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I had my first breast augmentation when I was 21....

I had my first breast augmentation when I was 21. At that time, the doctor recommended a lift but I didn't want to deal with scars. Instead, I had 515/525 cc saline implants placed above the muscle. They looked nice for several years, but after a set of twins and singleton, it's time to get these babies back up where they should be. I've decided I no longer care about the scars. I met with the surgeon back in March. His office staff is beyond friendly and welcoming. Dr. Young came in and immediately addressed everything about my breasts that I felt needed fixed. I expressed that I have no desire to be bigger than I already am. I actually would like to be smaller. He was honest and said that because I have a broad upper body, an implant smaller than 500cc may not give me the look I want. I appreciate that he was able to be straight forward with me. Overall, I felt very good about the consultation.
I waited to schedule my procedure until October 11th. I am a planner and needed time to get things organized and wrap my head around things.

Pre-op pics

You never realize how terrible your boobs look until you take pre-op pics! Good God! It's time for some new boobies :)
I'm 5'6, 130lbs. My current bra size is 34 DD

Wish pics

I love the size and shape of these!

Consent forms

Today I received consent forms for surgery. One of the consents was about choosing implants smaller or larger than the surgeon suggests. I emailed the nurse for clarification on this. I do not want to have giant boobs. I did tell the surgeon I don't want to be bigger than I am currently. I guess I just don't know what he thinks is the appropriate implant size. I mean, if it's not a huge difference from what I was considering, I'll go with what he thinks will look the best.

I'm going from saline, over the muscle to silicone under the muscle. Does this make a difference in size? I'm waiting for a response. I feel apprehensive now. I had my consult way back in March and think I may need to go in again prior to surgery.

More wish pics...

More wish pics. I feel like this size and shape would be perfect for me.

12 days before surgery

I'm anxious, excited, nervous, and just ready to get on with it. It's all I can think about. I made a Target run yesterday and picked up some post-op needs. Multi vitamins, tv pillow to keep me up right while I sleep, comfy post op clothes, etc.

I took some pics of myself in clothes and a sports bra. Can't wait to have these girls lifted and adjusted so I no longer have to conceal them.
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