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I had my first breast augmentation when I was 21....

I had my first breast augmentation when I was 21. At that time, the doctor recommended a lift but I didn't want to deal with scars. Instead, I had 515/525 cc saline implants placed above the muscle. They looked nice for several years, but after a set of twins and singleton, it's time to get these babies back up where they should be. I've decided I no longer care about the scars. I met with the surgeon back in March. His office staff is beyond friendly and welcoming. Dr. Young came in and immediately addressed everything about my breasts that I felt needed fixed. I expressed that I have no desire to be bigger than I already am. I actually would like to be smaller. He was honest and said that because I have a broad upper body, an implant smaller than 500cc may not give me the look I want. I appreciate that he was able to be straight forward with me. Overall, I felt very good about the consultation.
I waited to schedule my procedure until October 11th. I am a planner and needed time to get things organized and wrap my head around things.

Pre-op pics

You never realize how terrible your boobs look until you take pre-op pics! Good God! It's time for some new boobies :)
I'm 5'6, 130lbs. My current bra size is 34 DD

Wish pics

I love the size and shape of these!

Consent forms

Today I received consent forms for surgery. One of the consents was about choosing implants smaller or larger than the surgeon suggests. I emailed the nurse for clarification on this. I do not want to have giant boobs. I did tell the surgeon I don't want to be bigger than I am currently. I guess I just don't know what he thinks is the appropriate implant size. I mean, if it's not a huge difference from what I was considering, I'll go with what he thinks will look the best.

I'm going from saline, over the muscle to silicone under the muscle. Does this make a difference in size? I'm waiting for a response. I feel apprehensive now. I had my consult way back in March and think I may need to go in again prior to surgery.

More wish pics...

More wish pics. I feel like this size and shape would be perfect for me.

12 days before surgery

I'm anxious, excited, nervous, and just ready to get on with it. It's all I can think about. I made a Target run yesterday and picked up some post-op needs. Multi vitamins, tv pillow to keep me up right while I sleep, comfy post op clothes, etc.

I took some pics of myself in clothes and a sports bra. Can't wait to have these girls lifted and adjusted so I no longer have to conceal them.

Surgery day!

So today was the day! Arrived to the surgery center around 10. Nursing staff was excellent. I felt surprisingly calm. I did tear up a bit right before I was to head back, when my husband kissed me goodbye.
Dr. Young came in, went over the plan, he was quick and concise, which I appreciate. The plan was a moderate profile 445 cc or 485 cc silicone implant under the muscle with full lift to replace my old saline over the muscle implants.

In recovery I woke up to find that he actually used 415cc hp implants! I wasn't in great condition to ask a lot of questions about why the change but I feel confident that he knew and understood my goals and he chose what was best to achieve the look I wanted.

I was in a lot more pain than I imagined I would be. 1 Percocet for the ride home wasn't cutting it. I got cozy in bed and tried one more a few hours later with a Valium. I've been icing off and on. My husband has been great. My kids have too. One of my daughters came in and read to me, which I thought was the sweetest. I've slept off and on. Pain pills make me sweat, which makes me feel gross ???

Day of surgery pics

Car ride home and then settled into bed

Pod 1 picture

I love how the look already. So much smaller and perkier. Follow up appt on Monday!


Last night I was pretty sore. I took two pain pills and a Valium and went to bed about 8pm. I woke up about 4 am with muscle spasms so I took another Valium and a Percocet and went back to bed. My surgeon called to check on me, which I thought was very nice. I asked why he chose 415hp and he said when he took my old implants out they were labeled 475. I had been told they were 510/525. He said they may had been overfilled but he wanted to make sure we went smaller because that's what I wanted. He said overall, he thinks I will be very happy with the size and shape. I think I will be too. I already feel so much more comfortable with the size, even with them being swollen.
I was up and about this morning, picked up the house a bit, had a friend over to visit. I feel really good. Surprisingly, a lot better than I imagined. I'm going to take a shower this afternoon and remove the dressings. I'm nervous and excited about doing this. Will post pics later. Hope everyone in recovery is doing well too!

I'm shocked POD 2

Bandages off so I can shower and I almost don't recognize myself. They look so good. Everything I wanted. Obviously they are still swollen, but I'm just so happy.

POD 3 pics

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Made it through most of the day without pain meds. I did take a muscle relaxer once or twice for spasms. I took another shower. Got dressed in real clothes and ran some errands with my family. I was worn out after that and took a long nap. I slept well last night without pain meds.

Today has been great. I changed bras and put on the Hanes Cozy bra. It fits well and is comfortable. I don't feel as "confined" in it so I'll put the marena bra back on as soon as it's out of the wash. Ran some more errands today. I feel pretty good and I look good too :-). I keep lifting up my shirt to show my husband my new boobs. He's pleased with them. He says they fit me nicely.

