25 Years Old 5'6 110lbs Very Active/athletic Build...always Been a 32AA...READY FOR BOOBS!!! - Overland Park, KS

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So I was hesitant to do one of these blogs (as you...

So I was hesitant to do one of these blogs (as you all know too well, I am very self conscious of my chest size), but you all have inspired me so much and have been such a huge help in this process I figured I would do it for other girls in my shoes.
Anyways, I've always been proud of my small chest because it goes along with my athletic build. But after a float trip this summer with all of my friends, I came home in tears because I was so self conscious about how ridiculous I looked in a swim suit. I looked more like the 12 year old girls going through puberty than I did a grown 25 year old.
So I decided there was nothing stopping me from getting a BA and it will help my confidence ten fold. I had my first appointment a couple of months ago to try on different sizes and talk with my doctor. I originally hadn't done any research on it because I could come from a long line of fake boobies (lol!) so I just got info from my family members who had a BA. This website has been a GOD SEND because without it, I wouldn't have been able to find the perfect size for me. Getting to look at before and after pictures of everyone on here has given me such a better idea of what will work for me.
Originally I had decided on 475cc...but decided that would be way to big for my lifestyle/body type. So I am officially going with a 400cc.
Had my last appointment this morning..and I am officially a week away from my pretty new boobs!!! I am terrified because I've never had major surgery before...but I just have to keep telling myself it's all going to be worth it!!

eeekk 6 days away!

Okay so to clarify I'm doing Silicon HP implants under the muscle.
....but now to other things...is it normal to second guess your size up to this point? I'm thinking I'm going to go even smaller down to a 375cc. I feel like A LOT of girl who are petite like me are going with 350cc and they look awesome and super natural. I am extremly active too, so I'm really worried the 400cc's are going to look too disproportionate on me...not to mention get in the way of my athletics.
what do you guys think?

ugh typo

Silicone HP**

4 days and counting aaahhhh!!!

Omgsh I am getting sooo nervous/excited for my surgery next Tuesday! I've been reading these blogs religiously and asking all of my friends about their opinions. I think I'm going with the 375cc HP...I was toying with the idea of 350cc bc of my frame but in the words of my best friend "DO 375CC AND LET'S MAKE THOSE BOOBIES HUGE!"....lol.

you know. maybe with the 375's it will shut people up and I will never have to hear 'omgsh you're so skinny' or 'you need to eat something' or....'have you graduated high-school yet?"....
*high fives all around*

Wish boobies

So I keep forgetting for wish boobie pictures...I mean I haven't really looked at a lot online except for the ones on here...so you should all go to SjFit17 's page and look at hers. They were my inspiration for the 375's...am i allowed to post her picture on here?! I love them!


I can't believe in less than 24 hours I will be at the hospital prepping for new boobies!!!
I'm going shopping this afternoon to get all of my supplies...got all of my prescription drugs yesterday...so I'm almost set.
I am soooo nervous/anxious/excited...never had a major surgery before...but reading about all of the other blogs/journeys, it gives me a lot of comfort and I feel like I know what to expect now.
I'll post again tomorrow if I can, and will post pictures Wednesday at my first post op appointment!!!

Though I will be honest with you, does anyone ever feel like they're betraying their own boobs by getting a BA? I know it sounds stupid...but my small boobs have definitely become a part of my identity...it's going to be a little sad saying goodbye to them :(


Quick update before doc gets in..got my iv in...scheduled for surgery at 130....so in 30 min!!! Soo anxious/excited!!! Want it to be over with!!! Going with the 3755cc for sure. This is my first ever surgey so i don't know what to expect. I'll post pictures as soon as I can!!!!

day 1 post op!!!

OKAY SO I FINALLY DID IT!!! yesterday was a bit rough or I would have updated. I had a really hard time keeping down food so keeping up with my medicine has been hard. My wonderful boyfriend has been wonderful and even took the day off to take care of me today.
While I was waiting to go in to surgery I almosted wanted to "turn back now" lolol, I was terrified. But everyone was so nice...and next thing I know I'm waking up and just started crying uncontrollably. Nurses were freaked out but I assured them it was just tears of joy....I went through with it and finally have my boobs.
Pain is a bit worse today so I took one 1/2 of my pain pills today...and I've got my preop appointment at 12 today so I'll finally get to see them!!!
Hoping I can get up and around a bit today, I've heard that helps A LOT.
I've been living off pretzels, soup, water, and naked juice. I'll write again after my post op with pictures of the girls!!!

picture didn't post!!

my new boobies!!!!!

Here they are!!!! I LOVE THEM. 3755cc was definitely the right choice.

day 2

Ugh! I was really hoping I'd be feeling oodles better than I do now. I'm still on my pain meds every 4 hours. Sleeping a lot, not much appetite except for pretzels. Went for a slow walk around the track with my bf yesterday and that seems to help and loosen things up. I'm able to finally get up on my own and go to the bathroom without help...so definitely baby steps. Haven't thrown up today...so all good things. I'll post day 2 pictures in a bit after I try to shower but I don't think much has changed.
God bless my boyfriend though, he's been amazing through all of this and I am so very lucky.

day 3!

MORNING BOOB IS THE WORST EVER. I was definitely hoping to be up and moving around a lot more by now but my body has been telling me to just rest so I'm taking it easy and getting up every few hours. I stsrted talking extra strength Tylenol today instead of the hydrocodine so I can start weaning off of it. Girls are looking good so far... Right one still hasn't dropped as much as the left but I still love them and know I need to be patient.

day 4

OH MY GOSH. I really thought I'd be up and around and back to normal by now. Ughhhh not so much. I'm off my prescription pills so thats a huge plus, just Tylenol for pain. I finally got my appetite back yesterday... And I think the girls are dropping well...right one is still a bit more stubborn than the left though ugh! And I sleep a lot...gosh, it's a bit rediculous lol.


