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After having 3 wonderful boys, and not springing...

After having 3 wonderful boys, and not springing back so well after #3, I decided to go ahead with the mommy makeover. My husband was super supportive and I also convinced him that while this is an investment, a lifetime of SPANNX isn't any cheaper! My kiddos are the best thing that happened to me in my life just not my body!!

My recovery was a breeze! I had my surgery on...

My recovery was a breeze! I had my surgery on 12/20.

When I got home I immediately went to the recliner. I followed Dr. Quinn's orders exactly. I took Valium and Vicodin as prescribed the first 3 days. After that, I switched to just extra strength Tylenol. I felt good enough by Christmas to celebrate with the family with very little discomfort! For me the most difficult part of moving around that first week was being so hunched over. My back was actually more sore than anything else. Not being to pick up my little ones was also harder than I thought.

The drain did not bother me and it was out by 12/28. Having it removed did feel strange but I had no discomfort. At this visit I also had a few external sutures snipped, no issues or pain there either.

By New Year's Eve I felt good enough to sit and have some snacks and play some cards (boring I know but didn't want to over do it). I was cleared to not wear my surgical binder when the drain came out and bought some Spanx but honestly I still wear the binder when I am at home, I feel it gives me the most support.

Since I timed my surgery over the holidays and have a flexible work arrangement, I felt up to working from home starting on 1/2. Still sitting in my recliner the majority of the day with a lap desk and phone. Since I had been off the prescription pain pills for some time, I was clear of mind and no one was any the wiser I had just had a mommy makeover! I did tire quickly this first week and would just succumb to a nap when I needed it. I began sleeping back in my bed a night with pillows under my knees and at about a 30 degree incline about this time as well.

I went into the office the very tail end of the week of 1/2. Since it is winter here no one seemed to notice my bulky binder or perkier bust but that's what I wanted they will notice this Spring and perhaps just attribute to hard work at the gym!

I haven't mentioned my implants much but I should because everything turned out beautifully! I went with silicone 350cc under the muscle. The were placed through my armpit. They do not appear to be so much larger but rather replaced some of the fullness I had lost. Week on 1/2 I had soreness in my chest but not pain. Actually, perhaps due to the fact I have had 2 C-sections, the augmentation was more uncomfortable than the TT.

I have very little swelling after 3 weeks, and was able to resume light exercise (walking on treadmill) 30 minutes a day. So, I started this the week of 1/9. No issues and I was able to walk at a decent clip for 30 minutes and did walk this week 4 days. This is also the week I start noticing how really flat my stomach is. All those private sessions of pilates paid off once the excess skin was removed! In the am I find myself admiring my tummy which is definitely not what I was doing pre- surgery! My scar is healing nicely, and while it it is obviously red, it is flat and not uncomfortable in any way. Dr. Quinn has advised at my next appointment we will talk about what scar treatment to begin.

So now officially 4 week post op I am feeling great! The discomfort I initially was experiencing from my augmentation is gone and I sleep comfortably without pillows under my knees. I haven't had to take anything for pain in over a week. I feel like I can pick up my 1 year old as long as I wearing a support garment. I am still tired at the end of the day earlier than I was pre-op but improving daily! I still am wearing compression garments (I found a couple of tank tops I really like) and if I am at home I still do wear my binder for additional support. Work is no problem and have the stamina to stand (we have sit/stand workstations) for a good amount of time.

My next appointment is on the 23rd and Dr. Quinn will providing me before and after photos. Those before will be scary but once I can figure it out will post them!

If I have any updates after my next appointment I will add them, but am hoping for no news is good news!

Other basic info I may have forgotten to include...I am 36 and have had 3 kids, 2 of them were c's. My c's were 2 years apart almost to the day and my last child was born exactly 1 year before my surgery! That's what pushed me over the edge! Pre- surgery stats 5'6 155 lbs. He removed 4 lbs of skin and fat (lipo on hips). I did not have much an appetite after surgery or over the next couple weeks. This am on the scale and am 146 lbs. Pre- surgery size 10 now size 8's are fitting a little loose, but not sure we'll get to a 6 and I am fine with that! Bra size pre-surgery 36 b not sure yet what size I am as he still has me going braless. I am betting I am large C but we will see.

Bottom line is after one month I can honestly say I would do it again in a heartbeat! I have zero regrets and I was a confident person before but this moves you to a whole new level of confidence and that's what it is all about! I am looking forward to ramping things up a bit at the gym, but am not going to push it. I don't want to take any unnecessary chances to might jeopardize my results. I believe my speedy recovery is due to following all directions to the letter as well as having a realistic view of what it takes to recover from abdominal surgery (since I have had 2 c's). Dr. Quinn has been so amazing and I am so glad he was my surgeon!

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I am a planner and had done my homework. I had made plans to meet with 3 surgeons in the area. The first one I met with came very highly recommended. I was so excited to meet with him, but when I arrived, he was not there and his nurse took some photos, and then advised me that the Dr. would review and then decide if he would take my case. I was later informed via a voicemail that I wasn't a candidate he was willing to take on. This was very shocking to me as I wasn't someone who needed major reconstruction. You are in a vulnerable place when you are considering these decisions and he totally blew my self esteem. Thankfully, my next consult was with Dr. Quinn. He sat down with me, explained everything so that an average person could understand. He made me feel important and told me I was a good candidate for the procedure. I felt so good after meeting with Dr. Quinn and his staff that I booked my surgery and paid in full that day! I had my procedure on 12/20/11. I am feeling great with very little pain and I am no longer taking any pain meds other than Tylenol. My follow up appointments have been a breeze and he's there each time and answers all my questions and always with a smile. Once I have healed a bit more, I'll post some photos!

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