P.S. Taking selfies is hard

First post op visit

Today was my first post op visit with Dr. Young. Let me start by saying I absolutely love everyone in their office. The front desk staff are beyond friendly and helpful. And I can go on and on about how great his nurse, Kim is. Kim came in first and took a peek and said she was so happy with how they looked and how well I was doing. She couldn't believe that I wasn't in much pain and hadn't taken pain meds since Thursday.

Dr. Young came in and looked me over. He's always very pleasant and nice. He was also pleased with my progress. Said they would continue to soften up and take on a more teardrop shape. He told me I can start cardio next week. No upper body exercises for 6 weeks. I have a follow up appointment in 6 weeks. He also said as the tape begins to peel off, I can gently remove it.

My left breast is higher and tighter than the right. Kim explained this was common and it would all even out. I'm ecstatic with how they look so far!


Some of my tape came off in the shower today. I was actually scared to look in the mirror afterwards. I'm not sure what I thought it would look like, but it's just not a big deal. Incisions that I can see are clean and thin. I think a lot of the swelling is going down. Left side still higher and tighter, but I think it's getting better.

Had my annual OB/GYN appt today. Geez what great timing for that. I skipped the breast exam but my doctor said I must have had a great surgeon. He couldn't believe they had been done just last Tuesday and I was up and moving around the way I am.

Picture I'm posting is a side by side from POD 6 and from today.

Tape is all off

Most of the tape was starting to peel off so I gently removed it in the shower this morning. So here they are! Without tape! I can see my areolas and they are so cute and small. I know everything is still really fresh. I'm only two weeks out. I'm just hoping everything heals nicely. Left is still high and tight, right has dropped some but is sort of squarish at the bottom. I'm being overly critical knowing they look 1000% better than they did pre-op.

New bra and first lower body workout

I went to target today and just grabbed a few new bras. I hate trying things on in store so I brought them home. I was mainly looking for a comfy bra with just a touch of padding because I feel like my nipples are so sensitive and always poking out.

I also did a lower body barre workout this afternoon. I felt out of shape even though it's only been 2 weeks. Also, sweating made me cringe when I thought about my incisions. ????

I loved one bra that I bought. The others are going back. Loving my new girls!

Updated pics

I'm about a month out. Not a whole lot of change thus far. My left breast (right in pics) is higher still. My right breast has dropped more and is softer. My scars look really good. I emailed the nurse today about seeing if I can start scar strips.

I feel really good. Sometimes I forget that I had it done. I'm anxious to get back to working out. I'm just walking for now. It's boring and not combatting all the Halloween candy I'm stealing from my children :-)

Comparison pics

Post op visit

Went for my 6 week check. All is well. My incisions are a little red, more so than they have been. Dr. Young said it was probably from increased activity over the weekend. He gave my some scar cream and released me from all restrictions. I can work out like normal. He said to keep wearing a bra as much as possible for the next 6 months and said I could now wear an underwire bra! Believe it or not, I've missed an underwire bra!


I'm adding some recent pics. It's been 10 weeks since surgery. I feel really good. I'm pleased with my results. I have days where I look at them and think, "damn, these girls look good!" and I have other days where I nit-pick them to death. But like all things, if you stare at them enough, you are bound to find a flaw. I wasn't ever going into this wanting perfection, just improvement. And there is a vast improvement!
I'm using biocorneum silicone gel and silicone strips. Switching back and forth. In the pics I'm posting I had just taken off my silicone strips so there's some darkness around my incisions. I think the incisions are looking great and I can definitely tell a difference since starting the gel and strips.
I went bra shopping last week and found that I'm a 34 D in most styles at Soma. There was one style I liked and the 34 DD felt most comfortable. It's the same size I was before, but I feel so much smaller. I think they fit my body perfectly. Dr. Young did an amazing job.

15 weeks PO

It's been awhile since I updated. All is well! I'm truly loving my results. I think they fit me perfectly.
Overland Park Plastic Surgeon

I had planned to use Dr. Gary Hall for my revision. When I called the office and heard that he had retired I set up an appointment with Dr. Young. His front desk staff was helpful and efficient. Super friendly the minute you walk in the door. I had planned on having a few consultations with different doctors. After meeting with Dr. Young, I didn't think I needed to. He's soft spoken, but knowledgeable. He told me what he thought needed to be done and listened to me about what I wanted done. Surgery went well. Recovery was way easier than expected. I'm ecstatic with my results. I would do it again in a minute! Dr. Young's nurse, Kim, is awesome. She emails right back the same day and is very friendly.

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