17 Year Old BA Revision - Overland Park, KS

Previous BA was 17 years ago 325/340cc saline...

Previous BA was 17 years ago 325/340cc saline implants
breastfeed two little ones afterwards and needless to say...they've deflated a little
Looking at getting 525 to 625cc (want to be a full D/small DD)
Deciding between two PS right now and looking at HP Silicone by Mentor
5'9 1251bs athletic build

Before revision and wish boobies

Forgot to add:
I'm 47 years young with 4 kiddos (the youngest is 3) :)

$1200 for customer service?

I'm still trying to decide btwn 2 PSs ugh!
They both are great and have gotten positive reviews from friends that have used them both
My only concern is the office staff and nurse
The more expensive quote ($1200) has an amazing staff AND love the nurse
The other is ok staff and the nurse was kinda rude (just really matter of fact/no warm fuzzies lol)
So fellow BA ladies...what would you do???

Money Paid Boobies are picked!!

Had my final consultation today and I am over the moon excited!! I've had SO many people tell me that I shouldn't go so big bc of my frame (5'9 125lbs). My ps assured me today that he had no problem creating the look of my wish boobs! Matter of fact he's changing my HP to UHP so that I can go bigger w/out going wider. Not sure on ccs yet but he is thinking anywhere from 575-650. He's going with a textured implant bc of my concern w/bottoming out (another reason he's going UHP).
And because this is a revision he states that I shouldn't have too much discomfort afterwards even though I'm going much bigger! <---that the lord for that :)
Dr Joseph Cannova Jr.

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