Do NOT Get Juvederm Injected Under the Eyes It Causes Bulges and Blue Lines - Overland Park, KS

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To preface this review I had been a patient of Dr....

To preface this review I had been a patient of Dr. Daniel Bortnick's for years. I had Restalyn injected for the hollows under my eyes previously and was very happy with it. I went to Dr. Bortnick to get another injection and he decided to use Juvederm without any discussion with me. After waiting an hour and a half to be seen he seemed to be in a hurry and injected too much. I also had requested that he use ice before he did the injections because I bruise easy and he told me that it doesn't help (even though I have had other injections and know it does help me). He injected the product superficially instead of under the muscle. The result was terrible bruising that lasted for weeks big bulges, and blue discoloring that lasted for more than a year under my eyes. I went back to the doctor two months later to ask that he remove it and he told me to give it time and that it would keep reducing until it was completely gone as it only lasted a year. He said he could inject Hyalurondase but actually he thought I he should inject MORE Juvaderm!! However, if I still wasn't happy I can come back and he would inject Hyalurondase to take it out. Months went by and I was still very unhappy, people were commenting about the lumps under my eyes and it seemed to migrate down my checks a bit. The areas were very swollen after drinking any alcohol or eating salt and looked especially bad in the mornings. I subsequently went to see Dr. Hannah Vargas to get Botox and she immediately noticed how bad my eyes were and said that Juvederm is not good under the eyes as it attracts too much water.

The Juvederm bulges and blue discoloring was not going away and it was almost a year later so I went back to Dr. Bortnick and told him I wanted the Hyalurondase to remove it. He said there was no product left and something other than Juvederm was causing my issues! I mentioned I had seen another doctor and she believed that Hyalurondase would get rid of the bumps and blue lines and that Juvederm attracts water and he became very angry and said "why don't you have her inject it then"?! I said "I asked you 8 months ago to inject it and you told me to wait but if I was still unhappy you would use the Hyalurondase. I didn't have these lumps and discoloration before I got the Juvederm and these are the same lumps I have now after you injected it. Besides - why should I incur that cost to go to someone else when you injected it and said you would remove it". He said he was very reluctant to inject it as he didn't believe there was any product left but he would do it if I signed a release! At that point I was not comfortable with this doctor and I told him to forget it, I will see Dr. Vargas. He said - "fine you have her inject it and send me the bill if she is so sure that it's the Juvederm".

I went to Dr. Vargas and told her what he had said and she said she doesn’t work that way and would not bill him. She would just eat the cost (I understand Hyalurondase can be expensive). She wasn't sure where he injected it (and at that time neither was I) so she injected it under the muscle. She told me to come back in 2 weeks and if she needed to inject more she would. It took it down a bit but there was still more product that was superficial. So she did a 2nd injection and it took it almost all the way down except 1 little tiny area. I am going back for a final injection to remove the rest of it. Thank god for this doctor and for this product. I cannot recommend Dr. Hannah Vargas enough. She is wonderful and knows her stuff. After a year I finally look normal again.
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I do not recommend Dr. Bortnick. He is egotistical and rude. He over-injeced and used a product known to cause issues. Then had the audacity to tell me it wasn't the product causing my issues. However, I do recommend Dr. Hannah Vargas who is on this site. She has an excellent bedside manner and is paying for Dr. Bortnick's mistake out of her own pocket!

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