I used it today piss ended up on my leg and the floor. Then it sucks Cus I can't bend down and clean it up so my husband just comes on like is that piss on the floor? It's just been a rough day. Overall. My pain level has reduced. My butt still hurts at the top if I stand too much and I have constant headaches from having to lay on both on my face. Other than that I've been keeping up with my supplements.indidnt take any of the prescribed pain meds just extra strength tykenol and Advil pm to help me sleep. But that only let's me sleep for a max of 3-4 hours then I'm up again. I think I'm stick it out with another week of the stomach sleeping and then try one of the inventions I've seen on here. I'm just so scared of doing ANYThing to affect me results. I try not to bend but it's virtually impossible to get in and out of bed or couch with out bending alittle. I go up stairs backwards and have yet to sit to use the tiolet. Honestky, I'm so scared of removing my garment that I was cleared to shower 2 days ago and still haven't. I'm just totally terrified of not being able to get my garment back on and passing out. I'm also scared to see my incisions. Last thing I'm trying to eat healthy. Had watermelon today and made a green smoothie. Had a treat for dinner, a crab cake with string beans. Asked my mom to get my some prune juice and more pineapple. Hope it helps. Will take more photos once I get the nerve to take off my garment and shower. Also called my dr today about how flat I felt my butt was and he says I need to be patient, that he have me a shelf and I have to wait fir everything to move into place.

Making my way

Feeling much better today. Able to get around easier. Getting out if bed is still tough but not difficult. Pain is almost all gone I'm only taking Motrin or Tylenol for the constant headaches I have from laying on my stomach and turning my neck left or right. That sucks!!! But I'm staying positive. Cabin fever is already kickn in. Ready to go out but I don't wanna bend or sit for 3 weeks. So driving isn't an option. Also realized I don't have very much I could wear out thst would hide this garment Cus it covers most of back and goes all the way down my thighs basically to my knees. Guess the answer is maxi dresses which I own zero of due to my shape before. Still concerned with the shape of my butt. It has volume but there is no projection and that worries me. Also trying to keep eating healthy, my appetite has totally returned and when u r home all day bored... U eat. But I have healthy snacks like watermelon, grapes and pineapple.

Tomorrow is a week post op

Ughhhhh recovery is so up and down ladies. Physically, I'm feeling so much better. I can actually do most things alone except I'm not bending at all so it's hard to get things off the floor or wipe up messes. But I can get in and out if the bed and ur couch and actually cooked my own meals today. I'm not gonna lie, not sitting is a b$tch. Mainly because laying on my tummy gives me headaches after a few hours. But on the bright side, I didn't take any pain polls today, not even Tylenol. That's a milestone in my book. I'm sleeping a little more at night but I wake up really sore but once I get up and walk around I'm better. My butt is still hard, my skin on my tummy is starting to feel like my own again, no issues with fluid at all. Now that I have taken my bandages off my sores are a little irritated I think, so I guess that means I should wear a tank under my garment. I've also been putting first aid ointment on them. I actually went to Walmart today, first venture outside besides post op appt. I got more baby wipes, Gatorade, fruit, laxatives, blank leggings and a loose black dress that's long enough to hide my garment since it comes down my thighs and food for the week and some maxi pads to place under the edge of my garment so it doesn't dig into my butt. Staying busy is hard I've been watching some new shows on tv and a few movies. I really felt it the other day Cus my husband went to a party and I had to stay home. I'm just ready to get back to normal life but I still have 2 weeks. I also called my dr today again to ask about the flatness he said I need to give it more time and that u see your real results at 4 months. I can tell my shelf is dropping a little so hopefully everything else rounds out. I trued on sum panties and I actually like how they look!!! So I'm excited about that.

Post op pics

Up and down

My body is doing well with recovery. I drink lots of water and eat plenty of fruit. The pain is now a thing of the past. I still get stiffness in my lower back when I wake up. My stomach feels normal now but my sides and lower back are still numb and sore. I'm able to sleep a little longer at night. The maxi pads make wearing the garment more comfortable on my butt. It also helps with the incision in my butt crack. That's the most painful one because my garment is a thong. Ive added two lipo foams on my stomach because my garment feels loose. Any suggestions in how to make it tighter are appreciated. I've also found out that taking stool softners daily can be a bad thing. I will spare you all the details but it wasn't pretty. Lol. I still have sat not even to use the tiolet. I also try not to bend or squat at all. My butt is rounding out but I have a huge hard shelf. My dr says it will go down, I'm not seeing that just yet. I'm really ready to get back to normal life. There are a few social events I wanted to go to this weekend but I guess I'm have to stay in the house Cus I don't wanna sit yet. That's sucks. I'm try to make it to 3 weeks but I'm so over this being confined to the house. I see my dr again on Monday. Hoping he explains when and how my shelf will go down. I'm trying to keep busy and stay positive about my results and being on house arrest lol

