My Juvederm Lip Augmentation - Overland Park, KS

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I have been obsessed since my first botox...

I have been obsessed since my first botox injections 7/11 with the idea of getting my full luscious early 20's lips back. It started with a tease of pout and fullness with 4 units of botox in the upper lip. I had almost forgotten how amazingly full my lips once were and this was a subtle change but enough to make me stroll down memory lane. I'm 39, and have smoked for 20 years... Subsequently destroying my lips. So. I tripped down memory lane and I began research on dermal fillers, pro's and con's.. Differences in the products, read every scary story and about every bad reaction. I watched every video on youtube and closely gawked at every before and after image on google. I researched med spas all over the country because I travel for work and have the convenience of going to the best injector I could find. I fought with my boyfriend for weeks, although we aren't married I thought we may get divorced before this obsession of mine was over. I went with a friend in St. Louis 7/25 for her first botox and I got a little more this time doing my bottom lip as well as crows feet. She decided while we were there to fill her laugh lines with juvederm.. So there I was watching the procedure (kinda)!! After I saw her results and her swipe of the credit card I thought long and hard on the "is it worth it" question. I waited. I decided I would wait until I was back in Omaha and have my original plastic surgeon who injectedy botox do my lips. Omaha came and went and I ended up not having time to get them done while I was there. My next venture was Kansas City and I was hell bent with a few days downtime just around the corner to get them done there. I started a week ago doing research in KC and Overland Park KS. and found a med spa that a smart lipo physician owned. Bingo.. The doctor also administered juvederm. I didn't want a nurse or a tech touching my face. I didn't just want a doctor, I wanted a "artist" that would take his time and sculpt my new lips with the needle and product. I found him! I got in rather quickly yesterday. The staff was courteous although I can't rated them on much more. I had no questions, as I had already done ALL the research. My wait wasn't long but seemed like eternity with my boyfriend staring (glaring) at me making it so very uncomfortable. The doctor came out himself and got me. We talked briefly, I showed him pics of my 22 year old lips and of the Cupids Bow and level of "pout" I was looking for. We decided Juvederm over. Few other products and he slopped on a white numbing agent all over my lips. He stayed in the room the ten minutes we waited for my face to be numb enough for the procedure. He brought me ice to use during the procedure. I was laid back in the chair and he started. I will admit it was uncomfortable at times... If you have ever bit your lip, it's similar. He began on the top lip working the vermillion border... Several sticks were necessary but he really took his time to make sure everything was even. He massages the product in to even it all out. He stopped, handed me a mirror and the difference I saw was exactly what I had anticipated!! A fuller more pouty top lip with Cupid's bow definition. He then had me apply ice for a few minutes before moving on to to bottom. This was a little different because it was more filling than defining. I could feel the product going into my lip.. So weird but I also felt it working. There were a few sensitive injections on the bottom. He massaged and gave me a mirror. I was satisfied with using one full syringe. If I want more, I will go back. I was sent on my way with instructions for no extreme physical activity for 4 hrs. Ice it as needed. Don't sleep on my face. Okay easy enough. Now this is where I expected the worst after all my reading, watching and gawking. The swelling and bruising.. I expected pain. Last night I went to dinner and had tacos and hot wings, wearing great lipgloss. My lips were sore but no major swelling and only one bruise in the bottom right corner. I slept comfortably through the night and woke up at 5am. I've tried to follow the don't look at them for a few days rule... Yea, no. I've peeked a few times and taken a few selfies. I'm not obsessing though. I will wait til Friday for any freak outs. I can feel knots but I don't think its product I think it's swelling at the injection sites. Similar to bumping your lip on the coffee table. They are not freakishly uneven nor are they over stuffed sausages. So far I'm very happy with the outcome. I plan to update this through the next few days. I'm doing this review for the woman/men like me that research. That want to know someone's real experience, who want the real details from a stable and educated standpoint. I looked for that online quite a bit and didn't see a lot of it. I will be back tomorrow xo my photos will begin with before.. During .. And end with several days of "after" if it lets me upload them over the next few days. The first photo is of my 22 year old fullness I wanted to get back (dr giggled and said of need two syringes for that)

6 day update

Hey guys sorry it's been a minute.. I'm going to post a few more pics today (day 6) I had a experience I didn't expect. I got sick (vomitting) on night 3 lips still a bit swollen from injections and I bruised, badly.. I guess from the blood vessels being sensitive :-( but although I look like a domestic violence victim I still love them. I'll post a few pics but don't let them scare you! Lol... Post again once bruising is gone ????

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