47 Yrs Old, Better Than Fat Grafting, Does What It Says It Would Do - Overland Park, KS

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I got one tube of Voluma along my cheekbones. It...

I got one tube of Voluma along my cheekbones. It has add volume and lift as intended. Little to no bruising or pain. I would highly recommend icing the area a few minutes beforehand and taking Arnica tablets four hours before, then immediately before you are injected, it will really help reduce any bruising. The Voluma is applied deep against the cheekbone so you really don't have much visible bruising.
Now, my caution against this procedure. What they don't tell you is that it will dramatically change the way your face looks. I've never had high cheekbones and to me having them gives me an unnatural look I don't love. If I do this procedure again, which I may, I would decide where I want the gel placed, probably lower and more horizontal along my cheekbones rather than where the nurse placed it. You know your face and body better than anyone else does. I have also had to have several tubes of Juvederm ultra plus ($500 each) injected below my cheekbone and in other areas to soften the harsh appearance of the Voluma. People will notice that you've had something done with Voluma. Doctors tend to have a "one size fits all" view when it comes to injectables and where they should go. High cheekbones aren't for everyone - if you look at different celebrity faces, many beautiful faces don't have high cheekbones, some are fuller, some squared off, which is how my younger face was and a better look for me. There is a youtube video by a Beverly hills dr, Dr Diamond, where he discusses the 3 point injectable face lift he does. He says every beautiful face has the same three characteristics, high cheekbones, jawline and chin. I disagree. I highly recommend taking the time to look at your own face, look at some photos of yourself when you were younger, and decide along with your provider where you need filler. I also recommend doing one injection at a time until you have a comfort level knowing where you want to add volume. Most clinics charge the same whether you get multiple injections in the same day or on separate days and this way you can take time to see whether you like what you got and exactly where you want more. Also, get a second opinion. You will likely be spending thousands of dollars and most places have free consults. Prices in the same city are usually very similar. You want a practitioner with experience and an eye for detail. One of my consults recommended fat grafting, which is about five thousand and about the same as I spent on injectables in total. But you're totally as the mercy of where the Dr decides to put this in your face because you're under anesthesia and it's all at once. It was too drastic of an option for me.
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