Sorry for the delay....Ugh guys not gonna lie, was doing great the first few days but then everyone started getting on with their lives and I wasn't bouncing back nearly as fast as I thought so I was stuck inside, alone, eating pretzels and watching TV while everyone was out enjoying the beautiful fall weather. I stopped taking my prescription pain meds Friday morning and have just been doing Tylenol every 4-5 hours. Not gonna lie when I say Ive had mental crying breakdowns at least twice the past 3 days. Its awful.... I just want to stop hurting and be able to get back to my life and feel like myself again.
My best friend put it best..its like going from nothing to 9 months pregnant in an hour...my body is just really really pushed to the limit and I need to realize that everyday it's getting better. It's just a lot harder emotionally than I had ever imagined.
I'm also a bit worried about one of my incisions ..its a bit lumpy and not as smooth as the other one. Okay. Enough depressing stuff. Any words of encouragment from you all would be the best right now..


Okay guys, today is the first day I didn't wake up in the middle of the night to take a Tylenol....AND I didn't wake up in horrific pain. I think I'm finally on the upswing. And then...I made a side by side picture to see how far I've come.... AND I AM ECSTATIC!!!!! CHECK IT OUT!!!! its finally starting to all feel worth going through the past week from hell lol.

sorry for the delay! UPDATES!!

Okay sorry for the delay my life has been crazy lately. So Friday was Halloween...first time the girls were going to be out in public. Wore a little tube top... (I was snow white) and let me just tell you. Bra double sided tape from Victoria's Secret was the only thing that kept it up lol...the girls are still super high and tight. But everyone loved them...my friends were so excited to finally see me out again!!!!l
I started going on slow walks last week but the movement was so much that I'd be in awful pain and end up with huge bruises on the undersides of my breast.. So I went to Victoria's secret today with my bf (poor guy. I don't get why they all get so uncomfortable being in there lol) but I just wanted a soft no wire bra I could wear strictly on my walks to give me support. 32D right now...and probably a 32DD once they finally heal/drop.
Never in a million years thought I'd get to own/fill up a no padding D bra. Made my life lolol. Anyways.
I'm still taking Tylenol every 5-6 hours...and morning boob is still awful. But I learned how to do my stretches and so its all uphill from here! THANK GOODNESS!!!!! been the toughest 2 weeks of my life.

2 weeks and 2 days!!!

Okay so I'll make this short....finally over the 2 week hump. I'm in a lot less pain but still taking Tylenol every 4-5 hours and icing the girls. Going on walks almost every day, helps keep my muscles moving, I've somehow lost over 2 pounds...yet it's probably more bc my implants must weigh at least a pound? I can't wait to start doing weights at the gym again to gain some muscle back.
Lack of exercise/surgery seems to have hacked my appetite in half and it still hasn't returned unfortunately.
So picture time...you can't really SEE a big change from day 8, but they are definitely a lot softer.
Getting a bit more mobile/flexible....Still can't shave my under arms though ugh! And I can only wear tank tops that I can pull up over my pants (can't life my arms very high) and then I throw on a loose hoodie bc im still poking out like you wouldn't believe lol.
Oh and I got these AWESOME things on amazon.com called Nippies...and they're nipple covers that stay on by body heat...but my nipples are still so sensitive that it hurts to wear them for more than 2-3 hours.
Guess this post wasn't so short....thanks for you guys' support. This place is awesome.

one more today...

Couldn't help myself ..tried on my old size B swim suit top (used to put huge gel inserts in it, of course) now look at it. Muahaha I'm ready for the beach!!!!

3 week update

Okay so quick update...3 weeks tomorrow since surgery.
All I can say is nothing can prepare you for the very very long looong recovery process. and
THANK GOODNESS it's fall/cold out. I still cannot shave my arm pits. I can't even lift my arms above a 90* angle. Not to mention I'm still like 80% numb from my armpit down to my elbows. sucks so much!
Thinking I'm going to invest in an electric shaver/weed whacker.

not to mention...that super cute 32D no wire bra I got from VS like what...a week 1/2 ago?....is now officially too small. Good news is that's proof I'm healing/dropping. But from here on out (at least for a few more weeks) I'm getting cheap Target bras...no more expensive ones until I'm 'complete' lol.

excuse the fact I look like skin and bones in this picture...not being able to go to the gym is not doing me a lot of good lol.

2 months post op!!!!

HEY EVERYONE!!!! I've missed you guys soo much. I am officially over the 2 month hump and I can finally say I'm feeling 85% back to normal now. Having boobs has changed my life immensely...physically, mentally, emotionally...wouldn't change it for the world. Best decision I ever made.
Going on a cruise next week....finally get to break out the girls. Had to order new swim suits online of course. Unfortunately some of my favorite things don't fit anymore so I've had to get rid of a lot in my wardrobe...but hey, it's a good problem to have I think!
Still no bra...I'm going to wait another month, and the left one still isn't dropping like the right, but my doctor said not to worry and to just keep doing my stretches. I've also started wearing an ace bandage wrap during the day to help keep 'down' pressure on it at all times.
Still haven't been able to run or ride my horses...but I've become addicted to my long walks...it's a wonderful time to think, listen to music, and just get out of the daily grind for a bit. Not to mention, started back at the gym about 3 weeks ago...I'd say it's the reason for my massive improvement just recently.
Sometimes I catch myself looking down or in the mirror and just for a second I forget that I have these insanely awesome boobs....such a good feeling. Still haven't gotten used to my new self :)..but I LOVE THEM!!!!
Now excuse me while I go catch up on some stories on here...it's been too long!!!
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