35 Years Old, 3 Kids in 4 Years, 119 lbs, 5'3", 325cc, Factor V, Runner, Mommy Makeover Much Needed! - Overland Park, KS

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I am a 35 year old mother of three kids. I had my...

I am a 35 year old mother of three kids. I had my three kids in four years, gaining and losing 65-70 pounds with and between EVERY pregnancy. My body has been through a roller coaster of weight gain and loss. I am 5' 3" and weigh 117 pounds prior to my pregnancies and have been back to that weight for the last 3 years. I have decided to have a Mommy Makeover, including a tummy tuck, breast implants, and minimal lip of the flanks and hips. I was a good B cup prior to having kids. Got up to a D while nursing (all 3 times) and ended up with a saggy, stretched, tissue depleted A cup. I will be having 325CC silicone Mentors implanted, hoping to fill out a B, maybe a C cup after surgery. I am an avid runner and a very busy mom so I am hoping to get back in the swing of things soon after surgery. In fact I am hoping to run a half marathon 12 weeks after surgery (I run several a year and have run a full before so this isn't usually difficult for me).

And I have Factor V so will be taking Lovenox

So on top of it all, I am Factor V positive (hetero). This means that I have a blood clotting genetic complication. I have never had PE, DVTs or clots but have a very strong family history SO to be proactive I will be taking Lovenox shots for 3 weeks post surgery. I hate shots so these self-given shots will be interesting. Probably in my thigh since my tummy will be healing.

Yesterday was the big day! I had my tummy tuck, Lipo and Breast implants done about 24 Hours ago!

All things considered everything is going OK. Without meds I would rank my pain and about and eight overall. With meds my tummy is 3 to 4 maybe a little less when I'm resting may be a little more when I forced myself to get up and walk around. The breast implants actually seem to bother me the most because every time I move my arms they hurt I'd say with meds they are more of a four or five. Again a little less while resting a little more while moving around. I am surprised that although I'm a little hunched over still it's not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. I have not seen my incision yet but I do go in in a couple hours for my first dressing change. I have peeked at the girls and they seem to be pretty swollen but an amazing improvement so far. So far no regrets I feel certain that in a few days my pain will continue to be less and less. I couldn't have done this without the support of my husband who every two hours make sure I walk around, he Empties my drains, and is doing a great job of tracking and making sure I am taking all my meds on time. I will try to update again with more pictures in a few days.

Higher scar but no verily cut.

Mixed emotions.., cut though beautiful is a little high. Hoping it seems drop some as I stand up more. Great news, since he went a bit higher no vertical cut needed! I'll take that trade off any day. I go back next Thursdsy. Hopeful that pain will continue to decline between no and then

Day 4 update- mommy makeover

I my at have mentally prepared myself for this surgery to feel like I was dying because I think I am doing great. I normally have a very low pain tolerance do I waste any to feel like a pain level of 25 out of 10. The worst part is trying to slowly wean myself off Meds. Here's some updated pics from this morning of my incisions and breasts.

Day 6 Update

Today I went back in to dr to have a few sutures removed:

Tummy Tuck Update: I had the lipo sutures removed from my side/back areas and had the sutures removed from around my belly button. I was hoping the drain (I only have one) would also be removed today but I'm still draining too much. I am stil around 40-50 CCs per day total and he wants three consequetive days of 30 CCs total or less per day before he'll remove it. Hopefully at my appointment next week. Also, will have tummy tuck sutures removed next week too. My drain suture is sore, and my lower back is absolutely killing me since I am still not able to stand up straight. More pain today than yesterday actually. Tomorrow will be my first day with no one helping me watch my three kids aged 4, 6, 8 so I am praying it goes okay. I have been giving myself Lovenox shots once daily (Factor V + prevention for 21 days) and that has turned out to be very easy Hmmm... what else. I am mostly on extra strength Tylenol now but am taking hydrocodone or valium occassionallly because my lower back pain is just incredible sometimes. My incisions really don't hurt much at all.

Breast Implant Update: Not much. Really not much pain at all.Right girl has dropped more than left so I need to start massaging them. Still have arm pit sutures in. Really a non issue compared to the tummy tuck. Love the size, feels great to have boobs.

One week down! Day 7. More pain than yesterday...