Feeling my booty today, tomorrow, who knows

Two weeks

So I finally made it to 2 weeks yesterday. I've been still wearing my cg faithfully. I know I need to look into a stage two but I've Been lazy plus I'm not sure if I can go right to waist training or if there is a step in between???? I would love to switch to a garment that is easier to hide under clothes even when I'm home and wear regular chill clothes u can still see it. I went to the market and my post op appt yesterday so I try to look nice and put on a dress thinking it would cover cg but u could still see the straps by my bra. This lady in the market keep staring at me then said I'm just trying to figure out what those straps are. I wanted to say mind ur damn business!!! But I politely replied that it's a garment I wear for my back and even thou I try to cover it up it doesn't always work. Then she was like don't worry about it. It's just a old nosey lady asking u questions, do what u have to do. Anyway, I really didn't understand why she was so concerned about my damn straps anyway. I digress.... I still have no feeling in my lower back. I had my most aggressive lipo there. Most of the bruising is gon except on my lower back and flanks and my thighs, which were not lipped at all. My incisions are starting to scab up. They aren't flat but are kind of raised so I'm hoping they heal flatly. Nurse told me to massage them a little. My 2 week post op appt was uneventful. My dr looked at my progress. Said everything looked good. I asked him about my shelf going down and he says it would go down and round out and of course to be patient. That you don't see your real results til 4 months. I also asked about my projection he again said to give it time. But it was kind of funny Cus when I took off my gown he looked really pleased with his work. His staff are really nice and after my appt the nurse Diane stayed back to talk to me about my results, garments and my incisions. She really does a great job of making you feel comfortable. Dr also sd i could sit for short periods using a cushion now. But I'm waiting till 3 weeks to sit using a cushion. I still haven't sat to use the bathroom, gotta protect this booty. On another note, this constipation vs watery poo thing is a mess. I'm either constipated Cus I lay off the stool softners or it's like baby poo. Still trying to find a middle ground. Being in the house constantly makes u wanna eat and snack. I've been trying to eat healthy snacks but it's hard sometimes. I feel like I eat more when I'm home. Cuz u r bored and end up eating. But I'm back on my clean eating and I only have one cheat day. Been playing dress up a little. My dresses for work def fit a lot better. I go back next week so I have to start figuring out some outfits. I'm actually in no rush to go back to work AT ALL. I have such a love/hate relationship with RS Cus I hate that I spend so much time on here looking at ass!! lol but really just comparing and looking at other peoples results while you are in recovery helps at times and at other times it doesn't. Especially when docs in Maryland are not delivering the same kind of booties u get in Miami or DR. On the other hand, I love the positivity of the women on here. When you are at home, in pain and emotionally and physically you are all over the place, one comment from RS can really help out. Plus I love all the vets that still take time to share their stories and tips. I'm off my soapbox now. One last thing, being home I watch a lot of TV now. I've starting watching Power, Ray Donovan and Fargo, all pretty good shows to help pass the time oh and how could I forget Orange is the new black!!!!!
A few tips
If you plan to recover at home make a few meals in advance that will last for a few days. Like a big pot of soup or spaghetti. Trying to figure out what to eat is annoying and the cooking is even more annoying.
-get lots of pillows
-take plenty of b4 photos. Even nude ones.
That's all for now


3 weeks post op

So today marks 3 weeks yesterday was my first time sitting using a roll pillow with a yoga mat inside the pillow. I placed the pillow under my thighs. Thanks to one of my RS sisters for the idea. It's much smaller than boppy and easier to carry around. I also drove today for the first time and boy was It was really uncomfortable. I used roll pillow under thighs and regular pillow on my back. I think I will try the boopy under my thighs to drive with and see if that works any better. My right leg got really tired,y back was aching. Just not a good setup at all. As far as my body, my lower back and flanks are still sore and hurt when I touch them, my incisions are started to heal, the one in my crack feels like it will never heal. I guess from the thing on the garment always running it. I still have bruising on my thighs even though I got zero thigh lipo. Hope the bruisin there goes away. I would like to wear shorts b4 summer ends. About my results, saturday I loved my results, but today I'm contemplating a round two. I feel differently every day. My butt is more round then it was after sx and the very bottom is getting softer. My shelf is still hard and flat looking. My stomach isn't as flat as it was right after sx which sucks. I'm still taking a multi vitamin and arnica daily I still use the arnica gel mostly on my lower back. I take vitamin c pills every other day. I'm sleeping through the night now but I still wake up really sore. I'm still wearing my garment with 4 foams and it's still too big. I'm about to buy a waist trainer instead. On another note every since I sx since I was in garment full time And always in the house, I would never wear panties, needless to say, today I forgot to wear panties lol. Felt the breeze when I got out the car!!!

Sending love to all my ladies in thier first 4 days of recovery, they are the worse. But it will get better!!!
All you ladies with dates coming up soon, I hope you get the results you dream of.


So today is the third day in a row somebody asked if I was pregnant. Not exactly Wht you wanna hear 3 weeks after having lipo and wearing a compression garment. This really blows me. Every day my stomach looks more and more bloated and not flat as it was after sx. Then for 3 ppl to ask if I'm pregnant while I'm wearing my garment totally sucks. Feels like it was one big waste. I was never expecting washboard abs but I expected my stomach to be flat like it was right after sx. I wear my garment with 4 foams, just added a vest that I wear at night over the garment and foams. Im just disappointed. Stomach looks how it did b4 sx. Pregnant was not the look I was going for.

2 years later post op after bbl

I am now a few years later post op from bbl. I thought it was important to do this review because not many ppl return after years. My result are just ok. My butt still has the same cuff but there is a much smaller shelf and most of my stomach and back fat have returned. Doctors tell you the fat doesn't come back with lipo and that's not true. It came back in all the same spots. Granted I have gained about 10-15 since that surgery. My scars are still dark and fairly noticeable. My butt also isn't as round as I would like it to be it's more square at the top. I've thought about a round 2 with Dr. Vogel but the price was satisfactory based on his previous work and I'm still not sure I would get the results I want with him. So I'm pretty unsatisfied with my overall results

2 years post op

Some photos
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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