Today was my first 100% alone day with the 3 kiddos (aged 4, 6, 8). I have only told a handful of people about the surgery so I'm not getting much outside help anymore. Today is a hard day. Hubby is gone all day at work. I'm starting to have much more pain as my stomach muscles heal. (Online I read week 2 is often most painful god this reason). Incision still doesn't hurt really at all which seems crazy when you look at it! It's all in the inside of my body where doc sewed my ab diastis back together that really hurts. And my drain site is sore. I'm taking prescription meds today so I can get thru it. I tried just Tylenol mostly yesterday. But I'm in definitely more pain today. I still can't stand up straight so my back feels like it's going to break in half when unmediated- but the prescription meds take that pain away so that's great. Have to stay on top of it. The things that keeps me going are how happy I am with my results so far. It just puts years in my eyes. I never thought I'd wear a cute suit again, buy low rise jeans again, or wear a tight shirt without my belly bulge hanging over. So amazing.

10 Days Post Mommy Makeover (photo)

Not much change on the tummy tuck incision. Still looks pretty good. Today one of the sutures holding in my drain broke. The area around my drain is really sore, red and looks maybe a little infected. That is the only area that really causes pain and discomfort. I called the dr office this afternoon to tell them the one suture came out and nurse thinks my draining is low enough (about 30 CCs total daily each day the last 5 days) to take out my drain. Very happy! So sick of it. Nurse said my tummy tuck sutures will also be taken out since I'm coming in even tho that was supposed to happen on Thursday. Hopefully not too early ????????. I'll post pics after.

I'm posting pics now of how my new girls are doing and the armpit incisions. Girls are slowly dropping and getting softer with the daily massages Dr suggested. Incisions hopefully get more smooth as time passes. Especially the raised one. Pardon the shaving- it's a little difficult ????

Day 12. New Pics- not for the faint of heart! But a great day overall!

Day 12. Drain pulled today yay! Didn't hurt a bit but was weird to see that huge tube pulled out of my abdomen! It also left a "bullet hole" looking ouchie that is supposed to heal on its own soon. Yikes. It looks scary. Posted a pic.

Also had sutures removed on Tummy tuck. Pinched a little. But not bad. I'm scared to death of tearing my stomach open now tho! LOL! Looks good overall. A few places where o had terrible stretch marks look a little cinched but ladies this is is such as improvement!

Best thing today- My First Shower In 12 Days!!!!

The Girls are doing fine. Left lady just won't drop quite yet but Righty looks amazing. I posted some pics of my old two piece tops squeezed on. Ummm... A cups.., Could barely get the ladies inside! Gonna be fun shopping for suits next summer!

I'm going to try to post just weekly for awhile now that the first horrible hard part of this body makeover is over and the grass is looking greener and more beautiful.

Ideas or suggestions on scar therapy? I can start using oils and lotions as soon as all scabs are gone from my TT incision scar.

19 days post op update

It has been an up and down week. About a week ago, I started experiencing nerve pain in my arms, breasts, stomach and hips since about the day after my drain was pulled. This very intense HOT HEAT and moderate pain that was so discouraging. Constant sometimes. I also felt a stich from my tummy tuck starting to spit out. After my drain was pulled, I started to get a little fluid build up in a small area (around my "half tattoo" in pics). A little "wave" but nothing really huge. I of course for 3-4 days thought I was infected, rejecting my implants, dying, would rip open from itching... You name it, I thought I had it. Google was my best friend when I couldn't sleep at night. I did not know if I could wait it out through the weekend until my appointment yesterday (Monday). Somehow I got my crazy mind to settle down enough to wait. Well, I am happy I did because guess what? I AM NORMAL!

All this pain in normal. The doctor reminded me that I had A LOT of surgery and it will take weeks for this pain to subside. He thought the swelling was so minimal that the risks of aspirating it greatly outweighed doing anything about it. He said if I get a temp, call him, otherwise the hot heat feeling in my body was normal as nerves healed (he'd be more concerned if I didn't feel it). He said I will feel pain for a few more weeks, be patient, and okayed me to start walking outside more.d

Nurse though my incisions looked more like 3 months and not 3 weeks so that made me feel good. My TT incision is so long and a bit high due to my massive stretch marks (above belly button) so I really want my incision to heal light and flat as hiding it all in swimsuits might not always be possible. I rub baby oil and bio oil into it 2-3 times a day and will start Mederma in a few weeks.

Drain incision is healing fine and causes no pain at all. Hardest part (other than remembering to change the dressing 2-3 times per day) is keeping those darn pubic area hairs out of it. An ingrown hair would be terrible here.

One breast looks perfect. One breast is still high (it was naturally before surgery too so that is no surprise). Doc said be make the pocket lower in that one though so it should still drop still. Taught me some excercises to help encourage this. Said when I see him in 3 weeks he'd show me how to soften them up a little.

Summary of visit: Ummm... so other than my crazy mind needing to shut off, I am doing great I guess. Pain is normal and okay and call instead of Googling next time. Will do doc ;)

4 week update- 29 days post op

I have come far this last week and a half. Hot, burning nerve pain is very minimal and other than my incision burning now and then, my stomach hurting off and on in differing places due to the skin reattaching, and my hips still being numb, pain in definitely improving.

My incision looks good. It is more red than it was, but between 4-6 weeks is supposed to be when it looks the reddest/purple I have read. I have been using bio oil twice per day the last 2 weeks and started mederma PM last night. I will keep doing this for at least the next 3 months.. Hope it helps soften and lighten the incision on my tummy and around my belly button.

Since I've started power walking again, have worked the last 2 weeks, and being back to my normal mommy duties, I have had more swelling. Not much compared to what I have seen online, but some. This is normal. I hope to start jogging in one week. I have 7 weeks until a half marathon that I plan to run (registered yesterday!) so I need to get back into it slowly but steadily.

My breasts look good! One is still higher than the other other. The lower one is gorgeous, and the higher one is just fine too. I keep doing the excercises the doc said. It can take a long time though. This week I noticed that they are softening up. They were rock hard until this week. Hopefully this means the higher boob will start having more space to drop into the pocket more. Armpit incisions look fine too.

I am tired all the time. Recovery takes a long time. I take ibuprofen a few times a day. Sleeping is not comfortable yet. It's hard to find a position that is comfortable. I am trying not to lift much weight yet.

I go back to the doctor the middle of Sept, right around 6 weeks. I haven't seen him since my 2 week appointment and I feel like I am fine. No setbbacks so far.

I'll try to update again before then. It's going good girls!

7 weeks post op- 49 days

It's been awhile! I am now 7 weeks post op. I still haven't gone back to the dr since my last update- I have had to reschedule twice so I haven't seen doc wince 3 weeks post op! I go back in a few days though.

SCARS: For the last 4 weeks I have been using bio oil twice daily and Mederma PM every night the last 3 weeks. So far, not really impressed. My scars seem more red/purple than before but that is probably just the healing process. My other older scars (from stretch marks to bug bites!) started purple too and all eventually have turned white. Just takes time I guess. Although, with a TT scar this HUGE and a tad high it is easy to get impatient!

PAIN/SWELLLING: My incisions do not hurt anymore (armpits or tummy or belly button or drain site). They do itch slightly and I'll have discomfort after clothes have rubbed on them all day sometimes. Jeans and undies that fall directly on the incision line are still not very comfortable. I usually wear leggings and dresses to avoid this. I am a little more swollen by the time evening gets around, especially after days when I run or am really active. My swelling though is always above my belly button (never below) and runs up until my breast line. I usually have some minor pain/soreness in that same area the next day or two after I run or am busy too. My breasts are a little tender sometimes still, especially after running or a long day.

NUMBNESS: I still have some numbness in my tummy in various spots, a lot of numbness in my hips where I had lipo, and my nipples are still numb too.

RUNNING: It is hard to get myself to run some days. My lungs feel constrained after a few miles. I am pretty sore a day or so afterward in my upper stomach, and have minor swelling in my upper stomach as well afterward. I am up to running 5 miles at a time. I am scheduled to run a half marathon in 4 weeks- so I am hoping to get my training up to 8-9 mile range by then and then push through to hit 13.1 for the first time that race day. I need to stay active- I feel like I am getting a little layer of fat again (very LITTLE I know) but I do not want to get a pudgy tummy again!) I also need to eat healthier-- I am getting lazy and not focusing on my diet like I should be.

WHEN CAN I WEAR A BRA?!?!?! I hate not wearing a bra yet. Clothes feel weird with no bra. I wear sports bras when I run and occasionally some days when I am going out in public. Otherwise I just put this pads in my tight shirt and hope they don't fall out! Thinking about getting sized at VS and buying one bra so I have something to wear when I absolutely must wear a bra with a certain shirt or dress.

OVERALL: Things are really, truly good! If I didn't keep trying to run, I'd say I am feeling 98% normal! Pushing myself to run further each week is difficult. Otherwise though, I was so worried that this recovery was going to take 6 months or longer, but I am just 7 weeks post of and I FEEL GREAT considering! I love my new body. It is so fun to look in the mirror and not see my gross tummy and wrinkles, empty breasts anymore. NO REGRETS!!!!!!! Best decision I have ever made for myself. I still haven't told that many people at all, so as I start to see people over the holidays I am a little nervous if they will notice the "new girls"... Not sure what I will say when that happens. Suggestions?!?! (comment please!)

WARNING: I went to register my Mentors online today, but thought I had 60 days, not 45, to purchase the extended warranty. Today was day 49. So, I missed that! I am so sad. Mentor has a good free warranty, but I wanted to purchase the additional for just 200$. Oh well. Darn- hopefully I don't need it anyway ;) GET ONLINE AND REGISTER yours if you are seeking the extended warranty!

If doc says anything significant I'll post again next week, otherwise I'll wait a few weeks again.

Take care ladies! I hope your upcoming surgeries and/or recoveries are going well too!

12 weeks (2 1/2 months post operation)

Things are going really well! I ran a half marathon last weekend- at 11 weeks post operation after muscle repair, tummy tuck and breast augmentation. I am pretty darn proud of myself! I couldn't really train and only ran for 5 weeks prior to the race, but I did it! My time was two minutes slower than my previous slowest half, but I never had to walk so I am thrilled with that.

Muscle repair: My muscles still get sore after runs or if I over stretch. My upper stomach swells sometimes, I feel really full if I eat too much, and the skin over my stomach doesn't have all of its feeling back in some spots, but it gets better and better each week. It looks amazing and flat- I LOVE it!

Tummy Tuck: Skin is perfectly healing flat on my scar. The scar is still a little dark, my plastic surgeon noted that at my check up this past week. I am getting used to how high it is and how far it wraps around me. Some spots are starting to lighten up (you can see some parts are lighter than others in the pictures). I have been using aveno lotion, bio oil and mederma daily since week 4, so I am doing everything I can. My PS noted that my belly button scar was a little raised in spots so I am using a prescription steroid and Scar-Away strips for the next few months to see if that helps. I have been using the combination for 5 days and I feel it already looks flatter and lighter in spots. My stretch marks were really purple for awhile too, and then turned white, so that is likely what will happen with these scars too.

Breast Augmentation: I love my new breasts! They are soft, have cleavage, look beautiful. Doc said I can start wearing a bra if I like. I went to Victoria's Secret and was sized at a 32DD (I was a 34A before). My goal was a full C, so I guess I got that and then some! With my skin being pulled so tight I went down to a 32 ribcage I guess- realistically I must have been closer to that than a 34 before though. One breast is a tad lower than the other, but that is how they were before too. Totally expected and not noticeable in clothing or in a bra. I have exercises I do off and on, but I am thrilled with how they look. Not concerned.

Lipo: I didn't get much lipo. My lipo areas are still a bit numb and tingly, but get better and better each week. No major worries or concerns. My main reason so getting lipo on my flanks was to avoid dog ears and it worked, absolutely no dog ears.

So, that's it. I go back in 3 months for a 6 month post op check up. No worries or concerns, I am very happy and have absolutely no regrets.

6 months post op BA 325CC and TT and Lipo on hips and flanks

It has been 3 months since I posted last. I went to my 6 month check with my PS last week and everything is great! I am beyond happy and I think my pictures speak for themselves. I still have a scar (always will ladies!), still have some stretch marks (I did birth 3 kids after all), BUT I have a gorgeous flat tummy that WILL be able to wear a bikini again! No saggy, deflated boobs or rolls of extra skin on my belly any more. I have some numbness in my tummy, mostly along the center around my belly button. I still would not suggest doing an ab workout- I did a 10 minutes video a month ago and was in a lot a pain for about a week! Almost called my PS. And I am a runner so I though my core would be okay to try it. Nope. Other than that, I am so excited for the summer so I can show off my new body. Very, very happy. I would never, ever change a thing and I had an incredible PS who is kind, positive, discreet and helpful. Really, nothing much else. Surgery is done and gone and I have moved on with my life.

So far, I have been pleased with my experience at my first two consultations and with my various email and telephone communications with his surgery coordinator. Update: Surgery now done. Tummy tuck, breast implants, lipo. Dr Quinn came on on Saturday to change my dressings- very impressed. He helped me take my first Lovenox shot even tho he didn't have too. So far, still really happy. Such a kind guy. Also many reviews have said patients have had long waits in his office but I never have.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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